diff --git a/.flake8 b/.flake8
index e61e648..c305fd7 100644
--- a/.flake8
+++ b/.flake8
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
 max-line-length = 140
-ignore = C815, C816
+ignore = C815, C816, W504
diff --git a/.travis.yml b/.travis.yml
index ad8a801..a8f7a53 100644
--- a/.travis.yml
+++ b/.travis.yml
@@ -1,14 +1,14 @@
 language: python
 sudo: required
-dist: trusty
+dist: xenial
     pip: true
         - /tmp/languages
-    - '3.4'
     - '3.5'
     - '3.6'
+    - '3.7'
     - 'nightly'
     - pip install pipenv
@@ -21,13 +21,7 @@ before_script:
     - git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/apertium/apertium-nno /tmp/languages/apertium-nno || echo 'Using cached apertium-nno'
     - ( cd /tmp/languages/apertium-nno && ./autogen.sh && make -j2 )
-    - flake8 *.py apertium_apy/ language_names/ tests/
-    - if [[ $TRAVIS_PYTHON_VERSION != 3.4 ]]; then
-        mypy --config-file mypy.ini **/*.py;
-      fi
-    - NONPAIRS=/tmp/languages python -m unittest tests/test*.py
-    - coverage combine
-    - coverage report --fail-under 40
+    - NONPAIRS=/tmp/languages make test
     - coveralls
index 4ad57dd..2298db8 100644
@@ -1,4 +1,136 @@
 See NEWS for a per-release summary, this is just the git log.
+2019-05-21  Sushain Cherivirala <sushain@skc.name>
+	* .travis.yml, Makefile, Pipfile, Pipfile.lock, README.md,
+	apertium_apy/apy.py, apertium_apy/gateway.py,
+	apertium_apy/handlers/list_language_names.py,
+	apertium_apy/utils/__init__.py, setup.py, tests/test.py: Switch to
+	xenial build, s/3.4/3.7 (#137) * Switch to xenial build * 3.4 => 3.7 * s/3.4/3.8 * Remove special casing for Py3.4 * Remove special casing for Py3.4 * Fix build failures * Rest of 3.4 refs
+2019-04-21  Sushain Cherivirala <sushain@skc.name>
+	* Pipfile.lock: Update dependencies (#136)
+2019-03-29  Sushain Cherivirala <sushain@skc.name>
+	* language_names/manual-fixes.tsv: Panjabi -> Punjabi
+2019-03-29  Sushain Cherivirala <sushain@skc.name>
+	* language_names/manual-fixes.tsv, language_names/variants.tsv: Add
+	a couple more variant names
+2019-03-29  Sushain Cherivirala <sushain@skc.name>
+	* language_names/manual-fixes.tsv: Fixup some English names
+2019-03-29  Sushain Cherivirala <sushain@skc.name>
+	* language_names/manual-fixes.tsv, language_names/turkic.tsv:
+	Cleanup turkic.tsv duplicate entries and move some into manual-fixes
+2019-03-28  Sushain Cherivirala <sushain@skc.name>
+	* Makefile, language_names/README.md, language_names/build_db.py,
+	language_names/manual-additions.tsv,
+	language_names/manual-fixes.tsv, language_names/manual.sql,
+	language_names/scraped-cldr.tsv, language_names/scraped-sil.sql,
+	language_names/scraped-sil.tsv, language_names/scraped.sql,
+	language_names/scraper-cldr.py, language_names/scraper-sil.py,
+	language_names/scraper.py, language_names/turkic.sql,
+	language_names/turkic.tsv, language_names/variants.sql,
+	language_names/variants.tsv: Issue 115 - TSV scraped files (#134) * Added TSV source files to be converted at the build time by
+	manual.py * Support for python<3.6 added * Fixed formatting of strings * Added TSV source for larger sql files * Updated makefile for building langNames.db * Using command line arguements for filenames and makefile updated * Removed command line arguements and using IGNORE on conflict * Removed unused sys package * Renamed manual.py to build_db.py * Added langNames.db in makefile dependency * Fixed build_db to convert TSV file from source * Fixed issue with build_db and makefile , added scraped data from
+	scraper.py and scraper-sil.py and fixed bug in scraper.py * Removed sql files and fixed slicing issue * Removed unnecessary databases and scraper.py modified * Fixed scraper-sil.py to output tsv and updated readme * Split manual.tsv into two and changed scraper files * Added script to sort files and updated makefile * Sorting added to scraper files * Fixed travis-ci check * Clean up build-db script and add some logging * Cleanup SIL scraper * Fix README filename mentions * Force sorted TSVs * Sort turkic.csv * Cleanup cldr scraping script * Update CLDR scraped TSV * Improve README * Fix type error * Satisfy bad typings in py3.5 * Remove/move fixes in manual-additions.tsv
+2019-03-28  Sushain Cherivirala <sushain@skc.name>
+	* Dockerfile: Fix dockerfile
+2019-03-28  Kevin Brubeck Unhammer <unhammer@fsfe.org>
+	* tools/systemd/apy.service: Set LimitNOFILE for systemd
+2019-03-25  Sushain Cherivirala <sushain@skc.name>
+	* apertium_apy/handlers/base.py: Fix issue #60 (#133)
+2019-03-05  Sushain Cherivirala <sushain@skc.name>
+	* README.md, setup.py: Restore Tornado version ceiling (tornado 6
+	does not support py3.4)
+2019-03-05  Ayush Jain <ayushjainrksh@gmail.com>
+	* apertium_apy/apy.py, index.html, tests/test.py: Nicer landing page
+	#124 (#125) * Added a basic html page to be rendered on visiting localhost:2737/ * Index.html added * apertium-apy renders index.html page * Added a test for rootHandler * Testing if same html is received from the route * name changed from File to files * Changed file opening format * Testing the home route for header * Travis integration tested * Removed bad quotes * Searching for heading in contents * Finding heading using in * Update index.html
+2019-02-20  Kevin Brubeck Unhammer <unhammer@fsfe.org>
+	* tests/sanity-test-apy.py: update tat-kaz test
+2019-02-02  Kevin Brubeck Unhammer <unhammer@fsfe.org>
+	* language_names/variants.sql: nno_e → nynorsk e-infinitiv for lack of a better term
+2018-12-06  Kevin Brubeck Unhammer <unhammer@fsfe.org>
+	* language_names/manual.sql: s/anársámegiella/anárašgiella/g
+2018-11-18  Milan Andreew <Milan.Andreew@gmail.com>
+	* .flake8, Pipfile, Pipfile.lock: Upgrading flake8 version whilst
+	fixing style issues it's complaining about (#123) * Upgrading flake8 version * Fixing W504 issues Everything should be straight forward * Style update * Reverting to previous state * Revert "Reverting to previous state" This reverts commit 22eb5eacdec948d12686d4e399f7eb0e777c13fe.  * Revert "Style update" This reverts commit 4342d417a972de973b4b693e414e2a482e9b422b.  * flake8 * trying something * All clear * Remaining Issues fixed * W292?
+2018-11-13  Kevin Brubeck Unhammer <unhammer+dill@mm.st>
+	* : Merge pull request #122 from bentley/master Fix typo in README.
+2018-11-11  Sushain Cherivirala <sushain@skc.name>
+	* Makefile, Pipfile, Pipfile.lock: Switch release process to twine
+2018-11-11  Sushain Cherivirala <sushain@skc.name>
+	* CHANGELOG, NEWS: Update NEWS and changelog
+2018-11-11  Sushain Cherivirala <sushain@skc.name>
+	* apertium_apy/apy.py: Bump version
+2018-11-11  Anthony J. Bentley <anthony@anjbe.name>
+	* MANIFEST.in: Add language_names/ to dist. (#121)
+2018-11-08  milanandreew <43289010+milanandreew@users.noreply.github.com>
+	* .travis.yml, Pipfile, Pipfile.lock, README.md,
+	requirements-dev.txt, requirements.txt: Switch to pipenv (fixes
+	#117) * Switch to pipenv * Problem solved All development packages added.  * removed python version restriction * adjusting travis ci workflow * Difficulties on travis ignoring pipfile lock * I don't know how that got in there * Pipfile lock updated, removing skip lock * Another small edit * Another edit * Deleted empty line Linter fix coming * transitive dependency * transitive dependency 2nd time * Transitive dependencies * Flake 8 errors * flake8 version? * Let's just hope some issues are resolved * read the docs is a fitting name
+	https://pipenv.readthedocs.io/en/latest/advanced/#specifying-basically-anything* Ugh, i forgot a curly bracket * Yet again: I MUST READ THE DOCS * adjusting to style conventions * Some issues in ci, hope that this will fix them * deleting whitespace * Just trying something out * Problem with stupid lockfile * Update Pipfile * 3.5 pipfile.lock issue * fixing 3.4 build * coverage pin check * coveralls pin check * lint pin check #1 * Update Pipfile.lock deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la
+	don't forget to update piplock, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la * lint pin check #2 * Update Pipfile * Hang on forgot pipfile.lock
+2018-11-08  Kevin Brubeck Unhammer <unhammer+dill@mm.st>
+	* : Merge pull request #119 from kartikm/man Add apertium-apy manpage
+2018-10-17  Xavi Ivars <xavi.ivars@gmail.com>
+	* tests/sanity-test-apy.py: Update fra-cat tests
+2018-10-05  Kevin Brubeck Unhammer <unhammer@fsfe.org>
+	* tests/sanity-test-apy.py: tests for new language pairs
+2018-09-29  Sushain Cherivirala <sushain@skc.name>
+	* NEWS: Update NEWS
+2018-09-29  Sushain Cherivirala <sushain@skc.name>
+	* CHANGELOG, apertium_apy/apy.py: Update changelog and bump version
 2018-09-21  Kevin Brubeck Unhammer <unhammer+dill@mm.st>
 	* apertium_apy/apy.py: Redir of stderr/-out not enough, use
diff --git a/Dockerfile b/Dockerfile
index a823ed6..6fd6ba8 100644
--- a/Dockerfile
+++ b/Dockerfile
@@ -33,8 +33,10 @@ RUN apt-get -qq update && apt-get -qq install apertium-en-es
 # Install APy
-COPY requirements.txt apertium-apy/
-RUN pip3 install -r apertium-apy/requirements.txt
+COPY Pipfile apertium-apy/
+COPY Pipfile.lock apertium-apy/
+RUN pip3 install pipenv
+RUN cd apertium-apy && pipenv install --deploy --system
 COPY . apertium-apy
 RUN cd apertium-apy && make -j2
diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
index 8de1a00..0291b50 100644
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -1,19 +1,21 @@
-langNames.db: language_names/scraped.sql language_names/scraped-sil.sql language_names/manual.sql language_names/variants.sql
+langNames.db: language_names/scraped-cldr.tsv language_names/scraped-sil.tsv language_names/manual-fixes.tsv language_names/manual-additions.tsv language_names/variants.tsv
+	language_names/build_db.py $@ $^
 	@if test -f unicode.db; then echo "WARNING: unicode.db now called langNames.db"; fi
-	rm -f $@
-	cat $^ | sqlite3 $@
 dist: langNames.db
 	python3 setup.py sdist
 release: langNames.db
-	python3 setup.py sdist bdist_wheel upload --sign
+	python3 setup.py sdist bdist_wheel
+	twine upload --sign dist/*
 test-release: langNames.db
-	python3 setup.py sdist bdist_wheel upload --repository https://test.pypi.org/legacy/ --sign
+	python3 setup.py sdist bdist_wheel
+	twine upload --sign --repository-url https://test.pypi.org/legacy/ dist/*
 	flake8 *.py apertium_apy/ language_names/ tests/
+	LC_ALL=C find language_names/*.tsv -exec sh -c 'tail -n +2 {} | sort -c' \;
 	mypy --config-file mypy.ini **/*.py
 	python3 -m unittest tests/test*.py
 	coverage combine
diff --git a/NEWS b/NEWS
index 444f883..274096c 100644
--- a/NEWS
+++ b/NEWS
@@ -1,6 +1,27 @@
 # -*- mode:org -*-
 #+STARTUP: showall
+* Version: 0.11.6 2019-05-21
+  Git rev: 979883c627973a3a2e4b9243a2504c6c060940ac
+  Changes since 0.11.5:
+  - Drop support for Python 3.4
+  - New landing page with link to Wiki
+  - Set LimitNOFILE for systemd
+  - Improved language names
+  - Update some language pair tests
+* Version: 0.11.5 2018-10-11
+  Git rev: 9192785ca30d5ff9b25043192c1c8ccbee934b5b
+  Changes since 0.11.4:
+  - Add language_names/ to source distribution
 * Version: 0.11.4 2018-09-29
   Git rev: 7b447ac93c839ddf7ad18149f3eb23ba31a38937
   Changes since 0.11.3:
diff --git a/Pipfile b/Pipfile
index 3d0d02b..f8d66a4 100644
--- a/Pipfile
+++ b/Pipfile
@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ coverage = "*"
 coveralls = "*"
 flake8-commas = "*"
 flake8-quotes = "*"
-flake8 = "==3.5.0"
-mypy = {version = "*", "python_version" = ">= '3.5'"}
-pep8-naming = "*"
\ No newline at end of file
+flake8 = "*"
+mypy = "*"
+pep8-naming = "*"
+twine = "*"
diff --git a/Pipfile.lock b/Pipfile.lock
index 1d805e6..859250b 100644
--- a/Pipfile.lock
+++ b/Pipfile.lock
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
     "_meta": {
         "hash": {
-            "sha256": "a3e974e7c12e9308736e4ecb4d5fe3ced297944f4f612ba8812dfb3cde644ee0"
+            "sha256": "1c2c9ef4041302ae8860255d96a20a3f9f5094e31ef063598ee9b846d634a019"
         "pipfile-spec": 6,
         "requires": {},
@@ -24,10 +24,10 @@
         "certifi": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:339dc09518b07e2fa7eda5450740925974815557727d6bd35d319c1524a04a4c",
-                "sha256:6d58c986d22b038c8c0df30d639f23a3e6d172a05c3583e766f4c0b785c0986a"
+                "sha256:59b7658e26ca9c7339e00f8f4636cdfe59d34fa37b9b04f6f9e9926b3cece1a5",
+                "sha256:b26104d6835d1f5e49452a26eb2ff87fe7090b89dfcaee5ea2212697e1e1d7ae"
-            "version": "==2018.10.15"
+            "version": "==2019.3.9"
         "chardet": {
             "hashes": [
@@ -39,25 +39,25 @@
         "commentjson": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:fe7979ed10ad5f859c53827b22c268d77113d8ad4dc2cddc2b4daaa1294168c9"
+                "sha256:2916e54695241bb9e4342203c3f643efaff6d53807d72102161dbd5449f54dbd"
             "index": "pypi",
-            "version": "==0.7.1"
+            "version": "==0.7.2"
         "idna": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:156a6814fb5ac1fc6850fb002e0852d56c0c8d2531923a51032d1b70760e186e",
-                "sha256:684a38a6f903c1d71d6d5fac066b58d7768af4de2b832e426ec79c30daa94a16"
+                "sha256:c357b3f628cf53ae2c4c05627ecc484553142ca23264e593d327bcde5e9c3407",
+                "sha256:ea8b7f6188e6fa117537c3df7da9fc686d485087abf6ac197f9c46432f7e4a3c"
-            "version": "==2.7"
+            "version": "==2.8"
         "requests": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:65b3a120e4329e33c9889db89c80976c5272f56ea92d3e74da8a463992e3ff54",
-                "sha256:ea881206e59f41dbd0bd445437d792e43906703fff75ca8ff43ccdb11f33f263"
+                "sha256:11e007a8a2aa0323f5a921e9e6a2d7e4e67d9877e85773fba9ba6419025cbeb4",
+                "sha256:9cf5292fcd0f598c671cfc1e0d7d1a7f13bb8085e9a590f48c010551dc6c4b31"
             "index": "pypi",
-            "version": "==2.20.1"
+            "version": "==2.22.0"
         "tornado": {
             "hashes": [
@@ -68,19 +68,26 @@
         "urllib3": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:61bf29cada3fc2fbefad4fdf059ea4bd1b4a86d2b6d15e1c7c0b582b9752fe39",
-                "sha256:de9529817c93f27c8ccbfead6985011db27bd0ddfcdb2d86f3f663385c6a9c22"
+                "sha256:a53063d8b9210a7bdec15e7b272776b9d42b2fd6816401a0d43006ad2f9902db",
+                "sha256:d363e3607d8de0c220d31950a8f38b18d5ba7c0830facd71a1c6b1036b7ce06c"
-            "version": "==1.24.1"
+            "version": "==1.25.2"
     "develop": {
+        "bleach": {
+            "hashes": [
+                "sha256:213336e49e102af26d9cde77dd2d0397afabc5a6bf2fed985dc35b5d1e285a16",
+                "sha256:3fdf7f77adcf649c9911387df51254b813185e32b2c6619f690b593a617e19fa"
+            ],
+            "version": "==3.1.0"
+        },
         "certifi": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:339dc09518b07e2fa7eda5450740925974815557727d6bd35d319c1524a04a4c",
-                "sha256:6d58c986d22b038c8c0df30d639f23a3e6d172a05c3583e766f4c0b785c0986a"
+                "sha256:59b7658e26ca9c7339e00f8f4636cdfe59d34fa37b9b04f6f9e9926b3cece1a5",
+                "sha256:b26104d6835d1f5e49452a26eb2ff87fe7090b89dfcaee5ea2212697e1e1d7ae"
-            "version": "==2018.10.15"
+            "version": "==2019.3.9"
         "chardet": {
             "hashes": [
@@ -92,50 +99,48 @@
         "coverage": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:03481e81d558d30d230bc12999e3edffe392d244349a90f4ef9b88425fac74ba",
-                "sha256:0b136648de27201056c1869a6c0d4e23f464750fd9a9ba9750b8336a244429ed",
-                "sha256:0bf8cbbd71adfff0ef1f3a1531e6402d13b7b01ac50a79c97ca15f030dba6306",
-                "sha256:10a46017fef60e16694a30627319f38a2b9b52e90182dddb6e37dcdab0f4bf95",
-                "sha256:198626739a79b09fa0a2f06e083ffd12eb55449b5f8bfdbeed1df4910b2ca640",
-                "sha256:23d341cdd4a0371820eb2b0bd6b88f5003a7438bbedb33688cd33b8eae59affd",
-                "sha256:28b2191e7283f4f3568962e373b47ef7f0392993bb6660d079c62bd50fe9d162",
-                "sha256:2a5b73210bad5279ddb558d9a2bfedc7f4bf6ad7f3c988641d83c40293deaec1",
-                "sha256:2eb564bbf7816a9d68dd3369a510be3327f1c618d2357fa6b1216994c2e3d508",
-                "sha256:337ded681dd2ef9ca04ef5d93cfc87e52e09db2594c296b4a0a3662cb1b41249",
-                "sha256:3a2184c6d797a125dca8367878d3b9a178b6fdd05fdc2d35d758c3006a1cd694",
-                "sha256:3c79a6f7b95751cdebcd9037e4d06f8d5a9b60e4ed0cd231342aa8ad7124882a",
-                "sha256:3d72c20bd105022d29b14a7d628462ebdc61de2f303322c0212a054352f3b287",
-                "sha256:3eb42bf89a6be7deb64116dd1cc4b08171734d721e7a7e57ad64cc4ef29ed2f1",
-                "sha256:4635a184d0bbe537aa185a34193898eee409332a8ccb27eea36f262566585000",
-                "sha256:56e448f051a201c5ebbaa86a5efd0ca90d327204d8b059ab25ad0f35fbfd79f1",
-                "sha256:5a13ea7911ff5e1796b6d5e4fbbf6952381a611209b736d48e675c2756f3f74e",
-                "sha256:69bf008a06b76619d3c3f3b1983f5145c75a305a0fea513aca094cae5c40a8f5",
-                "sha256:6bc583dc18d5979dc0f6cec26a8603129de0304d5ae1f17e57a12834e7235062",
-                "sha256:701cd6093d63e6b8ad7009d8a92425428bc4d6e7ab8d75efbb665c806c1d79ba",
-                "sha256:7608a3dd5d73cb06c531b8925e0ef8d3de31fed2544a7de6c63960a1e73ea4bc",
-                "sha256:76ecd006d1d8f739430ec50cc872889af1f9c1b6b8f48e29941814b09b0fd3cc",
-                "sha256:7aa36d2b844a3e4a4b356708d79fd2c260281a7390d678a10b91ca595ddc9e99",
-                "sha256:7d3f553904b0c5c016d1dad058a7554c7ac4c91a789fca496e7d8347ad040653",
-                "sha256:7e1fe19bd6dce69d9fd159d8e4a80a8f52101380d5d3a4d374b6d3eae0e5de9c",
-                "sha256:8c3cb8c35ec4d9506979b4cf90ee9918bc2e49f84189d9bf5c36c0c1119c6558",
-                "sha256:9d6dd10d49e01571bf6e147d3b505141ffc093a06756c60b053a859cb2128b1f",
-                "sha256:be6cfcd8053d13f5f5eeb284aa8a814220c3da1b0078fa859011c7fffd86dab9",
-                "sha256:c1bb572fab8208c400adaf06a8133ac0712179a334c09224fb11393e920abcdd",
-                "sha256:de4418dadaa1c01d497e539210cb6baa015965526ff5afc078c57ca69160108d",
-                "sha256:e05cb4d9aad6233d67e0541caa7e511fa4047ed7750ec2510d466e806e0255d6",
-                "sha256:f05a636b4564104120111800021a92e43397bc12a5c72fed7036be8556e0029e",
-                "sha256:f3f501f345f24383c0000395b26b726e46758b71393267aeae0bd36f8b3ade80"
+                "sha256:3684fabf6b87a369017756b551cef29e505cb155ddb892a7a29277b978da88b9",
+                "sha256:39e088da9b284f1bd17c750ac672103779f7954ce6125fd4382134ac8d152d74",
+                "sha256:3c205bc11cc4fcc57b761c2da73b9b72a59f8d5ca89979afb0c1c6f9e53c7390",
+                "sha256:465ce53a8c0f3a7950dfb836438442f833cf6663d407f37d8c52fe7b6e56d7e8",
+                "sha256:48020e343fc40f72a442c8a1334284620f81295256a6b6ca6d8aa1350c763bbe",
+                "sha256:5296fc86ab612ec12394565c500b412a43b328b3907c0d14358950d06fd83baf",
+                "sha256:5f61bed2f7d9b6a9ab935150a6b23d7f84b8055524e7be7715b6513f3328138e",
+                "sha256:68a43a9f9f83693ce0414d17e019daee7ab3f7113a70c79a3dd4c2f704e4d741",
+                "sha256:6b8033d47fe22506856fe450470ccb1d8ba1ffb8463494a15cfc96392a288c09",
+                "sha256:7ad7536066b28863e5835e8cfeaa794b7fe352d99a8cded9f43d1161be8e9fbd",
+                "sha256:7bacb89ccf4bedb30b277e96e4cc68cd1369ca6841bde7b005191b54d3dd1034",
+                "sha256:839dc7c36501254e14331bcb98b27002aa415e4af7ea039d9009409b9d2d5420",
+                "sha256:8f9a95b66969cdea53ec992ecea5406c5bd99c9221f539bca1e8406b200ae98c",
+                "sha256:932c03d2d565f75961ba1d3cec41ddde00e162c5b46d03f7423edcb807734eab",
+                "sha256:988529edadc49039d205e0aa6ce049c5ccda4acb2d6c3c5c550c17e8c02c05ba",
+                "sha256:998d7e73548fe395eeb294495a04d38942edb66d1fa61eb70418871bc621227e",
+                "sha256:9de60893fb447d1e797f6bf08fdf0dbcda0c1e34c1b06c92bd3a363c0ea8c609",
+                "sha256:9e80d45d0c7fcee54e22771db7f1b0b126fb4a6c0a2e5afa72f66827207ff2f2",
+                "sha256:a545a3dfe5082dc8e8c3eb7f8a2cf4f2870902ff1860bd99b6198cfd1f9d1f49",
+                "sha256:a5d8f29e5ec661143621a8f4de51adfb300d7a476224156a39a392254f70687b",
+                "sha256:aca06bfba4759bbdb09bf52ebb15ae20268ee1f6747417837926fae990ebc41d",
+                "sha256:bb23b7a6fd666e551a3094ab896a57809e010059540ad20acbeec03a154224ce",
+                "sha256:bfd1d0ae7e292105f29d7deaa9d8f2916ed8553ab9d5f39ec65bcf5deadff3f9",
+                "sha256:c62ca0a38958f541a73cf86acdab020c2091631c137bd359c4f5bddde7b75fd4",
+                "sha256:c709d8bda72cf4cd348ccec2a4881f2c5848fd72903c185f363d361b2737f773",
+                "sha256:c968a6aa7e0b56ecbd28531ddf439c2ec103610d3e2bf3b75b813304f8cb7723",
+                "sha256:df785d8cb80539d0b55fd47183264b7002077859028dfe3070cf6359bf8b2d9c",
+                "sha256:f406628ca51e0ae90ae76ea8398677a921b36f0bd71aab2099dfed08abd0322f",
+                "sha256:f46087bbd95ebae244a0eda01a618aff11ec7a069b15a3ef8f6b520db523dcf1",
+                "sha256:f8019c5279eb32360ca03e9fac40a12667715546eed5c5eb59eb381f2f501260",
+                "sha256:fc5f4d209733750afd2714e9109816a29500718b32dd9a5db01c0cb3a019b96a"
             "index": "pypi",
-            "version": "==4.5.1"
+            "version": "==4.5.3"
         "coveralls": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:ab638e88d38916a6cedbf80a9cd8992d5fa55c77ab755e262e00b36792b7cd6d",
-                "sha256:b2388747e2529fa4c669fb1e3e2756e4e07b6ee56c7d9fce05f35ccccc913aa0"
+                "sha256:baa26648430d5c2225ab12d7e2067f75597a4b967034bba7e3d5ab7501d207a1",
+                "sha256:ff9b7823b15070f26f654837bb02a201d006baaf2083e0514ffd3b34a3ffed81"
             "index": "pypi",
-            "version": "==1.5.1"
+            "version": "==1.7.0"
         "docopt": {
             "hashes": [
@@ -143,13 +148,28 @@
             "version": "==0.6.2"
+        "docutils": {
+            "hashes": [
+                "sha256:02aec4bd92ab067f6ff27a38a38a41173bf01bed8f89157768c1573f53e474a6",
+                "sha256:51e64ef2ebfb29cae1faa133b3710143496eca21c530f3f71424d77687764274",
+                "sha256:7a4bd47eaf6596e1295ecb11361139febe29b084a87bf005bf899f9a42edc3c6"
+            ],
+            "version": "==0.14"
+        },
+        "entrypoints": {
+            "hashes": [
+                "sha256:589f874b313739ad35be6e0cd7efde2a4e9b6fea91edcc34e58ecbb8dbe56d19",
+                "sha256:c70dd71abe5a8c85e55e12c19bd91ccfeec11a6e99044204511f9ed547d48451"
+            ],
+            "version": "==0.3"
+        },
         "flake8": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:7253265f7abd8b313e3892944044a365e3f4ac3fcdcfb4298f55ee9ddf188ba0",
-                "sha256:c7841163e2b576d435799169b78703ad6ac1bbb0f199994fc05f700b2a90ea37"
+                "sha256:859996073f341f2670741b51ec1e67a01da142831aa1fdc6242dbf88dffbe661",
+                "sha256:a796a115208f5c03b18f332f7c11729812c8c3ded6c46319c59b53efd3819da8"
             "index": "pypi",
-            "version": "==3.5.0"
+            "version": "==3.7.7"
         "flake8-commas": {
             "hashes": [
@@ -168,17 +188,17 @@
         "flake8-quotes": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:fd9127ad8bbcf3b546fa7871a5266fd8623ce765ebe3d5aa5eabb80c01212b26"
+                "sha256:10c9af6b472d4302a8e721c5260856c3f985c5c082b04841aefd2f808ac02038"
             "index": "pypi",
-            "version": "==1.0.0"
+            "version": "==2.0.1"
         "idna": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:156a6814fb5ac1fc6850fb002e0852d56c0c8d2531923a51032d1b70760e186e",
-                "sha256:684a38a6f903c1d71d6d5fac066b58d7768af4de2b832e426ec79c30daa94a16"
+                "sha256:c357b3f628cf53ae2c4c05627ecc484553142ca23264e593d327bcde5e9c3407",
+                "sha256:ea8b7f6188e6fa117537c3df7da9fc686d485087abf6ac197f9c46432f7e4a3c"
-            "version": "==2.7"
+            "version": "==2.8"
         "mccabe": {
             "hashes": [
@@ -189,12 +209,20 @@
         "mypy": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:8e071ec32cc226e948a34bbb3d196eb0fd96f3ac69b6843a5aff9bd4efa14455",
-                "sha256:fb90c804b84cfd8133d3ddfbd630252694d11ccc1eb0166a1b2efb5da37ecab2"
+                "sha256:2afe51527b1f6cdc4a5f34fc90473109b22bf7f21086ba3e9451857cf11489e6",
+                "sha256:56a16df3e0abb145d8accd5dbb70eba6c4bd26e2f89042b491faa78c9635d1e2",
+                "sha256:5764f10d27b2e93c84f70af5778941b8f4aa1379b2430f85c827e0f5464e8714",
+                "sha256:5bbc86374f04a3aa817622f98e40375ccb28c4836f36b66706cf3c6ccce86eda",
+                "sha256:6a9343089f6377e71e20ca734cd8e7ac25d36478a9df580efabfe9059819bf82",
+                "sha256:6c9851bc4a23dc1d854d3f5dfd5f20a016f8da86bcdbb42687879bb5f86434b0",
+                "sha256:b8e85956af3fcf043d6f87c91cbe8705073fc67029ba6e22d3468bfee42c4823",
+                "sha256:b9a0af8fae490306bc112229000aa0c2ccc837b49d29a5c42e088c132a2334dd",
+                "sha256:bbf643528e2a55df2c1587008d6e3bda5c0445f1240dfa85129af22ae16d7a9a",
+                "sha256:c46ab3438bd21511db0f2c612d89d8344154c0c9494afc7fbc932de514cf8d15",
+                "sha256:f7a83d6bd805855ef83ec605eb01ab4fa42bcef254b13631e451cbb44914a9b0"
             "index": "pypi",
-            "markers": "python_version >= '3.5'",
-            "version": "==0.641"
+            "version": "==0.701"
         "mypy-extensions": {
             "hashes": [
@@ -205,68 +233,121 @@
         "pep8-naming": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:360308d2c5d2fff8031c1b284820fbdb27a63274c0c1a8ce884d631836da4bdd",
-                "sha256:624258e0dd06ef32a9daf3c36cc925ff7314da7233209c5b01f7e5cdd3c34826"
+                "sha256:01cb1dab2f3ce9045133d08449f1b6b93531dceacb9ef04f67087c11c723cea9",
+                "sha256:0ec891e59eea766efd3059c3d81f1da304d858220678bdc351aab73c533f2fbb"
             "index": "pypi",
-            "version": "==0.7.0"
+            "version": "==0.8.2"
+        },
+        "pkginfo": {
+            "hashes": [
+                "sha256:7424f2c8511c186cd5424bbf31045b77435b37a8d604990b79d4e70d741148bb",
+                "sha256:a6d9e40ca61ad3ebd0b72fbadd4fba16e4c0e4df0428c041e01e06eb6ee71f32"
+            ],
+            "version": "=="
         "pycodestyle": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:682256a5b318149ca0d2a9185d365d8864a768a28db66a84a2ea946bcc426766",
-                "sha256:6c4245ade1edfad79c3446fadfc96b0de2759662dc29d07d80a6f27ad1ca6ba9"
+                "sha256:95a2219d12372f05704562a14ec30bc76b05a5b297b21a5dfe3f6fac3491ae56",
+                "sha256:e40a936c9a450ad81df37f549d676d127b1b66000a6c500caa2b085bc0ca976c"
-            "version": "==2.3.1"
+            "version": "==2.5.0"
         "pyflakes": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:08bd6a50edf8cffa9fa09a463063c425ecaaf10d1eb0335a7e8b1401aef89e6f",
-                "sha256:8d616a382f243dbf19b54743f280b80198be0bca3a5396f1d2e1fca6223e8805"
+                "sha256:17dbeb2e3f4d772725c777fabc446d5634d1038f234e77343108ce445ea69ce0",
+                "sha256:d976835886f8c5b31d47970ed689944a0262b5f3afa00a5a7b4dc81e5449f8a2"
+            ],
+            "version": "==2.1.1"
+        },
+        "pygments": {
+            "hashes": [
+                "sha256:31cba6ffb739f099a85e243eff8cb717089fdd3c7300767d9fc34cb8e1b065f5",
+                "sha256:5ad302949b3c98dd73f8d9fcdc7e9cb592f120e32a18e23efd7f3dc51194472b"
+            ],
+            "version": "==2.4.0"
+        },
+        "readme-renderer": {
+            "hashes": [
+                "sha256:bb16f55b259f27f75f640acf5e00cf897845a8b3e4731b5c1a436e4b8529202f",
+                "sha256:c8532b79afc0375a85f10433eca157d6b50f7d6990f337fa498c96cd4bfc203d"
-            "version": "==1.6.0"
+            "version": "==24.0"
         "requests": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:65b3a120e4329e33c9889db89c80976c5272f56ea92d3e74da8a463992e3ff54",
-                "sha256:ea881206e59f41dbd0bd445437d792e43906703fff75ca8ff43ccdb11f33f263"
+                "sha256:11e007a8a2aa0323f5a921e9e6a2d7e4e67d9877e85773fba9ba6419025cbeb4",
+                "sha256:9cf5292fcd0f598c671cfc1e0d7d1a7f13bb8085e9a590f48c010551dc6c4b31"
             "index": "pypi",
-            "version": "==2.20.1"
+            "version": "==2.22.0"
+        },
+        "requests-toolbelt": {
+            "hashes": [
+                "sha256:380606e1d10dc85c3bd47bf5a6095f815ec007be7a8b69c878507068df059e6f",
+                "sha256:968089d4584ad4ad7c171454f0a5c6dac23971e9472521ea3b6d49d610aa6fc0"
+            ],
+            "version": "==0.9.1"
+        },
+        "six": {
+            "hashes": [
+                "sha256:3350809f0555b11f552448330d0b52d5f24c91a322ea4a15ef22629740f3761c",
+                "sha256:d16a0141ec1a18405cd4ce8b4613101da75da0e9a7aec5bdd4fa804d0e0eba73"
+            ],
+            "version": "==1.12.0"
+        },
+        "tqdm": {
+            "hashes": [
+                "sha256:0a860bf2683fdbb4812fe539a6c22ea3f1777843ea985cb8c3807db448a0f7ab",
+                "sha256:e288416eecd4df19d12407d0c913cbf77aa8009d7fddb18f632aded3bdbdda6b"
+            ],
+            "version": "==4.32.1"
+        },
+        "twine": {
+            "hashes": [
+                "sha256:0fb0bfa3df4f62076cab5def36b1a71a2e4acb4d1fa5c97475b048117b1a6446",
+                "sha256:d6c29c933ecfc74e9b1d9fa13aa1f87c5d5770e119f5a4ce032092f0ff5b14dc"
+            ],
+            "index": "pypi",
+            "version": "==1.13.0"
         "typed-ast": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:0948004fa228ae071054f5208840a1e88747a357ec1101c17217bfe99b299d58",
-                "sha256:10703d3cec8dcd9eef5a630a04056bbc898abc19bac5691612acba7d1325b66d",
-                "sha256:1f6c4bd0bdc0f14246fd41262df7dfc018d65bb05f6e16390b7ea26ca454a291",
-                "sha256:25d8feefe27eb0303b73545416b13d108c6067b846b543738a25ff304824ed9a",
-                "sha256:29464a177d56e4e055b5f7b629935af7f49c196be47528cc94e0a7bf83fbc2b9",
-                "sha256:2e214b72168ea0275efd6c884b114ab42e316de3ffa125b267e732ed2abda892",
-                "sha256:3e0d5e48e3a23e9a4d1a9f698e32a542a4a288c871d33ed8df1b092a40f3a0f9",
-                "sha256:519425deca5c2b2bdac49f77b2c5625781abbaf9a809d727d3a5596b30bb4ded",
-                "sha256:57fe287f0cdd9ceaf69e7b71a2e94a24b5d268b35df251a88fef5cc241bf73aa",
-                "sha256:668d0cec391d9aed1c6a388b0d5b97cd22e6073eaa5fbaa6d2946603b4871efe",
-                "sha256:68ba70684990f59497680ff90d18e756a47bf4863c604098f10de9716b2c0bdd",
-                "sha256:6de012d2b166fe7a4cdf505eee3aaa12192f7ba365beeefaca4ec10e31241a85",
-                "sha256:79b91ebe5a28d349b6d0d323023350133e927b4de5b651a8aa2db69c761420c6",
-                "sha256:8550177fa5d4c1f09b5e5f524411c44633c80ec69b24e0e98906dd761941ca46",
-                "sha256:898f818399cafcdb93cbbe15fc83a33d05f18e29fb498ddc09b0214cdfc7cd51",
-                "sha256:94b091dc0f19291adcb279a108f5d38de2430411068b219f41b343c03b28fb1f",
-                "sha256:a26863198902cda15ab4503991e8cf1ca874219e0118cbf07c126bce7c4db129",
-                "sha256:a8034021801bc0440f2e027c354b4eafd95891b573e12ff0418dec385c76785c",
-                "sha256:bc978ac17468fe868ee589c795d06777f75496b1ed576d308002c8a5756fb9ea",
-                "sha256:c05b41bc1deade9f90ddc5d988fe506208019ebba9f2578c622516fd201f5863",
-                "sha256:c9b060bd1e5a26ab6e8267fd46fc9e02b54eb15fffb16d112d4c7b1c12987559",
-                "sha256:edb04bdd45bfd76c8292c4d9654568efaedf76fe78eb246dde69bdb13b2dad87",
-                "sha256:f19f2a4f547505fe9072e15f6f4ae714af51b5a681a97f187971f50c283193b6"
-            ],
-            "version": "==1.1.0"
+                "sha256:132eae51d6ef3ff4a8c47c393a4ef5ebf0d1aecc96880eb5d6c8ceab7017cc9b",
+                "sha256:18141c1484ab8784006c839be8b985cfc82a2e9725837b0ecfa0203f71c4e39d",
+                "sha256:2baf617f5bbbfe73fd8846463f5aeafc912b5ee247f410700245d68525ec584a",
+                "sha256:3d90063f2cbbe39177e9b4d888e45777012652d6110156845b828908c51ae462",
+                "sha256:4304b2218b842d610aa1a1d87e1dc9559597969acc62ce717ee4dfeaa44d7eee",
+                "sha256:4983ede548ffc3541bae49a82675996497348e55bafd1554dc4e4a5d6eda541a",
+                "sha256:5315f4509c1476718a4825f45a203b82d7fdf2a6f5f0c8f166435975b1c9f7d4",
+                "sha256:6cdfb1b49d5345f7c2b90d638822d16ba62dc82f7616e9b4caa10b72f3f16649",
+                "sha256:7b325f12635598c604690efd7a0197d0b94b7d7778498e76e0710cd582fd1c7a",
+                "sha256:8d3b0e3b8626615826f9a626548057c5275a9733512b137984a68ba1598d3d2f",
+                "sha256:8f8631160c79f53081bd23446525db0bc4c5616f78d04021e6e434b286493fd7",
+                "sha256:912de10965f3dc89da23936f1cc4ed60764f712e5fa603a09dd904f88c996760",
+                "sha256:b010c07b975fe853c65d7bbe9d4ac62f1c69086750a574f6292597763781ba18",
+                "sha256:c908c10505904c48081a5415a1e295d8403e353e0c14c42b6d67f8f97fae6616",
+                "sha256:c94dd3807c0c0610f7c76f078119f4ea48235a953512752b9175f9f98f5ae2bd",
+                "sha256:ce65dee7594a84c466e79d7fb7d3303e7295d16a83c22c7c4037071b059e2c21",
+                "sha256:eaa9cfcb221a8a4c2889be6f93da141ac777eb8819f077e1d09fb12d00a09a93",
+                "sha256:f3376bc31bad66d46d44b4e6522c5c21976bf9bca4ef5987bb2bf727f4506cbb",
+                "sha256:f9202fa138544e13a4ec1a6792c35834250a85958fde1251b6a22e07d1260ae7"
+            ],
+            "version": "==1.3.5"
         "urllib3": {
             "hashes": [
-                "sha256:61bf29cada3fc2fbefad4fdf059ea4bd1b4a86d2b6d15e1c7c0b582b9752fe39",
-                "sha256:de9529817c93f27c8ccbfead6985011db27bd0ddfcdb2d86f3f663385c6a9c22"
+                "sha256:a53063d8b9210a7bdec15e7b272776b9d42b2fd6816401a0d43006ad2f9902db",
+                "sha256:d363e3607d8de0c220d31950a8f38b18d5ba7c0830facd71a1c6b1036b7ce06c"
+            ],
+            "version": "==1.25.2"
+        },
+        "webencodings": {
+            "hashes": [
+                "sha256:a0af1213f3c2226497a97e2b3aa01a7e4bee4f403f95be16fc9acd2947514a78",
+                "sha256:b36a1c245f2d304965eb4e0a82848379241dc04b865afcc4aab16748587e1923"
-            "version": "==1.24.1"
+            "version": "==0.5.1"
diff --git a/README.md b/README.md
index e345d6f..0c7d526 100644
--- a/README.md
+++ b/README.md
@@ -14,8 +14,8 @@ information is available on the [Apertium Wiki][1].
