Packaging Branch Regressions

This is an overview of all packages that were were successfully scanned by vcswatch, but which the janitor had trouble accessing.

Package Suite Result code vcswatch status
alfred lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
arch-install-scripts lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
arch-install-scripts unchanged branch-missing ok
barrier fresh-releases branch-missing ok
barrier fresh-snapshots branch-missing ok
barrier lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
barrier unchanged branch-missing ok
beef lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
bibletime fresh-snapshots branch-unavailable ok
caml-crush lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
caml-crush unchanged branch-missing commits
caspar lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
caspar unchanged branch-missing ok
cfgv lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
cfgv unchanged branch-missing ok
citation-style-language-locales lintian-fixes branch-unavailable ok
citation-style-language-locales multiarch-fixes branch-unavailable ok
citation-style-language-styles lintian-fixes branch-unavailable ok
cl-base64 fresh-snapshots branch-unavailable new
cl-kmrcl fresh-snapshots branch-unavailable commits
cl-kmrcl lintian-fixes branch-unavailable commits
cl-kmrcl multiarch-fixes branch-unavailable commits
cl-kmrcl unchanged branch-unavailable commits
cl-puri fresh-releases branch-unavailable new
cl-puri fresh-snapshots branch-unavailable new
cl-puri lintian-fixes branch-unavailable new
cl-puri unchanged branch-unavailable new
cl-sql fresh-snapshots branch-unavailable commits
cl-sql lintian-fixes branch-unavailable commits
cl-sql unchanged branch-unavailable commits
clzip fresh-snapshots branch-missing commits
clzip lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
clzip unchanged branch-missing commits
cross-toolchain-base unchanged branch-unavailable ok
diceware fresh-snapshots branch-unavailable commits
diceware lintian-fixes branch-unavailable commits
diceware unchanged branch-unavailable commits
draai lintian-fixes branch-missing new
draai unchanged branch-missing new
fonts-karla fresh-snapshots branch-unavailable ok
fonts-karla lintian-fixes branch-unavailable ok
fonts-karla unchanged branch-unavailable ok
fullquottel lintian-fixes branch-unavailable ok
gallery-dl lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
gallery-dl unchanged branch-missing ok
git-buildpackage lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
git-buildpackage unchanged branch-missing ok
git-crypt fresh-snapshots branch-unavailable ok
git-crypt lintian-fixes branch-unavailable ok
git-crypt unchanged branch-unavailable ok
gitlint lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
gitlint unchanged branch-missing ok
gtk-theme-switch fresh-snapshots branch-missing commits
gtk-theme-switch lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
gtk-theme-switch unchanged branch-missing commits
gudhi lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
gudhi unchanged branch-missing ok
identify lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
identify unchanged branch-missing ok
impressive fresh-snapshots branch-missing old
impressive lintian-fixes branch-missing old
impressive unchanged branch-missing old
inform6-library lintian-fixes branch-unavailable old
inform6-library multiarch-fixes branch-unavailable old
inform6-library unchanged branch-unavailable old
ink fresh-snapshots branch-unavailable new
inxi fresh-snapshots branch-missing ok
inxi lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
inxi unchanged branch-missing ok
ipsvd fresh-snapshots branch-missing old
ipsvd lintian-fixes branch-missing old
ipsvd unchanged branch-missing old
kdiff3 fresh-snapshots branch-missing ok
keyringer lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
keyringer unchanged branch-missing ok
lasi fresh-releases branch-missing new
lasi fresh-snapshots branch-missing new
lasi lintian-fixes branch-missing new
lasi unchanged branch-missing new
lavacli lintian-fixes branch-unavailable commits
lavacli unchanged branch-unavailable commits
lbfgsb lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
lbfgsb unchanged branch-missing ok
libam7xxx lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
libam7xxx multiarch-fixes branch-missing ok
libam7xxx unchanged branch-missing ok
libapache-gallery-perl fresh-snapshots branch-missing ok
libapache-gallery-perl lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
libapache-gallery-perl unchanged branch-missing ok
libcrypt-x509-perl fresh-snapshots branch-unavailable ok
libixp lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
libixp orphan branch-missing ok
lunzip fresh-snapshots branch-missing commits
lunzip lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
lunzip unchanged branch-missing commits
lzd lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
lzd unchanged branch-missing ok
lzip fresh-snapshots branch-missing commits
lzip lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
lzip unchanged branch-missing commits
lziprecover fresh-releases branch-missing commits
lziprecover fresh-snapshots branch-missing commits
lziprecover lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
lziprecover unchanged branch-missing commits
lzlib lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
lzlib unchanged branch-missing ok
mailtextbody lintian-fixes branch-unavailable ok
mssh fresh-snapshots branch-unavailable commits
mssh lintian-fixes branch-unavailable commits
mssh unchanged branch-unavailable commits
open-infrastructure-compute-tools lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
open-infrastructure-compute-tools unchanged branch-missing commits
open-infrastructure-service-tools lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
open-infrastructure-service-tools unchanged branch-missing commits
open-infrastructure-storage-tools lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
open-infrastructure-storage-tools unchanged branch-missing commits
open-infrastructure-system-tools lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
open-infrastructure-system-tools unchanged branch-missing commits
openopt lintian-fixes branch-missing old
openopt unchanged branch-missing old
pdlzip lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
pdlzip unchanged branch-missing commits
phat lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
phat unchanged branch-missing commits
plzip fresh-snapshots branch-missing commits
plzip lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
plzip unchanged branch-missing commits
pre-commit lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
pre-commit unchanged branch-missing ok
progress-linux lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
progress-linux unchanged branch-missing ok
progress-linux-metapackages lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
progress-linux-metapackages unchanged branch-missing ok
pybel fresh-snapshots 401-unauthorized commits
python-cdsapi lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
python-cdsapi unchanged branch-missing ok
python-ntlm-auth fresh-snapshots 401-unauthorized ok
python-pyspike lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
python-pyspike unchanged branch-missing ok
ripser lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
ripser unchanged branch-missing ok
ruby-carrierwave fresh-snapshots branch-unavailable ok
ruby-roo lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
ruby-roo unchanged branch-missing ok
scm fresh-snapshots branch-missing ok
scm lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
scm unchanged branch-missing ok
scowl fresh-releases branch-missing commits
scowl fresh-snapshots branch-missing commits
scowl lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
scowl unchanged branch-missing commits
see lintian-fixes hosted-on-alioth ok
see orphan hosted-on-alioth ok
tarlz lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
tarlz unchanged branch-missing commits
teseq lintian-fixes branch-unavailable ok
teseq orphan branch-unavailable ok
teseq unchanged branch-unavailable ok
ttyload fresh-snapshots branch-unavailable ok
tweeper lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
tweeper unchanged branch-missing ok
twoftpd lintian-fixes branch-missing old
twoftpd unchanged branch-missing old
unscd fresh-snapshots branch-missing new
unscd lintian-fixes branch-missing new
unscd unchanged branch-missing new
uruk lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
uruk unchanged branch-missing commits
whatmaps fresh-snapshots branch-missing ok
whatmaps lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
whatmaps unchanged branch-missing ok
wmforkplop lintian-fixes branch-missing commits
wmforkplop unchanged branch-missing commits
xcwd lintian-fixes branch-unavailable ok
xcwd unchanged branch-unavailable ok
xfishtank fresh-snapshots branch-missing ok
xfishtank lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
xfishtank unchanged branch-missing ok
xlunzip lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
xlunzip unchanged branch-missing ok
zutils fresh-snapshots branch-missing ok
zutils lintian-fixes branch-missing ok
zutils unchanged branch-missing ok