diff --git a/debian/changelog b/debian/changelog
index 38a24d4..120834f 100644
--- a/debian/changelog
+++ b/debian/changelog
@@ -2,6 +2,9 @@ minetest-mod-unified-inventory (20180810-2) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
   * Use secure copyright file specification URI.
   * Bump debhelper from old 11 to 12.
+  * Refer to common license file for CC0-1.0.
+  * Set upstream metadata fields: Bug-Database, Bug-Submit, Repository,
+    Repository-Browse.
  -- Debian Janitor <janitor@jelmer.uk>  Thu, 26 Sep 2019 09:35:52 +0000
diff --git a/debian/copyright b/debian/copyright
index d48551c..01014ed 100644
--- a/debian/copyright
+++ b/debian/copyright
@@ -22,17 +22,17 @@ License: Public-Domain
 Files: textures/bags_small.png
 Copyright: 2012 Rafael Rubio Da Silva
 Comment: http://www.clker.com/clipart-moneybag-empty.html
-License: CC0
+License: CC0-1.0
 Files: textures/bags_medium.png
 Copyright: 2011 OCAL
 Comment: http://www.clker.com/clipart-backpack-1.html
-License: CC0
+License: CC0-1.0
 Files: textures/bags_large.png textures/ui_bags_icon.png
 Copyright: 2008 OCA
 Comment: http://www.clker.com/clipart-backpack-green-brown.html
-License: CC0
+License: CC0-1.0
 Files: textures/ui_craftguide_icon.png textures/ui_craft_icon.png
 Copyright: 2007 Everaldo Coelho (YellowIcon)
@@ -83,37 +83,37 @@ Files: textures/ui_trash_icon.png
 Copyright: 2008-2009 OCAL
 Comment: http://www.clker.com/clipart-29090.html
-License: CC0
+License: CC0-1.0
 Files: textures/ui_search_icon.png
 Copyright: 2008 OCAL
 Comment: http://www.clker.com/clipart-24887.html
-License: CC0
+License: CC0-1.0
 Files: textures/ui_off_icon.png textures/ui_on_icon.png
 Copyright: 2013 OCAL
 Comment: http://www.clker.com/clipart-on-off-switches.html
-License: CC0
+License: CC0-1.0
 Files: textures/ui_waypoints_icon.png
 Copyright: 2011 LABC-Webmaster
 Comment: http://www.clker.com/clipart-map-pin-red.html
-License: CC0
+License: CC0-1.0
 Files: textures/ui_circular_arrows_icon.png
 Copyright: 2013 DBWARD
 Comment: http://www.clker.com/clipart-circular-arrow-pattern.html
-License: CC0
+License: CC0-1.0
 Files: textures/ui_pencil_icon.png
 Copyright: 2007 OCAL
 Comment: http://www.clker.com/clipart-2256.html
-License: CC0
+License: CC0-1.0
 Files: textures/ui_waypoint_set_icon.png
 Copyright: 2012 LANE
 Comment: http://www.clker.com/clipart-larger-flag.html
-License: CC0
+License: CC0-1.0
 Files: textures/ui_xyz_off_icon.png
 Copyright: 2006 Fibonacci
@@ -819,10 +819,13 @@ License: CC-BY-4.0
       that apply to the Licensor or You, including from the legal
       processes of any jurisdiction or authority.
-License: CC0
+License: CC0-1.0
  To the extent possible under law, the author(s) have dedicated all copyright
  and related and neighboring rights to this software to the public domain
  worldwide. This software is distributed without any warranty.
  You should have received a copy of the CC0 Public Domain Dedication along with
  this software. If not, see <http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/>.
+ .
+ On Debian systems, the full text of the CC0 1.0 Universal license can be found
+ in the file `/usr/share/common-licenses/CC0-1.0'.
diff --git a/debian/upstream/metadata b/debian/upstream/metadata
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..fdc2d12
--- /dev/null
+++ b/debian/upstream/metadata
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+Bug-Database: https://github.com/minetest-mods/unified_inventory/issues
+Bug-Submit: https://github.com/minetest-mods/unified_inventory/issues/new
+Repository: https://github.com/minetest-mods/unified_inventory.git
+Repository-Browse: https://github.com/minetest-mods/unified_inventory