-- Python 3.4+
-- Tornado 4.3+ (`python3-tornado` on Debian)
+- Python 3.5+
+- Tornado 4.3-5.1.1 (`python3-tornado` on Debian)
 Additional functionality is provided by installation
 of the following packages:
@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@ Installation through `apt` or `pip` adds an `apertium-apy` executable:
-APy uses [TravisCI][4] for continous integration. Locally, use `make test`
+APy uses [TravisCI][4] for continuous integration. Locally, use `make test`
 to run the same checks it does. Use `pipenv install --dev`
 to install the requirements required for development, e.g. linters.
diff --git a/apertium_apy/apy.py b/apertium_apy/apy.py
index 3953b1c..317358d 100755
--- a/apertium_apy/apy.py
+++ b/apertium_apy/apy.py
@@ -7,16 +7,16 @@ __copyright__ = 'Copyright 2013--2018, Kevin Brubeck Unhammer, Sushain K. Cheriv
 __credits__ = ['Kevin Brubeck Unhammer', 'Sushain K. Cherivirala', 'Jonathan North Washington', 'Xavi Ivars', 'Shardul Chiplunkar']
 __license__ = 'GPLv3'
 __status__ = 'Beta'
-__version__ = '0.11.5'
+__version__ = '0.11.6'
 import argparse
 import configparser
-import importlib
 import logging
 import os
 import re
 import signal
 import sys
+from importlib import util as importlib_util
 from datetime import timedelta
 from logging import handlers as logging_handlers  # type: ignore
@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ def sig_handler(sig, frame):
 class RootHandler(BaseHandler):
     def get(self):
-        self.redirect('http://wiki.apertium.org/wiki/Apertium-apy')
+        self.render('../index.html')
 class GetLocaleHandler(BaseHandler):
@@ -276,10 +276,10 @@ def setup_application(args):
         (r'/pipedebug', PipeDebugHandler),
-    if importlib.util.find_spec('streamparser'):
+    if importlib_util.find_spec('streamparser'):
         handlers.append((r'/speller', SpellerHandler))
-    if all([args.wiki_username, args.wiki_password]) and importlib.util.find_spec('requests'):
+    if all([args.wiki_username, args.wiki_password]) and importlib_util.find_spec('requests'):
         import requests
         logging.info('Logging into Apertium Wiki with username %s', args.wiki_username)
@@ -326,18 +326,18 @@ def setup_logging(args):
 def main():
     args = parse_args()
-    setup_logging(args)         # before we start logging anything!
+    setup_logging(args)  # before we start logging anything!
-    if importlib.util.find_spec('cld2full') is None:
+    if importlib_util.find_spec('cld2full') is None:
         logging.warning('Unable to import CLD2, continuing using naive method of language detection')
-    if importlib.util.find_spec('chardet') is None:
+    if importlib_util.find_spec('chardet') is None:
         logging.warning('Unable to import chardet, assuming utf-8 encoding for all websites')
-    if importlib.util.find_spec('streamparser') is None:
+    if importlib_util.find_spec('streamparser') is None:
         logging.warning('Apertium streamparser not installed, spelling handler disabled')
-    if importlib.util.find_spec('requests') is None:
+    if importlib_util.find_spec('requests') is None:
         logging.warning('requests not installed, suggestions disabled')
     if args.bypass_token:
diff --git a/apertium_apy/gateway.py b/apertium_apy/gateway.py
index 9ba226e..09b1a99 100755
--- a/apertium_apy/gateway.py
+++ b/apertium_apy/gateway.py
@@ -248,7 +248,7 @@ class WeightedRandom(Balancer):
             for test_result in test_results.items():
                 server = test_result[0]
                 results = test_result[1]
-                test_score = sum([result[1] for testPath, result in results.items()])
+                test_score = sum([result[1] for test_path, result in results.items()])
                 self.serverlist[server] += test_score / 5
         self.serverlist = OrderedDict(sorted(self.serverlist.items(), key=lambda x: x[1]))
@@ -358,7 +358,7 @@ class Fastest(Balancer):
             for test_result in test_results.items():
                 server = test_result[0]
                 results = test_result[1]
-                test_sum = sum([result[1] for testPath, result in results.items()])
+                test_sum = sum([result[1] for test_path, result in results.items()])
                 if '/list' not in self.serverlist[server][1]:
                     self.serverlist[server][1]['list'] = 0
                 self.serverlist[server][1]['list'] += test_sum / (self.num_responses * len(results.items()))
diff --git a/apertium_apy/handlers/base.py b/apertium_apy/handlers/base.py
index bdcccab..9386b5d 100644
--- a/apertium_apy/handlers/base.py
+++ b/apertium_apy/handlers/base.py
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
+import json
 import logging
 import os
 import sys
@@ -5,7 +6,6 @@ from datetime import datetime
 import tornado
 import tornado.web
-from tornado import escape
 from tornado.escape import utf8
 from tornado.locks import Semaphore
@@ -13,6 +13,12 @@ if False:
     from typing import Dict, Optional, List, Tuple  # noqa: F401
+def dump_json(data):
+    # This acts very similarly to Tornado's escape.json_encode but doesn't
+    # result in ugly \u codes. Tornado does not support this natively.
+    return json.dumps(data, ensure_ascii=False).replace('</', '<\\/')
 class BaseHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):
     pairs = {}  # type: Dict[str, str]
     analyzers = {}  # type: Dict[str, Tuple[str, str]]
@@ -125,7 +131,7 @@ class BaseHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):
     def send_response(self, data):
         if isinstance(data, dict) or isinstance(data, list):
-            data = escape.json_encode(data)
+            data = dump_json(data)
             self.set_header('Content-Type', 'application/json; charset=UTF-8')
         if self.callback:
@@ -159,7 +165,7 @@ class BaseHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):
             'explanation': explanation,
-        data = escape.json_encode(result)
+        data = dump_json(result)
         self.set_header('Content-Type', 'application/json; charset=UTF-8')
         if self.callback:
diff --git a/apertium_apy/handlers/list_language_names.py b/apertium_apy/handlers/list_language_names.py
index e362810..3cf61b0 100644
--- a/apertium_apy/handlers/list_language_names.py
+++ b/apertium_apy/handlers/list_language_names.py
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ from concurrent.futures import ThreadPoolExecutor
 from tornado import gen
 from apertium_apy.handlers.base import BaseHandler
-from apertium_apy.utils import to_alpha2_code, iso639Codes  # noqa: F401
+from apertium_apy.utils import to_alpha2_code, iso639_codes  # noqa: F401
 if False:
     from typing import Optional  # noqa: F401
@@ -44,9 +44,9 @@ def get_localized_languages(locale, db_path, languages=[]):
     converted_languages, duplicated_languages = {}, {}
     for language in languages:
-        if language in iso639Codes and iso639Codes[language] in languages:
-            duplicated_languages[iso639Codes[language]] = language
-            duplicated_languages[language] = iso639Codes[language]
+        if language in iso639_codes and iso639_codes[language] in languages:
+            duplicated_languages[iso639_codes[language]] = language
+            duplicated_languages[language] = iso639_codes[language]
         converted_languages[to_alpha2_code(language)] = language
diff --git a/apertium_apy/utils/__init__.py b/apertium_apy/utils/__init__.py
index b3152c4..8e58252 100644
--- a/apertium_apy/utils/__init__.py
+++ b/apertium_apy/utils/__init__.py
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ from tornado.process import Subprocess
 from apertium_apy.missingdb import timedelta_to_milliseconds
-iso639Codes = {'abk': 'ab', 'aar': 'aa', 'afr': 'af', 'aka': 'ak', 'sqi': 'sq', 'amh': 'am', 'ara': 'ar', 'arg': 'an', 'hye': 'hy', 'asm': 'as', 'ava': 'av', 'ave': 'ae', 'aym': 'ay', 'aze': 'az', 'bam': 'bm', 'bak': 'ba', 'eus': 'eu', 'bel': 'be', 'ben': 'bn', 'bih': 'bh', 'bis': 'bi', 'bos': 'bs', 'bre': 'br', 'bul': 'bg', 'mya': 'my', 'cat': 'ca', 'cha': 'ch', 'che': 'ce', 'nya': 'ny', 'zho': 'zh', 'chv': 'cv', 'cor': 'kw', 'cos': 'co', 'cre': 'cr', 'hrv': 'hr', 'ces': 'cs', 'dan': 'da', 'div': 'dv', 'nld': 'nl', 'dzo': 'dz', 'eng': 'en', 'epo': 'eo', 'est': 'et', 'ewe': 'ee', 'fao': 'fo', 'fij': 'fj', 'fin': 'fi', 'fra': 'fr', 'ful': 'ff', 'glg': 'gl', 'kat': 'ka', 'deu': 'de', 'ell': 'el', 'grn': 'gn', 'guj': 'gu', 'hat': 'ht', 'hau': 'ha', 'heb': 'he', 'her': 'hz', 'hin': 'hi', 'hmo': 'ho', 'hun': 'hu', 'ina': 'ia', 'ind': 'id', 'ile': 'ie', 'gle': 'ga', 'ibo': 'ig', 'ipk': 'ik', 'ido': 'io', 'isl': 'is', 'ita': 'it', 'iku': 'iu', 'jpn': 'ja', 'jav': 'jv', 'kal': 'kl', 'kan': 'kn', 'kau': 'kr', 'kas': 'ks', 'kaz': 'kk', 'khm': 'km', 'kik': 'ki', 'kin': 'rw', 'kir': 'ky', 'kom': 'kv', 'kon': 'kg', 'kor': 'ko', 'kur': 'ku', 'kua': 'kj', 'lat': 'la', 'ltz': 'lb', 'lug': 'lg', 'lim': 'li', 'lin': 'ln', 'lao': 'lo', 'lit': 'lt', 'lub': 'lu', 'lav': 'lv', 'glv': 'gv', 'mkd': 'mk', 'mlg': 'mg', 'msa': 'ms', 'mal': 'ml', 'mlt': 'mt', 'mri': 'mi', 'mar': 'mr', 'mah': 'mh', 'mon': 'mn', 'nau': 'na', 'nav': 'nv', 'nob': 'nb', 'nde': 'nd', 'nep': 'ne', 'ndo': 'ng', 'nno': 'nn', 'nor': 'no', 'iii': 'ii', 'nbl': 'nr', 'oci': 'oc', 'oji': 'oj', 'chu': 'cu', 'orm': 'om', 'ori': 'or', 'oss': 'os', 'pan': 'pa', 'pli': 'pi', 'fas': 'fa', 'pol': 'pl', 'pus': 'ps', 'por': 'pt', 'que': 'qu', 'roh': 'rm', 'run': 'rn', 'ron': 'ro', 'rus': 'ru', 'san': 'sa', 'srd': 'sc', 'snd': 'sd', 'sme': 'se', 'smo': 'sm', 'sag': 'sg', 'srp': 'sr', 'gla': 'gd', 'sna': 'sn', 'sin': 'si', 'slk': 'sk', 'slv': 'sl', 'som': 'so', 'sot': 'st', 'azb': 'az', 'spa': 'es', 'sun': 'su', 'swa': 'sw', 'ssw': 'ss', 'swe': 'sv', 'tam': 'ta', 'tel': 'te', 'tgk': 'tg', 'tha': 'th', 'tir': 'ti', 'bod': 'bo', 'tuk': 'tk', 'tgl': 'tl', 'tsn': 'tn', 'ton': 'to', 'tur': 'tr', 'tso': 'ts', 'tat': 'tt', 'twi': 'tw', 'tah': 'ty', 'uig': 'ug', 'ukr': 'uk', 'urd': 'ur', 'uzb': 'uz', 'ven': 've', 'vie': 'vi', 'vol': 'vo', 'wln': 'wa', 'cym': 'cy', 'wol': 'wo', 'fry': 'fy', 'xho': 'xh', 'yid': 'yi', 'yor': 'yo', 'zha': 'za', 'zul': 'zu', 'hbs': 'sh', 'arg': 'an', 'pes': 'fa'}  # noqa: E501
+iso639_codes = {'abk': 'ab', 'aar': 'aa', 'afr': 'af', 'aka': 'ak', 'sqi': 'sq', 'amh': 'am', 'ara': 'ar', 'arg': 'an', 'hye': 'hy', 'asm': 'as', 'ava': 'av', 'ave': 'ae', 'aym': 'ay', 'aze': 'az', 'bam': 'bm', 'bak': 'ba', 'eus': 'eu', 'bel': 'be', 'ben': 'bn', 'bih': 'bh', 'bis': 'bi', 'bos': 'bs', 'bre': 'br', 'bul': 'bg', 'mya': 'my', 'cat': 'ca', 'cha': 'ch', 'che': 'ce', 'nya': 'ny', 'zho': 'zh', 'chv': 'cv', 'cor': 'kw', 'cos': 'co', 'cre': 'cr', 'hrv': 'hr', 'ces': 'cs', 'dan': 'da', 'div': 'dv', 'nld': 'nl', 'dzo': 'dz', 'eng': 'en', 'epo': 'eo', 'est': 'et', 'ewe': 'ee', 'fao': 'fo', 'fij': 'fj', 'fin': 'fi', 'fra': 'fr', 'ful': 'ff', 'glg': 'gl', 'kat': 'ka', 'deu': 'de', 'ell': 'el', 'grn': 'gn', 'guj': 'gu', 'hat': 'ht', 'hau': 'ha', 'heb': 'he', 'her': 'hz', 'hin': 'hi', 'hmo': 'ho', 'hun': 'hu', 'ina': 'ia', 'ind': 'id', 'ile': 'ie', 'gle': 'ga', 'ibo': 'ig', 'ipk': 'ik', 'ido': 'io', 'isl': 'is', 'ita': 'it', 'iku': 'iu', 'jpn': 'ja', 'jav': 'jv', 'kal': 'kl', 'kan': 'kn', 'kau': 'kr', 'kas': 'ks', 'kaz': 'kk', 'khm': 'km', 'kik': 'ki', 'kin': 'rw', 'kir': 'ky', 'kom': 'kv', 'kon': 'kg', 'kor': 'ko', 'kur': 'ku', 'kua': 'kj', 'lat': 'la', 'ltz': 'lb', 'lug': 'lg', 'lim': 'li', 'lin': 'ln', 'lao': 'lo', 'lit': 'lt', 'lub': 'lu', 'lav': 'lv', 'glv': 'gv', 'mkd': 'mk', 'mlg': 'mg', 'msa': 'ms', 'mal': 'ml', 'mlt': 'mt', 'mri': 'mi', 'mar': 'mr', 'mah': 'mh', 'mon': 'mn', 'nau': 'na', 'nav': 'nv', 'nob': 'nb', 'nde': 'nd', 'nep': 'ne', 'ndo': 'ng', 'nno': 'nn', 'nor': 'no', 'iii': 'ii', 'nbl': 'nr', 'oci': 'oc', 'oji': 'oj', 'chu': 'cu', 'orm': 'om', 'ori': 'or', 'oss': 'os', 'pan': 'pa', 'pli': 'pi', 'fas': 'fa', 'pol': 'pl', 'pus': 'ps', 'por': 'pt', 'que': 'qu', 'roh': 'rm', 'run': 'rn', 'ron': 'ro', 'rus': 'ru', 'san': 'sa', 'srd': 'sc', 'snd': 'sd', 'sme': 'se', 'smo': 'sm', 'sag': 'sg', 'srp': 'sr', 'gla': 'gd', 'sna': 'sn', 'sin': 'si', 'slk': 'sk', 'slv': 'sl', 'som': 'so', 'sot': 'st', 'azb': 'az', 'spa': 'es', 'sun': 'su', 'swa': 'sw', 'ssw': 'ss', 'swe': 'sv', 'tam': 'ta', 'tel': 'te', 'tgk': 'tg', 'tha': 'th', 'tir': 'ti', 'bod': 'bo', 'tuk': 'tk', 'tgl': 'tl', 'tsn': 'tn', 'ton': 'to', 'tur': 'tr', 'tso': 'ts', 'tat': 'tt', 'twi': 'tw', 'tah': 'ty', 'uig': 'ug', 'ukr': 'uk', 'urd': 'ur', 'uzb': 'uz', 'ven': 've', 'vie': 'vi', 'vol': 'vo', 'wln': 'wa', 'cym': 'cy', 'wol': 'wo', 'fry': 'fy', 'xho': 'xh', 'yid': 'yi', 'yor': 'yo', 'zha': 'za', 'zul': 'zu', 'hbs': 'sh', 'arg': 'an', 'pes': 'fa'}  # noqa: E501
     Bootstrapped from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes using
         var out = {};
@@ -31,13 +31,13 @@ def run_async_thread(func):
 def to_alpha2_code(code):
     if '_' in code:
         code, variant = code.split('_')
-        return '%s_%s' % ((iso639Codes[code], variant) if code in iso639Codes else (code, variant))
+        return '%s_%s' % ((iso639_codes[code], variant) if code in iso639_codes else (code, variant))
-        return iso639Codes[code] if code in iso639Codes else code
+        return iso639_codes[code] if code in iso639_codes else code
 def to_alpha3_code(code):
-    iso639_codes_inverse = {v: k for k, v in iso639Codes.items()}
+    iso639_codes_inverse = {v: k for k, v in iso639_codes.items()}
     if '_' in code:
         code, variant = code.split('_')
         return '%s_%s' % ((iso639_codes_inverse[code], variant) if code in iso639_codes_inverse else (code, variant))
diff --git a/debian/changelog b/debian/changelog
index b261ff4..90a3353 100644
--- a/debian/changelog
+++ b/debian/changelog
@@ -1,3 +1,9 @@
+apertium-apy (0.11.5+git20190521.b9455b3-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
+  * New upstream snapshot.
+ -- Debian Janitor <janitor@jelmer.uk>  Sat, 27 Jul 2019 03:16:12 +0000
 apertium-apy (0.11.5-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release.
diff --git a/index.html b/index.html
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..ea08551
--- /dev/null
+++ b/index.html
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
+<!DOCTYPE html>
+    <meta charset="utf-8">
+    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
+    <title>Apertium APy</title>
+    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
+    <h1>Apertium APy</h1>
+    <h3><a href="http://wiki.apertium.org/wiki/Apertium-apy">Documentation</a></h3>
+    <h3><a href="https://github.com/apertium/apertium-apy">Source</a></h3>
diff --git a/language_names/README.md b/language_names/README.md
index fbfba6c..16f42d3 100644
--- a/language_names/README.md
+++ b/language_names/README.md
@@ -1,23 +1,33 @@
 # Language Names
-## SQL Files
+## TSV Files
+Each of the following TSVs contains language names. They are combined by
+`build_db.py` to create a final SQL database which is used by APy. These
+files must be sorted alphabetically for the build to pass. Maintaining a
+consistent ordering makes for clearer diffs.
 ### Generated - DO NOT EDIT
-- `scraped.sql` contains language names from the Unicode CLDR. It is created
-  by `scraper.py`.
-- `scraped-sil.sql` contains language names from SIL International. It is
+- `scraped.tsv` contains language names from the Unicode CLDR. It is created
+  by `scraper-cldr.py`.
+- `scraped-sil.tsv` contains language names from SIL International. It is
   created by `scraper-sil.py`.
 ### Manual - EDIT
-- `manual.sql` contains 'fixes' and 'additions' to the scraped data.
-- `variants.sql` contains additions to the scraped data for language variants.
-- `turkic.sql` contains Turkic language names.
+- `manual-fixes.tsv` contains fixes to the scraped data.
+- `manual-additions.tsv` contains additions to the scraped data.
+- `variants.tsv` contains fixes/additions to the scraped data for language
+   variants.
+- `turkic.tsv` contains Turkic language names.
+N.B. Due to historical reasons, there are currently some additions in
 ## Scripts
-To run `scraper.py`, first install some dependencies:
+To run `scraper-cldr.py`, first install some dependencies:
     sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt-dev
     sudo pip3 install lxml
diff --git a/language_names/build_db.py b/language_names/build_db.py
new file mode 100755
index 0000000..7648f0d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/language_names/build_db.py
@@ -0,0 +1,57 @@
+#!/usr/bin/env python3
+import argparse
+import csv
+import logging
+import sqlite3
+import textwrap
+def count_language_names(c, table):
+    return c.execute('SELECT COUNT(*) FROM %s' % table).fetchone()[0]
+def populate_database(args):
+    conn = sqlite3.connect(args.db)
+    c = conn.cursor()
+    # Set up the database.
+    c.execute('PRAGMA foreign_keys=OFF')
+    c.execute(textwrap.dedent("""
+            id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,
+            lg TEXT,
+            inLg TEXT,
+            name TEXT,
+            UNIQUE(lg, inLg) ON CONFLICT REPLACE)
+        """ % args.table))
+    conn.commit()
+    # Add names from each TSV.
+    for filename in args.files:
+        initial_count = count_language_names(c, args.table)
+        c.execute('BEGIN TRANSACTION')
+        with open(filename) as f:
+            rows = list(csv.DictReader(f, delimiter='\t'))
+            insertion_count = len(rows)
+            for row in rows:
+                c.execute('INSERT INTO %s VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)' % args.table,
+                          (None, row['lg'], row['inLg'], row['name']))
+        conn.commit()
+        new_insertions_count = count_language_names(c, args.table) - initial_count
+        logging.info('Inserted %d names from %s (%d new, %d updates)',
+                     insertion_count, filename, new_insertions_count,
+                     insertion_count - new_insertions_count)
+    c.close()
+if __name__ == '__main__':
+    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Build language names database from TSVs.')
+    parser.add_argument('db', help='language names database', default='langNames.db')
+    parser.add_argument('files', nargs='+', help='TSV files with language names')
+    parser.add_argument('--table', help='language names table', default='languageNames')
+    args = parser.parse_args()
+    populate_database(args)
diff --git a/language_names/manual-additions.tsv b/language_names/manual-additions.tsv
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..4942fce
--- /dev/null
+++ b/language_names/manual-additions.tsv
@@ -0,0 +1,134 @@
+lg	inLg	name
+byv	byv	Mə̀dʉ̂mbɑ̀
+es	szl	silesiano
+eu	szl	silesiera
+kmr	kmr	Kurmancî
+lvs	lvs	latviešu valoda
+nn	szl	schlesisk
+oc	szl	silesian
+ro	szl	sileziană
+szl	af	afrikaans
+szl	an	aragōńskŏ
+szl	ar	arabskŏ
+szl	as	asamskŏ
+szl	ast	asturyjskŏ
+szl	av	awarskŏ
+szl	az	azerskŏ
+szl	ba	baszkirskŏ
+szl	be	biołoruskŏ
+szl	bg	bułgarskŏ
+szl	bi	bislamskŏ
+szl	bn	byngalskŏ
+szl	br	bretōńskŏ
+szl	bs	bośniackŏ
+szl	bua	buriackŏ
+szl	ca	katalōńskŏ
+szl	ceb	cebuano
+szl	ckb	kurdyjskŏ sorani
+szl	co	korsykańsko
+szl	crh	krymskŏ tatarskŏ
+szl	cs	czeskŏ
+szl	csb	kaszubskŏ
+szl	cu	staro-cerkewno-słowiańskŏ
+szl	cv	czuwaskŏ
+szl	cy	walijskŏ
+szl	da	duńskŏ
+szl	de	niymieckŏ
+szl	dsb	dolnoserbskŏ
+szl	el	greckŏ
+szl	en	angelskŏ
+szl	eo	esperanto
+szl	es	hiszpańskŏ
+szl	et	estōńskŏ
+szl	eu	baskijskŏ
+szl	fa	perskŏ
+szl	fi	fińskŏ
+szl	fo	farerskŏ
+szl	fr	francuskŏ
+szl	fy	fryzyjskŏ zachodniŏ
+szl	ga	irlandzkŏ
+szl	gd	szkockŏ gaelickŏ
+szl	gl	galisyjskŏ
+szl	gn	guaraní
+szl	gv	manx
+szl	he	hebrajskŏ
+szl	hi	hindi
+szl	hr	chorwackŏ
+szl	hsb	gōrnoserbskŏ
+szl	ht	haitańskŏ
+szl	hu	wyngerskŏ
+szl	hy	armyńskŏ
+szl	ia	interlingua
+szl	id	indōnezyjskŏ
+szl	is	islandzkŏ
+szl	it	italiańskŏ
+szl	kaa	karakalpak
+szl	kk	kazaskŏ
+szl	ko	koreańskŏ
+szl	ku	kurdyjskŏ
+szl	kum	kumickŏ
+szl	kv	kōmi
+szl	ky	kirgiskŏ
+szl	la	łacina
+szl	lb	luksymburskŏ
+szl	lg	luganda
+szl	lo	laotańskŏ
+szl	lt	litewskŏ
+szl	lv	łotewskŏ
+szl	mfe	maurytyjskŏ
+szl	mk	macedōńskŏ
+szl	ml	malajalam
+szl	mr	marathi
+szl	ms	malajskŏ
+szl	mt	maltańskŏ
+szl	myv	erzja
+szl	nb	norweskŏ bokmål
+szl	ne	nepalskŏ
+szl	nl	holynderskŏ
+szl	nn	norweskŏ nynorsk
+szl	no	norweskŏ
+szl	nog	nogajskŏ
+szl	oc	ôksytańskŏ
+szl	os	ôsetyjskŏ
+szl	pa	pandżabskŏ
+szl	pl	polskŏ
+szl	pt	portugalskŏ
+szl	rm	rōmanszskŏ
+szl	rn	rundi
+szl	ro	rumuńskŏ
+szl	ru	ruskŏ
+szl	rup	arōmańskŏ
+szl	sa	sanskryt
+szl	sah	jakuckŏ
+szl	sc	sardyńskŏ
+szl	sco	szkockŏ
+szl	se	sami pōłnocnŏ
+szl	sh	serbochorwackŏ
+szl	si	syngaleskŏ
+szl	sk	słowackŏ
+szl	sl	słowyńskŏ
+szl	sma	sami połedniowŏ
+szl	smj	sami lule
+szl	sq	albańskŏ
+szl	sr	serbskŏ
+szl	sv	szwedzkŏ
+szl	sw	suahili
+szl	szl	ślōnskŏ
+szl	ta	tamilskŏ
+szl	te	telugu
+szl	tet	tetum
+szl	tg	tadżyckŏ
+szl	th	tajlandzkŏ
+szl	tk	turkmyńskŏ
+szl	tl	tagalog
+szl	tr	tureckŏ
+szl	tt	tatarskŏ
+szl	tyv	tuwińskŏ
+szl	udm	udmurckŏ
+szl	uk	ukrajińskŏ
+szl	ur	urdu
+szl	uz	uzbeckŏ
+szl	vi	wietnamskŏ
+szl	xh	xosa
+szl	zh	chińskŏ
+szl	zu	zulu
diff --git a/language_names/manual-fixes.tsv b/language_names/manual-fixes.tsv
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e92471d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/language_names/manual-fixes.tsv
@@ -0,0 +1,290 @@
+lg	inLg	name
+an	af	afrikaans
+an	an	aragonés
+an	ar	arabe
+an	as	asamés
+an	ast	asturiano
+an	av	avaro
+an	az	azeri
+an	ba	baixkir
+an	be	belorruso
+an	bg	bulgaro
+an	bi	bislama
+an	bn	bengalí
+an	br	bretón
+an	bs	bosnio
+an	bua	buriat
+an	ca	catalán
+an	ceb	cebuano
+an	ckb	kurd sorani
+an	co	corso
+an	cs	checo
+an	csb	caixubio
+an	cu	eslau eclesiastico
+an	cv	chuvaixo
+an	cy	galés
+an	da	danés
+an	de	alemán
+an	dsb	baixo sorabo
+an	el	griego
+an	en	anglés
+an	eo	esperanto
+an	es	espanyol
+an	et	estonio
+an	eu	basco
+an	fa	persa
+an	fi	finés
+an	fo	feroés
+an	fr	francés
+an	fy	frisón oriental
+an	ga	irlandés
+an	gd	gaelico escocés
+an	gl	gallego
+an	gn	guaraní
+an	gv	manx
+an	he	hebreu
+an	hi	hindi
+an	hr	crovata
+an	hsb	alto sorabo
+an	ht	haitiano
+an	hu	hongaro
+an	hy	armenio
+an	ia	interlingua
+an	id	indonesio
+an	is	islandés
+an	it	italiano
+an	kaa	karakalpak
+an	kk	kazakho
+an	ko	coreano
+an	ku	kurdo
+an	kum	kumiko
+an	kv	komi
+an	ky	kirguíz
+an	la	latín
+an	lb	luxemburgués
+an	lg	ganda
+an	lo	laosiano
+an	lt	lituano
+an	lv	letón
+an	mfe	mauriciano
+an	mk	macedonio
+an	ml	malayalam
+an	mr	marathi
+an	ms	malayo
+an	mt	maltés
+an	myv	mordoviano erza
+an	nb	noruego bokmål
+an	ne	nepalés
+an	nl	neerlandés
+an	nn	noruego nynorsk
+an	no	noruego
+an	nog	nogai
+an	oc	occitán
+an	os	osseto
+an	pa	panchabí
+an	pl	polonés
+an	pt	portugués
+an	rm	romanche
+an	rn	rundi
+an	ro	rumano
+an	ru	ruso
+an	rup	arrumano
+an	sa	sanscrito
+an	sah	yacuto
+an	sc	sardo
+an	sco	escocès
+an	se	sami septentrional
+an	sh	serbocrovata
+an	si	singalés
+an	sk	eslovaco
+an	sl	esloveno
+an	sma	sami meridional
+an	smj	sami lule
+an	sq	albanés
+an	sr	serbio
+an	sv	sueco
+an	sw	suahili
+an	ta	tamil
+an	te	telugu
+an	tet	tetun
+an	tg	tadjik
+an	th	tailandés
+an	tk	turcomano
+an	tl	tagalog
+an	tr	turco
+an	tt	tartre
+an	tyv	tuviniano
+an	udm	udmurt
+an	uk	ucrainiano
+an	ur	urdú
+an	uz	uzbeko
+an	vi	vietnamita
+an	xh	xosa
+an	zh	chino
+an	zu	zulú
+av	ar	гӏараб
+av	av	магӏарул
+av	az	азарбижан
+av	en	ингилис
+av	eo	эсперанто
+av	eu	баск
+av	fr	паранг
+av	it	итал
+av	kum	лъарагӏ
+av	ru	гӏурус
+av	tr	турк
+av	tt	татар
+az	crh	krımtatarca
+ba	ba	башҡортса
+bak	crh	Ҡырымтатарса
+ca	crh	tàtar de Crimea
+ca	scn	sicilià
+ca	srd	sard
+chv	crh	крымтутарла
+crh	crh	qırımtatarca
+crh	gag	ğağauzça
+de	szl	Schlesisch
+en	ain	Ainu
+en	bas	Basaa
+en	btc	Bati
+en	chm	Mari
+en	crh	Crimean Tatar
+en	el	Greek
+en	ia	Interlingua
+en	kaa	Karakalpak
+en	khk	Khalkha Mongolian
+en	kmr	Kurdish Kurmanji
+en	ky	Kyrgyz
+en	lvs	Latvian
+en	ne	Nepali
+en	oc	Occitan
+en	olo	Livvi-Karelian
+en	os	Ossetian
+en	ota	Ottoman Turkish
+en	pa	Punjabi
+en	qve	Quechua
+en	scn	Sicilian
+en	smj	Lule Saami
+en	smn	Inari Saami
+en	snd	Sindhi
+en	srd	Sardinian
+en	tr	Turkish
+en	tyv	Tuvan
+en	ug	Uyghur
+en	zlm	Malay
+es	scn	siciliano
+es	srd	sardo
+eu	crh	Krimeako tatarera
+fi	smj	luulajansaame
+fi	smn	inarinsaame
+gag	gag	Gagauzça
+guj	guj	ગુજરાતી
+it	srd	sardo
+kaa	crh	qırımtatarsha
+kaa	kaa	qaraqalpaqsha
+kaa	kk	qazaqsha
+kaa	ky	qırgʻızsha
+kaa	tt	tatarsha
+kaa	uz	oʻzbekshe
+khk	khk	монгол хэл
+kk	az	әзірбайжан тілі
+kk	ba	башқортша
+kk	crh	қырымтатарша
+kk	cv	чувашша
+kk	en	ағылшынша
+kk	gag	ғағауызша
+kk	gd	шотландиялық гэл тілі
+kk	kaa	қарақалпақша
+kk	kk	қазақша
+kk	kum	құмықша
+kk	ky	қырғызша
+kk	sah	сахаша (якутша)
+kk	tk	түрікменше
+kk	tr	түрікше
+kk	tt	татарша
+kk	tyv	тываша
+kk	ug	ұйғұрша
+kk	uz	өзбекше
+ky	ar	арабча
+ky	ba	башкортчо
+ky	crh	кырымтатарча
+ky	cv	чубашча
+ky	gag	гагаузча
+ky	he	ивритче
+ky	kaa	каракалпакча
+ky	ku	куртча
+ky	kum	кумукча
+ky	nog	ногойчо
+ky	sah	сахача (якутча)
+ky	tk	түркмөнчө
+ky	tr	түркчө
+ky	tyv	тывача
+ky	ug	уйгурча
+ky	uz	өзбекче
+nb	smj	lulesamisk
+nb	smn	enaresamisk
+nn	smj	lulesamisk
+nn	smn	enaresamisk
+nog	nog	ногъайша
+ru	crh	крымско-татарский
+ru	ug	уйгурский
+sah	sah	сахалыы
+sc	ita	italianu
+sc	srd	sardu
+scn	scn	sicilianu
+se	smj	julevsámegiella
+se	smn	anárašgiella
+sma	fi	såevmiengïele
+sma	no	daaroegïele
+sma	se	noerhtesaemiengïele
+sma	sma	åarjelsaemiengïele
+sma	smj	julevsaemiengïele
+sma	smn	enaresaemien
+smj	fi	suomagiella
+smj	no	dárogiella
+smj	se	nuorttasámegiella
+smj	sma	oarjjelsámegiella
+smj	smj	julevsámegiella
+smj	smn	anárašgiella
+smn	fi	suomâkielâ
+smn	no	tárukielâ
+smn	se	pajekielâ
+smn	sma	maadâsämikielâ
+smn	smj	juulevsämikielâ
+smn	smn	anarâškielâ
+sv	szl	schlesiska
+tr	crh	Kırımtatarca
+tr	gag	Gagavuzca
+tt	az	азәрбайҗанча
+tt	ba	башкортча
+tt	crh	кырымтатарча
+tt	cv	чувашча
+tt	en	инглизчә
+tt	es	испанча
+tt	kaa	каракалпакча
+tt	kk	казакъча
+tt	kum	кумыкча
+tt	ky	кыргызча
+tt	ru	урысча
+tt	tk	төрекмәнчә
+tt	tr	төрекчә
+tt	tt	татарча
+tt	tyv	тувача
+tt	uz	үзбәкчә
+tyv	tyv	тыва дылда
+ug	kaa	قاراقالپاقچە
+ug	kk	قازاقچە
+ug	ky	قىرغىزچە
+ug	tt	تاتارچە
+ug	ug	ئۇيغۇرچە
+ug	uz	ئۆزبەكچە
+uig	crh	قرىمتاتارچا
+uz	bak	boshqircha
+uz	chv	chuvashcha
+uz	crh	qrimtatarcha
+uz	kaa	qoraqalpoqcha
+uz	kum	qoʻmiqcha
+uz	nog	noʻgʻaycha
+uz	sah	saxacha (yoqutcha)
+uz	tyv	tuvacha
+uz	ug	uygʻurcha
diff --git a/language_names/manual.sql b/language_names/manual.sql
deleted file mode 100644
index 42c588b..0000000
--- a/language_names/manual.sql
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,482 +0,0 @@
-PRAGMA foreign_keys=OFF;
-CREATE TABLE fixes (id integer primary key, lg text, inLg text, name text, unique(lg, inLg) on conflict replace);
-CREATE TABLE additions (id integer primary key, lg text, inLg text, name text, unique(lg, inLg) on conflict replace);
-/* NOTE: many inserts into "fixes" predate the additions table */
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','ar','арабча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','ba','башкортчо');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','cv','чубашча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','he','ивритче');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','ku','куртча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','kum','кумукча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','tk','түркмөнчө');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','tr','түркчө');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','uz','өзбекче');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','kaa','каракалпакча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','tyv','тывача');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','sah','сахача (якутча)');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','nog','ногойчо');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','az','әзірбайжан тілі');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','ba','башқортша');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','en','ағылшынша');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','gd','шотландиялық гэл тілі');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','kk','қазақша');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','kum','құмықша');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','cv','чувашша');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','ky','қырғызша');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','tk','түрікменше');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','tr','түрікше');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','tt','татарша');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','uz','өзбекше');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'en','kaa','Karakalpak');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'en','ky','Kyrgyz');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'en','os','Ossetian');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ba','ba','башҡортса');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','en','инглизчә');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','es','испанча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','kk','казакъча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','tt','татарча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','ky','кыргызча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','tr','төрекчә');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','cv','чувашча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','kum','кумыкча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','uz','үзбәкчә');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','ba','башкортча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','tk','төрекмәнчә');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','kaa','каракалпакча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','tyv','тувача');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','az','азәрбайҗанча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','ru','урысча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','af','afrikaans');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','an','aragonés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ar','arabe');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','as','asamés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ast','asturiano');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','av','avaro');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','az','azeri');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ba','baixkir');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','be','belorruso');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','bg','bulgaro');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','bi','bislama');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','bn','bengalí');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','br','bretón');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','bs','bosnio');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','bua','buriat');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ca','catalán');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ceb','cebuano');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ckb','kurd sorani');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','co','corso');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','cs','checo');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','csb','caixubio');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','cu','eslau eclesiastico');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','cv','chuvaixo');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','cy','galés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','da','danés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','de','alemán');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','dsb','baixo sorabo');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','el','griego');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','en','anglés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','eo','esperanto');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','es','espanyol');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','et','estonio');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','eu','basco');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','fa','persa');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','fi','finés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','fo','feroés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','fr','francés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','fy','frisón oriental');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ga','irlandés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','gd','gaelico escocés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','gl','gallego');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','gn','guaraní');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','gv','manx');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','he','hebreu');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','hi','hindi');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','hr','crovata');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','hsb','alto sorabo');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ht','haitiano');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','hu','hongaro');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','hy','armenio');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ia','interlingua');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','id','indonesio');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','is','islandés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','it','italiano');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','kaa','karakalpak');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','kk','kazakho');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ko','coreano');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ku','kurdo');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','kum','kumiko');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','kv','komi');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ky','kirguíz');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','la','latín');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','lb','luxemburgués');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','lg','ganda');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','lo','laosiano');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','lt','lituano');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','lv','letón');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','mfe','mauriciano');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','mk','macedonio');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ml','malayalam');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','mr','marathi');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ms','malayo');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','mt','maltés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','myv','mordoviano erza');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','nb','noruego bokmål');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ne','nepalés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','nl','neerlandés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','nn','noruego nynorsk');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','no','noruego');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','nog','nogai');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','oc','occitán');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','os','osseto');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','pa','panchabí');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','pl','polonés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','pt','portugués');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','rm','romanche');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','rn','rundi');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ro','rumano');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ru','ruso');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','rup','arrumano');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','sa','sanscrito');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','sah','yacuto');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','sc','sardo');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','sco','escocès');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','se','sami septentrional');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','sh','serbocrovata');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','si','singalés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','sk','eslovaco');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','sl','esloveno');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','sma','sami meridional');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','smj','sami lule');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','sq','albanés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','sr','serbio');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','sv','sueco');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','sw','suahili');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ta','tamil');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','te','telugu');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','tet','tetun');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','tg','tadjik');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','th','tailandés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','tk','turcomano');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','tl','tagalog');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','tr','turco');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','tt','tartre');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','tyv','tuviniano');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','udm','udmurt');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','uk','ucrainiano');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','ur','urdú');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','uz','uzbeko');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','vi','vietnamita');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','xh','xosa');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','zh','chino');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'an','zu','zulú');
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','af','afrikaans');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','an','aragonés');*/
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','ar','гӏараб');
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','ast','asturiano');*/
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','av','магӏарул');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','az','азарбижан');
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','ba','baixkir');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','be','belorruso');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','bg','bulgaro');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','br','bretón');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','bs','bosnio');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','ca','catalán');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','cv','chuvaixo');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','cy','уэльс');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','da','danés');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','el','грек');*/
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','en','ингилис');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','eo','эсперанто');
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','es','espanyol');
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','et','estonio');*/
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','eu','баск');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','fr','паранг');
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','gl','gallego');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','hr','crovata');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','id','indonesio');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','is','islandés');*/
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','it','итал');
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','kk','kazakho');*/
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','kum','лъарагӏ');
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','ky','kirguíz');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','mk','macedonio');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','ms','malayo');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','mt','maltés');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','nb','noruego bokmål');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','nl','neerlandés');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','nn','noruego nynorsk');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','oc','occitán');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','pt','portugués');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','ro','rumano');*/
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','ru','гӏурус');
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','se','sami septentrional');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','sh','serbocrovata');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','sl','esloveno');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','sr','serbio');*/
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','sv','sueco');*/
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','tr','турк');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','tt','татар');
-/*INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'av','uk','укр');*/
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ug','kk','قازاقچە');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ug','tt','تاتارچە');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ug','ky','قىرغىزچە');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ug','uz','ئۆزبەكچە');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ug','kaa','قاراقالپاقچە');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ug','ug','ئۇيغۇرچە');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'en','ug','Uyghur');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ru','ug','уйгурский');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'uz','ug','uygʻurcha');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','ug','ұйғұрша');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','ug','уйгурча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kaa','kk','qazaqsha');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kaa','kaa','qaraqalpaqsha');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kaa','uz','oʻzbekshe');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kaa','tt','tatarsha');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kaa','ky','qırgʻızsha');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'uz','kaa','qoraqalpoqcha');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'uz','nog','noʻgʻaycha');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'uz','sah','saxacha (yoqutcha)');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'uz','chv','chuvashcha');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'uz','tyv','tuvacha');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'uz','kum','qoʻmiqcha');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'uz','bak','boshqircha');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tyv','tyv','тыва дылда');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'nog','nog','ногъайша');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'sah','sah','сахалыы');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'en','crh','Crimean Tatar');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'uz','crh','qrimtatarcha');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'az','crh','krımtatarca');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'bak','crh','Ҡырымтатарса');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'chv','crh','крымтутарла');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'crh','crh','qırımtatarca');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kaa','crh','qırımtatarsha');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ru','crh','крымско-татарский');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tt','crh','кырымтатарча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','crh','кырымтатарча');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','crh','қырымтатарша');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tr','crh','Kırımtatarca');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'uig','crh','قرىمتاتارچا');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','sah','сахаша (якутша)');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','kaa','қарақалпақша');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','tyv','тываша');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ca','crh','tàtar de Crimea');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'sc','srd','sardu');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'sc','ita','italianu');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ca','srd','sard');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'en','srd','Sardinian');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'it','srd','sardo');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'es','srd','sardo');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'eu','crh','Krimeako tatarera');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'en','oci_aran','Occitan Aranese');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'de','oci_aran','Okzitanisch Aranesisch');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'oci_aran','oci_aran','Aranés');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kmr','kmr','Kurmancî');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'en','kmr','Kurdish Kurmanji');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'scn','scn','sicilianu');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'es','scn','siciliano');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ca','scn','sicilià');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'en','scn','Sicilian');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'en','smn','Inari Saami');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'fi','smn','inarinsaame');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'nn','smn','enaresamisk');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'nb','smn','enaresamisk');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'sma','smn','enaresaemien');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'se','smn','anársámegiella');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'smj','smn','anársámegiella');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'smn','smn','anarâškielâ');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'en','smj','Lule Saami');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'fi','smj','luulajansaame');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'nn','smj','lulesamisk');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'nb','smj','lulesamisk');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'sma','smj','julevsaemiengïele');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'se','smj','julevsámegiella');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'smj','smj','julevsámegiella');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'smn','smj','juulevsämikielâ');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'sma','se','noerhtesaemiengïele');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'smj','se','nuorttasámegiella');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'smn','se','pajekielâ');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'sma','sma','åarjelsaemiengïele');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'smj','sma','oarjjelsámegiella');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'smn','sma','maadâsämikielâ');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'sma','no','daaroegïele');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'smj','no','dárogiella');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'smn','no','tárukielâ');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'sma','fi','såevmiengïele');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'smj','fi','suomagiella');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'smn','fi','suomâkielâ');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'tr','gag','Gagavuzca');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'gag','gag','Gagauzça');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'crh','gag','ğağauzça');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'kk','gag','ғағауызша');
-INSERT INTO "fixes" VALUES(NULL,'ky','gag','гагаузча');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'en','lvs','Latvian');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'lvs','lvs','latviešu valoda');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'guj','guj','ગુજરાતી');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'byv','byv','Mə̀dʉ̂mbɑ̀');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'en','olo','Livvi-Karelian');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'en','sjo','Xibe');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'en','snd','Sindhi');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'en','qve','Quechua');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'en','ssp','Spanish Sign Language');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'en','khk','Khalkha Mongolian');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'khk','khk','монгол хэл');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'kmr','kmr','Kurmancî');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'en','szl','Silesian');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'pl','szl','śląski');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'ca','szl','silesià');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'de','szl','Schlesisch');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'es','szl','silesiano');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'eu','szl','silesiera');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'fr','szl','silésien');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'nb','szl','schlesisk');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'nn','szl','schlesisk');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'oc','szl','silesian');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'ro','szl','sileziană');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'sv','szl','schlesiska');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','af','afrikaans');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','an','aragōńskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ar','arabskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','as','asamskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ast','asturyjskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','av','awarskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','az','azerskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ba','baszkirskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','be','biołoruskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','bg','bułgarskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','bi','bislamskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','bn','byngalskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','br','bretōńskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','bs','bośniackŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','bua','buriackŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ca','katalōńskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ceb','cebuano');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ckb','kurdyjskŏ sorani');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','co','korsykańsko');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','crh','krymskŏ tatarskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','cs','czeskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','csb','kaszubskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','cu','staro-cerkewno-słowiańskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','cv','czuwaskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','cy','walijskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','da','duńskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','de','niymieckŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','dsb','dolnoserbskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','el','greckŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','en','angelskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','eo','esperanto');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','es','hiszpańskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','et','estōńskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','eu','baskijskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','fa','perskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','fi','fińskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','fo','farerskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','fr','francuskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','fy','fryzyjskŏ zachodniŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ga','irlandzkŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','gd','szkockŏ gaelickŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','gl','galisyjskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','gn','guaraní');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','gv','manx');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','he','hebrajskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','hi','hindi');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','hr','chorwackŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','hsb','gōrnoserbskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ht','haitańskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','hu','wyngerskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','hy','armyńskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ia','interlingua');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','id','indōnezyjskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','is','islandzkŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','it','italiańskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','kaa','karakalpak');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','kk','kazaskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ko','koreańskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ku','kurdyjskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','kum','kumickŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','kv','kōmi');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ky','kirgiskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','la','łacina');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','lb','luksymburskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','lg','luganda');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','lo','laotańskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','lt','litewskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','lv','łotewskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','mfe','maurytyjskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','mk','macedōńskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ml','malajalam');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','mr','marathi');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ms','malajskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','mt','maltańskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','myv','erzja');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','nb','norweskŏ bokmål');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ne','nepalskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','nl','holynderskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','nn','norweskŏ nynorsk');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','no','norweskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','nog','nogajskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','oc','ôksytańskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','os','ôsetyjskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','pa','pandżabskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','pl','polskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','pt','portugalskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','rm','rōmanszskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','rn','rundi');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ro','rumuńskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ru','ruskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','rup','arōmańskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','sa','sanskryt');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','sah','jakuckŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','sc','sardyńskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','sco','szkockŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','se','sami pōłnocnŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','sh','serbochorwackŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','si','syngaleskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','sk','słowackŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','sl','słowyńskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','sma','sami połedniowŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','smj','sami lule');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','sq','albańskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','sr','serbskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','sv','szwedzkŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','sw','suahili');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','szl','ślōnskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ta','tamilskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','te','telugu');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','tet','tetum');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','tg','tadżyckŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','th','tajlandzkŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','tk','turkmyńskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','tl','tagalog');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','tr','tureckŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','tt','tatarskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','tyv','tuwińskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','udm','udmurckŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','uk','ukrajińskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','ur','urdu');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','uz','uzbeckŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','vi','wietnamskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','xh','xosa');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','zh','chińskŏ');
-INSERT INTO "additions" VALUES(NULL,'szl','zu','zulu');
-INSERT INTO "languageNames" (lg, inLg, name) select lg, inLg, name from "fixes";
-INSERT INTO "languageNames" (lg, inLg, name) select lg, inLg, name from "additions";
diff --git a/language_names/scraped-cldr.tsv b/language_names/scraped-cldr.tsv
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..be4abd2
--- /dev/null
+++ b/language_names/scraped-cldr.tsv
@@ -0,0 +1,14578 @@
+lg	inLg	name
+af	af	Afrikaans
+af	ain	Ainu
+af	alt	Suid-Altai
+af	an	Aragonees
+af	ar	Arabies
+af	as	Assamees
+af	ast	Asturies
+af	av	Avaries
+af	az	Azerbeidjans
+af	az	Azeri
+af	ba	Baskir
+af	bas	Basaa
+af	be	Belarussies
+af	bg	Bulgaars
+af	bi	Bislama
+af	bn	Bengaals
+af	br	Bretons
+af	bs	Bosnies
+af	ca	Katalaans
+af	ceb	Cebuano
+af	chm	Mari
+af	ckb	Sorani
+af	co	Korsikaans
+af	cs	Tsjeggies
+af	cu	Kerkslawies
+af	cv	Chuvash
+af	cy	Wallies
+af	da	Deens
+af	dar	Dakota
+af	de	Duits
+af	dsb	Benedesorbies
+af	el	Grieks
+af	en	Engels
+af	eo	Esperanto
+af	es	Spaans
+af	et	Estnies
+af	eu	Baskies
+af	fa	Persies
+af	fi	Fins
+af	fo	Faroëes
+af	fr	Frans
+af	fy	Fries
+af	ga	Iers
+af	gag	Gagauz
+af	gd	Skotse Gallies
+af	gl	Galisies
+af	gn	Guarani
+af	gu	Goedjarati
+af	gv	Manx
+af	ha	Hausa
+af	haw	Hawais
+af	he	Hebreeus
+af	hi	Hindi
+af	hr	Kroaties
+af	hsb	Oppersorbies
+af	ht	Haïtiaans
+af	hu	Hongaars
+af	hy	Armeens
+af	ia	Interlingua
+af	id	Indonesies
+af	ig	Igbo
+af	is	Yslands
+af	it	Italiaans
+af	ja	Japannees
+af	ka	Georgies
+af	kk	Kazaks
+af	kn	Kannada
+af	ko	Koreaans
+af	krc	Karachay-Balkar
+af	krl	Karelies
+af	ks	Kasjmirs
+af	kum	Kumyk
+af	kv	Komi
+af	ky	Kirgisies
+af	la	Latyn
+af	lb	Luxemburgs
+af	lg	Ganda
+af	ln	Lingaals
+af	lo	Lao
+af	lt	Litaus
+af	lv	Letties
+af	mdf	Moksha
+af	mfe	Morisjen
+af	mk	Masedonies
+af	ml	Malabaars
+af	mr	Marathi
+af	ms	Maleis
+af	mt	Maltees
+af	myv	Erzya
+af	nap	Neapolitaans
+af	nb	Boeknoors
+af	ne	Nepalees
+af	nl	Nederlands
+af	nn	Nuwe Noors
+af	no	Noors
+af	nog	Nogai
+af	oc	Oksitaans
+af	os	Osseties
+af	pa	Pandjabi
+af	pl	Pools
+af	pt	Portugees
+af	rm	Reto-Romaans
+af	rn	Rundi
+af	ro	Roemeens
+af	ru	Russies
+af	rup	Aromanies
+af	sa	Sanskrit
+af	sah	Sakhaans
+af	sc	Sardinies
+af	scn	Sisiliaans
+af	sco	Skots
+af	sd	Sindhi
+af	se	Noord-Sami
+af	sh	Serwo-Kroaties
+af	si	Sinhala
+af	sk	Slowaaks
+af	sl	Sloweens
+af	sma	Suid-Sami
+af	smj	Lule Sami
+af	smn	Inari Sami
+af	sq	Albanees
+af	sr	Serwies
+af	srn	Sranan Tongo
+af	ss	Swazi
+af	sv	Sweeds
+af	sw	Swahili
+af	ta	Tamil
+af	te	Teloegoe
+af	tet	Tetoem
+af	tg	Tadjiks
+af	th	Thai
+af	tk	Turkmeens
+af	tr	Turks
+af	tt	Tataars
+af	tyv	Tuvinees
+af	udm	Udmurt
+af	ug	Uighur
+af	uk	Oekraïens
+af	ur	Oerdoe
+af	uz	Oezbeeks
+af	vi	Viëtnamees
+af	wal	Wolaytta
+af	xh	Xhosa
+af	yi	Jiddisj
+af	yo	Yoruba
+af	zh	Sjinees
+af	zu	Zoeloe
+ar	af	الأفريقانية
+ar	ain	الآينوية
+ar	alt	الألطائية الجنوبية
+ar	an	الأراغونية
+ar	ar	العربية
+ar	as	الأسامية
+ar	ast	الأسترية
+ar	av	الأوارية
+ar	az	الأذربيجانية
+ar	az	الأذرية
+ar	ba	الباشكيرية
+ar	bas	الباسا
+ar	be	البيلاروسية
+ar	bg	البلغارية
+ar	bi	البيسلامية
+ar	bn	البنغالية
+ar	br	البريتونية
+ar	bs	البوسنية
+ar	bua	البرياتية
+ar	byv	لغة الميدومبا
+ar	ca	الكتالانية
+ar	ceb	السيبيوانية
+ar	chm	الماري
+ar	ckb	السورانية الكردية
+ar	co	الكورسيكية
+ar	crh	لغة تتار القرم
+ar	cs	التشيكية
+ar	csb	الكاشبايان
+ar	cu	سلافية كنسية
+ar	cv	التشوفاشي
+ar	cy	الويلزية
+ar	da	الدانمركية
+ar	dar	الدارجوا
+ar	de	الألمانية
+ar	dsb	صوربيا السفلى
+ar	el	اليونانية
+ar	en	الإنجليزية
+ar	eo	الإسبرانتو
+ar	es	الإسبانية
+ar	et	الإستونية
+ar	eu	الباسكية
+ar	fa	الفارسية
+ar	fi	الفنلندية
+ar	fo	الفاروية
+ar	fr	الفرنسية
+ar	fy	الفريزيان
+ar	ga	الأيرلندية
+ar	gag	الغاغوز
+ar	gd	الغيلية الأسكتلندية
+ar	gl	الجاليكية
+ar	gn	الغوارانية
+ar	gu	الغوجاراتية
+ar	gv	المنكية
+ar	ha	الهوسا
+ar	haw	لغة هاواي
+ar	he	العبرية
+ar	hi	الهندية
+ar	hr	الكرواتية
+ar	hsb	الصوربية العليا
+ar	ht	الكريولية الهايتية
+ar	hu	الهنغارية
+ar	hy	الأرمنية
+ar	ia	اللّغة الوسيطة
+ar	id	الإندونيسية
+ar	ig	الإيجبو
+ar	is	الأيسلندية
+ar	it	الإيطالية
+ar	ja	اليابانية
+ar	ka	الجورجية
+ar	kaa	الكارا-كالباك
+ar	kk	الكازاخستانية
+ar	kn	الكانادا
+ar	ko	الكورية
+ar	krc	الكاراتشاي-بالكار
+ar	krl	الكاريلية
+ar	ks	الكشميرية
+ar	kum	القموقية
+ar	kv	الكومي
+ar	ky	القيرغيزية
+ar	la	اللاتينية
+ar	lb	اللكسمبورغية
+ar	lg	الغاندا
+ar	ln	اللينجالا
+ar	lo	اللاوية
+ar	lt	الليتوانية
+ar	lv	اللاتفية
+ar	mdf	الموكشا
+ar	mfe	المورسيانية
+ar	mk	المقدونية
+ar	ml	المالايالامية
+ar	mr	الماراثية
+ar	ms	الماليزية
+ar	mt	المالطية
+ar	myv	الأرزية
+ar	nap	النابولية
+ar	nb	النرويجية بوكمال
+ar	ne	النيبالية
+ar	nl	الهولندية
+ar	nn	النرويجية نينورسك
+ar	no	النرويجية
+ar	nog	النوجاي
+ar	oc	الأوكسيتانية
+ar	os	الأوسيتيك
+ar	ota	التركية العثمانية
+ar	pa	البنجابية
+ar	pl	البولندية
+ar	pt	البرتغالية
+ar	rm	الرومانشية
+ar	rn	الرندي
+ar	ro	الرومانية
+ar	ru	الروسية
+ar	rup	الأرومانيان
+ar	sa	السنسكريتية
+ar	sah	الساخيّة
+ar	sc	السردينية
+ar	scn	الصقلية
+ar	sco	الأسكتلندية
+ar	sd	السندية
+ar	se	سامي الشمالية
+ar	sh	صربية-كرواتية
+ar	si	السنهالية
+ar	sk	السلوفاكية
+ar	sl	السلوفانية
+ar	sma	السامي الجنوبي
+ar	smj	اللول سامي
+ar	smn	الإيناري سامي
+ar	sq	الألبانية
+ar	sr	الصربية
+ar	srn	السرانان تونجو
+ar	ss	السواتي
+ar	sv	السويدية
+ar	sw	السواحلية
+ar	ta	التاميلية
+ar	te	التيلوغوية
+ar	tet	التيتم
+ar	tg	الطاجيكية
+ar	th	التايلاندية
+ar	tk	التركمانية
+ar	tl	التاغالوغية
+ar	tr	التركية
+ar	tt	التترية
+ar	tyv	التوفية
+ar	udm	الأدمرت
+ar	ug	الأويغورية
+ar	ug	الأيغورية
+ar	uk	الأوكرانية
+ar	ur	الأوردية
+ar	uz	الأوزبكية
+ar	vi	الفيتنامية
+ar	wal	الولاياتا
+ar	xh	الخوسا
+ar	yi	اليديشية
+ar	yo	اليوروبا
+ar	zh	الصينية
+ar	zu	الزولو
+as	af	আফ্ৰিকানছ্
+as	ain	আইনু
+as	alt	দাক্ষিণাত্য আল্টাই
+as	an	আৰ্গোনিজ
+as	ar	আৰবী
+as	as	অসমীয়া
+as	ast	এষ্টুৰীয়
+as	av	আভেৰিক
+as	az	আজেৰবাইজানী
+as	az	আজেৰি
+as	ba	বাছখিৰ
+as	bas	বাছা
+as	be	বেলাৰুছীয়
+as	bg	বুলগেৰীয়
+as	bi	বিছলামা
+as	bn	বাংলা
+as	br	ব্ৰেটন
+as	bs	বছনীয়
+as	ca	কাতালান
+as	ceb	চিবুৱানো
+as	chm	মাৰি
+as	ckb	চেণ্ট্ৰেল কুৰ্ডিচ
+as	co	কোৰ্ছিকান
+as	cs	চেক
+as	cu	চাৰ্চ শ্লেভিক
+as	cv	চুভাচ
+as	cy	ৱেলচ
+as	da	ডেনিচ
+as	dar	দাৰ্গৱা
+as	de	জাৰ্মান
+as	dsb	ল’ৱাৰ ছোৰ্বিয়ান
+as	el	গ্ৰীক
+as	en	ইংৰাজী
+as	eo	এস্পেৰান্তো
+as	es	স্পেনিচ
+as	et	এষ্টোনিয়
+as	eu	বাস্ক
+as	fa	ফাৰ্ছী
+as	fi	ফিনিচ
+as	fo	ফাৰোইজ
+as	fr	ফ্ৰেন্স
+as	fy	ৱেষ্টাৰ্ণ ফ্ৰিছিয়ান
+as	ga	আইৰিচ
+as	gd	স্কটিচ গেইলিক
+as	gl	গেলিচিয়ান
+as	gn	গুৱাৰাণী
+as	gu	গুজৰাটী
+as	gv	মেংক্স
+as	ha	হাউছা
+as	haw	হাৱাই
+as	he	হিব্ৰু
+as	hi	হিন্দী
+as	hr	ক্ৰোৱেচিয়ান
+as	hsb	আপাৰ ছোৰ্বিয়ান
+as	ht	হেইটিয়ান ক্ৰিয়ল
+as	hu	হাঙ্গেৰিয়ান
+as	hy	আৰ্মেনীয়
+as	ia	ইণ্টাৰলিংগুৱা
+as	id	ইণ্ডোনেচিয়
+as	ig	ইগ্বো
+as	is	আইচলেণ্ডিক
+as	it	ইটালিয়ান
+as	ja	জাপানী
+as	ka	জৰ্জিয়ান
+as	kk	কাজাখ
+as	kn	কানাড়া
+as	ko	কোৰিয়ান
+as	krc	কাৰাচে-বাল্কাৰ
+as	krl	কেৰেলিয়ান
+as	ks	কাশ্মিৰী
+as	kum	কুমিক
+as	kv	কোমি
+as	ky	কিৰ্গিজ
+as	la	লেটিন
+as	lb	লাক্সেমবাৰ্গিচ
+as	lg	গান্দা
+as	ln	লিংগালা
+as	lo	লাও
+as	lt	লিথুৱানিয়ান
+as	lv	লাটভিয়ান
+as	mdf	মোক্সা
+as	mfe	মৰিছিয়ান
+as	mk	মেচিডোনীয়
+as	ml	মালায়ালম
+as	mr	মাৰাঠী
+as	ms	মালয়
+as	mt	মাল্টিজ
+as	myv	এৰজিয়া
+as	nap	নিয়াপোলিটেন
+as	nb	নৰৱেজিয়ান বোকমাল
+as	ne	নেপালী
+as	nl	ডাচ
+as	nn	নৰৱেজিয়ান নায়নোৰ্স্ক
+as	nog	নোগাই
+as	oc	অ’চিটান
+as	os	ওছেটিক
+as	pa	পাঞ্জাবী
+as	pl	প’লিচ
+as	pt	পৰ্তুগীজ
+as	rm	ৰোমানচ
+as	rn	ৰুন্দি
+as	ro	ৰোমানীয়
+as	ru	ৰাছিয়ান
+as	rup	আৰোমানীয়
+as	sa	সংস্কৃত
+as	sah	ছাখা
+as	sc	ছাৰ্ডিনিয়ান
+as	scn	ছিচিলিয়ান
+as	sco	স্কটছ
+as	sd	সিন্ধি
+as	se	উদীচ্য ছামি
+as	si	সিংহলা
+as	sk	শ্লোভাক
+as	sl	শ্লোভেনিয়ান
+as	sma	দাক্ষিণাত্য ছামি
+as	smj	লুলে ছামি
+as	smn	ইনাৰি ছামি
+as	sq	আলবেনীয়
+as	sr	ছাৰ্বিয়ান
+as	srn	স্ৰানান টোঙ্গো
+as	ss	স্বাতি
+as	sv	ছুইডিচ
+as	sw	স্বাহিলি
+as	ta	তামিল
+as	te	তেলুগু
+as	tet	তেতুম
+as	tg	তাজিক
+as	th	থাই
+as	tk	তুৰ্কমেন
+as	tr	তুৰ্কী
+as	tt	তাতাৰ
+as	tyv	তুভিনিয়ান
+as	udm	উদমুৰ্ত
+as	ug	উইঘুৰ
+as	uk	ইউক্ৰেইনীয়
+as	ur	উৰ্দু
+as	uz	উজবেক
+as	vi	ভিয়েটনামী
+as	wal	ওলেইটা
+as	xh	হোছা
+as	yi	ইদ্দিছ
+as	yo	ইউৰুবা
+as	zh	চীনা
+as	zu	ঝুলু
+ast	af	afrikaans
+ast	ain	ainu
+ast	alt	altai del sur
+ast	an	aragonés
+ast	ar	árabe
+ast	as	asamés
+ast	ast	asturianu
+ast	av	aváricu
+ast	az	azerbaixanu
+ast	az	azerí
+ast	ba	bashkir
+ast	bas	basaa
+ast	be	bielorrusu
+ast	bg	búlgaru
+ast	bi	bislama
+ast	bn	bengalín
+ast	br	bretón
+ast	bs	bosniu
+ast	bua	buriat
+ast	byv	medumba
+ast	ca	catalán
+ast	ceb	cebuanu
+ast	chm	mari
+ast	ckb	kurdu central
+ast	co	corsu
+ast	crh	turcu de Crimea
+ast	cs	checu
+ast	csb	kashubianu
+ast	cu	eslávicu eclesiásticu
+ast	cv	chuvash
+ast	cy	galés
+ast	da	danés
+ast	dar	dargwa
+ast	de	alemán
+ast	dsb	baxu sorbiu
+ast	el	griegu
+ast	en	inglés
+ast	eo	esperanto
+ast	es	español
+ast	et	estoniu
+ast	eu	vascu
+ast	fa	persa
+ast	fi	finlandés
+ast	fo	feroés
+ast	fr	francés
+ast	fy	frisón occidental
+ast	ga	irlandés
+ast	gag	gagauz
+ast	gd	gaélicu escocés
+ast	gl	gallegu
+ast	glk	gilaki
+ast	gn	guaraní
+ast	gu	guyaratí
+ast	guc	wayuu
+ast	gv	manés
+ast	ha	ḥausa
+ast	haw	hawaianu
+ast	he	hebréu
+ast	hi	hindi
+ast	hr	croata
+ast	hsb	altu sorbiu
+ast	ht	haitianu
+ast	hu	húngaru
+ast	hy	armeniu
+ast	ia	interlingua
+ast	id	indonesiu
+ast	ig	igbo
+ast	is	islandés
+ast	it	italianu
+ast	ja	xaponés
+ast	ka	xeorxanu
+ast	kaa	kara-kalpak
+ast	kk	kazaquistanín
+ast	kn	canarés
+ast	ko	coreanu
+ast	krc	karachay-balkar
+ast	krl	karelianu
+ast	ks	cachemirés
+ast	kum	kumyk
+ast	kv	komi
+ast	ky	kirguistanín
+ast	la	llatín
+ast	lb	luxemburgués
+ast	lg	ganda
+ast	liv	livonianu
+ast	ln	lingala
+ast	lo	laosianu
+ast	lt	lituanu
+ast	lv	letón
+ast	mdf	moksha
+ast	mfe	morisyen
+ast	mk	macedoniu
+ast	ml	malayalam
+ast	mr	marathi
+ast	mrj	mari occidental
+ast	ms	malayu
+ast	mt	maltés
+ast	myv	erzya
+ast	nap	napolitanu
+ast	nb	noruegu Bokmål
+ast	ne	nepalés
+ast	nl	neerlandés
+ast	nn	noruegu Nynorsk
+ast	no	noruegu
+ast	nog	nogai
+ast	oc	occitanu
+ast	os	oséticu
+ast	ota	turcu otomanu
+ast	pa	punyabí
+ast	pl	polacu
+ast	pt	portugués
+ast	rm	romanche
+ast	rn	rundi
+ast	ro	rumanu
+ast	ru	rusu
+ast	rup	aromanianu
+ast	sa	sánscritu
+ast	sah	sakha
+ast	sc	sardu
+ast	scn	sicilianu
+ast	sco	scots
+ast	sd	sindhi
+ast	se	sami del norte
+ast	sh	serbo-croata
+ast	si	cingalés
+ast	sk	eslovacu
+ast	sl	eslovenu
+ast	sma	sami del sur
+ast	smj	lule sami
+ast	smn	inari sami
+ast	sq	albanu
+ast	sr	serbiu
+ast	srn	sranan tongo
+ast	ss	swati
+ast	sv	suecu
+ast	sw	suaḥili
+ast	szl	silesianu
+ast	ta	tamil
+ast	te	telugu
+ast	tet	tetum
+ast	tg	taxiquistanín
+ast	th	tailandés
+ast	tk	turcomanu
+ast	tl	tagalog
+ast	tr	turcu
+ast	tt	tártaru
+ast	tyv	tuvinianu
+ast	udm	udmurt
+ast	ug	uigur
+ast	uk	ucraín
+ast	ur	urdu
+ast	uz	uzbequistanín
+ast	vi	vietnamín
+ast	vro	voro
+ast	wal	wolaytta
+ast	xh	xhosa
+ast	yi	yiddish
+ast	yo	yoruba
+ast	zh	chinu
+ast	zu	zulú
+az	af	afrikaans
+az	ain	aynu
+az	alt	cənubi altay
+az	an	araqon
+az	ar	ərəb
+az	as	assam
+az	ast	asturiya
+az	av	avar
+az	az	azərbaycan
+az	az	azəri
+az	ba	başqırd
+az	bas	basa
+az	be	belarus
+az	bg	bolqar
+az	bi	bislama
+az	bn	benqal
+az	br	breton
+az	bs	bosniya
+az	bua	buryat
+az	ca	katalan
+az	ceb	sebuan
+az	chm	mari
+az	ckb	Mərkəzi kürdcə
+az	co	korsika
+az	crh	krım türkcəsi
+az	cs	çex
+az	csb	kaşubyan
+az	cu	slavyan
+az	cv	çuvaş
+az	cy	uels
+az	da	danimarka
+az	dar	darqva
+az	de	alman
+az	dsb	aşağı sorb
+az	el	yunan
+az	en	ingilis
+az	eo	esperanto
+az	es	ispan
+az	et	eston
+az	eu	bask
+az	fa	fars
+az	fi	fin
+az	fo	farer
+az	fr	fransız
+az	fy	qərbi friz
+az	ga	irland
+az	gag	qaqauz
+az	gd	Şotlandiya keltcəsi
+az	gl	qalisiya
+az	gn	quarani
+az	gu	qucarat
+az	gv	manks
+az	ha	hausa
+az	haw	havay
+az	he	ivrit
+az	hi	hind
+az	hr	xorvat
+az	hsb	yuxarı sorb
+az	ht	haiti kreol
+az	hu	macar
+az	hy	erməni
+az	ia	interlinqua
+az	id	indoneziya
+az	ig	iqbo
+az	is	island
+az	it	italyan
+az	ja	yapon
+az	ka	gürcü
+az	kaa	qaraqalpaq
+az	kk	qazax
+az	kn	kannada
+az	ko	koreya
+az	krc	qaraçay-balkar
+az	krl	karel
+az	ks	kəşmir
+az	kum	kumık
+az	kv	komi
+az	ky	qırğız
+az	la	latın
+az	lb	lüksemburq
+az	lg	qanda
+az	ln	linqala
+az	lo	laos
+az	lt	litva
+az	lv	latış
+az	mdf	mokşa
+az	mfe	morisien
+az	mk	makedon
+az	ml	malayalam
+az	mr	marathi
+az	ms	malay
+az	mt	malta
+az	myv	erzya
+az	nap	neapolitan
+az	nb	bokmal norveç
+az	ne	nepal
+az	nl	holland
+az	nn	nünorsk norveç
+az	no	norveç
+az	nog	noqay
+az	oc	oksitan
+az	os	osetin
+az	ota	osman
+az	pa	pəncab
+az	pl	polyak
+az	pt	portuqal
+az	rm	romanş
+az	rn	rundi
+az	ro	rumın
+az	ru	rus
+az	rup	aroman
+az	sa	sanskrit
+az	sah	saxa
+az	sc	sardin
+az	scn	siciliya
+az	sco	skots
+az	sd	sindhi
+az	se	şimali sami
+az	sh	serb-xorvat
+az	si	sinhala
+az	sk	slovak
+az	sl	sloven
+az	sma	cənubi sami
+az	smj	lule sami
+az	smn	inari sami
+az	sq	alban
+az	sr	serb
+az	srn	sranan tonqo
+az	ss	svati
+az	sv	isveç
+az	sw	suahili
+az	ta	tamil
+az	te	teluqu
+az	tet	tetum
+az	tg	tacik
+az	th	tay
+az	tk	türkmən
+az	tl	taqaloq
+az	tr	türk
+az	tt	tatar
+az	tyv	tuvinyan
+az	udm	udmurt
+az	ug	uyğur
+az	uk	ukrayna
+az	ur	urdu
+az	uz	özbək
+az	vi	vyetnam
+az	wal	valamo
+az	xh	xosa
+az	yi	idiş
+az	yo	yoruba
+az	zh	çin
+az	zu	zulu
+bas	ar	Hɔp u arâb
+bas	bas	Ɓàsàa
+bas	be	Hɔp u bièlòrûs
+bas	bg	Hɔp u bûlgâr
+bas	bn	Hɔp u bɛŋgàli
+bas	cs	Hɔp u cɛ̂k
+bas	de	Hɔp u jamân
+bas	el	Hɔp u gri ᷇kyà
+bas	en	Hɔp u ŋgisì
+bas	es	Hɔp u panyā
+bas	fa	Hɔp u pɛrsìà
+bas	fr	Hɔp u pulàsi
+bas	ha	Hɔp u ɓausa
+bas	hi	Hɔp u hindì
+bas	hu	Hɔp u hɔŋgrìi
+bas	id	Hɔp u indònesìà
+bas	ig	Hɔp u iɓò
+bas	it	Hɔp u italìà
+bas	ja	Hɔp u yapàn
+bas	ko	Hɔp u kɔrēà
+bas	ms	Hɔp u makɛ᷆
+bas	ne	Hɔp u nepa᷆l
+bas	nl	Hɔp u nlɛ̀ndi
+bas	pa	Hɔp u pɛnjàbi
+bas	pl	Hɔp u pɔlɔ̄nà
+bas	pt	Hɔp u pɔtɔ̄kì
+bas	ro	Hɔp u rùmanìà
+bas	ru	Hɔp u ruslànd
+bas	sv	Hɔp u suɛ᷆d
+bas	ta	Hɔp u tamu᷆l
+bas	th	Hɔp u tây
+bas	tr	Hɔp u tûrk
+bas	uk	Hɔp u ukrǎnìà
+bas	ur	Hɔp u urdù
+bas	vi	Hɔp u vyɛ̄dnàm
+bas	yo	Hɔp u yorūbà
+bas	zh	Hɔp u kinà
+bas	zu	Hɔp u zulù
+be	af	афрыкаанс
+be	ain	айнская
+be	alt	паўднёваалтайская
+be	an	арагонская
+be	ar	арабская
+be	as	асамская
+be	ast	астурыйская
+be	av	аварская
+be	az	азербайджанская
+be	az	азербайджанская
+be	ba	башкірская
+be	bas	басаа
+be	be	беларуская
+be	bg	балгарская
+be	bi	біслама
+be	bn	бенгальская
+be	br	брэтонская
+be	bs	баснійская
+be	bua	бурацкая
+be	ca	каталанская
+be	ceb	себуана
+be	chm	мары
+be	ckb	цэнтральнакурдская
+be	co	карсіканская
+be	cs	чэшская
+be	cu	царкоўнаславянская
+be	cv	чувашская
+be	cy	валійская
+be	da	дацкая
+be	dar	даргінская
+be	de	нямецкая
+be	dsb	ніжнялужыцкая
+be	el	грэчаская
+be	en	англійская
+be	eo	эсперанта
+be	es	іспанская
+be	et	эстонская
+be	eu	баскская
+be	fa	фарсі
+be	fi	фінская
+be	fo	фарэрская
+be	fr	французская
+be	fy	заходняя фрызская
+be	ga	ірландская
+be	gag	гагаузская
+be	gd	шатландская гэльская
+be	gl	галісійская
+be	gn	гуарані
+be	gu	гуджараці
+be	gv	мэнская
+be	ha	хауса
+be	haw	гавайская
+be	he	іўрыт
+be	hi	хіндзі
+be	hr	харвацкая
+be	hsb	верхнялужыцкая
+be	ht	гаіцянская крэольская
+be	hu	венгерская
+be	hy	армянская
+be	ia	інтэрлінгва
+be	id	інданезійская
+be	ig	ігба
+be	is	ісландская
+be	it	італьянская
+be	ja	японская
+be	ka	грузінская
+be	kk	казахская
+be	kn	канада
+be	ko	карэйская
+be	krc	карачай-балкарская
+be	krl	карэльская
+be	ks	кашмірская
+be	kum	кумыцкая
+be	kv	комі
+be	ky	кіргізская
+be	la	лацінская
+be	lb	люксембургская
+be	lg	ганда
+be	ln	лінгала
+be	lo	лаоская
+be	lt	літоўская
+be	lv	латышская
+be	mdf	макшанская
+be	mfe	марысьен
+be	mk	македонская
+be	ml	малаялам
+be	mr	маратхі
+be	ms	малайская
+be	mt	мальтыйская
+be	myv	эрзянская
+be	nap	неапалітанская
+be	nb	нарвежская (букмол)
+be	ne	непальская
+be	nl	нідэрландская
+be	nn	нарвежская (нюношк)
+be	no	нарвежская
+be	nog	нагайская
+be	oc	аксітанская
+be	os	асецінская
+be	pa	панджабі
+be	pl	польская
+be	pt	партугальская
+be	rm	рэтараманская
+be	rn	рундзі
+be	ro	румынская
+be	ru	руская
+be	rup	арумунская
+be	sa	санскрыт
+be	sah	якуцкая
+be	sc	сардзінская
+be	scn	сіцылійская
+be	sco	шатландская
+be	sd	сіндхі
+be	se	паўночнасаамская
+be	sh	сербскахарвацкая
+be	si	сінгальская
+be	sk	славацкая
+be	sl	славенская
+be	sma	паўднёвасаамская
+be	smj	луле-саамская
+be	smn	інары-саамская
+be	sq	албанская
+be	sr	сербская
+be	srn	сранан-тонга
+be	ss	суаці
+be	sv	шведская
+be	sw	суахілі
+be	ta	тамільская
+be	te	тэлугу
+be	tet	тэтум
+be	tg	таджыкская
+be	th	тайская
+be	tk	туркменская
+be	tr	турэцкая
+be	tt	татарская
+be	tyv	тувінская
+be	udm	удмурцкая
+be	ug	уйгурская
+be	uk	украінская
+be	ur	урду
+be	uz	узбекская
+be	vi	в’етнамская
+be	wal	волайта
+be	xh	коса
+be	yi	ідыш
+be	yo	ёруба
+be	zh	кітайская
+be	zu	зулу
+bg	af	африканс
+bg	ain	айну
+bg	alt	южноалтайски
+bg	an	арагонски
+bg	ar	арабски
+bg	as	асамски
+bg	ast	астурски
+bg	av	аварски
+bg	az	азербайджански
+bg	az	азерски
+bg	ba	башкирски
+bg	bas	баса
+bg	be	беларуски
+bg	bg	български
+bg	bi	бислама
+bg	bn	бенгалски
+bg	br	бретонски
+bg	bs	босненски
+bg	bua	бурятски
+bg	ca	каталонски
+bg	ceb	себуански
+bg	chm	марийски
+bg	ckb	кюрдски (централен)
+bg	co	корсикански
+bg	crh	кримскотатарски
+bg	cs	чешки
+bg	csb	кашубски
+bg	cu	църковнославянски
+bg	cv	чувашки
+bg	cy	уелски
+bg	da	датски
+bg	dar	даргински
+bg	de	немски
+bg	dsb	долнолужишки
+bg	el	гръцки
+bg	en	английски
+bg	eo	есперанто
+bg	es	испански
+bg	et	естонски
+bg	eu	баски
+bg	fa	персийски
+bg	fi	фински
+bg	fo	фарьорски
+bg	fr	френски
+bg	fy	западнофризийски
+bg	ga	ирландски
+bg	gag	гагаузки
+bg	gd	шотландски галски
+bg	gl	галисийски
+bg	gn	гуарани
+bg	gu	гуджарати
+bg	gv	манкски
+bg	ha	хауса
+bg	haw	хавайски
+bg	he	иврит
+bg	hi	хинди
+bg	hr	хърватски
+bg	hsb	горнолужишки
+bg	ht	хаитянски креолски
+bg	hu	унгарски
+bg	hy	арменски
+bg	ia	интерлингва
+bg	id	индонезийски
+bg	ig	игбо
+bg	is	исландски
+bg	it	италиански
+bg	ja	японски
+bg	ka	грузински
+bg	kaa	каракалпашки
+bg	kk	казахски
+bg	kn	каннада
+bg	ko	корейски
+bg	krc	карачай-балкарски
+bg	krl	карелски
+bg	ks	кашмирски
+bg	kum	кумикски
+bg	kv	коми
+bg	ky	киргизки
+bg	la	латински
+bg	lb	люксембургски
+bg	lg	ганда
+bg	ln	лингала
+bg	lo	лаоски
+bg	lt	литовски
+bg	lv	латвийски
+bg	mdf	мокша
+bg	mfe	морисиен
+bg	mk	македонски
+bg	ml	малаялам
+bg	mr	марати
+bg	ms	малайски
+bg	mt	малтийски
+bg	myv	ерзиа
+bg	nap	неаполитански
+bg	nb	норвежки (букмол)
+bg	ne	непалски
+bg	nl	нидерландски
+bg	nn	норвежки (нюношк)
+bg	no	норвежки
+bg	nog	ногаи
+bg	oc	окситански
+bg	os	осетски
+bg	ota	отомански турски
+bg	pa	пенджабски
+bg	pl	полски
+bg	pt	португалски
+bg	rm	реторомански
+bg	rn	рунди
+bg	ro	румънски
+bg	ru	руски
+bg	rup	арумънски
+bg	sa	санскрит
+bg	sah	якутски
+bg	sc	сардински
+bg	scn	сицилиански
+bg	sco	шотландски
+bg	sd	синдхи
+bg	se	северносаамски
+bg	sh	сърбохърватски
+bg	si	синхалски
+bg	sk	словашки
+bg	sl	словенски
+bg	sma	южносаамски
+bg	smj	луле-саамски
+bg	smn	инари-саамски
+bg	sq	албански
+bg	sr	сръбски
+bg	srn	сранан тонго
+bg	ss	свати
+bg	sv	шведски
+bg	sw	суахили
+bg	ta	тамилски
+bg	te	телугу
+bg	tet	тетум
+bg	tg	таджикски
+bg	th	тайски
+bg	tk	туркменски
+bg	tl	тагалог
+bg	tr	турски
+bg	tt	татарски
+bg	tyv	тувински
+bg	udm	удмуртски
+bg	ug	уйгурски
+bg	uk	украински
+bg	ur	урду
+bg	uz	узбекски
+bg	vi	виетнамски
+bg	wal	валамо
+bg	xh	ксоса
+bg	yi	идиш
+bg	yo	йоруба
+bg	zh	китайски
+bg	zu	зулуски
+bn	af	আফ্রিকান
+bn	ain	আইনু
+bn	alt	দক্ষিন আলতাই
+bn	an	আর্গোনিজ
+bn	ar	আরবী
+bn	as	অসমীয়া
+bn	ast	আস্তুরিয়
+bn	av	আভেরিক
+bn	az	আজারবাইজানী
+bn	az	আজেরি
+bn	ba	বাশকির
+bn	bas	বাসা
+bn	be	বেলারুশিয়
+bn	bg	বুলগেরিয়
+bn	bi	বিসলামা
+bn	bn	বাংলা
+bn	br	ব্রেটন
+bn	bs	বসনীয়ান
+bn	bua	বুরিয়াত
+bn	ca	কাতালান
+bn	ceb	চেবুয়ানো
+bn	chm	মারি
+bn	ckb	মধ্য কুর্দিশ
+bn	co	কর্সিকান
+bn	crh	ক্রিমিয়ান তুর্কি
+bn	cs	চেক
+bn	csb	কাশুবিয়ান
+bn	cu	চার্চ স্লাভিক
+bn	cv	চুবাস
+bn	cy	ওয়েলশ
+bn	da	ডেনিশ
+bn	dar	দার্গওয়া
+bn	de	জার্মান
+bn	dsb	নিম্নতর সোর্বিয়ান
+bn	el	গ্রিক
+bn	en	ইংরেজি
+bn	eo	এস্পেরান্তো
+bn	es	স্প্যানিশ
+bn	et	এস্তোনীয়
+bn	eu	বাস্ক
+bn	fa	ফার্সি
+bn	fi	ফিনিশ
+bn	fo	ফারোস
+bn	fr	ফরাসি
+bn	fy	পশ্চিম ফ্রিসিয়ান
+bn	ga	আইরিশ
+bn	gag	গাগাউজ
+bn	gd	স্কটস-গ্যেলিক
+bn	gl	গ্যালিশিয়
+bn	gn	গুয়ারানি
+bn	gu	গুজরাটি
+bn	gv	ম্যাঙ্কস
+bn	ha	হাউসা
+bn	haw	হাওয়াইয়ান
+bn	he	হিব্রু
+bn	hi	হিন্দি
+bn	hr	ক্রোয়েশীয়
+bn	hsb	উচ্চ সোর্বিয়ান
+bn	ht	হাইতিয়ান ক্রেওল
+bn	hu	হাঙ্গেরীয়
+bn	hy	আর্মেনিয়
+bn	ia	ইন্টারলিঙ্গুয়া
+bn	id	ইন্দোনেশীয়
+bn	ig	ইগ্‌বো
+bn	is	আইসল্যান্ডীয়
+bn	it	ইতালিয়
+bn	ja	জাপানি
+bn	ka	জর্জিয়ান
+bn	kaa	কারা-কাল্পাক
+bn	kk	কাজাখ
+bn	kn	কন্নড়
+bn	ko	কোরিয়ান
+bn	krc	কারচে-বাল্কার
+bn	krl	কারেলিয়ান
+bn	ks	কাশ্মীরি
+bn	kum	কুমিক
+bn	kv	কোমি
+bn	ky	কির্গিজ
+bn	la	লাতিন
+bn	lb	লুক্সেমবার্গীয়
+bn	lg	গান্ডা
+bn	ln	লিঙ্গালা
+bn	lo	লাও
+bn	lt	লিথুয়েনীয়
+bn	lv	লাত্‌ভীয়
+bn	mdf	মোকশা
+bn	mfe	মরিসিয়ান
+bn	mk	ম্যাসিডোনীয়
+bn	ml	মালায়ালাম
+bn	mr	মারাঠি
+bn	ms	মালয়
+bn	mt	মল্টিয়
+bn	myv	এরজিয়া
+bn	nap	নেয়াপোলিটান
+bn	nb	নরওয়েজিয়ান বোকমাল
+bn	ne	নেপালী
+bn	nl	ওলন্দাজ
+bn	nn	নরওয়েজীয়ান নিনর্স্ক
+bn	no	নরওয়েজীয়
+bn	nog	নোগাই
+bn	oc	অক্সিটান
+bn	os	ওসেটিক
+bn	ota	অটোমান তুর্কি
+bn	pa	পাঞ্জাবী
+bn	pl	পোলিশ
+bn	pt	পর্তুগীজ
+bn	rm	রোমান্স
+bn	rn	রুন্দি
+bn	ro	রোমানীয়
+bn	ru	রুশ
+bn	rup	আরমেনিয়ান
+bn	sa	সংস্কৃত
+bn	sah	শাখা
+bn	sc	সার্ডিনিয়ান
+bn	scn	সিসিলিয়ান
+bn	sco	স্কটস
+bn	sd	সিন্ধি
+bn	se	উত্তরাঞ্চলীয় সামি
+bn	sh	সার্বো-ক্রোয়েশিয়
+bn	si	সিংহলী
+bn	sk	স্লোভাক
+bn	sl	স্লোভেনীয়
+bn	sma	দক্ষিণাঞ্চলীয় সামি
+bn	smj	লুলে সামি
+bn	smn	ইনারি সামি
+bn	sq	আলবেনীয়
+bn	sr	সার্বীয়
+bn	srn	স্রানান টোঙ্গো
+bn	ss	সোয়াতি
+bn	sv	সুইডিশ
+bn	sw	সোয়াহিলি
+bn	ta	তামিল
+bn	te	তেলুগু
+bn	tet	তেতুম
+bn	tg	তাজিক
+bn	th	থাই
+bn	tk	তুর্কমেনী
+bn	tl	তাগালগ
+bn	tr	তুর্কী
+bn	tt	তাতার
+bn	tyv	টুভিনিয়ান
+bn	udm	উডমুর্ট
+bn	ug	উইঘুর
+bn	uk	ইউক্রেনীয়
+bn	ur	উর্দু
+bn	uz	উজবেকীয়
+bn	vi	ভিয়েতনামী
+bn	wal	ওয়ালামো
+bn	xh	জোসা
+bn	yi	ইয়েদ্দিশ
+bn	yo	ইওরুবা
+bn	zh	চীনা
+bn	zu	জুলু
+br	af	afrikaans
+br	ain	ainoueg
+br	alt	altaieg ar Su
+br	an	aragoneg
+br	ar	arabeg
+br	as	asameg
+br	ast	asturianeg
+br	av	avar
+br	az	azerbaidjaneg
+br	az	azeri
+br	ba	bachkir
+br	bas	basaa
+br	be	belaruseg
+br	bg	bulgareg
+br	bi	bislama
+br	bn	bengali
+br	br	brezhoneg
+br	bs	bosneg
+br	bua	bouriat
+br	ca	katalaneg
+br	ceb	cebuano
+br	chm	marieg
+br	ckb	kurdeg sorani
+br	co	korseg
+br	crh	turkeg Krimea
+br	cs	tchekeg
+br	csb	kachoubeg
+br	cu	slavoneg iliz
+br	cv	tchouvatch
+br	cy	kembraeg
+br	da	daneg
+br	dar	dargwa
+br	de	alamaneg
+br	dsb	izelsorabeg
+br	el	gresianeg
+br	en	saozneg
+br	eo	esperanteg
+br	es	spagnoleg
+br	et	estoneg
+br	eu	euskareg
+br	fa	perseg
+br	fi	finneg
+br	fo	faeroeg
+br	fr	galleg
+br	fy	frizeg ar Cʼhornôg
+br	ga	iwerzhoneg
+br	gag	gagaouzeg
+br	gd	skoseg
+br	gl	galizeg
+br	gn	guarani
+br	gu	gujarati
+br	gv	manaveg
+br	ha	haousa
+br	haw	hawaieg
+br	he	hebraeg
+br	hi	hindi
+br	hr	kroateg
+br	hsb	uhelsorabeg
+br	ht	haitieg
+br	hu	hungareg
+br	hy	armenianeg
+br	ia	interlingua
+br	id	indonezeg
+br	ig	igbo
+br	is	islandeg
+br	it	italianeg
+br	ja	japaneg
+br	ka	jorjianeg
+br	kaa	karakalpak
+br	kk	kazak
+br	kn	kanareg
+br	ko	koreaneg
+br	krc	karatchay-balkar
+br	krl	karelieg
+br	ks	kashmiri
+br	kum	koumikeg
+br	kv	komieg
+br	ky	kirgiz
+br	la	latin
+br	lb	luksembourgeg
+br	lg	ganda
+br	ln	lingala
+br	lo	laoseg
+br	lt	lituaneg
+br	lv	latvieg
+br	mdf	moksha
+br	mfe	moriseg
+br	mk	makedoneg
+br	ml	malayalam
+br	mr	marathi
+br	mrj	marieg ar Cʼhornôg
+br	ms	malayseg
+br	mt	malteg
+br	myv	erza
+br	nap	napolitaneg
+br	nb	norvegeg bokmål
+br	ne	nepaleg
+br	nl	nederlandeg
+br	nn	norvegeg nynorsk
+br	no	norvegeg
+br	nog	nogay
+br	oc	okitaneg
+br	os	oseteg
+br	ota	turkeg otoman
+br	pa	punjabi
+br	pl	poloneg
+br	pt	portugaleg
+br	rm	romañcheg
+br	rn	rundi
+br	ro	roumaneg
+br	ru	rusianeg
+br	rup	aroumaneg
+br	sa	sanskriteg
+br	sah	yakouteg
+br	sc	sardeg
+br	scn	sikilieg
+br	sco	skoteg
+br	sd	sindhi
+br	se	sámi an Norzh
+br	sh	serb-kroateg
+br	si	singhaleg
+br	sk	slovakeg
+br	sl	sloveneg
+br	sma	sámi ar Su
+br	smj	sámi Luleå
+br	smn	sámi Inari
+br	sq	albaneg
+br	sr	serbeg
+br	srn	sranan tongo
+br	ss	swati
+br	sv	svedeg
+br	sw	swahili
+br	szl	silezieg
+br	ta	tamileg
+br	te	telougou
+br	tet	tetum
+br	tg	tadjik
+br	th	thai
+br	tk	turkmeneg
+br	tl	tagalog
+br	tr	turkeg
+br	tt	tatar
+br	tyv	touva
+br	udm	oudmourteg
+br	ug	ouigoureg
+br	uk	ukraineg
+br	ur	ourdou
+br	uz	ouzbekeg
+br	vi	vietnameg
+br	vro	voroeg
+br	wal	walamo
+br	xh	xhosa
+br	yi	yiddish
+br	yo	yorouba
+br	zh	sinaeg
+br	zu	zouloueg
+bs	af	afrikans
+bs	ain	ainu
+bs	alt	južni altai
+bs	an	aragonski
+bs	ar	arapski
+bs	as	asamski
+bs	ast	asturijski
+bs	av	avarski
+bs	az	azerbejdžanski
+bs	az	azerski
+bs	ba	baškirski
+bs	bas	basa
+bs	be	bjeloruski
+bs	bg	bugarski
+bs	bi	bislama
+bs	bn	bengalski
+bs	br	bretonski
+bs	bs	bosanski
+bs	bua	buriat
+bs	byv	medumba
+bs	ca	katalonski
+bs	ceb	cebuano
+bs	chm	mari
+bs	ckb	centralnokurdski
+bs	co	korzikanski
+bs	crh	krimski turski
+bs	cs	češki
+bs	csb	kašubijanski
+bs	cu	staroslavenski
+bs	cv	čuvaški
+bs	cy	velški
+bs	da	danski
+bs	dar	dargva
+bs	de	njemački
+bs	dsb	donjolužičkosrpski
+bs	el	grčki
+bs	en	engleski
+bs	eo	esperanto
+bs	es	španski
+bs	et	estonski
+bs	eu	baskijski
+bs	fa	perzijski
+bs	fi	finski
+bs	fo	farski
+bs	fr	francuski
+bs	fy	zapadni frizijski
+bs	ga	irski
+bs	gag	gagauški
+bs	gd	škotski galski
+bs	gl	galicijski
+bs	gn	gvarani
+bs	gu	gudžarati
+bs	gv	manks
+bs	ha	hausa
+bs	haw	havajski
+bs	he	hebrejski
+bs	hi	hindi
+bs	hr	hrvatski
+bs	hsb	gornjolužičkosrpski
+bs	ht	haićanski kreolski
+bs	hu	mađarski
+bs	hy	armenski
+bs	ia	interlingva
+bs	id	indonezijski
+bs	ig	igbo
+bs	is	islandski
+bs	it	italijanski
+bs	ja	japanski
+bs	ka	gruzijski
+bs	kaa	kara-kalpak
+bs	kk	kazaški
+bs	kn	kanada
+bs	ko	korejski
+bs	krc	karačaj-balkar
+bs	krl	karelijski
+bs	ks	kašmirski
+bs	kum	kumik
+bs	kv	komi
+bs	ky	kirgiški
+bs	la	latinski
+bs	lb	luksemburški
+bs	lg	ganda
+bs	ln	lingala
+bs	lo	laoski
+bs	lt	litvanski
+bs	lv	latvijski
+bs	mdf	mokša
+bs	mfe	mauricijski kreolski
+bs	mk	makedonski
+bs	ml	malajalam
+bs	mr	marati
+bs	ms	malajski
+bs	mt	malteški
+bs	myv	erzija
+bs	nap	napolitanski
+bs	nb	norveški (Bokmal)
+bs	ne	nepalski
+bs	nl	holandski
+bs	nn	norveški (Nynorsk)
+bs	no	norveški
+bs	nog	nogai
+bs	oc	oksitanski
+bs	os	osetski
+bs	ota	osmanski turski
+bs	pa	pandžapski
+bs	pl	poljski
+bs	pt	portugalski
+bs	rm	retoromanski
+bs	rn	rundi
+bs	ro	rumunski
+bs	ru	ruski
+bs	rup	arumunski
+bs	sa	sanskrit
+bs	sah	jakutski
+bs	sc	sardinijski
+bs	scn	sicilijanski
+bs	sco	škotski
+bs	sd	sindi
+bs	se	sjeverni sami
+bs	sh	srpskohrvatski
+bs	si	sinhaleški
+bs	sk	slovački
+bs	sl	slovenski
+bs	sma	južni sami
+bs	smj	lule sami
+bs	smn	inari sami
+bs	sq	albanski
+bs	sr	srpski
+bs	srn	srananski tongo
+bs	ss	svati
+bs	sv	švedski
+bs	sw	svahili
+bs	ta	tamilski
+bs	te	telugu
+bs	tet	tetum
+bs	tg	tadžički
+bs	th	tajlandski
+bs	tk	turkmenski
+bs	tl	tagalog
+bs	tr	turski
+bs	tt	tatarski
+bs	tyv	tuvinijski
+bs	udm	udmurt
+bs	ug	ujgurski
+bs	uk	ukrajinski
+bs	ur	urdu
+bs	uz	uzbečki
+bs	vi	vijetnamski
+bs	wal	valamo
+bs	xh	hosa
+bs	yi	jidiš
+bs	yo	jorubanski
+bs	zh	kineski
+bs	zu	zulu
+ca	af	afrikaans
+ca	ain	ainu
+ca	alt	altaic meridional
+ca	an	aragonès
+ca	ar	àrab
+ca	as	assamès
+ca	ast	asturià
+ca	av	àvar
+ca	az	azerbaidjanès
+ca	az	àzeri
+ca	ba	baixkir
+ca	bas	basa
+ca	be	belarús
+ca	bg	búlgar
+ca	bi	bislama
+ca	bn	bengalí
+ca	br	bretó
+ca	bs	bosnià
+ca	bua	buriat
+ca	byv	medumba
+ca	ca	català
+ca	ceb	cebuà
+ca	chm	mari
+ca	ckb	kurd central
+ca	co	cors
+ca	crh	tàtar de Crimea
+ca	cs	txec
+ca	csb	caixubi
+ca	cu	eslau eclesiàstic
+ca	cv	txuvaix
+ca	cy	gal·lès
+ca	da	danès
+ca	dar	darguà
+ca	de	alemany
+ca	dsb	baix sòrab
+ca	el	grec
+ca	en	anglès
+ca	eo	esperanto
+ca	es	espanyol
+ca	et	estonià
+ca	eu	basc
+ca	fa	persa
+ca	fi	finès
+ca	fo	feroès
+ca	fr	francès
+ca	fy	frisó occidental
+ca	ga	irlandès
+ca	gag	gagaús
+ca	gd	gaèlic escocès
+ca	gl	gallec
+ca	glk	gilaki
+ca	gn	guaraní
+ca	gu	gujarati
+ca	guc	wayú
+ca	gv	manx
+ca	ha	haussa
+ca	haw	hawaià
+ca	he	hebreu
+ca	hi	hindi
+ca	hr	croat
+ca	hsb	alt sòrab
+ca	ht	crioll d’Haití
+ca	hu	hongarès
+ca	hy	armeni
+ca	ia	interlingua
+ca	id	indonesi
+ca	ig	igbo
+ca	is	islandès
+ca	it	italià
+ca	ja	japonès
+ca	ka	georgià
+ca	kaa	karakalpak
+ca	kk	kazakh
+ca	kn	kannada
+ca	ko	coreà
+ca	krc	karatxai-balkar
+ca	krl	carelià
+ca	ks	caixmiri
+ca	kum	kúmik
+ca	kv	komi
+ca	ky	kirguís
+ca	la	llatí
+ca	lb	luxemburguès
+ca	lg	ganda
+ca	ln	lingala
+ca	lo	laosià
+ca	lt	lituà
+ca	lv	letó
+ca	mdf	mordovià moksa
+ca	mfe	mauricià
+ca	mk	macedoni
+ca	ml	malaiàlam
+ca	mr	marathi
+ca	mrj	mari occidental
+ca	ms	malai
+ca	mt	maltès
+ca	myv	mordovià erza
+ca	nap	napolità
+ca	nb	noruec bokmål
+ca	ne	nepalès
+ca	nl	neerlandès
+ca	nn	noruec nynorsk
+ca	no	noruec
+ca	nog	nogai
+ca	oc	occità
+ca	os	osseta
+ca	ota	turc otomà
+ca	pa	panjabi
+ca	pl	polonès
+ca	pt	portuguès
+ca	rm	retoromànic
+ca	rn	rundi
+ca	ro	romanès
+ca	ru	rus
+ca	rup	aromanès
+ca	sa	sànscrit
+ca	sah	iacut
+ca	sc	sard
+ca	scn	sicilià
+ca	sco	escocès
+ca	sd	sindi
+ca	se	sami septentrional
+ca	sh	serbocroat
+ca	si	singalès
+ca	sk	eslovac
+ca	sl	eslovè
+ca	sma	sami meridional
+ca	smj	sami lule
+ca	smn	sami d’Inari
+ca	sq	albanès
+ca	sr	serbi
+ca	srn	sranan
+ca	ss	swazi
+ca	sv	suec
+ca	sw	suahili
+ca	szl	silesià
+ca	ta	tàmil
+ca	te	telugu
+ca	tet	tètum
+ca	tg	tadjik
+ca	th	tai
+ca	tk	turcman
+ca	tl	tagal
+ca	tr	turc
+ca	tt	tàtar
+ca	tyv	tuvinià
+ca	udm	udmurt
+ca	ug	uigur
+ca	uk	ucraïnès
+ca	ur	urdú
+ca	uz	uzbek
+ca	vi	vietnamita
+ca	wal	wolaita
+ca	xh	xosa
+ca	yi	ídix
+ca	yo	ioruba
+ca	zh	xinès
+ca	zu	zulu
+ceb	ceb	Cebuano
+ceb	de	Aleman
+ceb	en	Ingles
+ceb	es	Espanyol
+ceb	fr	Pransesa
+ceb	it	Italiano
+ceb	ja	Nipponggo
+ceb	pt	Portuguese
+ceb	ru	Ruso
+ceb	zh	Intsik
+ckb	af	ئەفریکانس
+ckb	ain	ئاینوو
+ckb	alt	ئاڵتایی باشوور
+ckb	an	ئاراگۆنی
+ckb	ar	عەرەبی
+ckb	as	ئاسامی
+ckb	ast	ئاستۆری
+ckb	av	ئەڤاری
+ckb	az	ئازەربایجانی
+ckb	az	ئازەربایجانی
+ckb	ba	باشکیەر
+ckb	bas	باسا
+ckb	be	بیلاڕووسی
+ckb	bg	بۆلگاری
+ckb	bi	بیسلاما
+ckb	bn	بەنگلادێشی
+ckb	br	برێتونی
+ckb	bs	بۆسنی
+ckb	ca	كاتالۆنی
+ckb	ceb	سێبوانۆ
+ckb	chm	ماری
+ckb	ckb	کوردیی ناوەندی
+ckb	co	کۆرسیکی
+ckb	cs	چێکی
+ckb	cu	سلاویی کلیسەیی
+ckb	cv	چووڤاشی
+ckb	cy	وێلزی
+ckb	da	دانماركی
+ckb	dar	دارگینی
+ckb	de	ئەڵمانی
+ckb	dsb	سربیی خوارین
+ckb	el	یۆنانی
+ckb	en	ئینگلیزی
+ckb	eo	ئێسپیرانتۆ
+ckb	es	ئیسپانی
+ckb	et	ئیستۆنی
+ckb	eu	باسکی
+ckb	fa	فارسی
+ckb	fi	فینلەندی
+ckb	fo	فەرۆیی
+ckb	fr	فەرەنسی
+ckb	fy	فریسیی ڕۆژاوا
+ckb	ga	ئیرلەندی
+ckb	gd	گه‌لیكی سكۆتله‌ندی
+ckb	gl	گالیسی
+ckb	gn	گووارانی
+ckb	gu	گوجاراتی
+ckb	gv	مانکی
+ckb	ha	هائووسا
+ckb	haw	هاوایی
+ckb	he	عیبری
+ckb	hi	هیندی
+ckb	hr	كرواتی
+ckb	hsb	سربیی سەروو
+ckb	ht	کریولی هائیتی
+ckb	hu	هەنگاری (مەجاری)
+ckb	hy	ئەرمەنی
+ckb	ia	ئینترلینگووا
+ckb	id	ئیندۆنیزی
+ckb	ig	ئیگبۆ
+ckb	is	ئیسلەندی
+ckb	it	ئیتالی
+ckb	ja	ژاپۆنی
+ckb	ka	گۆرجستانی
+ckb	kk	کازاخی
+ckb	kn	کاننادا
+ckb	ko	كۆری
+ckb	krc	کاراچای بالکار
+ckb	krl	کارێلی
+ckb	ks	کەشمیری
+ckb	kum	کوومیک
+ckb	kv	کۆمی
+ckb	ky	كرگیزی
+ckb	la	لاتینی
+ckb	lb	لوکسەمبورگی
+ckb	lg	گاندا
+ckb	ln	لينگالا
+ckb	lo	لائۆیی
+ckb	lt	لیتوانی
+ckb	lv	لێتۆنی
+ckb	mdf	مۆکشا
+ckb	mfe	مۆریسی
+ckb	mk	ماكێدۆنی
+ckb	ml	مالایالام
+ckb	mr	ماراتی
+ckb	ms	مالیزی
+ckb	mt	ماڵتی
+ckb	myv	ئێرزیا
+ckb	nap	ناپۆلی
+ckb	nb	نەرویژیی بۆکمال
+ckb	ne	نیپالی
+ckb	nl	هۆڵەندی
+ckb	nn	نەرویژیی نینۆرسک
+ckb	no	نۆروێژی
+ckb	nog	نۆگای
+ckb	oc	ئۆکسیتانی
+ckb	os	ئۆسێتی
+ckb	pa	پەنجابی
+ckb	pl	پۆڵەندی
+ckb	pt	پورتوگالی
+ckb	rm	ڕۆمانش
+ckb	rn	ڕووندی
+ckb	ro	ڕۆمانی
+ckb	ru	ڕووسی
+ckb	rup	ئارمۆمانی
+ckb	sa	سانسکريت
+ckb	sah	ساخا
+ckb	sc	ساردینی
+ckb	scn	سیسیلی
+ckb	sco	سکۆتس
+ckb	sd	سيندی
+ckb	se	سامیی باکوور
+ckb	sh	سێربۆكرواتی
+ckb	si	سینهالی
+ckb	sk	سلۆڤاكی
+ckb	sl	سلۆڤێنی
+ckb	sma	سامیی باشوور
+ckb	smj	لوولێ سامی
+ckb	smn	ئیناری سامی
+ckb	sq	ئەڵبانی
+ckb	sr	سربی
+ckb	srn	سرانان تۆنگۆ
+ckb	ss	سواتی
+ckb	sv	سویدی
+ckb	sw	سواهیلی
+ckb	ta	تامیلی
+ckb	te	تێلووگوو
+ckb	tet	تێتووم
+ckb	tg	تاجیکی
+ckb	th	تایلەندی
+ckb	tk	تورکمانی
+ckb	tr	تورکی
+ckb	tt	تاتاری
+ckb	tyv	تووڤینی
+ckb	udm	ئوودموورت
+ckb	ug	ئۆیخۆری
+ckb	uk	ئۆكراینی
+ckb	ur	ئۆردوو
+ckb	uz	ئوزبەکی
+ckb	vi	ڤیەتنامی
+ckb	wal	وۆلایتا
+ckb	xh	سسوسا
+ckb	yi	ییدیش
+ckb	yo	یۆرووبا
+ckb	zh	چینی
+ckb	zu	زوولوو
+cs	af	afrikánština
+cs	ain	ainština
+cs	alt	altajština (jižní)
+cs	an	aragonština
+cs	ar	arabština
+cs	as	ásámština
+cs	ast	asturština
+cs	av	avarština
+cs	az	ázerbájdžánština
+cs	az	ázerbájdžánština
+cs	ba	baškirština
+cs	bas	basa
+cs	be	běloruština
+cs	bg	bulharština
+cs	bi	bislamština
+cs	bn	bengálština
+cs	br	bretonština
+cs	bs	bosenština
+cs	bua	burjatština
+cs	byv	medumba
+cs	ca	katalánština
+cs	ceb	cebuánština
+cs	chm	marijština
+cs	ckb	kurdština (sorání)
+cs	co	korsičtina
+cs	crh	turečtina (krymská)
+cs	cs	čeština
+cs	csb	kašubština
+cs	cu	staroslověnština
+cs	cv	čuvaština
+cs	cy	velština
+cs	da	dánština
+cs	dar	dargština
+cs	de	němčina
+cs	dsb	dolnolužická srbština
+cs	el	řečtina
+cs	en	angličtina
+cs	eo	esperanto
+cs	es	španělština
+cs	et	estonština
+cs	eu	baskičtina
+cs	fa	perština
+cs	fi	finština
+cs	fo	faerština
+cs	fr	francouzština
+cs	fy	fríština (západní)
+cs	ga	irština
+cs	gag	gagauzština
+cs	gd	skotská gaelština
+cs	gl	galicijština
+cs	glk	gilačtina
+cs	gn	guaranština
+cs	gu	gudžarátština
+cs	guc	wayúuština
+cs	gv	manština
+cs	ha	hauština
+cs	haw	havajština
+cs	he	hebrejština
+cs	hi	hindština
+cs	hr	chorvatština
+cs	hsb	hornolužická srbština
+cs	ht	haitština
+cs	hu	maďarština
+cs	hy	arménština
+cs	ia	interlingua
+cs	id	indonéština
+cs	ig	igboština
+cs	is	islandština
+cs	it	italština
+cs	ja	japonština
+cs	ka	gruzínština
+cs	kaa	karakalpačtina
+cs	kk	kazaština
+cs	kn	kannadština
+cs	ko	korejština
+cs	krc	karačajevo-balkarština
+cs	krl	karelština
+cs	ks	kašmírština
+cs	kum	kumyčtina
+cs	kv	komijština
+cs	ky	kyrgyzština
+cs	la	latina
+cs	lb	lucemburština
+cs	lg	gandština
+cs	liv	livonština
+cs	ln	lingalština
+cs	lo	laoština
+cs	lt	litevština
+cs	lv	lotyština
+cs	mdf	mokšanština
+cs	mfe	mauricijská kreolština
+cs	mk	makedonština
+cs	ml	malajálamština
+cs	mr	maráthština
+cs	mrj	marijština (západní)
+cs	ms	malajština
+cs	mt	maltština
+cs	myv	erzjanština
+cs	nap	neapolština
+cs	nb	norština (bokmål)
+cs	ne	nepálština
+cs	nl	nizozemština
+cs	nn	norština (nynorsk)
+cs	no	norština
+cs	nog	nogajština
+cs	oc	okcitánština
+cs	os	osetština
+cs	ota	turečtina (osmanská)
+cs	pa	paňdžábština
+cs	pl	polština
+cs	pt	portugalština
+cs	rm	rétorománština
+cs	rn	kirundština
+cs	ro	rumunština
+cs	ru	ruština
+cs	rup	arumunština
+cs	sa	sanskrt
+cs	sah	jakutština
+cs	sc	sardština
+cs	scn	sicilština
+cs	sco	skotština
+cs	sd	sindhština
+cs	se	sámština (severní)
+cs	sh	srbochorvatština
+cs	si	sinhálština
+cs	sk	slovenština
+cs	sl	slovinština
+cs	sma	sámština (jižní)
+cs	smj	sámština (lulejská)
+cs	smn	sámština (inarijská)
+cs	sq	albánština
+cs	sr	srbština
+cs	srn	sranan tongo
+cs	ss	siswatština
+cs	sv	švédština
+cs	sw	svahilština
+cs	szl	slezština
+cs	ta	tamilština
+cs	te	telugština
+cs	tet	tetumština
+cs	tg	tádžičtina
+cs	th	thajština
+cs	tk	turkmenština
+cs	tl	tagalog
+cs	tr	turečtina
+cs	tt	tatarština
+cs	tyv	tuvinština
+cs	udm	udmurtština
+cs	ug	ujgurština
+cs	uk	ukrajinština
+cs	ur	urdština
+cs	uz	uzbečtina
+cs	vi	vietnamština
+cs	vro	võruština
+cs	wal	wolajtština
+cs	xh	xhoština
+cs	yi	jidiš
+cs	yo	jorubština
+cs	zh	čínština
+cs	zu	zuluština
+cu	ar	а҆ра́вскїй
+cu	az	а҆зербайджа́нскїй
+cu	be	бѣлорꙋ́сскїй
+cu	bg	бо́лгарскїй
+cu	cu	церковнослове́нскїй
+cu	de	нѣме́цкїй
+cu	el	є҆́ллинскїй
+cu	en	а҆нглі́йскїй
+cu	es	і҆спа́нскїй
+cu	et	є҆сто́нскїй
+cu	fi	фі́нскїй
+cu	fr	францꙋ́зскїй
+cu	he	є҆вре́йскїй
+cu	hy	а҆рме́нскїй
+cu	it	і҆талїа́нскїй
+cu	ja	ꙗ҆пѡ́нскїй
+cu	ka	і҆́верскїй
+cu	kk	каза́хскїй
+cu	la	латі́нскїй
+cu	lt	лїто́вскїй
+cu	lv	латві́йскїй
+cu	pt	портога́льскїй
+cu	ro	дакорꙋмы́нскїй
+cu	ru	рꙋ́сскїй
+cu	sr	се́рбскїй
+cu	uk	ᲂу҆краи́нскїй
+cu	zh	хи́нскїй
+cy	af	Affricâneg
+cy	ain	Ainŵeg
+cy	alt	Altäeg Deheuol
+cy	an	Aragoneg
+cy	ar	Arabeg
+cy	as	Asameg
+cy	ast	Astwrianeg
+cy	av	Afareg
+cy	az	Aserbaijaneg
+cy	az	Aseri
+cy	ba	Bashcorteg
+cy	bas	Basâeg
+cy	be	Belarwseg
+cy	bg	Bwlgareg
+cy	bi	Bislama
+cy	bn	Bengaleg
+cy	br	Llydaweg
+cy	bs	Bosnieg
+cy	bua	Bwriateg
+cy	ca	Catalaneg
+cy	ceb	Cebuano
+cy	chm	Marieg
+cy	ckb	Cwrdeg Sorani
+cy	co	Corseg
+cy	crh	Tyrceg y Crimea
+cy	cs	Tsieceg
+cy	cu	Hen Slafoneg
+cy	cv	Tshwfasheg
+cy	cy	Cymraeg
+cy	da	Daneg
+cy	dar	Dargwa
+cy	de	Almaeneg
+cy	dsb	Sorbeg Isaf
+cy	el	Groeg
+cy	en	Saesneg
+cy	eo	Esperanto
+cy	es	Sbaeneg
+cy	et	Estoneg
+cy	eu	Basgeg
+cy	fa	Perseg
+cy	fi	Ffinneg
+cy	fo	Ffaröeg
+cy	fr	Ffrangeg
+cy	fy	Ffriseg y Gorllewin
+cy	ga	Gwyddeleg
+cy	gag	Gagauz
+cy	gd	Gaeleg yr Alban
+cy	gl	Galisieg
+cy	gn	Guaraní
+cy	gu	Gwjarati
+cy	gv	Manaweg
+cy	ha	Hawsa
+cy	haw	Hawäieg
+cy	he	Hebraeg
+cy	hi	Hindi
+cy	hr	Croateg
+cy	hsb	Sorbeg Uchaf
+cy	ht	Creol Haiti
+cy	hu	Hwngareg
+cy	hy	Armeneg
+cy	ia	Interlingua
+cy	id	Indoneseg
+cy	ig	Igbo
+cy	is	Islandeg
+cy	it	Eidaleg
+cy	ja	Japaneeg
+cy	ka	Georgeg
+cy	kaa	Cara-Calpaceg
+cy	kk	Casacheg
+cy	kn	Kannada
+cy	ko	Coreeg
+cy	krc	Karachay-Balkar
+cy	krl	Careleg
+cy	ks	Cashmireg
+cy	kum	Cwmiceg
+cy	kv	Comi
+cy	ky	Cirgiseg
+cy	la	Lladin
+cy	lb	Lwcsembwrgeg
+cy	lg	Ganda
+cy	ln	Lingala
+cy	lo	Laoeg
+cy	lt	Lithwaneg
+cy	lv	Latfieg
+cy	mdf	Mocsia
+cy	mfe	Morisyen
+cy	mk	Macedoneg
+cy	ml	Malayalam
+cy	mr	Marathi
+cy	mrj	Mari Gorllewinol
+cy	ms	Maleieg
+cy	mt	Malteg
+cy	myv	Erzya
+cy	nap	Naplieg
+cy	nb	Norwyeg Bokmål
+cy	ne	Nepaleg
+cy	nl	Iseldireg
+cy	nn	Norwyeg Nynorsk
+cy	no	Norwyeg
+cy	nog	Nogai
+cy	oc	Ocsitaneg
+cy	os	Oseteg
+cy	ota	Tyrceg Otoman
+cy	pa	Pwnjabeg
+cy	pl	Pwyleg
+cy	pt	Portiwgeeg
+cy	rm	Románsh
+cy	rn	Rwndi
+cy	ro	Rwmaneg
+cy	ru	Rwseg
+cy	rup	Aromaneg
+cy	sa	Sansgrit
+cy	sah	Sakha
+cy	sc	Sardeg
+cy	scn	Sisileg
+cy	sco	Sgoteg
+cy	sd	Sindhi
+cy	se	Sami Gogleddol
+cy	sh	Serbo-Croateg
+cy	si	Sinhaleg
+cy	sk	Slofaceg
+cy	sl	Slofeneg
+cy	sma	Sami Deheuol
+cy	smj	Sami Lwle
+cy	smn	Sami Inari
+cy	sq	Albaneg
+cy	sr	Serbeg
+cy	srn	Sranan Tongo
+cy	ss	Swati
+cy	sv	Swedeg
+cy	sw	Swahili
+cy	szl	Silesieg
+cy	ta	Tamileg
+cy	te	Telugu
+cy	tet	Tetumeg
+cy	tg	Tajiceg
+cy	th	Thai
+cy	tk	Twrcmeneg
+cy	tl	Tagalog
+cy	tr	Tyrceg
+cy	tt	Tatareg
+cy	tyv	Twfwnieg
+cy	udm	Fotiaceg
+cy	ug	Uighur
+cy	uk	Wcreineg
+cy	ur	Wrdw
+cy	uz	Wsbeceg
+cy	vi	Fietnameg
+cy	wal	Walamo
+cy	xh	Xhosa
+cy	yi	Iddew-Almaeneg
+cy	yo	Iorwba
+cy	zh	Tsieineeg
+cy	zu	Swlw
+da	af	afrikaans
+da	ain	ainu
+da	alt	sydaltaisk
+da	an	aragonesisk
+da	ar	arabisk
+da	as	assamesisk
+da	ast	asturisk
+da	av	avarisk
+da	az	aserbajdsjansk
+da	az	azeri
+da	ba	bashkir
+da	bas	basaa
+da	be	hviderussisk
+da	bg	bulgarsk
+da	bi	bislama
+da	bn	bengali
+da	br	bretonsk
+da	bs	bosnisk
+da	bua	buriatisk
+da	byv	medumba
+da	ca	catalansk
+da	ceb	cebuano
+da	chm	mari
+da	ckb	sorani
+da	co	korsikansk
+da	crh	krim-tyrkisk
+da	cs	tjekkisk
+da	csb	kasjubisk
+da	cu	kirkeslavisk
+da	cv	chuvash
+da	cy	walisisk
+da	da	dansk
+da	dar	dargwa
+da	de	tysk
+da	dsb	nedersorbisk
+da	el	græsk
+da	en	engelsk
+da	eo	esperanto
+da	es	spansk
+da	et	estisk
+da	eu	baskisk
+da	fa	persisk
+da	fi	finsk
+da	fo	færøsk
+da	fr	fransk
+da	fy	vestfrisisk
+da	ga	irsk
+da	gag	gagauzisk
+da	gd	skotsk gælisk
+da	gl	galicisk
+da	gn	guarani
+da	gu	gujarati
+da	gv	manx
+da	ha	hausa
+da	haw	hawaiiansk
+da	he	hebraisk
+da	hi	hindi
+da	hr	kroatisk
+da	hsb	øvresorbisk
+da	ht	haitisk
+da	hu	ungarsk
+da	hy	armensk
+da	ia	interlingua
+da	id	indonesisk
+da	ig	igbo
+da	is	islandsk
+da	it	italiensk
+da	ja	japansk
+da	ka	georgisk
+da	kaa	karakalpakisk
+da	kk	kasakhisk
+da	kn	kannada
+da	ko	koreansk
+da	krc	karatjai-balkar
+da	krl	karelsk
+da	ks	kashmiri
+da	kum	kymyk
+da	kv	komi
+da	ky	kirgisisk
+da	la	latin
+da	lb	luxembourgsk
+da	lg	ganda
+da	ln	lingala
+da	lo	lao
+da	lt	litauisk
+da	lv	lettisk
+da	mdf	moksha
+da	mfe	morisyen
+da	mk	makedonsk
+da	ml	malayalam
+da	mr	marathisk
+da	ms	malajisk
+da	mt	maltesisk
+da	myv	erzya
+da	nap	napolitansk
+da	nb	norsk bokmål
+da	ne	nepalesisk
+da	nl	hollandsk
+da	nn	nynorsk
+da	no	norsk
+da	nog	nogai
+da	oc	occitansk
+da	os	ossetisk
+da	ota	osmannisk tyrkisk
+da	pa	punjabisk
+da	pl	polsk
+da	pt	portugisisk
+da	rm	rætoromansk
+da	rn	rundi
+da	ro	rumænsk
+da	ru	russisk
+da	rup	arumænsk
+da	sa	sanskrit
+da	sah	yakut
+da	sc	sardinsk
+da	scn	siciliansk
+da	sco	skotsk
+da	sd	sindhi
+da	se	nordsamisk
+da	sh	serbokroatisk
+da	si	singalesisk
+da	sk	slovakisk
+da	sl	slovensk
+da	sma	sydsamisk
+da	smj	lulesamisk
+da	smn	enaresamisk
+da	sq	albansk
+da	sr	serbisk
+da	srn	sranan tongo
+da	ss	swati
+da	sv	svensk
+da	sw	swahili
+da	ta	tamil
+da	te	telugu
+da	tet	tetum
+da	tg	tadsjikisk
+da	th	thai
+da	tk	turkmensk
+da	tl	tagalog
+da	tr	tyrkisk
+da	tt	tatarisk
+da	tyv	tuvinian
+da	udm	udmurt
+da	ug	uighurisk
+da	ug	uygurisk
+da	uk	ukrainsk
+da	ur	urdu
+da	uz	usbekisk
+da	vi	vietnamesisk
+da	wal	walamo
+da	xh	isiXhosa
+da	yi	jiddisch
+da	yo	yoruba
+da	zh	kinesisk
+da	zu	zulu
+de	af	Afrikaans
+de	ain	Ainu
+de	alt	Süd-Altaisch
+de	an	Aragonesisch
+de	ar	Arabisch
+de	as	Assamesisch
+de	ast	Asturianisch
+de	av	Awarisch
+de	az	Aserbaidschanisch
+de	az	Aserbaidschanisch
+de	ba	Baschkirisch
+de	bas	Basaa
+de	be	Weißrussisch
+de	bg	Bulgarisch
+de	bi	Bislama
+de	bn	Bengalisch
+de	br	Bretonisch
+de	bs	Bosnisch
+de	bua	Burjatisch
+de	byv	Medumba
+de	ca	Katalanisch
+de	ceb	Cebuano
+de	chm	Mari
+de	ckb	Zentralkurdisch
+de	co	Korsisch
+de	crh	Krimtatarisch
+de	cs	Tschechisch
+de	csb	Kaschubisch
+de	cu	Kirchenslawisch
+de	cv	Tschuwaschisch
+de	cy	Walisisch
+de	da	Dänisch
+de	dar	Darginisch
+de	de	Deutsch
+de	dsb	Niedersorbisch
+de	el	Griechisch
+de	en	Englisch
+de	eo	Esperanto
+de	es	Spanisch
+de	et	Estnisch
+de	eu	Baskisch
+de	fa	Persisch
+de	fi	Finnisch
+de	fo	Färöisch
+de	fr	Französisch
+de	fy	Westfriesisch
+de	ga	Irisch
+de	gag	Gagausisch
+de	gd	Schottisches Gälisch
+de	gl	Galicisch
+de	glk	Gilaki
+de	gn	Guaraní
+de	gu	Gujarati
+de	guc	Wayúu
+de	gv	Manx
+de	ha	Haussa
+de	haw	Hawaiisch
+de	he	Hebräisch
+de	hi	Hindi
+de	hr	Kroatisch
+de	hsb	Obersorbisch
+de	ht	Haiti-Kreolisch
+de	hu	Ungarisch
+de	hy	Armenisch
+de	ia	Interlingua
+de	id	Indonesisch
+de	ig	Igbo
+de	is	Isländisch
+de	it	Italienisch
+de	ja	Japanisch
+de	ka	Georgisch
+de	kaa	Karakalpakisch
+de	kk	Kasachisch
+de	kn	Kannada
+de	ko	Koreanisch
+de	krc	Karatschaiisch-Balkarisch
+de	krl	Karelisch
+de	ks	Kaschmiri
+de	kum	Kumükisch
+de	kv	Komi
+de	ky	Kirgisisch
+de	la	Latein
+de	lb	Luxemburgisch
+de	lg	Ganda
+de	liv	Livisch
+de	ln	Lingala
+de	lo	Laotisch
+de	lt	Litauisch
+de	lv	Lettisch
+de	mdf	Mokschanisch
+de	mfe	Morisyen
+de	mk	Mazedonisch
+de	ml	Malayalam
+de	mr	Marathi
+de	mrj	Bergmari
+de	ms	Malaiisch
+de	mt	Maltesisch
+de	myv	Ersja-Mordwinisch
+de	nap	Neapolitanisch
+de	nb	Norwegisch Bokmål
+de	ne	Nepalesisch
+de	nl	Niederländisch
+de	nn	Norwegisch Nynorsk
+de	no	Norwegisch
+de	nog	Nogai
+de	oc	Okzitanisch
+de	os	Ossetisch
+de	ota	Osmanisch
+de	pa	Punjabi
+de	pl	Polnisch
+de	pt	Portugiesisch
+de	rm	Rätoromanisch
+de	rn	Rundi
+de	ro	Rumänisch
+de	ru	Russisch
+de	rup	Aromunisch
+de	sa	Sanskrit
+de	sah	Jakutisch
+de	sc	Sardisch
+de	scn	Sizilianisch
+de	sco	Schottisch
+de	sd	Sindhi
+de	se	Nordsamisch
+de	sh	Serbo-Kroatisch
+de	si	Singhalesisch
+de	sk	Slowakisch
+de	sl	Slowenisch
+de	sma	Südsamisch
+de	smj	Lule-Samisch
+de	smn	Inari-Samisch
+de	sq	Albanisch
+de	sr	Serbisch
+de	srn	Srananisch
+de	ss	Swazi
+de	sv	Schwedisch
+de	sw	Suaheli
+de	szl	Schlesisch (Wasserpolnisch)
+de	ta	Tamil
+de	te	Telugu
+de	tet	Tetum
+de	tg	Tadschikisch
+de	th	Thailändisch
+de	tk	Turkmenisch
+de	tl	Tagalog
+de	tr	Türkisch
+de	tt	Tatarisch
+de	tyv	Tuwinisch
+de	udm	Udmurtisch
+de	ug	Uigurisch
+de	uk	Ukrainisch
+de	ur	Urdu
+de	uz	Usbekisch
+de	vi	Vietnamesisch
+de	vro	Võro
+de	wal	Walamo
+de	xh	Xhosa
+de	yi	Jiddisch
+de	yo	Yoruba
+de	zh	Chinesisch
+de	zu	Zulu
+dsb	af	afrikans
+dsb	an	aragonšćina
+dsb	ar	arabšćina
+dsb	as	asamšćina
+dsb	ast	asturšćina
+dsb	av	awaršćina
+dsb	az	azerbajdžanšćina
+dsb	ba	baškiršćina
+dsb	be	běłorušćina
+dsb	bg	bulgaršćina
+dsb	bi	bislamšćina
+dsb	bn	bengalšćina
+dsb	br	bretonšćina
+dsb	bs	bosnišćina
+dsb	ca	katanlanšćina
+dsb	ckb	sorani
+dsb	co	korsišćina
+dsb	cs	češćina
+dsb	cy	walizišćina
+dsb	da	danšćina
+dsb	de	nimšćina
+dsb	dsb	dolnoserbšćina
+dsb	el	grichišćina
+dsb	en	engelšćina
+dsb	eo	esperanto
+dsb	es	špańšćina
+dsb	et	estišćina
+dsb	eu	baskišćina
+dsb	fa	persišćina
+dsb	fi	finšćina
+dsb	fo	ferejšćina
+dsb	fr	francojšćina
+dsb	fy	frizišćina
+dsb	ga	iršćina
+dsb	gag	gagauzšćina
+dsb	gd	šotišćina
+dsb	gl	galicišćina
+dsb	gn	guarani
+dsb	gu	gudžaratšćina
+dsb	gv	manšćina
+dsb	ha	hausa
+dsb	haw	hawaiišćina
+dsb	he	hebrejšćina
+dsb	hi	hindišćina
+dsb	hr	chorwatšćina
+dsb	hsb	górnoserbšćina
+dsb	ht	haitišćina
+dsb	hu	hungoršćina
+dsb	hy	armeńšćina
+dsb	ia	interlingua
+dsb	id	indonešćina
+dsb	ig	igbo
+dsb	is	islandšćina
+dsb	it	italšćina
+dsb	ja	japańšćina
+dsb	ka	georgišćina
+dsb	kk	kazachšćina
+dsb	kn	kannadšćina
+dsb	ko	korejańšćina
+dsb	ks	kašmiršćina
+dsb	ky	kirgišćina
+dsb	la	łatyńšćina
+dsb	lb	luxemburgšćina
+dsb	lg	gandšćina
+dsb	ln	lingala
+dsb	lo	laošćina
+dsb	lt	litawšćina
+dsb	lv	letišćina
+dsb	mfe	mauriciska kreolšćina
+dsb	mk	makedońšćina
+dsb	ml	malajamšćina
+dsb	mr	maratišćina
+dsb	ms	malajšćina
+dsb	mt	maltašćina
+dsb	nb	norwegske bokmål
+dsb	ne	nepalšćina
+dsb	nl	nižozemšćina
+dsb	nn	norwegske nynorsk
+dsb	no	norwegšćina
+dsb	oc	okcitanšćina
+dsb	pa	pandžabšćina
+dsb	pl	pólšćina
+dsb	pt	portugalšćina
+dsb	rm	retoromańšćina
+dsb	rn	kirundišćina
+dsb	ro	rumunšćina
+dsb	ru	rušćina
+dsb	sa	sanskrit
+dsb	sc	sardinšćina
+dsb	scn	sicilianišćina
+dsb	sd	sindšćina
+dsb	se	lapšćina
+dsb	sh	serbochorwatšćina
+dsb	si	singalšćina
+dsb	sk	słowakšćina
+dsb	sl	słowjeńšćina
+dsb	sma	pódpołdnjowa samišćina
+dsb	smj	lule-samišćina
+dsb	smn	inari-samišćina
+dsb	sq	albanšćina
+dsb	sr	serbišćina
+dsb	ss	siswati
+dsb	sv	šwedšćina
+dsb	sw	swahilišćina
+dsb	ta	tamilšćina
+dsb	te	telugšćina
+dsb	tg	tadžikišćina
+dsb	th	thailandšćina
+dsb	tk	turkmeńšćina
+dsb	tl	tagalog
+dsb	tr	turkojšćina
+dsb	tt	tataršćina
+dsb	ug	ujguršćina
+dsb	uk	ukrainšćina
+dsb	ur	urdušćina
+dsb	uz	usbekšćina
+dsb	vi	vietnamšćina
+dsb	xh	xhosa
+dsb	yi	jidišćina
+dsb	yo	jorubšćina
+dsb	zh	chinšćina
+dsb	zu	zulu
+el	af	Αφρικάανς
+el	ain	Αϊνού
+el	alt	Νότια Αλτάι
+el	an	Αραγονικά
+el	ar	Αραβικά
+el	as	Ασαμικά
+el	ast	Αστουριανά
+el	av	Αβαρικά
+el	az	Αζερικά
+el	az	Αζερμπαϊτζανικά
+el	ba	Μπασκίρ
+el	bas	Μπάσα
+el	be	Λευκορωσικά
+el	bg	Βουλγαρικά
+el	bi	Μπισλάμα
+el	bn	Βεγγαλικά
+el	br	Βρετονικά
+el	bs	Βοσνιακά
+el	bua	Μπουριάτ
+el	byv	Μεντούμπα
+el	ca	Καταλανικά
+el	ceb	Σεμπουάνο
+el	chm	Μάρι
+el	ckb	Κουρδικά Σοράνι
+el	co	Κορσικανικά
+el	crh	Τουρκικά Κριμαίας
+el	cs	Τσεχικά
+el	csb	Κασούμπιαν
+el	cu	Εκκλησιαστικά Σλαβικά
+el	cv	Τσουβασικά
+el	cy	Ουαλικά
+el	da	Δανικά
+el	dar	Ντάργκουα
+el	de	Γερμανικά
+el	dsb	Κάτω Σορβικά
+el	el	Ελληνικά
+el	en	Αγγλικά
+el	eo	Εσπεράντο
+el	es	Ισπανικά
+el	et	Εσθονικά
+el	eu	Βασκικά
+el	fa	Περσικά
+el	fi	Φινλανδικά
+el	fo	Φεροϊκά
+el	fr	Γαλλικά
+el	fy	Δυτικά Φριζικά
+el	ga	Ιρλανδικά
+el	gag	Γκαγκάουζ
+el	gd	Σκωτικά Κελτικά
+el	gl	Γαλικιανά
+el	gn	Γκουαρανί
+el	gu	Γκουγιαράτι
+el	gv	Μανξ
+el	ha	Χάουσα
+el	haw	Χαβαϊκά
+el	he	Εβραϊκά
+el	hi	Χίντι
+el	hr	Κροατικά
+el	hsb	Άνω Σορβικά
+el	ht	Αϊτιανά
+el	hu	Ουγγρικά
+el	hy	Αρμενικά
+el	ia	Ιντερλίνγκουα
+el	id	Ινδονησιακά
+el	ig	Ίγκμπο
+el	is	Ισλανδικά
+el	it	Ιταλικά
+el	ja	Ιαπωνικά
+el	ka	Γεωργιανά
+el	kaa	Κάρα-Καλπάκ
+el	kk	Καζακικά
+el	kn	Κανάντα
+el	ko	Κορεατικά
+el	krc	Καρατσάι-Μπαλκάρ
+el	krl	Καρελικά
+el	ks	Κασμιρικά
+el	kum	Κουμγιούκ
+el	kv	Κόμι
+el	ky	Κιργιζικά
+el	la	Λατινικά
+el	lb	Λουξεμβουργιανά
+el	lg	Γκάντα
+el	ln	Λινγκάλα
+el	lo	Λαοτινά
+el	lt	Λιθουανικά
+el	lv	Λετονικά
+el	mdf	Μόκσα
+el	mfe	Μορισιέν
+el	mk	Μακεδονικά
+el	ml	Μαλαγιαλαμικά
+el	mr	Μαραθικά
+el	ms	Μαλαισιανά
+el	mt	Μαλτεζικά
+el	myv	Έρζια
+el	nap	Ναπολιτανικά
+el	nb	Νορβηγικά Μποκμάλ
+el	ne	Νεπαλικά
+el	nl	Ολλανδικά
+el	nn	Νορβηγικά Νινόρσκ
+el	no	Νορβηγικά
+el	nog	Νογκάι
+el	oc	Οξιτανικά
+el	os	Οσετικά
+el	ota	Οθωμανικά Τουρκικά
+el	pa	Παντζαπικά
+el	pl	Πολωνικά
+el	pt	Πορτογαλικά
+el	rm	Ρομανικά
+el	rn	Ρούντι
+el	ro	Ρουμανικά
+el	ru	Ρωσικά
+el	rup	Αρομανικά
+el	sa	Σανσκριτικά
+el	sah	Σαχά
+el	sc	Σαρδηνιακά
+el	scn	Σικελικά
+el	sco	Σκωτικά
+el	sd	Σίντι
+el	se	Βόρεια Σάμι
+el	sh	Σερβοκροατικά
+el	si	Σινχαλεζικά
+el	sk	Σλοβακικά
+el	sl	Σλοβενικά
+el	sma	Νότια Σάμι
+el	smj	Λούλε Σάμι
+el	smn	Ινάρι Σάμι
+el	sq	Αλβανικά
+el	sr	Σερβικά
+el	srn	Σρανάν Τόνγκο
+el	ss	Σουάτι
+el	sv	Σουηδικά
+el	sw	Σουαχίλι
+el	ta	Ταμιλικά
+el	te	Τελούγκου
+el	tet	Τέτουμ
+el	tg	Τατζικικά
+el	th	Ταϊλανδικά
+el	tk	Τουρκμενικά
+el	tl	Τάγκαλογκ
+el	tr	Τουρκικά
+el	tt	Ταταρικά
+el	tyv	Τουβινικά
+el	udm	Ουντμούρτ
+el	ug	Ουιγκουρικά
+el	ug	Ουιγκούρ
+el	uk	Ουκρανικά
+el	ur	Ουρντού
+el	uz	Ουζμπεκικά
+el	vi	Βιετναμικά
+el	wal	Γουολάιτα
+el	xh	Κόσα
+el	yi	Γίντις
+el	yo	Γιορούμπα
+el	zh	Κινεζικά
+el	zu	Ζουλού
+en	af	Afrikaans
+en	ain	Ainu
+en	alt	Southern Altai
+en	an	Aragonese
+en	ar	Arabic
+en	as	Assamese
+en	ast	Asturian
+en	av	Avaric
+en	az	Azerbaijani
+en	az	Azeri
+en	ba	Bashkir
+en	bas	Basaa
+en	be	Belarusian
+en	bg	Bulgarian
+en	bi	Bislama
+en	bn	Bangla
+en	br	Breton
+en	bs	Bosnian
+en	bua	Buriat
+en	byv	Medumba
+en	ca	Catalan
+en	ceb	Cebuano
+en	chm	Mari
+en	ckb	Central Kurdish
+en	co	Corsican
+en	crh	Crimean Turkish
+en	cs	Czech
+en	csb	Kashubian
+en	cu	Church Slavic
+en	cv	Chuvash
+en	cy	Welsh
+en	da	Danish
+en	dar	Dargwa
+en	de	German
+en	dsb	Lower Sorbian
+en	el	Greek
+en	en	English
+en	eo	Esperanto
+en	es	Spanish
+en	et	Estonian
+en	eu	Basque
+en	fa	Persian
+en	fi	Finnish
+en	fo	Faroese
+en	fr	French
+en	fy	Western Frisian
+en	ga	Irish
+en	gag	Gagauz
+en	gd	Scottish Gaelic
+en	gl	Galician
+en	glk	Gilaki
+en	gn	Guarani
+en	gu	Gujarati
+en	guc	Wayuu
+en	gv	Manx
+en	ha	Hausa
+en	haw	Hawaiian
+en	he	Hebrew
+en	hi	Hindi
+en	hr	Croatian
+en	hsb	Upper Sorbian
+en	ht	Haitian Creole
+en	hu	Hungarian
+en	hy	Armenian
+en	ia	Interlingua
+en	id	Indonesian
+en	ig	Igbo
+en	is	Icelandic
+en	it	Italian
+en	ja	Japanese
+en	ka	Georgian
+en	kaa	Kara-Kalpak
+en	kk	Kazakh
+en	kn	Kannada
+en	ko	Korean
+en	krc	Karachay-Balkar
+en	krl	Karelian
+en	ks	Kashmiri
+en	kum	Kumyk
+en	kv	Komi
+en	ky	Kirghiz
+en	ky	Kyrgyz
+en	la	Latin
+en	lb	Luxembourgish
+en	lg	Ganda
+en	liv	Livonian
+en	ln	Lingala
+en	lo	Lao
+en	lt	Lithuanian
+en	lv	Latvian
+en	mdf	Moksha
+en	mfe	Morisyen
+en	mk	Macedonian
+en	ml	Malayalam
+en	mr	Marathi
+en	mrj	Western Mari
+en	ms	Malay
+en	mt	Maltese
+en	myv	Erzya
+en	nap	Neapolitan
+en	nb	Norwegian Bokmål
+en	ne	Nepali
+en	nl	Dutch
+en	nn	Norwegian Nynorsk
+en	no	Norwegian
+en	nog	Nogai
+en	oc	Occitan
+en	os	Ossetic
+en	ota	Ottoman Turkish
+en	pa	Punjabi
+en	pl	Polish
+en	pt	Portuguese
+en	rm	Romansh
+en	rn	Rundi
+en	ro	Romanian
+en	ru	Russian
+en	rup	Aromanian
+en	sa	Sanskrit
+en	sah	Sakha
+en	sc	Sardinian
+en	scn	Sicilian
+en	sco	Scots
+en	sd	Sindhi
+en	se	Northern Sami
+en	sh	Serbo-Croatian
+en	si	Sinhala
+en	sk	Slovak
+en	sl	Slovenian
+en	sma	Southern Sami
+en	smj	Lule Sami
+en	smn	Inari Sami
+en	sq	Albanian
+en	sr	Serbian
+en	srn	Sranan Tongo
+en	ss	Swati
+en	sv	Swedish
+en	sw	Swahili
+en	szl	Silesian
+en	ta	Tamil
+en	te	Telugu
+en	tet	Tetum
+en	tg	Tajik
+en	th	Thai
+en	tk	Turkmen
+en	tl	Tagalog
+en	tr	Turkish
+en	tt	Tatar
+en	tyv	Tuvinian
+en	udm	Udmurt
+en	ug	Uighur
+en	ug	Uyghur
+en	uk	Ukrainian
+en	ur	Urdu
+en	uz	Uzbek
+en	vi	Vietnamese
+en	vro	Võro
+en	wal	Wolaytta
+en	xh	Xhosa
+en	yi	Yiddish
+en	yo	Yoruba
+en	zh	Chinese
+en	zh	Mandarin Chinese
+en	zu	Zulu
+eo	af	afrikansa
+eo	ar	araba
+eo	as	asama
+eo	az	azerbajĝana
+eo	ba	baŝkira
+eo	be	belorusa
+eo	bg	bulgara
+eo	bi	bislamo
+eo	bn	bengala
+eo	br	bretona
+eo	bs	bosnia
+eo	ca	kataluna
+eo	ckb	sorana
+eo	co	korsika
+eo	cs	ĉeĥa
+eo	cy	kimra
+eo	da	dana
+eo	de	germana
+eo	dsb	malsuprasoraba
+eo	el	greka
+eo	en	angla
+eo	eo	esperanto
+eo	es	hispana
+eo	et	estona
+eo	eu	eŭska
+eo	fa	persa
+eo	fi	finna
+eo	fo	feroa
+eo	fr	franca
+eo	fy	frisa
+eo	ga	irlanda
+eo	gd	gaela
+eo	gl	galega
+eo	gn	gvarania
+eo	gu	guĝarata
+eo	ha	haŭsa
+eo	haw	havaja
+eo	he	hebrea
+eo	hi	hinda
+eo	hr	kroata
+eo	ht	haitia kreola
+eo	hu	hungara
+eo	hy	armena
+eo	ia	interlingvao
+eo	id	indonezia
+eo	is	islanda
+eo	it	itala
+eo	ja	japana
+eo	ka	kartvela
+eo	kk	kazaĥa
+eo	kn	kanara
+eo	ko	korea
+eo	ks	kaŝmira
+eo	ky	kirgiza
+eo	la	latino
+eo	lb	luksemburga
+eo	ln	lingala
+eo	lo	laŭa
+eo	lt	litova
+eo	lv	latva
+eo	mk	makedona
+eo	ml	malajalama
+eo	mr	marata
+eo	ms	malaja
+eo	mt	malta
+eo	nb	dannorvega
+eo	ne	nepala
+eo	nl	nederlanda
+eo	nn	novnorvega
+eo	no	norvega
+eo	oc	okcitana
+eo	pa	panĝaba
+eo	pl	pola
+eo	pt	portugala
+eo	rm	romanĉa
+eo	rn	burunda
+eo	ro	rumana
+eo	ru	rusa
+eo	sa	sanskrito
+eo	sd	sinda
+eo	sh	serbo-Kroata
+eo	si	sinhala
+eo	sk	slovaka
+eo	sl	slovena
+eo	sq	albana
+eo	sr	serba
+eo	ss	svazia
+eo	sv	sveda
+eo	sw	svahila
+eo	ta	tamila
+eo	te	telugua
+eo	tg	taĝika
+eo	th	taja
+eo	tk	turkmena
+eo	tl	tagaloga
+eo	tr	turka
+eo	tt	tatara
+eo	ug	ujgura
+eo	uk	ukraina
+eo	ur	urduo
+eo	uz	uzbeka
+eo	vi	vjetnama
+eo	xh	ksosa
+eo	yi	jida
+eo	yo	joruba
+eo	zh	ĉina
+eo	zu	zulua
+es	af	afrikáans
+es	ain	ainu
+es	alt	altái meridional
+es	an	aragonés
+es	ar	árabe
+es	as	asamés
+es	ast	asturiano
+es	av	avar
+es	az	azerbaiyano
+es	az	azerí
+es	ba	baskir
+es	bas	basaa
+es	be	bielorruso
+es	bg	búlgaro
+es	bi	bislama
+es	bn	bengalí
+es	br	bretón
+es	bs	bosnio
+es	bua	buriato
+es	byv	medumba
+es	ca	catalán
+es	ceb	cebuano
+es	chm	marí
+es	ckb	kurdo sorani
+es	co	corso
+es	crh	tártaro de Crimea
+es	cs	checo
+es	csb	casubio
+es	cu	eslavo eclesiástico
+es	cv	chuvasio
+es	cy	galés
+es	da	danés
+es	dar	dargva
+es	de	alemán
+es	dsb	bajo sorbio
+es	el	griego
+es	en	inglés
+es	eo	esperanto
+es	es	español
+es	et	estonio
+es	eu	euskera
+es	fa	persa
+es	fi	finés
+es	fo	feroés
+es	fr	francés
+es	fy	frisón occidental
+es	ga	irlandés
+es	gag	gagauzo
+es	gd	gaélico escocés
+es	gl	gallego
+es	gn	guaraní
+es	gu	guyaratí
+es	gv	manés
+es	ha	hausa
+es	haw	hawaiano
+es	he	hebreo
+es	hi	hindi
+es	hr	croata
+es	hsb	alto sorbio
+es	ht	criollo haitiano
+es	hu	húngaro
+es	hy	armenio
+es	ia	interlingua
+es	id	indonesio
+es	ig	igbo
+es	is	islandés
+es	it	italiano
+es	ja	japonés
+es	ka	georgiano
+es	kaa	karakalpako
+es	kk	kazajo
+es	kn	canarés
+es	ko	coreano
+es	krc	karachay-balkar
+es	krl	carelio
+es	ks	cachemiro
+es	kum	kumyk
+es	kv	komi
+es	ky	kirguís
+es	la	latín
+es	lb	luxemburgués
+es	lg	ganda
+es	ln	lingala
+es	lo	lao
+es	lt	lituano
+es	lv	letón
+es	mdf	moksha
+es	mfe	criollo mauriciano
+es	mk	macedonio
+es	ml	malayalam
+es	mr	maratí
+es	ms	malayo
+es	mt	maltés
+es	myv	erzya
+es	nap	napolitano
+es	nb	noruego bokmal
+es	ne	nepalí
+es	nl	neerlandés
+es	nn	noruego nynorsk
+es	no	noruego
+es	nog	nogai
+es	oc	occitano
+es	os	osético
+es	ota	turco otomano
+es	pa	panyabí
+es	pl	polaco
+es	pt	portugués
+es	rm	romanche
+es	rn	kirundi
+es	ro	rumano
+es	ru	ruso
+es	rup	arrumano
+es	sa	sánscrito
+es	sah	sakha
+es	sc	sardo
+es	scn	siciliano
+es	sco	escocés
+es	sd	sindhi
+es	se	sami septentrional
+es	sh	serbocroata
+es	si	cingalés
+es	sk	eslovaco
+es	sl	esloveno
+es	sma	sami meridional
+es	smj	sami lule
+es	smn	sami inari
+es	sq	albanés
+es	sr	serbio
+es	srn	sranan tongo
+es	ss	suazi
+es	sv	sueco
+es	sw	suajili
+es	ta	tamil
+es	te	telugu
+es	tet	tetún
+es	tg	tayiko
+es	th	tailandés
+es	tk	turcomano
+es	tl	tagalo
+es	tr	turco
+es	tt	tártaro
+es	tyv	tuviniano
+es	udm	udmurt
+es	ug	uigur
+es	ug	uygur
+es	uk	ucraniano
+es	ur	urdu
+es	uz	uzbeko
+es	vi	vietnamita
+es	wal	wolayta
+es	xh	xhosa
+es	yi	yidis
+es	yo	yoruba
+es	zh	chino
+es	zu	zulú
+et	af	afrikaani
+et	ain	ainu
+et	alt	altai
+et	an	aragoni
+et	ar	araabia
+et	as	assami
+et	ast	astuuria
+et	av	avaari
+et	az	aserbaidžaani
+et	az	aseri
+et	ba	baškiiri
+et	bas	basaa
+et	be	valgevene
+et	bg	bulgaaria
+et	bi	bislama
+et	bn	bengali
+et	br	bretooni
+et	bs	bosnia
+et	bua	burjaadi
+et	byv	medumba
+et	ca	katalaani
+et	ceb	sebu
+et	chm	mari
+et	ckb	sorani
+et	co	korsika
+et	crh	krimmitatari
+et	cs	tšehhi
+et	csb	kašuubi
+et	cu	kirikuslaavi
+et	cv	tšuvaši
+et	cy	kõmri
+et	da	taani
+et	dar	dargi
+et	de	saksa
+et	dsb	alamsorbi
+et	el	kreeka
+et	en	inglise
+et	eo	esperanto
+et	es	hispaania
+et	et	eesti
+et	eu	baski
+et	fa	pärsia
+et	fi	soome
+et	fo	fääri
+et	fr	prantsuse
+et	fy	läänefriisi
+et	ga	iiri
+et	gag	gagauusi
+et	gd	gaeli
+et	gl	galeegi
+et	glk	gilaki
+et	gn	guaranii
+et	gu	gudžarati
+et	guc	vajuu
+et	gv	mänksi
+et	ha	hausa
+et	haw	havai
+et	he	heebrea
+et	hi	hindi
+et	hr	horvaadi
+et	hsb	ülemsorbi
+et	ht	haiti
+et	hu	ungari
+et	hy	armeenia
+et	ia	interlingua
+et	id	indoneesia
+et	ig	ibo
+et	is	islandi
+et	it	itaalia
+et	ja	jaapani
+et	ka	gruusia
+et	kaa	karakalpaki
+et	kk	kasahhi
+et	kn	kannada
+et	ko	korea
+et	krc	karatšai-balkaari
+et	krl	karjala
+et	ks	kašmiiri
+et	kum	kumõki
+et	kv	komi
+et	ky	kirgiisi
+et	la	ladina
+et	lb	letseburgi
+et	lg	ganda
+et	liv	liivi
+et	ln	lingala
+et	lo	lao
+et	lt	leedu
+et	lv	läti
+et	mdf	mokša
+et	mfe	Mauritiuse kreoolkeel
+et	mk	makedoonia
+et	ml	malajalami
+et	mr	marathi
+et	mrj	mäemari
+et	ms	malai
+et	mt	malta
+et	myv	ersa
+et	nap	napoli
+et	nb	norra bokmål
+et	ne	nepali
+et	nl	hollandi
+et	nn	uusnorra
+et	no	norra
+et	nog	nogai
+et	oc	oksitaani
+et	os	osseedi
+et	ota	osmanitürgi
+et	pa	pandžabi
+et	pl	poola
+et	pt	portugali
+et	rm	romanši
+et	rn	rundi
+et	ro	rumeenia
+et	ru	vene
+et	rup	aromuuni
+et	sa	sanskriti
+et	sah	jakuudi
+et	sc	sardi
+et	scn	sitsiilia
+et	sco	šoti
+et	sd	sindhi
+et	se	põhjasaami
+et	sh	serbia-horvaadi
+et	si	singali
+et	sk	slovaki
+et	sl	sloveeni
+et	sma	lõunasaami
+et	smj	Lule saami
+et	smn	Inari saami
+et	sq	albaania
+et	sr	serbia
+et	srn	sranani
+et	ss	svaasi
+et	sv	rootsi
+et	sw	suahiili
+et	szl	sileesia
+et	ta	tamili
+et	te	telugu
+et	tet	tetumi
+et	tg	tadžiki
+et	th	tai
+et	tk	türkmeeni
+et	tl	tagalogi
+et	tr	türgi
+et	tt	tatari
+et	tyv	tõva
+et	udm	udmurdi
+et	ug	uiguuri
+et	uk	ukraina
+et	ur	urdu
+et	uz	usbeki
+et	vi	vietnami
+et	vro	võru
+et	wal	volaita
+et	xh	koosa
+et	yi	jidiši
+et	yo	joruba
+et	zh	hiina
+et	zu	suulu
+eu	af	afrikaans
+eu	ain	ainuera
+eu	alt	hegoaldeko altaiera
+eu	an	aragoiera
+eu	ar	arabiera
+eu	as	assamera
+eu	ast	asturiera
+eu	av	avarera
+eu	az	azerbaijanera
+eu	az	azerbaijanera
+eu	ba	baxkirera
+eu	bas	basaa
+eu	be	bielorrusiera
+eu	bg	bulgariera
+eu	bi	bislama
+eu	bn	bengalera
+eu	br	bretoiera
+eu	bs	bosniera
+eu	ca	katalan
+eu	ceb	cebuera
+eu	chm	mariera
+eu	ckb	sorania
+eu	co	korsikera
+eu	cs	txekiera
+eu	cu	elizako eslaviera
+eu	cv	txuvaxera
+eu	cy	gales
+eu	da	daniera
+eu	dar	dargvera
+eu	de	aleman
+eu	dsb	behe-sorabiera
+eu	el	greziera
+eu	en	ingeles
+eu	eo	esperanto
+eu	es	espainiera
+eu	et	estoniera
+eu	eu	euskara
+eu	fa	persiera
+eu	fi	finlandiera
+eu	fo	faroera
+eu	fr	frantses
+eu	fy	frisiera
+eu	ga	gaeliko
+eu	gag	gagauzera
+eu	gd	Eskoziako gaeliko
+eu	gl	galiziera
+eu	gn	guaraniera
+eu	gu	gujaratera
+eu	gv	manxera
+eu	ha	hausa
+eu	haw	hawaiiera
+eu	he	hebreera
+eu	hi	hindi
+eu	hr	kroaziera
+eu	hsb	goi-sorabiera
+eu	ht	Haitiko kreolera
+eu	hu	hungariera
+eu	hy	armeniera
+eu	ia	interlingua
+eu	id	indonesiera
+eu	ig	igboera
+eu	is	islandiera
+eu	it	italiera
+eu	ja	japoniera
+eu	ka	georgiera
+eu	kk	kazakhera
+eu	kn	kannada
+eu	ko	koreera
+eu	krc	karachayera-balkarera
+eu	krl	kareliera
+eu	ks	kaxmirera
+eu	kum	kumykera
+eu	kv	komiera
+eu	ky	kirgizera
+eu	la	latin
+eu	lb	luxenburgera
+eu	lg	gandera
+eu	ln	lingala
+eu	lo	laosera
+eu	lt	lituaniera
+eu	lv	letoniera
+eu	mdf	mokxera
+eu	mfe	Mauritaniako kreolera
+eu	mk	mazedoniera
+eu	ml	malabarera
+eu	mr	marathera
+eu	ms	malaysiera
+eu	mt	maltera
+eu	myv	erziera
+eu	nap	napoliera
+eu	nb	bokmål (norvegiera)
+eu	ne	nepalera
+eu	nl	nederlandera
+eu	nn	nynorsk (norvegiera)
+eu	no	norvegiera
+eu	nog	nogaiera
+eu	oc	okzitaniera
+eu	os	osetiera
+eu	pa	punjabera
+eu	pl	poloniera
+eu	pt	portuges
+eu	rm	erretorromaniera
+eu	rn	rundiera
+eu	ro	errumaniera
+eu	ru	errusiera
+eu	rup	aromaniera
+eu	sa	sanskrito
+eu	sah	sakhera
+eu	sc	sardiniera
+eu	scn	siziliera
+eu	sco	eskoziera
+eu	sd	sindhi
+eu	se	iparraldeko samiera
+eu	sh	serbokroaziera
+eu	si	sinhala
+eu	sk	eslovakiera
+eu	sl	esloveniera
+eu	sma	hegoaldeko samiera
+eu	smj	Luleko samiera
+eu	smn	Inariko samiera
+eu	sq	albaniera
+eu	sr	serbiera
+eu	srn	srananera
+eu	ss	swatiera
+eu	sv	suediera
+eu	sw	swahilia
+eu	ta	tamilera
+eu	te	telugu
+eu	tet	tetum
+eu	tg	tajikera
+eu	th	thailandiera
+eu	tk	turkmenera
+eu	tl	tagalog
+eu	tr	turkiera
+eu	tt	tatarera
+eu	tyv	tuvera
+eu	udm	udmurtera
+eu	ug	uigurrera
+eu	uk	ukrainera
+eu	ur	urdu
+eu	uz	uzbekera
+eu	vi	vietnamera
+eu	wal	welayta
+eu	xh	xhosera
+eu	yi	yiddish
+eu	yo	jorubera
+eu	zh	txinera
+eu	zu	zuluera
+fa	af	آفریکانس
+fa	ain	آینویی
+fa	alt	آلتایی جنوبی
+fa	an	آراگونی
+fa	ar	عربی
+fa	as	آسامی
+fa	ast	آستوری
+fa	av	آواری
+fa	az	آذربایجانی
+fa	az	آذری
+fa	az	ترکی آذربایجانی
+fa	ba	باشقیری
+fa	bas	باسایی
+fa	be	بلاروسی
+fa	bg	بلغاری
+fa	bi	بیسلاما
+fa	bn	بنگالی
+fa	br	برتون
+fa	bs	بوسنیایی
+fa	bua	بوریاتی
+fa	ca	کاتالان
+fa	ceb	سبویی
+fa	chm	ماریایی
+fa	ckb	کردی مرکزی
+fa	co	کورسی
+fa	crh	ترکی کریمه
+fa	cs	چکی
+fa	csb	کاشوبی
+fa	cu	اسلاوی کلیسایی
+fa	cv	چوواشی
+fa	cy	ولزی
+fa	da	دانمارکی
+fa	dar	دارقینی
+fa	de	آلمانی
+fa	dsb	صُربی سفلی
+fa	el	یونانی
+fa	en	انگلیسی
+fa	eo	اسپرانتو
+fa	es	اسپانیایی
+fa	et	استونیایی
+fa	eu	باسکی
+fa	fa	فارسی
+fa	fi	فنلاندی
+fa	fo	فارویی
+fa	fr	فرانسوی
+fa	fy	فریزی غربی
+fa	ga	ایرلندی
+fa	gag	گاگائوزیایی
+fa	gd	گیلی اسکاتلندی
+fa	gl	گالیسیایی
+fa	glk	گیلکی
+fa	gn	گوارانی
+fa	gu	گجراتی
+fa	gv	مانی
+fa	ha	هوسیایی
+fa	haw	هاوائیایی
+fa	he	عبری
+fa	hi	هندی
+fa	hr	کروات
+fa	hsb	صُربی علیا
+fa	ht	هائیتیایی
+fa	hu	مجاری
+fa	hy	ارمنی
+fa	ia	میان‌زبان
+fa	id	اندونزیایی
+fa	ig	ایگبویی
+fa	is	ایسلندی
+fa	it	ایتالیایی
+fa	ja	ژاپنی
+fa	ka	گرجی
+fa	kaa	قره‌قالپاقی
+fa	kk	قزاقی
+fa	kn	کانارا
+fa	ko	کره‌ای
+fa	krc	قره‌چایی‐بالکاری
+fa	krl	کاریلیانی
+fa	ks	کشمیری
+fa	kum	کومیکی
+fa	kv	کومیایی
+fa	ky	قرقیزی
+fa	la	لاتین
+fa	lb	لوگزامبورگی
+fa	lg	گاندایی
+fa	ln	لینگالا
+fa	lo	لائوسی
+fa	lt	لیتوانیایی
+fa	lv	لتونیایی
+fa	mdf	مکشایی
+fa	mfe	موریسین
+fa	mk	مقدونی
+fa	ml	مالایالامی
+fa	mr	مراتی
+fa	ms	مالایی
+fa	mt	مالتی
+fa	myv	ارزیایی
+fa	nap	ناپلی
+fa	nb	نروژی بوک‌مُل
+fa	ne	نپالی
+fa	nl	هلندی
+fa	nn	نروژی نی‌نُشک
+fa	no	نروژی
+fa	nog	نغایی
+fa	oc	اکسیتان
+fa	os	آسی
+fa	ota	ترکی عثمانی
+fa	pa	پنجابی
+fa	pl	لهستانی
+fa	pt	پرتغالی
+fa	rm	رومانش
+fa	rn	روندیایی
+fa	ro	رومانیایی
+fa	ru	روسی
+fa	rup	آرومانی
+fa	sa	سانسکریت
+fa	sah	یاقوتی
+fa	sc	ساردینیایی
+fa	scn	سیسیلی
+fa	sco	اسکاتلندی
+fa	sd	سندی
+fa	se	سامی شمالی
+fa	sh	صرب و کرواتی
+fa	si	سینهالی
+fa	sk	اسلواکی
+fa	sl	اسلوونیایی
+fa	sma	سامی جنوبی
+fa	smj	لوله سامی
+fa	smn	ایناری سامی
+fa	sq	آلبانیایی
+fa	sr	صربی
+fa	srn	تاکی‌تاکی
+fa	ss	سوازیایی
+fa	sv	سوئدی
+fa	sw	سواحیلی
+fa	szl	سیلزیایی
+fa	ta	تامیلی
+fa	te	تلوگویی
+fa	tet	تتومی
+fa	tg	تاجیکی
+fa	th	تایلندی
+fa	tk	ترکمنی
+fa	tl	تاگالوگی
+fa	tr	ترکی
+fa	tr	ترکی استانبولی
+fa	tt	تاتاری
+fa	tyv	تووایی
+fa	udm	اودمورتی
+fa	ug	اویغوری
+fa	uk	اوکراینی
+fa	ur	اردو
+fa	uz	ازبکی
+fa	vi	ویتنامی
+fa	wal	والامو
+fa	xh	خوسایی
+fa	yi	یدی
+fa	yo	یوروبایی
+fa	zh	چینی
+fa	zu	زولویی
+fi	af	afrikaans
+fi	ain	ainu
+fi	alt	altai
+fi	an	aragonia
+fi	ar	arabia
+fi	as	assami
+fi	ast	asturia
+fi	av	avaari
+fi	az	azeri
+fi	az	azeri
+fi	ba	baškiiri
+fi	bas	basaa
+fi	be	valkovenäjä
+fi	bg	bulgaria
+fi	bi	bislama
+fi	bn	bengali
+fi	br	bretoni
+fi	bs	bosnia
+fi	bua	burjaatti
+fi	byv	medumba
+fi	ca	katalaani
+fi	ceb	cebuano
+fi	chm	mari
+fi	ckb	sorani
+fi	co	korsika
+fi	crh	krimintataari
+fi	crh	kriminturkki
+fi	cs	tšekki
+fi	csb	kašubi
+fi	cu	kirkkoslaavi
+fi	cv	tšuvassi
+fi	cy	kymri
+fi	da	tanska
+fi	dar	dargi
+fi	de	saksa
+fi	dsb	alasorbi
+fi	el	kreikka
+fi	en	englanti
+fi	eo	esperanto
+fi	es	espanja
+fi	et	viro
+fi	eu	baski
+fi	fa	persia
+fi	fa	persia
+fi	fi	suomi
+fi	fo	fääri
+fi	fr	ranska
+fi	fy	länsifriisi
+fi	ga	iiri
+fi	gag	gagauzi
+fi	gd	gaeli
+fi	gl	galicia
+fi	glk	gilaki
+fi	gn	guarani
+fi	gu	gudžarati
+fi	guc	wayuu
+fi	gv	manksi
+fi	ha	hausa
+fi	haw	havaiji
+fi	he	heprea
+fi	hi	hindi
+fi	hr	kroatia
+fi	hsb	yläsorbi
+fi	ht	haiti
+fi	hu	unkari
+fi	hy	armenia
+fi	ia	interlingua
+fi	id	indonesia
+fi	ig	igbo
+fi	is	islanti
+fi	it	italia
+fi	ja	japani
+fi	ka	georgia
+fi	kaa	karakalpakki
+fi	kk	kazakki
+fi	kn	kannada
+fi	ko	korea
+fi	krc	karatšai-balkaari
+fi	krl	karjala
+fi	ks	kašmiri
+fi	kum	kumykki
+fi	kv	komi
+fi	ky	kirgiisi
+fi	la	latina
+fi	lb	luxemburg
+fi	lg	ganda
+fi	liv	liivi
+fi	ln	lingala
+fi	lo	lao
+fi	lt	liettua
+fi	lv	latvia
+fi	mdf	mokša
+fi	mfe	morisyen
+fi	mk	makedonia
+fi	ml	malajalam
+fi	mr	marathi
+fi	mrj	vuorimari
+fi	ms	malaiji
+fi	mt	malta
+fi	myv	ersä
+fi	nap	napoli
+fi	nb	norjan bokmål
+fi	ne	nepali
+fi	nl	hollanti
+fi	nn	norjan nynorsk
+fi	no	norja
+fi	nog	nogai
+fi	oc	oksitaani
+fi	os	osseetti
+fi	ota	osmani
+fi	pa	pandžabi
+fi	pl	puola
+fi	pt	portugali
+fi	rm	retoromaani
+fi	rn	rundi
+fi	ro	romania
+fi	ru	venäjä
+fi	rup	aromania
+fi	sa	sanskrit
+fi	sah	jakuutti
+fi	sc	sardi
+fi	scn	sisilia
+fi	sco	skotti
+fi	sd	sindhi
+fi	se	pohjoissaame
+fi	sh	serbokroaatti
+fi	si	sinhala
+fi	sk	slovakki
+fi	sl	sloveeni
+fi	sma	eteläsaame
+fi	smj	luulajansaame
+fi	smn	inarinsaame
+fi	sq	albania
+fi	sr	serbia
+fi	srn	sranan
+fi	ss	swazi
+fi	sv	ruotsi
+fi	sw	swahili
+fi	szl	sleesia
+fi	ta	tamili
+fi	te	telugu
+fi	tet	tetum
+fi	tg	tadžikki
+fi	th	thai
+fi	tk	turkmeeni
+fi	tl	tagalog
+fi	tr	turkki
+fi	tt	tataari
+fi	tyv	tuva
+fi	udm	udmurtti
+fi	ug	uiguuri
+fi	uk	ukraina
+fi	ur	urdu
+fi	uz	uzbekki
+fi	vi	vietnam
+fi	vro	võro
+fi	wal	wolaitta
+fi	xh	xhosa
+fi	yi	jiddiš
+fi	yo	joruba
+fi	zh	kiina
+fi	zu	zulu
+fo	af	afrikaans
+fo	ain	ainu
+fo	alt	suður altai
+fo	an	aragoniskt
+fo	ar	arabiskt
+fo	as	assamesiskt
+fo	ast	asturianskt
+fo	av	avariskt
+fo	az	aserbajdsjanskt
+fo	az	azeri
+fo	ba	bashkir
+fo	bas	basaa
+fo	be	hvitarussiskt
+fo	bg	bulgarskt
+fo	bi	bislama
+fo	bn	bangla
+fo	br	bretonskt
+fo	bs	bosniskt
+fo	ca	katalani
+fo	ceb	cebuano
+fo	chm	mari
+fo	ckb	miðkurdiskt
+fo	co	korsikanskt
+fo	cs	kekkiskt
+fo	cu	kirkju sláviskt
+fo	cv	chuvash
+fo	cy	walisiskt
+fo	da	danskt
+fo	dar	dargwa
+fo	de	týskt
+fo	dsb	lágt sorbian
+fo	el	grikskt
+fo	en	enskt
+fo	eo	esperanto
+fo	es	spanskt
+fo	et	estiskt
+fo	eu	baskiskt
+fo	fa	persiskt
+fo	fi	finskt
+fo	fo	føroyskt
+fo	fr	franskt
+fo	fy	vestur frísiskt
+fo	ga	írskt
+fo	gag	gagauz
+fo	gd	skotskt gæliskt
+fo	gl	galisiskt
+fo	gn	guarani
+fo	gu	gujarati
+fo	gv	manx
+fo	ha	hausa
+fo	haw	hawaiianskt
+fo	he	hebraiskt
+fo	hi	hindi
+fo	hr	kroatiskt
+fo	hsb	ovara sorbian
+fo	ht	haitiskt creole
+fo	hu	ungarskt
+fo	hy	armenskt
+fo	ia	interlingua
+fo	id	indonesiskt
+fo	ig	igbo
+fo	is	íslendskt
+fo	it	italskt
+fo	ja	japanskt
+fo	ka	georgiskt
+fo	kk	kazakh
+fo	kn	kannada
+fo	ko	koreanskt
+fo	krc	karachay-balkar
+fo	krl	karelskt
+fo	ks	kashmiri
+fo	kum	kumyk
+fo	kv	komi
+fo	ky	kyrgyz
+fo	la	latín
+fo	lb	luksemborgskt
+fo	lg	ganda
+fo	ln	lingala
+fo	lo	laoskt
+fo	lt	litaviskt
+fo	lv	lettiskt
+fo	mdf	moksha
+fo	mfe	morisyen
+fo	mk	makedónskt
+fo	ml	malayalam
+fo	mr	marathi
+fo	ms	malaiiskt
+fo	mt	maltiskt
+fo	myv	erzya
+fo	nap	napolitanskt
+fo	nb	norskt bókmál
+fo	ne	nepalskt
+fo	nl	hálendskt
+fo	nn	nýnorskt
+fo	no	norskt
+fo	nog	nogai
+fo	oc	occitanskt
+fo	os	ossetiskt
+fo	pa	punjabi
+fo	pl	pólskt
+fo	pt	portugiskiskt
+fo	rm	retoromanskt
+fo	rn	rundi
+fo	ro	rumenskt
+fo	ru	russiskt
+fo	rup	aromenskt
+fo	sa	sanskrit
+fo	sah	sakha
+fo	sc	sardiskt
+fo	scn	sisilanskt
+fo	sco	skotskt
+fo	sd	sindhi
+fo	se	norður sámiskt
+fo	sh	serbokroatiskt
+fo	si	singalesiskt
+fo	sk	slovakiskt
+fo	sl	slovenskt
+fo	sma	suður sámiskt
+fo	smj	lule sámiskt
+fo	smn	inari sami
+fo	sq	albanskt
+fo	sr	serbiskt
+fo	srn	sranan tongo
+fo	ss	swatiskt
+fo	sv	svenskt
+fo	sw	swahili
+fo	ta	tamilskt
+fo	te	telugu
+fo	tet	tetum
+fo	tg	tajik
+fo	th	tailendskt
+fo	tk	turkmenskt
+fo	tl	tagalog
+fo	tr	turkiskt
+fo	tt	tatar
+fo	tyv	tuvinian
+fo	udm	udmurt
+fo	ug	uyghur
+fo	uk	ukrainskt
+fo	ur	urdu
+fo	uz	usbekiskt
+fo	vi	vjetnamesiskt
+fo	wal	wolaytta
+fo	xh	xhosa
+fo	yi	jiddiskt
+fo	yo	yoruba
+fo	zh	kinesiskt
+fo	zu	sulu
+fr	af	afrikaans
+fr	ain	aïnou
+fr	alt	altaï du Sud
+fr	an	aragonais
+fr	ar	arabe
+fr	as	assamais
+fr	ast	asturien
+fr	av	avar
+fr	az	azéri
+fr	az	azéri
+fr	ba	bachkir
+fr	bas	bassa
+fr	be	biélorusse
+fr	bg	bulgare
+fr	bi	bichelamar
+fr	bn	bengali
+fr	br	breton
+fr	bs	bosniaque
+fr	bua	bouriate
+fr	byv	médumba
+fr	ca	catalan
+fr	ceb	cebuano
+fr	chm	mari
+fr	ckb	sorani
+fr	co	corse
+fr	crh	turc de Crimée
+fr	cs	tchèque
+fr	csb	kachoube
+fr	cu	slavon d’église
+fr	cv	tchouvache
+fr	cy	gallois
+fr	da	danois
+fr	dar	dargwa
+fr	de	allemand
+fr	dsb	bas-sorabe
+fr	el	grec
+fr	en	anglais
+fr	eo	espéranto
+fr	es	espagnol
+fr	et	estonien
+fr	eu	basque
+fr	fa	persan
+fr	fi	finnois
+fr	fo	féroïen
+fr	fr	français
+fr	fy	frison occidental
+fr	ga	irlandais
+fr	gag	gagaouze
+fr	gd	gaélique écossais
+fr	gl	galicien
+fr	glk	gilaki
+fr	gn	guarani
+fr	gu	goudjerati
+fr	guc	wayuu
+fr	gv	mannois
+fr	ha	haoussa
+fr	haw	hawaïen
+fr	he	hébreu
+fr	hi	hindi
+fr	hr	croate
+fr	hsb	haut-sorabe
+fr	ht	créole haïtien
+fr	hu	hongrois
+fr	hy	arménien
+fr	ia	interlingua
+fr	id	indonésien
+fr	ig	igbo
+fr	is	islandais
+fr	it	italien
+fr	ja	japonais
+fr	ka	géorgien
+fr	kaa	karakalpak
+fr	kk	kazakh
+fr	kn	kannada
+fr	ko	coréen
+fr	krc	karatchaï balkar
+fr	krl	carélien
+fr	ks	cachemiri
+fr	kum	koumyk
+fr	kv	komi
+fr	ky	kirghize
+fr	la	latin
+fr	lb	luxembourgeois
+fr	lg	ganda
+fr	liv	livonien
+fr	ln	lingala
+fr	lo	lao
+fr	lt	lituanien
+fr	lv	letton
+fr	mdf	mokcha
+fr	mfe	créole mauricien
+fr	mk	macédonien
+fr	ml	malayalam
+fr	mr	marathi
+fr	mrj	mari occidental
+fr	ms	malais
+fr	mt	maltais
+fr	myv	erzya
+fr	nap	napolitain
+fr	nb	norvégien bokmål
+fr	ne	népalais
+fr	nl	néerlandais
+fr	nn	norvégien nynorsk
+fr	no	norvégien
+fr	nog	nogaï
+fr	oc	occitan
+fr	os	ossète
+fr	ota	turc ottoman
+fr	pa	pendjabi
+fr	pl	polonais
+fr	pt	portugais
+fr	rm	romanche
+fr	rn	roundi
+fr	ro	roumain
+fr	ru	russe
+fr	rup	aroumain
+fr	sa	sanskrit
+fr	sah	iakoute
+fr	sc	sarde
+fr	scn	sicilien
+fr	sco	écossais
+fr	sd	sindhi
+fr	se	same du Nord
+fr	sh	serbo-croate
+fr	si	cingalais
+fr	sk	slovaque
+fr	sl	slovène
+fr	sma	same du Sud
+fr	smj	same de Lule
+fr	smn	same d’Inari
+fr	sq	albanais
+fr	sr	serbe
+fr	srn	sranan tongo
+fr	ss	swati
+fr	sv	suédois
+fr	sw	swahili
+fr	szl	silésien
+fr	ta	tamoul
+fr	te	télougou
+fr	tet	tétoum
+fr	tg	tadjik
+fr	th	thaï
+fr	tk	turkmène
+fr	tl	tagalog
+fr	tr	turc
+fr	tt	tatar
+fr	tyv	touvain
+fr	udm	oudmourte
+fr	ug	ouïghour
+fr	ug	ouïgour
+fr	uk	ukrainien
+fr	ur	ourdou
+fr	uz	ouzbek
+fr	vi	vietnamien
+fr	vro	võro
+fr	wal	walamo
+fr	xh	xhosa
+fr	yi	yiddish
+fr	yo	yoruba
+fr	zh	chinois
+fr	zu	zoulou
+fy	af	Afrikaansk
+fy	ain	Ainu
+fy	alt	Sûd-Altaïsk
+fy	an	Aragoneesk
+fy	ar	Arabysk
+fy	as	Assameesk
+fy	ast	Asturysk
+fy	av	Avarysk
+fy	az	Azerbeidzjaansk
+fy	az	Azeri
+fy	ba	Basjkiersk
+fy	bas	Basa
+fy	be	Wyt-Russysk
+fy	bg	Bulgaarsk
+fy	bi	Bislama
+fy	bn	Bengaalsk
+fy	br	Bretonsk
+fy	bs	Bosnysk
+fy	bua	Buriat
+fy	byv	Medumba
+fy	ca	Katalaansk
+fy	ceb	Cebuano
+fy	chm	Mari
+fy	ckb	Soranî
+fy	co	Korsikaansk
+fy	crh	Krim-Tataarsk
+fy	cs	Tsjechysk
+fy	csb	Kasjoebysk
+fy	cu	Kerkslavysk
+fy	cv	Tsjoevasjysk
+fy	cy	Welsk
+fy	da	Deensk
+fy	dar	Dargwa
+fy	de	Dútsk
+fy	dsb	Nedersorbysk
+fy	el	Gryks
+fy	en	Ingelsk
+fy	eo	Esperanto
+fy	es	Spaansk
+fy	et	Estlânsk
+fy	eu	Baskysk
+fy	fa	Perzysk
+fy	fi	Finsk
+fy	fo	Faeröersk
+fy	fr	Frânsk
+fy	fy	Frysk
+fy	ga	Iersk
+fy	gd	Schotsk Gaelic
+fy	gl	Galisysk
+fy	gn	Guaraní
+fy	gu	Gujarati
+fy	gv	Manks
+fy	ha	Hausa
+fy	haw	Hawaïaansk
+fy	he	Hebreeuwsk
+fy	hi	Hindi
+fy	hr	Kroatysk
+fy	hsb	Oppersorbysk
+fy	ht	Haïtiaansk
+fy	hu	Hongaarsk
+fy	hy	Armeensk
+fy	ia	Interlingua
+fy	id	Yndonezysk
+fy	ig	Igbo
+fy	is	Yslâns
+fy	it	Italiaansk
+fy	ja	Japans
+fy	ka	Georgysk
+fy	kaa	Karakalpaks
+fy	kk	Kazachs
+fy	kn	Kannada
+fy	ko	Koreaansk
+fy	krc	Karachay-Balkar
+fy	krl	Karelysk
+fy	ks	Kasjmiri
+fy	kum	Koemuks
+fy	kv	Komi
+fy	ky	Kirgizysk
+fy	la	Latyn
+fy	lb	Luxemburgs
+fy	lg	Ganda
+fy	ln	Lingala
+fy	lo	Laotiaansk
+fy	lt	Litouws
+fy	lv	Letlâns
+fy	mdf	Moksha
+fy	mfe	Morisyen
+fy	mk	Macedonysk
+fy	ml	Malayalam
+fy	mr	Marathi
+fy	ms	Maleis
+fy	mt	Maltees
+fy	myv	Erzja
+fy	nap	Napolitaansk
+fy	nb	Noors - Bokmål
+fy	ne	Nepalees
+fy	nl	Nederlânsk
+fy	nn	Noors - Nynorsk
+fy	no	Noors
+fy	nog	Nogai
+fy	oc	Occitaansk
+fy	os	Ossetysk
+fy	ota	Ottomaansk-Turks
+fy	pa	Punjabi
+fy	pl	Poalsk
+fy	pt	Portugeesk
+fy	rm	Reto-Romaansk
+fy	rn	Kirundi
+fy	ro	Roemeensk
+fy	ru	Russysk
+fy	rup	Aromaniaansk
+fy	sa	Sanskriet
+fy	sah	Jakoets
+fy	sc	Sardinysk
+fy	scn	Siciliaansk
+fy	sco	Schots
+fy	sd	Sindhi
+fy	se	Noard-Samysk
+fy	sh	Servokroatysk
+fy	si	Singalees
+fy	sk	Slowaaks
+fy	sl	Sloveensk
+fy	sma	Sûd-Samysk
+fy	smj	Lule Sami
+fy	smn	Inari Sami
+fy	sq	Albaneesk
+fy	sr	Servysk
+fy	srn	Sranantongo
+fy	ss	Swazi
+fy	sv	Zweeds
+fy	sw	Swahili
+fy	ta	Tamil
+fy	te	Telugu
+fy	tet	Tetun
+fy	tg	Tadzjieks
+fy	th	Thais
+fy	tk	Turkmeens
+fy	tl	Tagalog
+fy	tr	Turks
+fy	tt	Tataars
+fy	tyv	Tuvinysk
+fy	udm	Oedmoerts
+fy	ug	Oeigoers
+fy	uk	Oekraïens
+fy	ur	Urdu
+fy	uz	Oezbeeks
+fy	vi	Vietnamees
+fy	wal	Walamo
+fy	xh	Xhosa
+fy	yi	Jiddysk
+fy	yo	Yoruba
+fy	zh	Sineesk
+fy	zu	Zulu
+ga	af	Afracáinis
+ga	ain	Aidhniúis
+ga	alt	alt
+ga	an	Aragóinis
+ga	ar	Araibis
+ga	as	Asaimis
+ga	ast	Astúiris
+ga	av	Aváiris
+ga	az	Asairis
+ga	az	Asarbaiseáinis
+ga	ba	Baiscíris
+ga	bas	bas
+ga	be	Bealarúisis
+ga	bg	Bulgáiris
+ga	bi	Bioslaimis
+ga	bn	Beangáilis
+ga	br	Briotáinis
+ga	bs	Boisnis
+ga	bua	Buiriáitis
+ga	ca	Catalóinis
+ga	ceb	Seabúáinis
+ga	chm	Mairis
+ga	ckb	Coirdis Lárnach
+ga	co	Corsaicis
+ga	cs	Seicis
+ga	csb	Caisiúibis
+ga	cu	Slavais na hEaglaise
+ga	cv	Suvaisis
+ga	cy	Breatnais
+ga	da	Danmhairgis
+ga	dar	dar
+ga	de	Gearmáinis
+ga	dsb	Sorbais Íochtarach
+ga	el	Gréigis
+ga	en	Béarla
+ga	eo	Esperanto
+ga	es	Spáinnis
+ga	et	Eastóinis
+ga	eu	Bascais
+ga	fa	Peirsis
+ga	fi	Fionlainnis
+ga	fo	Faróis
+ga	fr	Fraincis
+ga	fy	Freaslainnis Iartharach
+ga	ga	Gaeilge
+ga	gd	Gaeilge na hAlban
+ga	gl	Gailísis
+ga	gn	Guaráinis
+ga	gu	Gúisearáitis
+ga	guc	Uaúis
+ga	gv	Manainnis
+ga	ha	Hásais
+ga	haw	Haváis
+ga	he	Eabhrais
+ga	hi	Hiondúis
+ga	hr	Cróitis
+ga	hsb	Sorbais Uachtarach
+ga	ht	Criól Háítíoch
+ga	hu	Ungáiris
+ga	hy	Airméinis
+ga	ia	Interlingua
+ga	id	Indinéisis
+ga	ig	Íogbóis
+ga	is	Íoslainnis
+ga	it	Iodáilis
+ga	ja	Seapáinis
+ga	ka	Seoirsis
+ga	kaa	Cara-Chalpáis
+ga	kk	Casaicis
+ga	kn	Cannadais
+ga	ko	Cóiréis
+ga	krc	krc
+ga	krl	Cairéilis
+ga	ks	Caismíris
+ga	kum	kum
+ga	kv	Coimis
+ga	ky	Cirgisis
+ga	la	Laidin
+ga	lb	Lucsambuirgis
+ga	lg	Lugandais
+ga	liv	Liovóinis
+ga	ln	Liongáilis
+ga	lo	Laoisis
+ga	lt	Liotuáinis
+ga	lv	Laitvis
+ga	mdf	mdf
+ga	mfe	mfe
+ga	mk	Macadóinis
+ga	ml	Mailéalaimis
+ga	mr	Maraitis
+ga	mrj	Mairis Iartharach
+ga	ms	Malaeis
+ga	mt	Máltais
+ga	myv	myv
+ga	nap	Napóilis
+ga	nb	Ioruais Bokmål
+ga	ne	Neipeailis
+ga	nl	Ollainnis
+ga	nn	Nua-Ioruais
+ga	no	Ioruais
+ga	nog	nog
+ga	oc	Ocsatáinis
+ga	os	Oiséitis
+ga	pa	Puinseáibis
+ga	pl	Polainnis
+ga	pt	Portaingéilis
+ga	rm	Rómainis
+ga	rn	Rúindis
+ga	ro	Rómáinis
+ga	ru	Rúisis
+ga	rup	Arómáinis
+ga	sa	Sanscrait
+ga	sah	Sachais
+ga	sc	Sairdínis
+ga	scn	Sicilis
+ga	sco	Albainis
+ga	sd	Sindis
+ga	se	Sáimis Thuaidh
+ga	sh	Seirbea-Chróitis
+ga	si	Siolóinis
+ga	sk	Slóvaicis
+ga	sl	Slóivéinis
+ga	sma	Sáimis Theas
+ga	smj	Sáimis Lule
+ga	smn	Sáimis Inari
+ga	sq	Albáinis
+ga	sr	Seirbis
+ga	srn	srn
+ga	ss	Suaisis
+ga	sv	Sualainnis
+ga	sw	Svahaílis
+ga	szl	Siléisis
+ga	ta	Tamailis
+ga	te	Teileagúis
+ga	tet	tet
+ga	tg	Táidsícis
+ga	th	Téalainnis
+ga	tk	Tuircméinis
+ga	tl	Tagálaigis
+ga	tr	Tuircis
+ga	tt	Tatairis
+ga	tyv	tyv
+ga	udm	Udmairtis
+ga	ug	Uigiúiris
+ga	uk	Úcráinis
+ga	ur	Urdúis
+ga	uz	Úisbéiceastáinis
+ga	vi	Vítneaimis
+ga	wal	wal
+ga	xh	Cóisis
+ga	yi	Giúdais
+ga	yo	Iarúibis
+ga	zh	Sínis
+ga	zu	Súlúis
+gd	af	Afraganais
+gd	ain	Ainu
+gd	alt	Altais Dheasach
+gd	an	Aragonais
+gd	ar	Arabais
+gd	as	Asamais
+gd	ast	Astùrais
+gd	av	Avarais
+gd	az	Asarbaideànais
+gd	az	Azeri
+gd	ba	Bashkir
+gd	bas	Basaa
+gd	be	Bealaruisis
+gd	bg	Bulgarais
+gd	bi	Bislama
+gd	bn	Bangla
+gd	br	Breatnais
+gd	bs	Bosnais
+gd	bua	Buriat
+gd	byv	Medumba
+gd	ca	Catalanais
+gd	ceb	Cebuano
+gd	chm	Mari
+gd	ckb	Cùrdais Mheadhanach
+gd	co	Corsais
+gd	crh	Turcais Chriomach
+gd	cs	Seicis
+gd	csb	Caisiubais
+gd	cu	Slàbhais na h-Eaglaise
+gd	cv	Chuvash
+gd	cy	Cuimris
+gd	da	Danmhairgis
+gd	dar	Dargwa
+gd	de	Gearmailtis
+gd	dsb	Sòrbais Ìochdarach
+gd	el	Greugais
+gd	en	Beurla
+gd	eo	Esperanto
+gd	es	Spàinntis
+gd	et	Eastoinis
+gd	eu	Basgais
+gd	fa	Peirsis
+gd	fi	Fionnlannais
+gd	fo	Fàrothais
+gd	fr	Fraingis
+gd	fy	Frìoslannais Shiarach
+gd	ga	Gaeilge
+gd	gag	Gagauz
+gd	gd	Gàidhlig
+gd	gl	Gailìsis
+gd	glk	Gilaki
+gd	gn	Guaraní
+gd	gu	Gujarati
+gd	guc	Wayuu
+gd	gv	Gaelg
+gd	ha	Hausa
+gd	haw	Cànan Hawai’i
+gd	he	Eabhra
+gd	hi	Hindis
+gd	hr	Cròthaisis
+gd	hsb	Sòrbais Uachdarach
+gd	ht	Crìtheol Haidhti
+gd	hu	Ungairis
+gd	hy	Airmeinis
+gd	ia	Interlingua
+gd	id	Innd-Innsis
+gd	ig	Igbo
+gd	is	Innis Tìlis
+gd	it	Eadailtis
+gd	ja	Seapanais
+gd	ka	Cairtbheilis
+gd	kaa	Kara-Kalpak
+gd	kk	Casachais
+gd	kn	Kannada
+gd	ko	Coirèanais
+gd	krc	Karachay-Balkar
+gd	krl	Cairealais
+gd	ks	Caismiris
+gd	kum	Kumyk
+gd	kv	Komi
+gd	ky	Cìorgasais
+gd	la	Laideann
+gd	lb	Lugsamburgais
+gd	lg	Ganda
+gd	ln	Lingala
+gd	lo	Làtho
+gd	lt	Liotuainis
+gd	lv	Laitbheis
+gd	mdf	Moksha
+gd	mfe	Morisyen
+gd	mk	Masadonais
+gd	ml	Malayalam
+gd	mr	Marathi
+gd	mrj	Mari Shiarach
+gd	ms	Malaidhis
+gd	mt	Maltais
+gd	myv	Erzya
+gd	nap	Eadailtis Napoli
+gd	nb	Bokmål na Nirribhidh
+gd	ne	Neapàlais
+gd	nl	Duitsis
+gd	nn	Nynorsk na Nirribhidh
+gd	no	Nirribhis
+gd	nog	Nogai
+gd	oc	Ogsatanais
+gd	os	Ossetic
+gd	ota	Turcais Otomanach
+gd	pa	Panjabi
+gd	pl	Pòlainnis
+gd	pt	Portagailis
+gd	rm	Rumains
+gd	rn	Kirundi
+gd	ro	Romàinis
+gd	ru	Ruisis
+gd	rup	Aromanais
+gd	sa	Sanskrit
+gd	sah	Sakha
+gd	sc	Sàrdais
+gd	scn	Sisilis
+gd	sco	Albais
+gd	sd	Sindhi
+gd	se	Sàmais Thuathach
+gd	sh	Sèirb-Chròthaisis
+gd	si	Sinhala
+gd	sk	Slòbhacais
+gd	sl	Slòbhainis
+gd	sma	Sàmais Dheasach
+gd	smj	Sàmais Lule
+gd	smn	Sàmais Inari
+gd	sq	Albàinis
+gd	sr	Sèirbis
+gd	srn	Sranan Tongo
+gd	ss	Swati
+gd	sv	Suainis
+gd	sw	Kiswahili
+gd	ta	Taimilis
+gd	te	Telugu
+gd	tet	Tetum
+gd	tg	Taidigis
+gd	th	Cànan nan Tàidh
+gd	tk	Turcmanais
+gd	tl	Tagalog
+gd	tr	Turcais
+gd	tt	Tatarais
+gd	tyv	Cànan Tuva
+gd	udm	Udmurt
+gd	ug	Ùigiurais
+gd	uk	Ucràinis
+gd	ur	Ùrdu
+gd	uz	Usbagais
+gd	vi	Bhiet-Namais
+gd	vro	Võro
+gd	wal	Wolaytta
+gd	xh	Xhosa
+gd	yi	Iùdhais
+gd	yo	Yoruba
+gd	zh	Sìnis
+gd	zu	Zulu
+gl	af	afrikaans
+gl	ain	ainu
+gl	alt	altai meridional
+gl	an	aragonés
+gl	ar	árabe
+gl	as	assamés
+gl	ast	asturiano
+gl	av	avar
+gl	az	acerbaixano
+gl	az	azerí
+gl	ba	baxkir
+gl	bas	basaa
+gl	be	bielorruso
+gl	bg	búlgaro
+gl	bi	bislama
+gl	bn	bengalí
+gl	br	bretón
+gl	bs	bosníaco
+gl	ca	catalán
+gl	ceb	cebuano
+gl	chm	mari
+gl	ckb	kurdo soraní
+gl	co	corso
+gl	cs	checo
+gl	cu	eslavo eclesiástico
+gl	cv	chuvaxo
+gl	cy	galés
+gl	da	dinamarqués
+gl	dar	dargwa
+gl	de	alemán
+gl	dsb	baixo sorbio
+gl	el	grego
+gl	en	inglés
+gl	eo	esperanto
+gl	es	español
+gl	et	estoniano
+gl	eu	éuscaro
+gl	fa	persa
+gl	fi	finés
+gl	fo	feroés
+gl	fr	francés
+gl	fy	frisón occidental
+gl	ga	irlandés
+gl	gag	gagauz
+gl	gd	gaélico escocés
+gl	gl	galego
+gl	gn	guaraní
+gl	gu	guxarati
+gl	gv	manx
+gl	ha	hausa
+gl	haw	hawaiano
+gl	he	hebreo
+gl	hi	hindi
+gl	hr	croata
+gl	hsb	alto sorbio
+gl	ht	crioulo haitiano
+gl	hu	húngaro
+gl	hy	armenio
+gl	ia	interlingua
+gl	id	indonesio
+gl	ig	igbo
+gl	is	islandés
+gl	it	italiano
+gl	ja	xaponés
+gl	ka	xeorxiano
+gl	kk	casaco
+gl	kn	kannará
+gl	ko	coreano
+gl	krc	carachaio-bálcara
+gl	krl	carelio
+gl	ks	caxemirés
+gl	kum	kumyk
+gl	kv	komi
+gl	ky	kirguiz
+gl	la	latín
+gl	lb	luxemburgués
+gl	lg	ganda
+gl	ln	lingala
+gl	lo	laosiano
+gl	lt	lituano
+gl	lv	letón
+gl	mdf	moksha
+gl	mfe	crioulo mauriciano
+gl	mk	macedonio
+gl	ml	malabar
+gl	mr	marathi
+gl	ms	malaio
+gl	mt	maltés
+gl	myv	erzya
+gl	nap	napolitano
+gl	nb	noruegués bokmål
+gl	ne	nepalí
+gl	nl	neerlandés
+gl	nn	noruegués nynorsk
+gl	no	noruegués
+gl	nog	nogai
+gl	oc	occitano
+gl	os	ossetio
+gl	pa	panxabí
+gl	pl	polaco
+gl	pt	portugués
+gl	rm	romanche
+gl	rn	rundi
+gl	ro	romanés
+gl	ru	ruso
+gl	rup	aromanés
+gl	sa	sánscrito
+gl	sah	iacuto
+gl	sc	sardo
+gl	scn	siciliano
+gl	sco	escocés
+gl	sd	sindhi
+gl	se	saami setentrional
+gl	sh	serbocroata
+gl	si	cingalés
+gl	sk	eslovaco
+gl	sl	esloveno
+gl	sma	saami meridional
+gl	smj	saami de Lule
+gl	smn	saami de Inari
+gl	sq	albanés
+gl	sr	serbio
+gl	srn	sranan tongo
+gl	ss	suazi
+gl	sv	sueco
+gl	sw	suahili
+gl	ta	támil
+gl	te	telugu
+gl	tet	tetun
+gl	tg	taxico
+gl	th	tailandés
+gl	tk	turcomán
+gl	tl	tagalo
+gl	tr	turco
+gl	tt	tártaro
+gl	tyv	tuvaniano
+gl	udm	udmurto
+gl	ug	uigur
+gl	uk	ucraíno
+gl	ur	urdú
+gl	uz	uzbeco
+gl	vi	vietnamita
+gl	wal	wolaytta
+gl	xh	xhosa
+gl	yi	yiddish
+gl	yo	ioruba
+gl	zh	chinés
+gl	zu	zulú
+gu	af	આફ્રિકન્સ
+gu	ain	ઐનુ
+gu	alt	દક્ષિણ અલ્તાઇ
+gu	an	અર્ગોનીઝ
+gu	ar	અરબી
+gu	as	આસામી
+gu	ast	અસ્તુરિયન
+gu	av	અવેરિક
+gu	az	અઝરબૈજાની
+gu	az	અઝેરી
+gu	ba	બશ્કીર
+gu	bas	બસા
+gu	be	બેલારુશિયન
+gu	bg	બલ્ગેરિયન
+gu	bi	બિસ્લામા
+gu	bn	બાંગ્લા
+gu	br	બ્રેટોન
+gu	bs	બોસ્નિયન
+gu	bua	બુરિયાત
+gu	ca	કતલાન
+gu	ceb	સિબુઆનો
+gu	chm	મારી
+gu	ckb	સેન્ટ્રલ કુર્દિશ
+gu	co	કોર્સિકન
+gu	crh	ક્રિમિયન તુર્કી
+gu	cs	ચેક
+gu	csb	કાશુબિયન
+gu	cu	ચર્ચ સ્લાવિક
+gu	cv	ચૂવાશ
+gu	cy	વેલ્શ
+gu	da	ડેનિશ
+gu	dar	દાર્ગવા
+gu	de	જર્મન
+gu	dsb	લોઅર સોર્બિયન
+gu	el	ગ્રીક
+gu	en	અંગ્રેજી
+gu	eo	એસ્પેરાન્ટો
+gu	es	સ્પેનિશ
+gu	et	એસ્ટોનિયન
+gu	eu	બાસ્ક
+gu	fa	ફારસી
+gu	fi	ફિનિશ
+gu	fo	ફોરિસ્ત
+gu	fr	ફ્રેન્ચ
+gu	fy	પશ્ચિમી ફ્રિસિયન
+gu	ga	આઇરિશ
+gu	gag	ગાગાઝ
+gu	gd	સ્કોટીસ ગેલિક
+gu	gl	ગેલિશિયન
+gu	gn	ગુઆરાની
+gu	gu	ગુજરાતી
+gu	gv	માંક્સ
+gu	ha	હૌસા
+gu	haw	હવાઇયન
+gu	he	હીબ્રુ
+gu	hi	હિન્દી
+gu	hr	ક્રોએશિયન
+gu	hsb	અપર સોર્બિયન
+gu	ht	હૈતિઅન ક્રેઓલે
+gu	hu	હંગેરિયન
+gu	hy	આર્મેનિયન
+gu	ia	ઇંટરલિંગુઆ
+gu	id	ઇન્ડોનેશિયન
+gu	ig	ઇગ્બો
+gu	is	આઇસલેન્ડિક
+gu	it	ઇટાલિયન
+gu	ja	જાપાનીઝ
+gu	ka	જ્યોર્જિયન
+gu	kaa	કારા-કલ્પક
+gu	kk	કઝાખ
+gu	kn	કન્નડ
+gu	ko	કોરિયન
+gu	krc	કરાચય-બલ્કાર
+gu	krl	કરેલિયન
+gu	ks	કાશ્મીરી
+gu	kum	કુમીક
+gu	kv	કોમી
+gu	ky	કિર્ગીઝ
+gu	la	લેટિન
+gu	lb	લક્ઝેમબર્ગિશ
+gu	lg	ગાંડા
+gu	ln	લિંગાલા
+gu	lo	લાઓ
+gu	lt	લિથુઆનિયન
+gu	lv	લાતવિયન
+gu	mdf	મોક્ષ
+gu	mfe	મોરીસ્યેન
+gu	mk	મેસેડોનિયન
+gu	ml	મલયાલમ
+gu	mr	મરાઠી
+gu	mrj	પશ્ચિમી મારી
+gu	ms	મલય
+gu	mt	માલ્ટિઝ
+gu	myv	એર્ઝયા
+gu	nap	નેપોલિટાન
+gu	nb	નોર્વેજિયન બોકમાલ
+gu	ne	નેપાળી
+gu	nl	ડચ
+gu	nn	નોર્વેજિયન નાયનૉર્સ્ક
+gu	no	નૉર્વેજીયન
+gu	nog	નોગાઇ
+gu	oc	ઓક્સિટન
+gu	os	ઓસ્સેટિક
+gu	ota	ઓટોમાન તુર્કિશ
+gu	pa	પંજાબી
+gu	pl	પોલીશ
+gu	pt	પોર્ટુગીઝ
+gu	rm	રોમાન્શ
+gu	rn	રૂન્દી
+gu	ro	રોમાનિયન
+gu	ru	રશિયન
+gu	rup	અરોમેનિયન
+gu	sa	સંસ્કૃત
+gu	sah	સખા
+gu	sc	સાર્દિનિયન
+gu	scn	સિસિલિયાન
+gu	sco	સ્કોટ્સ
+gu	sd	સિંધી
+gu	se	ઉત્તરી સામી
+gu	sh	સર્બો-ક્રોએશિયન
+gu	si	સિંહાલી
+gu	sk	સ્લોવૅક
+gu	sl	સ્લોવેનિયન
+gu	sma	દક્ષિણી સામી
+gu	smj	લુલે સામી
+gu	smn	ઇનારી સામી
+gu	sq	અલ્બેનિયન
+gu	sr	સર્બિયન
+gu	srn	સ્રાનન ટોન્ગો
+gu	ss	સ્વાતી
+gu	sv	સ્વીડિશ
+gu	sw	સ્વાહિલી
+gu	ta	તમિલ
+gu	te	તેલુગુ
+gu	tet	તેતુમ
+gu	tg	તાજીક
+gu	th	થાઈ
+gu	tk	તુર્કમેન
+gu	tl	ટાગાલોગ
+gu	tr	ટર્કિશ
+gu	tt	તતાર
+gu	tyv	ટુવીનિયન
+gu	udm	ઉદમુર્ત
+gu	ug	ઉઇગુર
+gu	uk	યુક્રેનિયન
+gu	ur	ઉર્દૂ
+gu	uz	ઉઝ્બેક
+gu	vi	વિયેતનામીસ
+gu	wal	વોલાયટ્ટા
+gu	xh	ખોસા
+gu	yi	યિદ્દિશ
+gu	yo	યોરૂબા
+gu	zh	ચાઇનીઝ
+gu	zu	ઝુલુ
+gv	gv	Gaelg
+ha	af	Afirkanci
+ha	ar	Larabci
+ha	as	Asamisanci
+ha	az	Azerbaijanci
+ha	be	Belarusanci
+ha	bg	Bulgaranci
+ha	bn	Bengali
+ha	br	Buretananci
+ha	bs	Bosniyanci
+ha	ca	Kataloniyanci
+ha	cs	Harshen Cak
+ha	cy	Kabilar Welsh
+ha	da	Danish
+ha	de	Jamusanci
+ha	el	Girkanci
+ha	en	Turanci
+ha	eo	Dʼan/ʼYar Kabilar Andalus
+ha	es	Sifaniyanci
+ha	et	Istoniyanci
+ha	eu	Dan/ʼYar Kabilar Bas
+ha	fa	Parisanci
+ha	fi	Yaren mutanen Finland
+ha	fo	Faroese
+ha	fr	Faransanci
+ha	fy	Kʼabilan Firsi
+ha	ga	Dan Ailan
+ha	gd	Kʼabilan Scots Gaelic
+ha	gl	Bagalike
+ha	gn	Guwaraniyanci
+ha	gu	Gujarati
+ha	ha	Hausa
+ha	he	Yahudanci
+ha	hi	Harshen Hindi
+ha	hr	Kuroshiyan
+ha	hu	Harshen Hungari
+ha	hy	Armeniyanci
+ha	ia	Yare Tsakanin Kasashe
+ha	id	Harshen Indunusiya
+ha	ig	Inyamuranci
+ha	is	Yaren mutanen Iceland
+ha	it	Italiyanci
+ha	ja	Japananci
+ha	ka	Jojiyanci
+ha	kn	Dan/ʼYar Kabilar Kannada
+ha	ko	Harshen Koreya
+ha	ky	Kirgizanci
+ha	la	Dan Kabilar Latin
+ha	ln	Lingala
+ha	lo	Laothian
+ha	lt	Lituweniyanci
+ha	lv	Latbiyanci
+ha	mk	Dan Masedoniya
+ha	ml	Kabilar Maleyalam
+ha	mr	Kʼabilan Marathi
+ha	ms	Harshen Malai
+ha	mt	Harshen Maltis
+ha	ne	Nepali
+ha	nl	Holanci
+ha	nn	Yaren Kasar Norway
+ha	no	Yaren mutanen Norway
+ha	oc	Ositanci
+ha	pa	Punjabi
+ha	pl	Harshen Polan
+ha	pt	Harshen Fotugis
+ha	ro	Romaniyanci
+ha	ru	Rashanci
+ha	sa	sanskrit
+ha	sd	Sindiyanci
+ha	sh	Kuroweshiyancin-Sabiya
+ha	si	Sinhalanci
+ha	sk	Basulake
+ha	sl	Basulabe
+ha	sq	Dʼan/ʼYar Kabilar Albaniya
+ha	sr	Sabiyan
+ha	sv	Harshen Suwedan
+ha	sw	Harshen Suwahili
+ha	ta	Tamil
+ha	te	Dʼan/ʼYar Kabilar Telug
+ha	th	Thai
+ha	tk	Tukmenistanci
+ha	tr	Harshen Turkiyya
+ha	ug	Ugiranci
+ha	uk	Harshen Yukuren
+ha	ur	Harshen Urdu
+ha	uz	Uzbek
+ha	vi	Harshen Biyetinam
+ha	xh	Bazosa
+ha	yo	Yarbanci
+ha	zh	Harshen Sinanci
+ha	zu	Harshen Zulu
+haw	ar	ʻAlapia
+haw	cy	Wale
+haw	da	Kenemaka
+haw	de	Kelemānia
+haw	el	Helene
+haw	en	Pelekānia
+haw	es	Paniolo
+haw	fr	Palani
+haw	ga	ʻAiliki
+haw	haw	ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi
+haw	he	Hebera
+haw	it	ʻĪkālia
+haw	ja	Kepanī
+haw	ko	Kōlea
+haw	la	Lākina
+haw	nl	Hōlani
+haw	pt	Pukikī
+haw	ru	Lūkia
+haw	sv	Kuekene
+haw	vi	Wiekanama
+haw	zh	Pākē
+he	af	אפריקאנס
+he	ain	אינו
+he	alt	אלטאי דרומית
+he	an	אראגונית
+he	ar	ערבית
+he	as	אסאמית
+he	ast	אסטורית
+he	av	אווארית
+he	az	אזרית
+he	az	אזרית
+he	ba	בשקירית
+he	bas	בסאא
+he	be	בלארוסית
+he	bg	בולגרית
+he	bi	ביסלמה
+he	bn	בנגלית
+he	br	ברטונית
+he	bs	בוסנית
+he	bua	בוריאט
+he	byv	מדומבה
+he	ca	קטלאנית
+he	ceb	סבואנו
+he	chm	מארי
+he	ckb	כורדית סוראנית
+he	co	קורסיקנית
+he	crh	טטרית של קרים
+he	cs	צ׳כית
+he	csb	קשובית
+he	cu	סלאבית כנסייתית עתיקה
+he	cv	צ׳ובאש
+he	cy	וולשית
+he	da	דנית
+he	dar	דרגווה
+he	de	גרמנית
+he	dsb	סורבית תחתית
+he	el	יוונית
+he	en	אנגלית
+he	eo	אספרנטו
+he	es	ספרדית
+he	et	אסטונית
+he	eu	בסקית
+he	fa	פרסית
+he	fi	פינית
+he	fo	פארואזית
+he	fr	צרפתית
+he	fy	פריזית מערבית
+he	ga	אירית
+he	gag	גגאוזית
+he	gd	גאלית סקוטית
+he	gl	גליציאנית
+he	gn	גוארני
+he	gu	גוג׳ארטי
+he	gv	מאנית
+he	ha	האוסה
+he	haw	הוואית
+he	he	עברית
+he	hi	הינדי
+he	hr	קרואטית
+he	hsb	סורבית גבוהה
+he	ht	קריאולית (האיטי)
+he	hu	הונגרית
+he	hy	ארמנית
+he	ia	‏אינטרלינגואה
+he	id	אינדונזית
+he	ig	איגבו
+he	is	איסלנדית
+he	it	איטלקית
+he	ja	יפנית
+he	ka	גאורגית
+he	kaa	קארא-קלפאק
+he	kk	קזחית
+he	kn	קנאדה
+he	ko	קוריאנית
+he	krc	קראצ׳י-בלקר
+he	krl	קארלית
+he	ks	קשמירית
+he	kum	קומיקית
+he	kv	קומי
+he	ky	קירגיזית
+he	la	לטינית
+he	lb	לוקסמבורגית
+he	lg	גאנדה
+he	ln	לינגלה
+he	lo	לאו
+he	lt	ליטאית
+he	lv	לטבית
+he	mdf	מוקשה
+he	mfe	קריאולית מאוריציאנית
+he	mk	מקדונית
+he	ml	מליאלאם
+he	mr	מראטהי
+he	ms	מלאית
+he	mt	מלטית
+he	myv	ארזיה
+he	nap	נפוליטנית
+he	nb	נורווגית ספרותית
+he	ne	נפאלית
+he	nl	הולנדית
+he	nn	נורווגית חדשה
+he	no	נורווגית
+he	nog	נוגאי
+he	oc	אוקסיטנית
+he	os	אוסטית
+he	ota	טורקית עות׳מנית
+he	pa	פנג׳אבי
+he	pl	פולנית
+he	pt	פורטוגזית
+he	rm	רומאנש
+he	rn	קירונדי
+he	ro	רומנית
+he	ru	רוסית
+he	rup	ארומנית
+he	sa	סנסקריט
+he	sah	סאחה
+he	sc	סרדינית
+he	scn	סיציליאנית
+he	sco	סקוטית
+he	sd	סינדהית
+he	se	סמי צפונית
+he	sh	סרבו-קרואטית
+he	si	סינהלה
+he	sk	סלובקית
+he	sl	סלובנית
+he	sma	סאמי דרומית
+he	smj	לולה סאמי
+he	smn	אינארי סאמי
+he	sq	אלבנית
+he	sr	סרבית
+he	srn	סרנאן טונגו
+he	ss	סאווזי
+he	sv	שוודית
+he	sw	סווהילי
+he	ta	טמילית
+he	te	טלוגו
+he	tet	טטום
+he	tg	טג׳יקית
+he	th	תאית
+he	tk	טורקמנית
+he	tl	טאגאלוג
+he	tr	טורקית
+he	tt	טטרית
+he	tyv	טובינית
+he	udm	אודמורט
+he	ug	אויגור
+he	uk	אוקראינית
+he	ur	אורדו
+he	uz	אוזבקית
+he	vi	ויאטנמית
+he	wal	ווליאטה
+he	xh	קוסה
+he	yi	יידיש
+he	yo	יורובה
+he	zh	סינית
+he	zu	זולו
+hi	af	अफ़्रीकी
+hi	ain	ऐनू
+hi	alt	दक्षिणी अल्ताई
+hi	an	अर्गोनी
+hi	ar	अरबी
+hi	as	असमिया
+hi	ast	अस्तुरियन
+hi	av	अवेरिक
+hi	az	अज़रबैजानी
+hi	az	अज़ेरी
+hi	ba	बशख़िर
+hi	bas	बसा
+hi	be	बेलारूसी
+hi	bg	बुल्गारियाई
+hi	bi	बिस्लामा
+hi	bn	बंगाली
+hi	br	ब्रेटन
+hi	bs	बोस्नियाई
+hi	bua	बुरियात
+hi	ca	कातालान
+hi	ceb	सिबुआनो
+hi	chm	मारी
+hi	ckb	सोरानी कुर्दिश
+hi	co	कोर्सीकन
+hi	crh	क्रीमीन तुर्की
+hi	cs	चेक
+hi	csb	काशुबियन
+hi	cu	चर्च साल्विक
+hi	cv	चूवाश
+hi	cy	वेल्श
+hi	da	डेनिश
+hi	dar	दार्गवा
+hi	de	जर्मन
+hi	dsb	निचला सॉर्बियन
+hi	el	यूनानी
+hi	en	अंग्रेज़ी
+hi	eo	एस्पेरेंतो
+hi	es	स्पेनी
+hi	et	एस्टोनियाई
+hi	eu	बास्क
+hi	fa	फ़ारसी
+hi	fi	फ़िनिश
+hi	fo	फ़ैरोइज़
+hi	fr	फ़्रेंच
+hi	fy	पश्चिमी फ़्रिसियाई
+hi	ga	आयरिश
+hi	gag	गागौज़
+hi	gd	स्कॉटिश गाएलिक
+hi	gl	गैलिशियन
+hi	gn	गुआरानी
+hi	gu	गुजराती
+hi	gv	मैंक्स
+hi	ha	हौसा
+hi	haw	हवाई
+hi	he	हिब्रू
+hi	hi	हिन्दी
+hi	hr	क्रोएशियाई
+hi	hsb	ऊपरी सॉर्बियन
+hi	ht	हैतियाई
+hi	hu	हंगेरियाई
+hi	hy	आर्मेनियाई
+hi	ia	इंटरलिंगुआ
+hi	id	इंडोनेशियाई
+hi	ig	ईग्बो
+hi	is	आइसलैंडिक
+hi	it	इतालवी
+hi	ja	जापानी
+hi	ka	जॉर्जियाई
+hi	kaa	कारा-कल्पक
+hi	kk	कज़ाख़
+hi	kn	कन्नड़
+hi	ko	कोरियाई
+hi	krc	कराचय-बल्कार
+hi	krl	करेलियन
+hi	ks	कश्मीरी
+hi	kum	कुमीक
+hi	kv	कोमी
+hi	ky	किर्गीज़
+hi	la	लैटिन
+hi	lb	लग्ज़मबर्गी
+hi	lg	गांडा
+hi	ln	लिंगाला
+hi	lo	लाओ
+hi	lt	लिथुआनियाई
+hi	lv	लातवियाई
+hi	mdf	मोक्ष
+hi	mfe	मोरीस्येन
+hi	mk	मकदूनियाई
+hi	ml	मलयालम
+hi	mr	मराठी
+hi	ms	मलय
+hi	mt	माल्टीज़
+hi	myv	एर्ज़या
+hi	nap	नीपोलिटन
+hi	nb	नॉर्वेजियाई बोकमाल
+hi	ne	नेपाली
+hi	nl	डच
+hi	nn	नॉर्वेजियाई नॉयनॉर्स्क
+hi	no	नॉर्वेजियाई
+hi	nog	नोगाई
+hi	oc	ओसीटान
+hi	os	ओस्सेटिक
+hi	ota	ओटोमान तुर्किश
+hi	pa	पंजाबी
+hi	pl	पोलिश
+hi	pt	पुर्तगाली
+hi	rm	रोमान्श
+hi	rn	रुन्दी
+hi	ro	रोमानियाई
+hi	ru	रूसी
+hi	rup	अरोमानियन
+hi	sa	संस्कृत
+hi	sah	याकूत
+hi	sc	सार्दिनियन
+hi	scn	सिसिलियन
+hi	sco	स्कॉट्स
+hi	sd	सिंधी
+hi	se	नॉर्दन सामी
+hi	sh	सेर्बो-क्रोएशियाई
+hi	si	सिंहली
+hi	sk	स्लोवाक
+hi	sl	स्लोवेनियाई
+hi	sma	दक्षिणी सामी
+hi	smj	ल्युल सामी
+hi	smn	इनारी सामी
+hi	sq	अल्बानियाई
+hi	sr	सर्बियाई
+hi	srn	स्रानान टॉन्गो
+hi	ss	स्वाती
+hi	sv	स्वीडिश
+hi	sw	स्वाहिली
+hi	ta	तमिल
+hi	te	तेलुगू
+hi	tet	तेतुम
+hi	tg	ताजिक
+hi	th	थाई
+hi	tk	तुर्कमेन
+hi	tl	टैगलॉग
+hi	tr	तुर्की
+hi	tt	तातार
+hi	tyv	तुवीनियन
+hi	udm	उदमुर्त
+hi	ug	उइगर
+hi	uk	यूक्रेनियाई
+hi	ur	उर्दू
+hi	uz	उज़्बेक
+hi	vi	वियतनामी
+hi	wal	वलामो
+hi	xh	ख़ोसा
+hi	yi	यहूदी
+hi	yo	योरूबा
+hi	zh	चीनी
+hi	zu	ज़ुलू
+hr	af	afrikaans
+hr	ain	ainuski
+hr	alt	južni altai
+hr	an	aragonski
+hr	ar	arapski
+hr	as	asamski
+hr	ast	asturijski
+hr	av	avarski
+hr	az	azerbajdžanski
+hr	az	azerski
+hr	ba	baškirski
+hr	bas	basa
+hr	be	bjeloruski
+hr	bg	bugarski
+hr	bi	bislama
+hr	bn	bangla
+hr	br	bretonski
+hr	bs	bosanski
+hr	bua	burjatski
+hr	byv	medumba
+hr	ca	katalonski
+hr	ceb	cebuano
+hr	chm	marijski
+hr	ckb	soranski kurdski
+hr	co	korzički
+hr	crh	krimski turski
+hr	cs	češki
+hr	csb	kašupski
+hr	cu	crkvenoslavenski
+hr	cv	čuvaški
+hr	cy	velški
+hr	da	danski
+hr	dar	dargwa
+hr	de	njemački
+hr	dsb	donjolužički
+hr	el	grčki
+hr	en	engleski
+hr	eo	esperanto
+hr	es	španjolski
+hr	et	estonski
+hr	eu	baskijski
+hr	fa	perzijski
+hr	fi	finski
+hr	fo	ferojski
+hr	fr	francuski
+hr	fy	zapadnofrizijski
+hr	ga	irski
+hr	gag	gagauski
+hr	gd	škotski gaelski
+hr	gl	galicijski
+hr	gn	gvaranski
+hr	gu	gudžaratski
+hr	gv	manski
+hr	ha	hausa
+hr	haw	havajski
+hr	he	hebrejski
+hr	hi	hindski
+hr	hr	hrvatski
+hr	hsb	gornjolužički
+hr	ht	haićanski kreolski
+hr	hu	mađarski
+hr	hy	armenski
+hr	ia	interlingua
+hr	id	indonezijski
+hr	ig	igbo
+hr	is	islandski
+hr	it	talijanski
+hr	ja	japanski
+hr	ka	gruzijski
+hr	kaa	kara-kalpak
+hr	kk	kazaški
+hr	kn	karnatački
+hr	ko	korejski
+hr	krc	karachay-balkar
+hr	krl	karelijski
+hr	ks	kašmirski
+hr	kum	kumyk
+hr	kv	komi
+hr	ky	kirgiski
+hr	la	latinski
+hr	lb	luksemburški
+hr	lg	ganda
+hr	ln	lingala
+hr	lo	laoski
+hr	lt	litavski
+hr	lv	latvijski
+hr	mdf	moksha
+hr	mfe	mauricijski kreolski
+hr	mk	makedonski
+hr	ml	malajalamski
+hr	mr	marathski
+hr	ms	malajski
+hr	mt	malteški
+hr	myv	mordvinski
+hr	nap	napolitanski
+hr	nb	norveški bokmål
+hr	ne	nepalski
+hr	nl	nizozemski
+hr	nn	norveški nynorsk
+hr	no	norveški
+hr	nog	nogajski
+hr	oc	okcitanski
+hr	os	osetski
+hr	ota	turski - otomanski
+hr	pa	pandžapski
+hr	pl	poljski
+hr	pt	portugalski
+hr	rm	retoromanski
+hr	rn	rundi
+hr	ro	rumunjski
+hr	ru	ruski
+hr	rup	aromunski
+hr	sa	sanskrtski
+hr	sah	jakutski
+hr	sc	sardski
+hr	scn	sicilijski
+hr	sco	škotski
+hr	sd	sindski
+hr	se	sjeverni sami
+hr	sh	srpsko-hrvatski
+hr	si	sinhaleški
+hr	sk	slovački
+hr	sl	slovenski
+hr	sma	južni sami
+hr	smj	lule sami
+hr	smn	inari sami
+hr	sq	albanski
+hr	sr	srpski
+hr	srn	sranan tongo
+hr	ss	svati
+hr	sv	švedski
+hr	sw	svahili
+hr	ta	tamilski
+hr	te	teluški
+hr	tet	tetum
+hr	tg	tadžički
+hr	th	tajlandski
+hr	tk	turkmenski
+hr	tl	tagalog
+hr	tr	turski
+hr	tt	tatarski
+hr	tyv	tuvinski
+hr	udm	udmurtski
+hr	ug	ujgurski
+hr	uk	ukrajinski
+hr	ur	urdski
+hr	uz	uzbečki
+hr	vi	vijetnamski
+hr	wal	walamo
+hr	xh	xhosa
+hr	yi	jidiš
+hr	yo	jorupski
+hr	zh	kineski
+hr	zu	zulu
+hsb	af	afrikaanšćina
+hsb	an	aragonšćina
+hsb	ar	arabšćina
+hsb	as	asamšćina
+hsb	ast	asturšćina
+hsb	av	awaršćina
+hsb	az	azerbajdźanšćina
+hsb	ba	baškiršćina
+hsb	be	běłorušćina
+hsb	bg	bołharšćina
+hsb	bi	bislamšćina
+hsb	bn	bengalšćina
+hsb	br	bretonšćina
+hsb	bs	bosnišćina
+hsb	ca	katalanšćina
+hsb	ckb	sorani
+hsb	co	korsišćina
+hsb	cs	čěšćina
+hsb	cy	walizišćina
+hsb	da	danšćina
+hsb	de	němčina
+hsb	dsb	delnjoserbšćina
+hsb	el	grjekšćina
+hsb	en	jendźelšćina
+hsb	eo	esperanto
+hsb	es	španišćina
+hsb	et	estišćina
+hsb	eu	baskišćina
+hsb	fa	persišćina
+hsb	fi	finšćina
+hsb	fo	färöšćina
+hsb	fr	francošćina
+hsb	fy	frizišćina
+hsb	ga	iršćina
+hsb	gag	gagauzišćina
+hsb	gd	šotiska gelšćina
+hsb	gl	galicišćina
+hsb	gn	guarani
+hsb	gu	gujarati
+hsb	gv	manšćina
+hsb	ha	hausa
+hsb	haw	hawaiišćina
+hsb	he	hebrejšćina
+hsb	hi	hindišćina
+hsb	hr	chorwatšćina
+hsb	hsb	hornjoserbšćina
+hsb	ht	haitišćina
+hsb	hu	madźaršćina
+hsb	hy	armenšćina
+hsb	ia	interlingua
+hsb	id	indonešćina
+hsb	ig	igbo
+hsb	is	islandšćina
+hsb	it	italšćina
+hsb	ja	japanšćina
+hsb	ka	georgišćina
+hsb	kk	kazachšćina
+hsb	kn	kannadšćina
+hsb	ko	korejšćina
+hsb	ks	kašmiršćina
+hsb	ky	kirgišćina
+hsb	la	łaćonšćina
+hsb	lb	luxemburgšćina
+hsb	lg	gandšćina
+hsb	ln	lingala
+hsb	lo	laošćina
+hsb	lt	litawšćina
+hsb	lv	letišćina
+hsb	mfe	mauriciska kreolšćina
+hsb	mk	makedonšćina
+hsb	ml	malajamšćina
+hsb	mr	maratišćina
+hsb	ms	malajšćina
+hsb	mt	maltašćina
+hsb	nb	norwegšćina (bokmål)
+hsb	ne	nepalšćina
+hsb	nl	nižozemšćina
+hsb	nn	norwegšćina (nynorsk)
+hsb	no	norwegšćina
+hsb	oc	okcitanšćina
+hsb	pa	pandźabšćina
+hsb	pl	pólšćina
+hsb	pt	portugalšćina
+hsb	rm	retoromanšćina
+hsb	rn	kirundišćina
+hsb	ro	rumunšćina
+hsb	ru	rušćina
+hsb	sa	sanskrit
+hsb	sc	sardinšćina
+hsb	scn	sicilšćina
+hsb	sd	sindhišćina
+hsb	se	sewjerosamišćina
+hsb	sh	serbochorwatšćina
+hsb	si	singhalšćina
+hsb	sk	słowakšćina
+hsb	sl	słowjenšćina
+hsb	sma	južnosamišćina
+hsb	smj	lule-samišćina
+hsb	smn	inari-samišćina
+hsb	sq	albanšćina
+hsb	sr	serbišćina
+hsb	ss	siswati
+hsb	sv	šwedšćina
+hsb	sw	suahelšćina
+hsb	ta	tamilšćina
+hsb	te	telugu
+hsb	tg	tadźikšćina
+hsb	th	thailandšćina
+hsb	tk	turkmenšćina
+hsb	tl	tagalog
+hsb	tr	turkowšćina
+hsb	tt	tataršćina
+hsb	ug	ujguršćina
+hsb	uk	ukrainšćina
+hsb	ur	urdušćina
+hsb	uz	uzbekšćina
+hsb	vi	vietnamšćina
+hsb	xh	xhosa
+hsb	yi	jidišćina
+hsb	yo	jorubašćina
+hsb	zh	chinšćina
+hsb	zu	zulušćina
+hu	af	afrikaans
+hu	ain	ainu
+hu	alt	dél-altaji
+hu	an	aragonéz
+hu	ar	arab
+hu	as	asszámi
+hu	ast	asztúr
+hu	av	avar
+hu	az	azerbajdzsáni
+hu	az	azeri
+hu	ba	baskír
+hu	bas	basza
+hu	be	belarusz
+hu	bg	bolgár
+hu	bi	bislama
+hu	bn	bangla
+hu	br	breton
+hu	bs	bosnyák
+hu	bua	burját
+hu	byv	medumba
+hu	ca	katalán
+hu	ceb	szebuano
+hu	chm	mari
+hu	ckb	közép-ázsiai kurd
+hu	co	korzikai
+hu	crh	krími tatár
+hu	cs	cseh
+hu	csb	kasub
+hu	cu	egyházi szláv
+hu	cv	csuvas
+hu	cy	walesi
+hu	da	dán
+hu	dar	dargva
+hu	de	német
+hu	dsb	alsó-szorb
+hu	el	görög
+hu	en	angol
+hu	eo	eszperantó
+hu	es	spanyol
+hu	et	észt
+hu	eu	baszk
+hu	fa	perzsa
+hu	fi	finn
+hu	fo	feröeri
+hu	fr	francia
+hu	fy	nyugati fríz
+hu	ga	ír
+hu	gag	gagauz
+hu	gd	skóciai kelta
+hu	gl	gallego
+hu	gn	guarani
+hu	gu	gudzsaráti
+hu	gv	man-szigeti
+hu	ha	hausza
+hu	haw	hawaii
+hu	he	héber
+hu	hi	hindi
+hu	hr	horvát
+hu	hsb	felső-szorb
+hu	ht	haiti kreol
+hu	hu	magyar
+hu	hy	örmény
+hu	ia	interlingva
+hu	id	indonéz
+hu	ig	igbó
+hu	is	izlandi
+hu	it	olasz
+hu	ja	japán
+hu	ka	grúz
+hu	kaa	kara-kalpak
+hu	kk	kazah
+hu	kn	kannada
+hu	ko	koreai
+hu	krc	karacsáj-balkár
+hu	krl	karelai
+hu	ks	kasmíri
+hu	kum	kumük
+hu	kv	komi
+hu	ky	kirgiz
+hu	la	latin
+hu	lb	luxemburgi
+hu	lg	ganda
+hu	ln	lingala
+hu	lo	lao
+hu	lt	litván
+hu	lv	lett
+hu	mdf	moksán
+hu	mfe	mauritiusi kreol
+hu	mk	macedón
+hu	ml	malajálam
+hu	mr	maráthi
+hu	ms	maláj
+hu	mt	máltai
+hu	myv	erzjány
+hu	nap	nápolyi
+hu	nb	norvég (bokmål)
+hu	ne	nepáli
+hu	nl	holland
+hu	nn	norvég (nynorsk)
+hu	no	norvég
+hu	nog	nogaj
+hu	oc	okszitán
+hu	os	oszét
+hu	ota	ottomán török
+hu	pa	pandzsábi
+hu	pl	lengyel
+hu	pt	portugál
+hu	rm	rétoromán
+hu	rn	kirundi
+hu	ro	román
+hu	ru	orosz
+hu	rup	aromán
+hu	sa	szanszkrit
+hu	sah	szaha
+hu	sc	szardíniai
+hu	scn	szicíliai
+hu	sco	skót
+hu	sd	szindhi
+hu	se	északi számi
+hu	sh	szerbhorvát
+hu	si	szingaléz
+hu	sk	szlovák
+hu	sl	szlovén
+hu	sma	déli számi
+hu	smj	lulei számi
+hu	smn	inari számi
+hu	sq	albán
+hu	sr	szerb
+hu	srn	szranai tongó
+hu	ss	sziszuati
+hu	sv	svéd
+hu	sw	szuahéli
+hu	ta	tamil
+hu	te	telugu
+hu	tet	tetum
+hu	tg	tadzsik
+hu	th	thai
+hu	tk	türkmén
+hu	tl	tagalog
+hu	tr	török
+hu	tt	tatár
+hu	tyv	tuvai
+hu	udm	udmurt
+hu	ug	ujgur
+hu	uk	ukrán
+hu	ur	urdu
+hu	uz	üzbég
+hu	vi	vietnami
+hu	wal	valamo
+hu	xh	xhosza
+hu	yi	jiddis
+hu	yo	joruba
+hu	zh	kínai
+hu	zu	zulu
+hy	af	աֆրիկաանս
+hy	ain	այներեն
+hy	alt	հարավային ալթայերեն
+hy	an	արագոներեն
+hy	ar	արաբերեն
+hy	as	ասամերեն
+hy	ast	աստուրերեն
+hy	av	ավարերեն
+hy	az	ադրբեջաներեն
+hy	az	ադրբեջաներեն
+hy	ba	բաշկիրերեն
+hy	bas	բասաա
+hy	be	բելառուսերեն
+hy	bg	բուլղարերեն
+hy	bi	բիսլամա
+hy	bn	բենգալերեն
+hy	br	բրետոներեն
+hy	bs	բոսնիերեն
+hy	ca	կատալաներեն
+hy	ceb	սեբուերեն
+hy	chm	մարի
+hy	ckb	սորանի քրդերեն
+hy	co	կորսիկերեն
+hy	crh	ղրիմյան թուրքերեն
+hy	cs	չեխերեն
+hy	cu	եկեղեցական սլավոներեն
+hy	cv	չուվաշերեն
+hy	cy	ուելսերեն
+hy	da	դանիերեն
+hy	dar	դարգիներեն
+hy	de	գերմաներեն
+hy	dsb	ստորին սորբերեն
+hy	el	հունարեն
+hy	en	անգլերեն
+hy	eo	էսպերանտո
+hy	es	իսպաներեն
+hy	et	էստոներեն
+hy	eu	բասկերեն
+hy	fa	պարսկերեն
+hy	fi	ֆիններեն
+hy	fo	ֆարյորերեն
+hy	fr	ֆրանսերեն
+hy	fy	արևմտաֆրիզերեն
+hy	ga	իռլանդերեն
+hy	gag	գագաուզերեն
+hy	gd	շոտլանդական գաելերեն
+hy	gl	գալիսերեն
+hy	gn	գուարանի
+hy	gu	գուջարաթի
+hy	guc	վայուու
+hy	gv	մեներեն
+hy	ha	հաուսա
+hy	haw	հավայիերեն
+hy	he	եբրայերեն
+hy	hi	հինդի
+hy	hr	խորվաթերեն
+hy	hsb	վերին սորբերեն
+hy	ht	խառնակերտ հայիթերեն
+hy	hu	հունգարերեն
+hy	hy	հայերեն
+hy	ia	ինտերլինգուա
+hy	id	ինդոնեզերեն
+hy	ig	իգբո
+hy	is	իսլանդերեն
+hy	it	իտալերեն
+hy	ja	ճապոներեն
+hy	ka	վրացերեն
+hy	kk	ղազախերեն
+hy	kn	կաննադա
+hy	ko	կորեերեն
+hy	krc	կարաչայ-բալկարերեն
+hy	krl	կարելերեն
+hy	ks	քաշմիրերեն
+hy	kum	կումիկերեն
+hy	kv	կոմիերեն
+hy	ky	ղրղզերեն
+hy	la	լատիներեն
+hy	lb	լյուքսեմբուրգերեն
+hy	lg	գանդա
+hy	ln	լինգալա
+hy	lo	լաոսերեն
+hy	lt	լիտվերեն
+hy	lv	լատվիերեն
+hy	mdf	մոկշայերեն
+hy	mfe	մորիսյեն
+hy	mk	մակեդոներեն
+hy	ml	մալայալամ
+hy	mr	մարաթի
+hy	mrj	արևմտամարիերեն
+hy	ms	մալայերեն
+hy	mt	մալթայերեն
+hy	myv	էրզյա
+hy	nap	նեապոլերեն
+hy	nb	գրքային նորվեգերեն
+hy	ne	նեպալերեն
+hy	nl	հոլանդերեն
+hy	nn	նոր նորվեգերեն
+hy	no	նորվեգերեն
+hy	nog	նոգայերեն
+hy	oc	օքսիտաներեն
+hy	os	օսերեն
+hy	ota	օսմաներեն
+hy	pa	փենջաբերեն
+hy	pl	լեհերեն
+hy	pt	պորտուգալերեն
+hy	rm	ռոմանշերեն
+hy	rn	ռունդի
+hy	ro	ռումիներեն
+hy	ru	ռուսերեն
+hy	rup	արոմաներեն
+hy	sa	սանսկրիտ
+hy	sah	յակուտերեն
+hy	sc	սարդիներեն
+hy	scn	սիցիլիերեն
+hy	sco	շոտլանդերեն
+hy	sd	սինդհի
+hy	se	հյուսիսային սաամի
+hy	sh	սերբա-խորվաթերեն
+hy	si	սինհալերեն
+hy	sk	սլովակերեն
+hy	sl	սլովեներեն
+hy	sma	հարավային սաամի
+hy	smj	լուլե սաամի
+hy	smn	ինարի սաամի
+hy	sq	ալբաներեն
+hy	sr	սերբերեն
+hy	srn	սրանան տոնգո
+hy	ss	սվազերեն
+hy	sv	շվեդերեն
+hy	sw	սուահիլի
+hy	ta	թամիլերեն
+hy	te	թելուգու
+hy	tet	տետում
+hy	tg	տաջիկերեն
+hy	th	թայերեն
+hy	tk	թուրքմեներեն
+hy	tl	տագալերեն
+hy	tr	թուրքերեն
+hy	tt	թաթարերեն
+hy	tyv	տուվերեն
+hy	udm	ուդմուրտերեն
+hy	ug	ույղուրերեն
+hy	uk	ուկրաիներեն
+hy	ur	ուրդու
+hy	uz	ուզբեկերեն
+hy	vi	վիետնամերեն
+hy	vro	վորո
+hy	wal	վոլայտա
+hy	xh	քոսա
+hy	yi	իդիշ
+hy	yo	յորուբա
+hy	zh	չինարեն
+hy	zu	զուլուերեն
+ia	af	afrikaans
+ia	ain	ainu
+ia	alt	altai del sud
+ia	an	aragonese
+ia	ar	arabe
+ia	as	assamese
+ia	ast	asturiano
+ia	av	avaro
+ia	az	azerbaidzhano
+ia	az	azeri
+ia	ba	bashkir
+ia	bas	basaa
+ia	be	bielorusso
+ia	bg	bulgaro
+ia	bi	bislama
+ia	bn	bengalese
+ia	br	breton
+ia	bs	bosniaco
+ia	ca	catalano
+ia	ceb	cebuano
+ia	chm	mari
+ia	ckb	kurdo central
+ia	co	corso
+ia	cs	checo
+ia	cu	slavo ecclesiastic
+ia	cv	chuvash
+ia	cy	gallese
+ia	da	danese
+ia	dar	dargwa
+ia	de	germano
+ia	dsb	basse sorabo
+ia	el	greco
+ia	en	anglese
+ia	eo	esperanto
+ia	es	espaniol
+ia	et	estoniano
+ia	eu	basco
+ia	fa	persa
+ia	fi	finnese
+ia	fo	feroese
+ia	fr	francese
+ia	fy	frison occidental
+ia	ga	irlandese
+ia	gd	gaelico scotese
+ia	gl	galleco
+ia	gn	guarani
+ia	gu	gujarati
+ia	gv	mannese
+ia	ha	hausa
+ia	haw	hawaiano
+ia	he	hebreo
+ia	hi	hindi
+ia	hr	croato
+ia	hsb	alte sorabo
+ia	ht	creolo haitian
+ia	hu	hungaro
+ia	hy	armeniano
+ia	ia	interlingua
+ia	id	indonesiano
+ia	ig	igbo
+ia	is	islandese
+ia	it	italiano
+ia	ja	japonese
+ia	ka	georgiano
+ia	kk	kazakh
+ia	kn	kannada
+ia	ko	coreano
+ia	krc	karachay-balkaro
+ia	krl	careliano
+ia	ks	kashmiri
+ia	kum	kumyko
+ia	kv	komi
+ia	ky	kirghizo
+ia	la	latino
+ia	lb	luxemburgese
+ia	lg	luganda
+ia	ln	lingala
+ia	lo	laotiano
+ia	lt	lithuano
+ia	lv	letton
+ia	mdf	moksha
+ia	mfe	creolo mauritian
+ia	mk	macedone
+ia	ml	malayalam
+ia	mr	marathi
+ia	ms	malay
+ia	mt	maltese
+ia	myv	erzya
+ia	nap	napolitano
+ia	nb	norvegiano bokmål
+ia	ne	nepalese
+ia	nl	nederlandese
+ia	nn	norvegiano nynorsk
+ia	no	norvegiano
+ia	nog	nogai
+ia	oc	occitano
+ia	os	osseto
+ia	pa	punjabi
+ia	pl	polonese
+ia	pt	portugese
+ia	rm	romanche
+ia	rn	rundi
+ia	ro	romaniano
+ia	ru	russo
+ia	rup	aromaniano
+ia	sa	sanscrito
+ia	sah	yakuto
+ia	sc	sardo
+ia	scn	siciliano
+ia	sco	scotese
+ia	sd	sindhi
+ia	se	sami del nord
+ia	sh	serbocroate
+ia	si	cingalese
+ia	sk	slovaco
+ia	sl	sloveno
+ia	sma	sami del sud
+ia	smj	sami de Lule
+ia	smn	sami de Inari
+ia	sq	albanese
+ia	sr	serbo
+ia	srn	sranan tongo
+ia	ss	swati
+ia	sv	svedese
+ia	sw	swahili
+ia	ta	tamil
+ia	te	telugu
+ia	tet	tetum
+ia	tg	tajiko
+ia	th	thai
+ia	tk	turkmeno
+ia	tr	turco
+ia	tt	tataro
+ia	tyv	tuvano
+ia	udm	udmurto
+ia	ug	uighur
+ia	uk	ukrainiano
+ia	ur	urdu
+ia	uz	uzbeko
+ia	vi	vietnamese
+ia	wal	wolaytta
+ia	xh	xhosa
+ia	yi	yiddish
+ia	yo	yoruba
+ia	zh	chinese
+ia	zu	zulu
+id	af	Afrikaans
+id	ain	Ainu
+id	alt	Altai Selatan
+id	an	Aragon
+id	ar	Arab
+id	as	Assam
+id	ast	Asturia
+id	av	Avar
+id	az	Azerbaijani
+id	az	Azeri
+id	ba	Bashkir
+id	bas	Basa
+id	be	Belarusia
+id	bg	Bulgaria
+id	bi	Bislama
+id	bn	Bengali
+id	br	Breton
+id	bs	Bosnia
+id	bua	Buriat
+id	byv	Medumba
+id	ca	Katalan
+id	ceb	Cebuano
+id	chm	Mari
+id	ckb	Kurdi Sorani
+id	co	Korsika
+id	crh	Tatar Krimea
+id	cs	Cheska
+id	csb	Kashubia
+id	cu	Bahasa Gereja Slavonia
+id	cv	Chuvash
+id	cy	Welsh
+id	da	Dansk
+id	dar	Dargwa
+id	de	Jerman
+id	dsb	Sorbia Hilir
+id	el	Yunani
+id	en	Inggris
+id	eo	Esperanto
+id	es	Spanyol
+id	et	Esti
+id	eu	Basque
+id	fa	Persia
+id	fi	Suomi
+id	fo	Faroe
+id	fr	Prancis
+id	fy	Frisia Barat
+id	ga	Irlandia
+id	gag	Gagauz
+id	gd	Gaelik Skotlandia
+id	gl	Galisia
+id	glk	Gilaki
+id	gn	Guarani
+id	gu	Gujarat
+id	gv	Manx
+id	ha	Hausa
+id	haw	Hawaii
+id	he	Ibrani
+id	hi	Hindi
+id	hr	Kroasia
+id	hsb	Sorbia Hulu
+id	ht	Kreol Haiti
+id	hu	Hungaria
+id	hy	Armenia
+id	ia	Interlingua
+id	id	Indonesia
+id	ig	Igbo
+id	is	Islandia
+id	it	Italia
+id	ja	Jepang
+id	ka	Georgia
+id	kaa	Kara-Kalpak
+id	kk	Kazakh
+id	kn	Kannada
+id	ko	Korea
+id	krc	Karachai Balkar
+id	krl	Karelia
+id	ks	Kashmir
+id	kum	Kumyk
+id	kv	Komi
+id	ky	Kirgiz
+id	la	Latin
+id	lb	Luksemburg
+id	lg	Ganda
+id	ln	Lingala
+id	lo	Lao
+id	lt	Lituavi
+id	lv	Latvi
+id	mdf	Moksha
+id	mfe	Morisien
+id	mk	Makedonia
+id	ml	Malayalam
+id	mr	Marathi
+id	ms	Melayu
+id	mt	Malta
+id	myv	Eryza
+id	nap	Neapolitan
+id	nb	Bokmål Norwegia
+id	ne	Nepali
+id	nl	Belanda
+id	nn	Nynorsk Norwegia
+id	no	Norwegia
+id	nog	Nogai
+id	oc	Ositania
+id	os	Ossetia
+id	ota	Turki Osmani
+id	pa	Punjabi
+id	pl	Polski
+id	pt	Portugis
+id	rm	Reto-Roman
+id	rn	Rundi
+id	ro	Rumania
+id	ru	Rusia
+id	rup	Aromania
+id	sa	Sanskerta
+id	sah	Sakha
+id	sc	Sardinia
+id	scn	Sisilia
+id	sco	Skotlandia
+id	sd	Sindhi
+id	se	Sami Utara
+id	sh	Serbo-Kroasia
+id	si	Sinhala
+id	sk	Slovak
+id	sl	Sloven
+id	sma	Sami Selatan
+id	smj	Lule Sami
+id	smn	Inari Sami
+id	sq	Albania
+id	sr	Serbia
+id	srn	Sranan Tongo
+id	ss	Swati
+id	sv	Swedia
+id	sw	Swahili
+id	szl	Silesia
+id	ta	Tamil
+id	te	Telugu
+id	tet	Tetun
+id	tg	Tajik
+id	th	Thai
+id	tk	Turkmen
+id	tl	Tagalog
+id	tr	Turki
+id	tt	Tatar
+id	tyv	Tuvinia
+id	udm	Udmurt
+id	ug	Uighur
+id	ug	Uyghur
+id	uk	Ukraina
+id	ur	Urdu
+id	uz	Uzbek
+id	vi	Vietnam
+id	wal	Walamo
+id	xh	Xhosa
+id	yi	Yiddish
+id	yo	Yoruba
+id	zh	Tionghoa
+id	zu	Zulu
+ig	ar	Arabiikị
+ig	be	Belaruusu
+ig	bg	Bọlụgarịa
+ig	bn	Bengali
+ig	cs	Cheekị
+ig	de	Asụsụ Jaman
+ig	el	Giriikị
+ig	en	Asụsụ Bekee
+ig	es	Asụsụ Spanish
+ig	fa	Peshan
+ig	fr	Asụsụ Fụrench
+ig	ha	Awụsa
+ig	hi	Hindi
+ig	hu	Magịya
+ig	id	Indonisia
+ig	ig	Asụsụ Igbo
+ig	it	Asụsụ Italian
+ig	ja	Asụsụ Japanese
+ig	ko	Koria
+ig	ms	Maleyi
+ig	ne	Nepali
+ig	nl	Dọọch
+ig	pa	Punjabi
+ig	pl	Poliishi
+ig	pt	Asụsụ Portuguese
+ig	ro	Rumenia
+ig	ru	Asụsụ Russian
+ig	sv	Sụwidiishi
+ig	ta	Tamụlụ
+ig	th	Taị
+ig	tr	Tọkiishi
+ig	uk	Ukureenị
+ig	ur	Urudu
+ig	vi	Viyetịnaamụ
+ig	yo	Yoruba
+ig	zh	Mandarịịnị
+ig	zu	Zulu
+is	af	afríkanska
+is	ain	aínu (Japan)
+is	alt	suðuraltaíska
+is	an	aragonska
+is	ar	arabíska
+is	as	assamska
+is	ast	astúríska
+is	av	avaríska
+is	az	aserska
+is	az	aserska
+is	ba	baskír
+is	bas	basa
+is	be	hvítrússneska
+is	bg	búlgarska
+is	bi	bíslama
+is	bn	bengalska
+is	br	bretónska
+is	bs	bosníska
+is	bua	búríat
+is	ca	katalónska
+is	ceb	kebúanó
+is	chm	marí
+is	ckb	sorani-kúrdíska
+is	co	korsíska
+is	crh	krímtyrkneska
+is	cs	tékkneska
+is	csb	kasúbíska
+is	cu	kirkjuslavneska
+is	cv	sjúvas
+is	cy	velska
+is	da	danska
+is	dar	dargva
+is	de	þýska
+is	dsb	lágsorbneska
+is	el	gríska
+is	en	enska
+is	eo	esperantó
+is	es	spænska
+is	et	eistneska
+is	eu	baskneska
+is	fa	persneska
+is	fi	finnska
+is	fo	færeyska
+is	fr	franska
+is	fy	vesturfrísneska
+is	ga	írska
+is	gag	gagás
+is	gd	skosk gelíska
+is	gl	galíanska
+is	gn	gvaraní
+is	gu	gújaratí
+is	gv	manska
+is	ha	hása
+is	haw	havaíska
+is	he	hebreska
+is	hi	hindí
+is	hr	króatíska
+is	hsb	hásorbneska
+is	ht	haítíska
+is	hu	ungverska
+is	hy	armenska
+is	ia	alþjóðatunga
+is	id	indónesíska
+is	ig	ígbó
+is	is	íslenska
+is	it	ítalska
+is	ja	japanska
+is	ka	georgíska
+is	kaa	karakalpak
+is	kk	kasakska
+is	kn	kannada
+is	ko	kóreska
+is	krc	karasaíbalkar
+is	krl	karélska
+is	ks	kasmírska
+is	kum	kúmík
+is	kv	komíska
+is	ky	kirgiska
+is	la	latína
+is	lb	lúxemborgíska
+is	lg	ganda
+is	ln	lingala
+is	lo	laó
+is	lt	litháíska
+is	lv	lettneska
+is	mdf	moksa
+is	mfe	máritíska
+is	mk	makedónska
+is	ml	malajalam
+is	mr	maratí
+is	ms	malaíska
+is	mt	maltneska
+is	myv	ersja
+is	nap	napólíska
+is	nb	norskt bókmál
+is	ne	nepalska
+is	nl	hollenska
+is	nn	nýnorska
+is	no	norska
+is	nog	nógaí
+is	oc	oksítaníska
+is	os	ossetíska
+is	ota	tyrkneska, ottóman
+is	pa	púnjabí
+is	pl	pólska
+is	pt	portúgalska
+is	rm	rómanska
+is	rn	rúndí
+is	ro	rúmenska
+is	ru	rússneska
+is	rup	arúmenska
+is	sa	sanskrít
+is	sah	jakút
+is	sc	sardínska
+is	scn	sikileyska
+is	sco	skoska
+is	sd	sindí
+is	se	norðursamíska
+is	sh	serbókróatíska
+is	si	singalíska
+is	sk	slóvakíska
+is	sl	slóvenska
+is	sma	suðursamíska
+is	smj	lúlesamíska
+is	smn	enaresamíska
+is	sq	albanska
+is	sr	serbneska
+is	srn	sranan tongo
+is	ss	svatí
+is	sv	sænska
+is	sw	svahílí
+is	ta	tamílska
+is	te	telúgú
+is	tet	tetúm
+is	tg	tadsjikska
+is	th	taílenska
+is	tk	túrkmenska
+is	tl	tagalog
+is	tr	tyrkneska
+is	tt	tatarska
+is	tyv	túvínska
+is	udm	údmúrt
+is	ug	úígúr
+is	uk	úkraínska
+is	ur	úrdú
+is	uz	úsbekska
+is	vi	víetnamska
+is	wal	volayatta
+is	xh	sósa
+is	yi	jiddíska
+is	yo	jórúba
+is	zh	kínverska
+is	zu	súlú
+it	af	afrikaans
+it	ain	ainu
+it	alt	altai meridionale
+it	an	aragonese
+it	ar	arabo
+it	as	assamese
+it	ast	asturiano
+it	av	avaro
+it	az	azerbaigiano
+it	az	azero
+it	ba	baschiro
+it	bas	basa
+it	be	bielorusso
+it	bg	bulgaro
+it	bi	bislama
+it	bn	bengalese
+it	br	bretone
+it	bs	bosniaco
+it	bua	buriat
+it	byv	medumba
+it	ca	catalano
+it	ceb	cebuano
+it	chm	mari
+it	ckb	curdo sorani
+it	co	corso
+it	crh	turco crimeo
+it	cs	ceco
+it	csb	kashubian
+it	cu	slavo della Chiesa
+it	cv	ciuvascio
+it	cy	gallese
+it	da	danese
+it	dar	dargwa
+it	de	tedesco
+it	dsb	basso sorabo
+it	el	greco
+it	en	inglese
+it	eo	esperanto
+it	es	spagnolo
+it	et	estone
+it	eu	basco
+it	fa	persiano
+it	fi	finlandese
+it	fo	faroese
+it	fr	francese
+it	fy	frisone occidentale
+it	ga	irlandese
+it	gag	gagauzo
+it	gd	gaelico scozzese
+it	gl	galiziano
+it	glk	gilaki
+it	gn	guaraní
+it	gu	gujarati
+it	guc	wayuu
+it	gv	mannese
+it	ha	hausa
+it	haw	hawaiano
+it	he	ebraico
+it	hi	hindi
+it	hr	croato
+it	hsb	alto sorabo
+it	ht	haitiano
+it	hu	ungherese
+it	hy	armeno
+it	ia	interlingua
+it	id	indonesiano
+it	ig	igbo
+it	is	islandese
+it	it	italiano
+it	ja	giapponese
+it	ka	georgiano
+it	kaa	kara-kalpak
+it	kk	kazako
+it	kn	kannada
+it	ko	coreano
+it	krc	karachay-Balkar
+it	krl	careliano
+it	ks	kashmiri
+it	kum	kumyk
+it	kv	komi
+it	ky	kirghiso
+it	la	latino
+it	lb	lussemburghese
+it	lg	ganda
+it	liv	livone
+it	ln	lingala
+it	lo	lao
+it	lt	lituano
+it	lv	lettone
+it	mdf	moksha
+it	mfe	creolo mauriziano
+it	mk	macedone
+it	ml	malayalam
+it	mr	marathi
+it	mrj	mari occidentale
+it	ms	malese
+it	mt	maltese
+it	myv	erzya
+it	nap	napoletano
+it	nb	norvegese bokmål
+it	ne	nepalese
+it	nl	olandese
+it	nn	norvegese nynorsk
+it	no	norvegese
+it	nog	nogai
+it	oc	occitano
+it	os	ossetico
+it	ota	turco ottomano
+it	pa	punjabi
+it	pl	polacco
+it	pt	portoghese
+it	rm	romancio
+it	rn	rundi
+it	ro	rumeno
+it	ru	russo
+it	rup	arumeno
+it	sa	sanscrito
+it	sah	yakut
+it	sc	sardo
+it	scn	siciliano
+it	sco	scozzese
+it	sd	sindhi
+it	se	sami del nord
+it	sh	serbo-croato
+it	si	singalese
+it	sk	slovacco
+it	sl	sloveno
+it	sma	sami del sud
+it	smj	sami di Lule
+it	smn	sami di Inari
+it	sq	albanese
+it	sr	serbo
+it	srn	sranan tongo
+it	ss	swati
+it	sv	svedese
+it	sw	swahili
+it	szl	slesiano
+it	ta	tamil
+it	te	telugu
+it	tet	tetum
+it	tg	tagico
+it	th	thai
+it	tk	turcomanno
+it	tl	tagalog
+it	tr	turco
+it	tt	tataro
+it	tyv	tuvinian
+it	udm	udmurt
+it	ug	uiguro
+it	uk	ucraino
+it	ur	urdu
+it	uz	uzbeco
+it	vi	vietnamita
+it	vro	võro
+it	wal	walamo
+it	xh	xhosa
+it	yi	yiddish
+it	yo	yoruba
+it	zh	cinese
+it	zu	zulu
+ja	af	アフリカーンス語
+ja	ain	アイヌ語
+ja	alt	南アルタイ語
+ja	an	アラゴン語
+ja	ar	アラビア語
+ja	as	アッサム語
+ja	ast	アストゥリアス語
+ja	av	アヴァル語
+ja	az	アゼリー語
+ja	az	アゼルバイジャン語
+ja	ba	バシキール語
+ja	bas	バサ語
+ja	be	ベラルーシ語
+ja	bg	ブルガリア語
+ja	bi	ビスラマ語
+ja	bn	ベンガル語
+ja	br	ブルトン語
+ja	bs	ボスニア語
+ja	bua	ブリヤート語
+ja	byv	メドゥンバ語
+ja	ca	カタロニア語
+ja	ceb	セブアノ語
+ja	chm	マリ語
+ja	ckb	中央クルド語
+ja	co	コルシカ語
+ja	crh	クリミア・タタール語
+ja	cs	チェコ語
+ja	csb	カシューブ語
+ja	cu	教会スラブ語
+ja	cv	チュヴァシ語
+ja	cy	ウェールズ語
+ja	da	デンマーク語
+ja	dar	ダルグワ語
+ja	de	ドイツ語
+ja	dsb	低地ソルブ語
+ja	el	ギリシャ語
+ja	en	英語
+ja	eo	エスペラント語
+ja	es	スペイン語
+ja	et	エストニア語
+ja	eu	バスク語
+ja	fa	ペルシア語
+ja	fi	フィンランド語
+ja	fo	フェロー語
+ja	fr	フランス語
+ja	fy	西フリジア語
+ja	ga	アイルランド語
+ja	gag	ガガウズ語
+ja	gd	スコットランド・ゲール語
+ja	gl	ガリシア語
+ja	glk	ギラキ語
+ja	gn	グアラニー語
+ja	gu	グジャラート語
+ja	guc	ワユ語
+ja	gv	マン島語
+ja	ha	ハウサ語
+ja	haw	ハワイ語
+ja	he	ヘブライ語
+ja	hi	ヒンディー語
+ja	hr	クロアチア語
+ja	hsb	高地ソルブ語
+ja	ht	ハイチ・クレオール語
+ja	hu	ハンガリー語
+ja	hy	アルメニア語
+ja	ia	インターリングア
+ja	id	インドネシア語
+ja	ig	イボ語
+ja	is	アイスランド語
+ja	it	イタリア語
+ja	ja	日本語
+ja	ka	ジョージア語
+ja	kaa	カラカルパク語
+ja	kk	カザフ語
+ja	kn	カンナダ語
+ja	ko	韓国語
+ja	krc	カラチャイ・バルカル語
+ja	krl	カレリア語
+ja	ks	カシミール語
+ja	kum	クムク語
+ja	kv	コミ語
+ja	ky	キルギス語
+ja	la	ラテン語
+ja	lb	ルクセンブルク語
+ja	lg	ガンダ語
+ja	liv	リヴォニア語
+ja	ln	リンガラ語
+ja	lo	ラオ語
+ja	lt	リトアニア語
+ja	lv	ラトビア語
+ja	mdf	モクシャ語
+ja	mfe	モーリシャス・クレオール語
+ja	mk	マケドニア語
+ja	ml	マラヤーラム語
+ja	mr	マラーティー語
+ja	mrj	山地マリ語
+ja	ms	マレー語
+ja	mt	マルタ語
+ja	myv	エルジャ語
+ja	nap	ナポリ語
+ja	nb	ノルウェー語(ブークモール)
+ja	ne	ネパール語
+ja	nl	オランダ語
+ja	nn	ノルウェー語(ニーノシュク)
+ja	no	ノルウェー語
+ja	nog	ノガイ語
+ja	oc	オック語
+ja	os	オセット語
+ja	ota	オスマントルコ語
+ja	pa	パンジャブ語
+ja	pl	ポーランド語
+ja	pt	ポルトガル語
+ja	rm	ロマンシュ語
+ja	rn	ルンディ語
+ja	ro	ルーマニア語
+ja	ru	ロシア語
+ja	rup	アルーマニア語
+ja	sa	サンスクリット語
+ja	sah	サハ語
+ja	sc	サルデーニャ語
+ja	scn	シチリア語
+ja	sco	スコットランド語
+ja	sd	シンド語
+ja	se	北サーミ語
+ja	sh	セルボ・クロアチア語
+ja	si	シンハラ語
+ja	sk	スロバキア語
+ja	sl	スロベニア語
+ja	sma	南サーミ語
+ja	smj	ルレ・サーミ語
+ja	smn	イナリ・サーミ語
+ja	sq	アルバニア語
+ja	sr	セルビア語
+ja	srn	スリナム語
+ja	ss	スワジ語
+ja	sv	スウェーデン語
+ja	sw	スワヒリ語
+ja	szl	シレジア語
+ja	ta	タミル語
+ja	te	テルグ語
+ja	tet	テトゥン語
+ja	tg	タジク語
+ja	th	タイ語
+ja	tk	トルクメン語
+ja	tl	タガログ語
+ja	tr	トルコ語
+ja	tt	タタール語
+ja	tyv	トゥヴァ語
+ja	udm	ウドムルト語
+ja	ug	ウィグル語
+ja	ug	ウイグル語
+ja	uk	ウクライナ語
+ja	ur	ウルドゥー語
+ja	uz	ウズベク語
+ja	vi	ベトナム語
+ja	vro	ヴォロ語
+ja	wal	ウォライタ語
+ja	xh	コサ語
+ja	yi	イディッシュ語
+ja	yo	ヨルバ語
+ja	zh	中国語
+ja	zu	ズールー語
+ka	af	აფრიკაანსი
+ka	ain	აინუური
+ka	alt	სამხრეთ ალთაური
+ka	an	არაგონული
+ka	ar	არაბული
+ka	as	ასამური
+ka	ast	ასტურიული
+ka	av	ხუნძური
+ka	az	აზერბაიჯანული
+ka	az	აზერბაიჯანული
+ka	ba	ბაშკირული
+ka	bas	ბასა
+ka	be	ბელორუსული
+ka	bg	ბულგარული
+ka	bi	ბისლამა
+ka	bn	ბენგალური
+ka	br	ბრეტონული
+ka	bs	ბოსნიური
+ka	bua	ბურიატული
+ka	ca	კატალანური
+ka	ceb	სებუანო
+ka	chm	მარიული
+ka	ckb	ცენტრალური ქურთული
+ka	co	კორსიკული
+ka	crh	ყირიმულ-თურქული
+ka	cs	ჩეხური
+ka	csb	კაშუბური
+ka	cu	საეკლესიო სლავური
+ka	cv	ჩუვაშური
+ka	cy	უელსური
+ka	da	დანიური
+ka	dar	დარგუული
+ka	de	გერმანული
+ka	dsb	ქვემოსორბული
+ka	el	ბერძნული
+ka	en	ინგლისური
+ka	eo	ესპერანტო
+ka	es	ესპანური
+ka	et	ესტონური
+ka	eu	ბასკური
+ka	fa	სპარსული
+ka	fi	ფინური
+ka	fo	ფარერული
+ka	fr	ფრანგული
+ka	fy	დასავლეთფრიზიული
+ka	ga	ირლანდიური
+ka	gag	გაგაუზური
+ka	gd	შოტლანდიური გელური
+ka	gl	გალისიური
+ka	gn	გუარანი
+ka	gu	გუჯარათი
+ka	gv	მენური
+ka	ha	ჰაუსა
+ka	haw	ჰავაიური
+ka	he	ებრაული
+ka	hi	ჰინდი
+ka	hr	ხორვატული
+ka	hsb	ზემოსორბული
+ka	ht	ჰაიტიური კრეოლი
+ka	hu	უნგრული
+ka	hy	სომხური
+ka	ia	ინტერლინგუალური
+ka	id	ინდონეზიური
+ka	ig	იგბო
+ka	is	ისლანდიური
+ka	it	იტალიური
+ka	ja	იაპონური
+ka	ka	ქართული
+ka	kaa	ყარაყალფახური
+ka	kk	ყაზახური
+ka	kn	კანადა
+ka	ko	კორეული
+ka	krc	ყარაჩაულ-ბალყარული
+ka	krl	კარელიური
+ka	ks	ქაშმირული
+ka	kum	ყუმუხური
+ka	kv	კომი
+ka	ky	ყირგიზული
+ka	la	ლათინური
+ka	lb	ლუქსემბურგული
+ka	lg	განდა
+ka	ln	ლინგალა
+ka	lo	ლაოსური
+ka	lt	ლიეტუვური
+ka	lv	ლატვიური
+ka	mdf	მოქშა
+ka	mfe	მორისიენი
+ka	mk	მაკედონური
+ka	ml	მალაიალამური
+ka	mr	მარათჰი
+ka	ms	მალაიური
+ka	mt	მალტური
+ka	myv	ერზია
+ka	nap	ნეაპოლიტანური
+ka	nb	ნორვეგიული ბუკმოლი
+ka	ne	ნეპალური
+ka	nl	ნიდერლანდური
+ka	nn	ნორვეგიული ნიუნორსკი
+ka	no	ნორვეგიული
+ka	nog	ნოღაური
+ka	oc	ოქსიტანური
+ka	os	ოსური
+ka	pa	პენჯაბური
+ka	pl	პოლონური
+ka	pt	პორტუგალიური
+ka	rm	რეტორომანული
+ka	rn	რუნდი
+ka	ro	რუმინული
+ka	ru	რუსული
+ka	rup	არომანული
+ka	sa	სანსკრიტი
+ka	sah	იაკუტური
+ka	sc	სარდინიული
+ka	scn	სიცილიური
+ka	sco	შოტლანდიური
+ka	sd	სინდჰური
+ka	se	ჩრდილოეთ საამური
+ka	sh	სერბულ-ხორვატული
+ka	si	სინჰალური
+ka	sk	სლოვაკური
+ka	sl	სლოვენური
+ka	sma	სამხრეთსამური
+ka	smj	ლულე-საამური
+ka	smn	ინარი-საამური
+ka	sq	ალბანური
+ka	sr	სერბული
+ka	srn	სრანან ტონგო
+ka	ss	სუატი
+ka	sv	შვედური
+ka	sw	სუაჰილი
+ka	ta	ტამილური
+ka	te	ტელუგუ
+ka	tet	ტეტუმი
+ka	tg	ტაჯიკური
+ka	th	ტაი
+ka	tk	თურქმენული
+ka	tr	თურქული
+ka	tt	თათრული
+ka	tyv	ტუვა
+ka	udm	უდმურტული
+ka	ug	უიღურული
+ka	uk	უკრაინული
+ka	ur	ურდუ
+ka	uz	უზბეკური
+ka	vi	ვიეტნამური
+ka	wal	ველაითა
+ka	xh	ქჰოსა
+ka	yi	იდიში
+ka	yo	იორუბა
+ka	zh	ჩინური
+ka	zu	ზულუ
+kk	af	африкаанс тілі
+kk	ain	айну тілі
+kk	alt	оңтүстік алтай тілі
+kk	an	арагон тілі
+kk	ar	араб тілі
+kk	as	ассам тілі
+kk	ast	астурия тілі
+kk	av	авар тілі
+kk	az	әзірбайжан тілі
+kk	az	әзірбайжан тілі
+kk	ba	башқұрт тілі
+kk	bas	баса тілі
+kk	be	беларусь тілі
+kk	bg	болгар тілі
+kk	bi	бислама тілі
+kk	bn	бенгал тілі
+kk	br	бретон тілі
+kk	bs	босния тілі
+kk	ca	каталан тілі
+kk	ceb	себуано тілі
+kk	chm	мари тілі
+kk	ckb	сорани тілі
+kk	co	корсика тілі
+kk	cs	чех тілі
+kk	cu	шіркеулік славян тілі
+kk	cv	чуваш тілі
+kk	cy	валлий тілі
+kk	da	дат тілі
+kk	dar	даргин тілі
+kk	de	неміс тілі
+kk	dsb	төменгі лужица тілі
+kk	el	грек тілі
+kk	en	ағылшын тілі
+kk	eo	эсперанто тілі
+kk	es	испан тілі
+kk	et	эстон тілі
+kk	eu	баск тілі
+kk	fa	парсы тілі
+kk	fi	фин тілі
+kk	fo	фарер тілі
+kk	fr	француз тілі
+kk	fy	батыс фриз тілі
+kk	ga	ирланд тілі
+kk	gag	гагауз тілі
+kk	gd	шотландиялық гэль тілі
+kk	gl	галисия тілі
+kk	gn	гуарани тілі
+kk	gu	гуджарати тілі
+kk	gv	мэн тілі
+kk	ha	хауса тілі
+kk	haw	гавайи тілі
+kk	he	иврит тілі
+kk	hi	хинди тілі
+kk	hr	хорват тілі
+kk	hsb	жоғарғы лужица тілі
+kk	ht	гаити тілі
+kk	hu	венгр тілі
+kk	hy	армян тілі
+kk	ia	интерлингва тілі
+kk	id	индонезия тілі
+kk	ig	игбо тілі
+kk	is	исланд тілі
+kk	it	итальян тілі
+kk	ja	жапон тілі
+kk	ka	грузин тілі
+kk	kk	қазақ тілі
+kk	kn	каннада тілі
+kk	ko	корей тілі
+kk	krc	қарашай-балқар тілі
+kk	krl	карель тілі
+kk	ks	кашмир тілі
+kk	kum	құмық тілі
+kk	kv	коми тілі
+kk	ky	қырғыз тілі
+kk	la	латын тілі
+kk	lb	люксембург тілі
+kk	lg	ганда тілі
+kk	ln	лингала тілі
+kk	lo	лаос тілі
+kk	lt	литва тілі
+kk	lv	латыш тілі
+kk	mdf	мокша тілі
+kk	mfe	морисиен тілі
+kk	mk	македон тілі
+kk	ml	малаялам тілі
+kk	mr	маратхи тілі
+kk	ms	малай тілі
+kk	mt	мальта тілі
+kk	myv	эрзян тілі
+kk	nap	неаполитан тілі
+kk	nb	норвегиялық букмол тілі
+kk	ne	непал тілі
+kk	nl	нидерланд тілі
+kk	nn	норвегиялық нюнорск тілі
+kk	no	норвег тілі
+kk	nog	ноғай тілі
+kk	oc	окситан тілі
+kk	os	осетин тілі
+kk	pa	пенджаб тілі
+kk	pl	поляк тілі
+kk	pt	португал тілі
+kk	rm	романш тілі
+kk	rn	рунди тілі
+kk	ro	румын тілі
+kk	ru	орыс тілі
+kk	rup	арумын тілі
+kk	sa	санскрит тілі
+kk	sah	якут тілі
+kk	sc	сардин тілі
+kk	scn	сицилия тілі
+kk	sco	шотланд тілі
+kk	sd	синдхи тілі
+kk	se	солтүстік саам тілі
+kk	sh	серб-хорват тілі
+kk	si	сингал тілі
+kk	sk	словак тілі
+kk	sl	словен тілі
+kk	sma	оңтүстік саам тілі
+kk	smj	луле саам тілі
+kk	smn	инари саам тілі
+kk	sq	албан тілі
+kk	sr	серб тілі
+kk	srn	сранан тонго тілі
+kk	ss	свати тілі
+kk	sv	швед тілі
+kk	sw	суахили тілі
+kk	ta	тамил тілі
+kk	te	телугу тілі
+kk	tet	тетум тілі
+kk	tg	тәжік тілі
+kk	th	тай тілі
+kk	tk	түрікмен тілі
+kk	tr	түрік тілі
+kk	tt	татар тілі
+kk	tyv	тувин тілі
+kk	udm	удмурт тілі
+kk	ug	ұйғыр тілі
+kk	uk	украин тілі
+kk	ur	урду тілі
+kk	uz	өзбек тілі
+kk	vi	вьетнам тілі
+kk	wal	волайта тілі
+kk	xh	кхоса тілі
+kk	yi	идиш тілі
+kk	yo	йоруба тілі
+kk	zh	қытай тілі
+kk	zu	зулу тілі
+kn	af	ಆಫ್ರಿಕಾನ್ಸ್
+kn	ain	ಐನು
+kn	alt	ದಕ್ಷಿಣ ಅಲ್ಟಾಯ್
+kn	an	ಅರಗೊನೀಸ್
+kn	ar	ಅರೇಬಿಕ್
+kn	as	ಅಸ್ಸಾಮೀಸ್
+kn	ast	ಆಸ್ಟುರಿಯನ್
+kn	av	ಅವರಿಕ್
+kn	az	ಅಜೆರ್ಬೈಜಾನಿ
+kn	az	ಅಝೆರಿ
+kn	ba	ಬಶ್ಕಿರ್
+kn	bas	ಬಸಾ
+kn	be	ಬೆಲರೂಸಿಯನ್
+kn	bg	ಬಲ್ಗೇರಿಯನ್
+kn	bi	ಬಿಸ್ಲಾಮಾ
+kn	bn	ಬಾಂಗ್ಲಾ
+kn	br	ಬ್ರೆಟನ್
+kn	bs	ಬೋಸ್ನಿಯನ್
+kn	bua	ಬುರಿಯಟ್
+kn	ca	ಕೆಟಲಾನ್
+kn	ceb	ಸೆಬುವಾನೊ
+kn	chm	ಮಾರಿ
+kn	ckb	ಮಧ್ಯ ಕುರ್ದಿಶ್
+kn	co	ಕೋರ್ಸಿಕನ್
+kn	crh	ಕ್ರಿಮೀಯನ್ ಟರ್ಕಿಷ್
+kn	cs	ಜೆಕ್
+kn	csb	ಕಶುಬಿಯನ್
+kn	cu	ಚರ್ಚ್ ಸ್ಲಾವಿಕ್
+kn	cv	ಚುವಾಶ್
+kn	cy	ವೆಲ್ಶ್
+kn	da	ಡ್ಯಾನಿಶ್
+kn	dar	ದರ್ಗ್ವಾ
+kn	de	ಜರ್ಮನ್
+kn	dsb	ಲೋವರ್ ಸೋರ್ಬಿಯನ್
+kn	el	ಗ್ರೀಕ್
+kn	en	ಇಂಗ್ಲಿಷ್
+kn	eo	ಎಸ್ಪೆರಾಂಟೊ
+kn	es	ಸ್ಪ್ಯಾನಿಷ್
+kn	et	ಎಸ್ಟೊನಿಯನ್
+kn	eu	ಬಾಸ್ಕ್
+kn	fa	ಪರ್ಶಿಯನ್
+kn	fi	ಫಿನ್ನಿಶ್
+kn	fo	ಫರೋಸಿ
+kn	fr	ಫ್ರೆಂಚ್
+kn	fy	ಪಶ್ಚಿಮ ಫ್ರಿಸಿಯನ್
+kn	ga	ಐರಿಷ್
+kn	gag	ಗಗೌಜ್
+kn	gd	ಸ್ಕಾಟಿಶ್ ಗೆಲಿಕ್
+kn	gl	ಗ್ಯಾಲಿಶಿಯನ್
+kn	gn	ಗೌರಾನಿ
+kn	gu	ಗುಜರಾತಿ
+kn	gv	ಮ್ಯಾಂಕ್ಸ್
+kn	ha	ಹೌಸಾ
+kn	haw	ಹವಾಯಿಯನ್
+kn	he	ಹೀಬ್ರೂ
+kn	hi	ಹಿಂದಿ
+kn	hr	ಕ್ರೊಯೇಶಿಯನ್
+kn	hsb	ಅಪ್ಪರ್ ಸರ್ಬಿಯನ್
+kn	ht	ಹೈಟಿಯನ್ ಕ್ರಿಯೋಲಿ
+kn	hu	ಹಂಗೇರಿಯನ್
+kn	hy	ಅರ್ಮೇನಿಯನ್
+kn	ia	ಇಂಟರ್‌ಲಿಂಗ್ವಾ
+kn	id	ಇಂಡೋನೇಶಿಯನ್
+kn	ig	ಇಗ್ಬೊ
+kn	is	ಐಸ್‌ಲ್ಯಾಂಡಿಕ್
+kn	it	ಇಟಾಲಿಯನ್
+kn	ja	ಜಾಪನೀಸ್
+kn	ka	ಜಾರ್ಜಿಯನ್
+kn	kaa	ಕಾರಾ-ಕಲ್ಪಾಕ್
+kn	kk	ಕಝಕ್
+kn	kn	ಕನ್ನಡ
+kn	ko	ಕೊರಿಯನ್
+kn	krc	ಕರಚಯ್-ಬಲ್ಕಾರ್
+kn	krl	ಕರೇಲಿಯನ್
+kn	ks	ಕಾಶ್ಮೀರಿ
+kn	kum	ಕುಮೈಕ್
+kn	kv	ಕೋಮಿ
+kn	ky	ಕಿರ್ಗಿಜ್
+kn	la	ಲ್ಯಾಟಿನ್
+kn	lb	ಲಕ್ಸಂಬರ್ಗಿಷ್
+kn	lg	ಗಾಂಡಾ
+kn	ln	ಲಿಂಗಾಲ
+kn	lo	ಲಾವೋ
+kn	lt	ಲಿಥುವೇನಿಯನ್
+kn	lv	ಲಾಟ್ವಿಯನ್
+kn	mdf	ಮೋಕ್ಷ
+kn	mfe	ಮೊರಿಸನ್
+kn	mk	ಮೆಸಿಡೋನಿಯನ್
+kn	ml	ಮಲಯಾಳಂ
+kn	mr	ಮರಾಠಿ
+kn	ms	ಮಲಯ್
+kn	mt	ಮಾಲ್ಟೀಸ್
+kn	myv	ಎರ್ಝ್ಯಾ
+kn	nap	ನಿಯಾಪೊಲಿಟನ್
+kn	nb	ನಾರ್ವೆಜಿಯನ್ ಬೊಕ್ಮಲ್
+kn	ne	ನೇಪಾಳಿ
+kn	nl	ಡಚ್
+kn	nn	ನಾರ್ವೇಜಿಯನ್ ನೈನಾರ್ಸ್ಕ್
+kn	no	ನಾರ್ವೇಜಿಯನ್
+kn	nog	ನೊಗಾಯ್
+kn	oc	ಒಸಿಟನ್
+kn	os	ಒಸ್ಸೆಟಿಕ್
+kn	ota	ಒಟ್ಟೋಮನ್ ತುರ್ಕಿಷ್
+kn	pa	ಪಂಜಾಬಿ
+kn	pl	ಪೊಲಿಶ್
+kn	pt	ಪೋರ್ಚುಗೀಸ್
+kn	rm	ರೊಮಾನ್ಶ್
+kn	rn	ರುಂಡಿ
+kn	ro	ರೊಮೇನಿಯನ್
+kn	ru	ರಷ್ಯನ್
+kn	rup	ಅರೋಮಾನಿಯನ್
+kn	sa	ಸಂಸ್ಕೃತ
+kn	sah	ಸಖಾ
+kn	sc	ಸರ್ಡೀನಿಯನ್
+kn	scn	ಸಿಸಿಲಿಯನ್
+kn	sco	ಸ್ಕೋಟ್ಸ್
+kn	sd	ಸಿಂಧಿ
+kn	se	ಉತ್ತರ ಸಾಮಿ
+kn	sh	ಸರ್ಬೋ-ಕ್ರೊಯೇಶಿಯನ್
+kn	si	ಸಿಂಹಳ
+kn	sk	ಸ್ಲೋವಾಕ್
+kn	sl	ಸ್ಲೋವೇನಿಯನ್
+kn	sma	ದಕ್ಷಿಣ ಸಾಮಿ
+kn	smj	ಲೂಲ್ ಸಾಮಿ
+kn	smn	ಇನಾರಿ ಸಮೀ
+kn	sq	ಅಲ್ಬೇನಿಯನ್
+kn	sr	ಸೆರ್ಬಿಯನ್
+kn	srn	ಸ್ರಾನನ್ ಟೋಂಗೋ
+kn	ss	ಸ್ವಾತಿ
+kn	sv	ಸ್ವೀಡಿಷ್
+kn	sw	ಸ್ವಹಿಲಿ
+kn	ta	ತಮಿಳು
+kn	te	ತೆಲುಗು
+kn	tet	ಟೇಟಮ್
+kn	tg	ತಾಜಿಕ್
+kn	th	ಥಾಯ್
+kn	tk	ಟರ್ಕ್‌ಮೆನ್
+kn	tl	ಟ್ಯಾಗಲೋಗ್
+kn	tr	ಟರ್ಕಿಶ್
+kn	tt	ಟಾಟರ್
+kn	tyv	ಟುವಿನಿಯನ್
+kn	udm	ಉಡ್‌ಮುರ್ಟ್
+kn	ug	ಉಯಿಘರ್
+kn	ug	ಉಯ್‌ಗರ್
+kn	uk	ಉಕ್ರೇನಿಯನ್
+kn	ur	ಉರ್ದು
+kn	uz	ಉಜ್ಬೇಕ್
+kn	vi	ವಿಯೆಟ್ನಾಮೀಸ್
+kn	wal	ವಲಾಯ್ತಾ
+kn	xh	ಕ್ಸೋಸ
+kn	yi	ಯಿಡ್ಡಿಶ್
+kn	yo	ಯೊರುಬಾ
+kn	zh	ಚೈನೀಸ್
+kn	zu	ಜುಲು
+ko	af	아프리칸스어
+ko	ain	아이누어
+ko	alt	남부 알타이어
+ko	an	아라곤어
+ko	ar	아랍어
+ko	as	아삼어
+ko	ast	아스투리아어
+ko	av	아바릭어
+ko	az	아제르바이잔어
+ko	az	아제리어
+ko	ba	바슈키르어
+ko	bas	바사어
+ko	be	벨라루스어
+ko	bg	불가리아어
+ko	bi	비슬라마어
+ko	bn	벵골어
+ko	br	브르타뉴어
+ko	bs	보스니아어
+ko	bua	부리아타
+ko	byv	메둠바어
+ko	ca	카탈로니아어
+ko	ceb	세부아노어
+ko	chm	마리어
+ko	ckb	소라니 쿠르드어
+ko	co	코르시카어
+ko	crh	크리민 터키어; 크리민 타타르어
+ko	cs	체코어
+ko	csb	카슈비아어
+ko	cu	교회 슬라브어
+ko	cv	추바시어
+ko	cy	웨일스어
+ko	da	덴마크어
+ko	dar	다르그와어
+ko	de	독일어
+ko	dsb	저지 소르비아어
+ko	el	그리스어
+ko	en	영어
+ko	eo	에스페란토어
+ko	es	스페인어
+ko	et	에스토니아어
+ko	eu	바스크어
+ko	fa	페르시아어
+ko	fi	핀란드어
+ko	fo	페로어
+ko	fr	프랑스어
+ko	fy	서부 프리지아어
+ko	ga	아일랜드어
+ko	gag	가가우스어
+ko	gd	스코틀랜드 게일어
+ko	gl	갈리시아어
+ko	glk	길라키어
+ko	gn	과라니어
+ko	gu	구자라트어
+ko	gv	맹크스어
+ko	ha	하우사어
+ko	haw	하와이어
+ko	he	히브리어
+ko	hi	힌디어
+ko	hr	크로아티아어
+ko	hsb	고지 소르비아어
+ko	ht	아이티어
+ko	hu	헝가리어
+ko	hy	아르메니아어
+ko	ia	인터링구아
+ko	id	인도네시아어
+ko	ig	이그보어
+ko	is	아이슬란드어
+ko	it	이탈리아어
+ko	ja	일본어
+ko	ka	조지아어
+ko	kaa	카라칼파크어
+ko	kk	카자흐어
+ko	kn	칸나다어
+ko	ko	한국어
+ko	krc	카라챠이-발카르어
+ko	krl	카렐리야어
+ko	ks	카슈미르어
+ko	kum	쿠믹어
+ko	kv	코미어
+ko	ky	키르기스어
+ko	la	라틴어
+ko	lb	룩셈부르크어
+ko	lg	간다어
+ko	ln	링갈라어
+ko	lo	라오어
+ko	lt	리투아니아어
+ko	lv	라트비아어
+ko	mdf	모크샤어
+ko	mfe	모리스얀어
+ko	mk	마케도니아어
+ko	ml	말라얄람어
+ko	mr	마라티어
+ko	mrj	서부 마리어
+ko	ms	말레이어
+ko	mt	몰타어
+ko	myv	엘즈야어
+ko	nap	나폴리어
+ko	nb	노르웨이어(보크말)
+ko	ne	네팔어
+ko	nl	네덜란드어
+ko	nn	노르웨이어(니노르스크)
+ko	no	노르웨이어
+ko	nog	노가이어
+ko	oc	오크어
+ko	os	오세트어
+ko	ota	오스만 터키어
+ko	pa	펀잡어
+ko	pl	폴란드어
+ko	pt	포르투갈어
+ko	rm	로만시어
+ko	rn	룬디어
+ko	ro	루마니아어
+ko	ru	러시아어
+ko	rup	아로마니아어
+ko	sa	산스크리트어
+ko	sah	야쿠트어
+ko	sc	사르디니아어
+ko	scn	시칠리아어
+ko	sco	스코틀랜드어
+ko	sd	신디어
+ko	se	북부 사미어
+ko	sh	세르비아-크로아티아어
+ko	si	스리랑카어
+ko	sk	슬로바키아어
+ko	sl	슬로베니아어
+ko	sma	남부 사미어
+ko	smj	룰레 사미어
+ko	smn	이나리 사미어
+ko	sq	알바니아어
+ko	sr	세르비아어
+ko	srn	스라난 통가어
+ko	ss	시스와티어
+ko	sv	스웨덴어
+ko	sw	스와힐리어
+ko	ta	타밀어
+ko	te	텔루구어
+ko	tet	테툼어
+ko	tg	타지크어
+ko	th	태국어
+ko	tk	투르크멘어
+ko	tl	타갈로그어
+ko	tr	터키어
+ko	tt	타타르어
+ko	tyv	투비니안어
+ko	udm	우드말트어
+ko	ug	위구르어
+ko	uk	우크라이나어
+ko	ur	우르두어
+ko	uz	우즈베크어
+ko	vi	베트남어
+ko	wal	월라이타어
+ko	xh	코사어
+ko	yi	이디시어
+ko	yo	요루바어
+ko	zh	중국어
+ko	zu	줄루어
+ks	af	اَفریٖکانز
+ks	ain	اینوٗ
+ks	alt	جنوٗبی اَلتایی
+ks	an	اَراگونی
+ks	ar	عربی
+ks	as	اسٲمۍ
+ks	ast	ایسٹوٗریَن
+ks	av	اَوارِک
+ks	az	اَزَربیجانی
+ks	ba	بَشکیٖر
+ks	bas	باسا
+ks	be	بیلَروٗشیَن
+ks	bg	بینا
+ks	bi	بِسلاما
+ks	bn	بَنگٲلۍ
+ks	br	بریٹَن
+ks	bs	بوسنِیَن
+ks	bua	بُرِیَت
+ks	ca	کَتلان
+ks	ceb	سیباونو
+ks	chm	ماری
+ks	co	کارسِکَن
+ks	crh	کرٕمیٖن تُرکی
+ks	cs	چیک
+ks	csb	کَشوٗبِیَن
+ks	cu	چٔرچ سلاوِک
+ks	cv	چُواش
+ks	cy	ویلش
+ks	da	ڈینِش
+ks	dar	دَرگوا
+ks	de	جٔرمَن
+ks	dsb	بۆنِم ساربِیَن
+ks	el	یوٗنٲنی
+ks	en	اَنگیٖزۍ
+ks	eo	ایسپَرینٹو
+ks	es	سپینِش
+ks	et	ایسٹونیَن
+ks	eu	باسک
+ks	fa	فارسی
+ks	fi	فِنِش
+ks	fo	فَروس
+ks	fr	فرینچ
+ks	fy	مغربی فرِشیَن
+ks	ga	اَیرِش
+ks	gd	سکوٹِش گیےلِک
+ks	gl	گیلِشِیَن
+ks	gn	گُوارَنی
+ks	gu	گُجرٲتی
+ks	gv	مینکس
+ks	ha	ہاوسا
+ks	haw	ہوایِیَن
+ks	he	عبرٲنۍ
+ks	hi	ہِندی
+ks	hr	کروشِیَن
+ks	hsb	ہیرِم ساربِیَن
+ks	ht	ہیتِیاں
+ks	hu	ہَنگیریَن
+ks	hy	اَرمینیَن
+ks	ia	اِنٹَرلِنگوا
+ks	id	اِنڈونیشیا
+ks	ig	اِگبو
+ks	is	آیِسلینڈِک
+ks	it	اِٹیلیَن
+ks	ja	جاپٲنۍ
+ks	ka	جارجِیَن
+ks	kaa	کارا کَلپَک
+ks	kk	کازَخ
+ks	kn	کَنَڑ
+ks	ko	کوریَن
+ks	krc	کراچیے بَلکار
+ks	krl	کَریلِیَن
+ks	ks	کٲشُر
+ks	kum	کُمِک
+ks	kv	کومی
+ks	ky	کِرگِز
+ks	la	لاتیٖنی
+ks	lb	لُکھزیمبورگِش
+ks	lg	گاندا
+ks	ln	لِنگالا
+ks	lo	لاو
+ks	lt	لِتھوانِیَن
+ks	lv	لَتوِیَن
+ks	mdf	موکشا
+ks	mk	میکَڈونیَن
+ks	ml	مٔلیالَم
+ks	mr	مَرٲٹھۍ
+ks	ms	مَلَے
+ks	mt	مَلتیٖس
+ks	myv	ایرزِیا
+ks	nap	نیٖپالیٹَن
+ks	nb	ناروییَن بوکمال
+ks	ne	نیپٲلۍ
+ks	nl	ڈَچ
+ks	nn	ناروییَن نَے نورسک
+ks	no	ناروییَن
+ks	nog	نوگاے
+ks	oc	اوکسیٖٹَن
+ks	os	اۆسیٹِک
+ks	ota	اوٹومَن تُرکِش
+ks	pa	پَنجٲبۍ
+ks	pl	پالِش
+ks	pt	پُرتَگیٖز
+ks	rm	رومانش
+ks	rn	رُندی
+ks	ro	رومٲنی
+ks	ru	روٗسی
+ks	rup	اَرومانی
+ks	sa	سَنسکرٕت
+ks	sah	یاکُت
+ks	sc	سراڈیٖنی
+ks	scn	سِچِلِیَن
+ks	sco	سکاٹس
+ks	sd	سِندی
+ks	se	شُمٲلی سَمی
+ks	sh	سیربو کروشِیَن
+ks	si	سِنہالا
+ks	sk	سلووَک
+ks	sl	سلووینیَن
+ks	sma	جنوٗبی سَمی
+ks	smj	لولیے سَمی
+ks	smn	اِناری سَمی
+ks	sq	البانِیَن
+ks	sr	سٔربِیَن
+ks	srn	سرانَن ٹونگو
+ks	ss	سواتی
+ks	sv	سویٖڈِش
+ks	sw	سواہِلی
+ks	ta	تَمِل
+ks	te	تیلگوٗ
+ks	tet	ٹیٹَم
+ks	tg	تاجِک
+ks	th	تھاے
+ks	tk	تُرکمین
+ks	tl	تَماشیک
+ks	tr	تُرکِش
+ks	tt	تَتار
+ks	tyv	تُویٖنیَن
+ks	udm	اُدمُرت
+ks	uk	یوٗکرینیٲیی
+ks	ur	اُردوٗ
+ks	uz	اُزبیک
+ks	vi	وِیَتنَمیٖز
+ks	wal	والامو
+ks	xh	کھوسا
+ks	yi	یِدِش
+ks	yo	یورُبا
+ks	zh	چیٖنی
+ks	zu	زُلوٗ
+ky	af	африкаанча
+ky	ain	айнуча
+ky	alt	түштүк алтайча
+ky	an	арагончо
+ky	ar	арабча
+ky	as	ассамча
+ky	ast	астурийче
+ky	av	аварикче
+ky	az	азербайжанча
+ky	az	азерче
+ky	ba	башкырча
+ky	bas	басаача
+ky	be	беларусча
+ky	bg	болгарча
+ky	bi	бисламача
+ky	bn	бангладешче
+ky	br	бретончо
+ky	bs	боснийче
+ky	ca	каталонча
+ky	ceb	себуанча
+ky	chm	мариче
+ky	ckb	борбордук курдча
+ky	co	корсиканча
+ky	cs	чехче
+ky	cu	чиркөө славянча
+ky	cv	чувашча
+ky	cy	уелшче
+ky	da	датча
+ky	dar	даргинче
+ky	de	немисче
+ky	dsb	төмөнкү сорбианча
+ky	el	грекче
+ky	en	англисче
+ky	eo	эсперанто
+ky	es	испанча
+ky	et	эстончо
+ky	eu	баскча
+ky	fa	фарсча
+ky	fi	финче
+ky	fo	фарерче
+ky	fr	французча
+ky	fy	батыш фризче
+ky	ga	ирландча
+ky	gag	гагаузча
+ky	gd	шотладиялык гелча
+ky	gl	галисияча
+ky	gn	гуараниче
+ky	gu	гужаратча
+ky	gv	мэнксыча
+ky	ha	хаусача
+ky	haw	гавайча
+ky	he	ивритче
+ky	hi	хиндиче
+ky	hr	хорватча
+ky	hsb	жогорку сорбианча
+ky	ht	гаитиче
+ky	hu	венгерче
+ky	hy	армянча
+ky	ia	интерлингва
+ky	id	индонезияча
+ky	ig	игбочо
+ky	is	исландча
+ky	it	италиянча
+ky	ja	жапончо
+ky	ka	грузинче
+ky	kk	казакча
+ky	kn	каннадача
+ky	ko	корейче
+ky	krc	карачай-балкарча
+ky	krl	карелче
+ky	ks	кашмирче
+ky	kum	кумыкча
+ky	kv	комиче
+ky	ky	кыргызча
+ky	la	латынча
+ky	lb	люксембургча
+ky	lg	гандача
+ky	ln	лингалача
+ky	lo	лаочо
+ky	lt	литовчо
+ky	lv	латышча
+ky	mdf	мокшача
+ky	mfe	морисианча
+ky	mk	македончо
+ky	ml	малайаламча
+ky	mr	маратиче
+ky	ms	малайча
+ky	mt	малтизче
+ky	myv	эрзянча
+ky	nap	неополитанча
+ky	nb	норвежче (букмал)
+ky	ne	непалча
+ky	nl	голландча
+ky	nn	норвежче (нинорск)
+ky	no	норвежче
+ky	nog	ногайча
+ky	oc	окситанча
+ky	os	осетинче
+ky	pa	пунжабиче
+ky	pl	полякча
+ky	pt	португалча
+ky	rm	романшча
+ky	rn	рундиче
+ky	ro	румынча
+ky	ru	орусча
+ky	rup	аромунча
+ky	sa	санскритче
+ky	sah	сахача
+ky	sc	сардинче
+ky	scn	сицилийче
+ky	sco	шотландча
+ky	sd	синдхиче
+ky	se	түндүк саамиче
+ky	sh	серб-хорват
+ky	si	сингалача
+ky	sk	словакча
+ky	sl	словенче
+ky	sma	түштүк саамиче
+ky	smj	луле саамиче
+ky	smn	инари саамиче
+ky	sq	албанча
+ky	sr	сербче
+ky	srn	сранан тонгочо
+ky	ss	сватиче
+ky	sv	шведче
+ky	sw	суахиличе
+ky	ta	тамилче
+ky	te	телугуча
+ky	tet	тетумча
+ky	tg	тажикче
+ky	th	тайча
+ky	tk	түркмөнчө
+ky	tr	түркчө
+ky	tt	татарча
+ky	tyv	тувинче
+ky	udm	удмуртча
+ky	ug	уйгурча
+ky	uk	украинче
+ky	ur	урдуча
+ky	uz	өзбекче
+ky	vi	вьетнамча
+ky	wal	вольяттача
+ky	xh	косача
+ky	yi	идишче
+ky	yo	йорубача
+ky	zh	кытайча
+ky	zu	зулуча
+lb	af	Afrikaans
+lb	ain	Ainu-Sprooch
+lb	alt	Süd-Alaesch
+lb	an	Aragonesesch
+lb	ar	Arabesch
+lb	as	Assamesesch
+lb	ast	Asturianesch
+lb	av	Awaresch
+lb	az	Aserbaidschanesch
+lb	ba	Baschkiresch
+lb	bas	Basaa-Sprooch
+lb	be	Wäissrussesch
+lb	bg	Bulgaresch
+lb	bi	Bislama
+lb	bn	Bengalesch
+lb	br	Bretonesch
+lb	bs	Bosnesch
+lb	bua	Burjatesch
+lb	byv	Medumba
+lb	ca	Katalanesch
+lb	ceb	Cebuano
+lb	chm	Mari
+lb	ckb	Sorani
+lb	co	Korsesch
+lb	crh	Krimtataresch
+lb	cs	Tschechesch
+lb	csb	Kaschubesch
+lb	cu	Kiercheslawesch
+lb	cv	Tschuwaschesch
+lb	cy	Walisesch
+lb	da	Dänesch
+lb	dar	Darginesch
+lb	de	Däitsch
+lb	dsb	Niddersorbesch
+lb	el	Griichesch
+lb	en	Englesch
+lb	eo	Esperanto
+lb	es	Spuenesch
+lb	et	Estnesch
+lb	eu	Baskesch
+lb	fa	Persesch
+lb	fi	Finnesch
+lb	fo	Färöesch
+lb	fr	Franséisch
+lb	fy	Westfriesesch
+lb	ga	Iresch
+lb	gag	Gagausesch
+lb	gd	Schottescht Gällesch
+lb	gl	Galizesch
+lb	glk	Gilaki
+lb	gn	Guarani
+lb	gu	Gujarati
+lb	guc	Wayuu
+lb	gv	Manx
+lb	ha	Hausa
+lb	haw	Hawaiesch
+lb	he	Hebräesch
+lb	hi	Hindi
+lb	hr	Kroatesch
+lb	hsb	Uewersorbesch
+lb	ht	Haitianesch
+lb	hu	Ungaresch
+lb	hy	Armenesch
+lb	ia	Interlingua
+lb	id	Indonesesch
+lb	ig	Igbo-Sprooch
+lb	is	Islännesch
+lb	it	Italienesch
+lb	ja	Japanesch
+lb	ka	Georgesch
+lb	kaa	Karakalpakesch
+lb	kk	Kasachesch
+lb	kn	Kannada
+lb	ko	Koreanesch
+lb	krc	Karatschaiesch-Balkaresch
+lb	krl	Karelesch
+lb	ks	Kaschmiresch
+lb	kum	Kumükesch
+lb	kv	Komi-Sprooch
+lb	ky	Kirgisesch
+lb	la	Latäin
+lb	lb	Lëtzebuergesch
+lb	lg	Ganda-Sprooch
+lb	liv	Livesch
+lb	ln	Lingala
+lb	lo	Laotesch
+lb	lt	Litauesch
+lb	lv	Lettesch
+lb	mdf	Moksha
+lb	mfe	Morisyen
+lb	mk	Mazedonesch
+lb	ml	Malayalam
+lb	mr	Marathi
+lb	mrj	West-Mari
+lb	ms	Malaiesch
+lb	mt	Maltesesch
+lb	myv	Ersja-Mordwinesch
+lb	nap	Neapolitanesch
+lb	nb	Norwegesch Bokmål
+lb	ne	Nepalesesch
+lb	nl	Hollännesch
+lb	nn	Norwegesch Nynorsk
+lb	no	Norwegesch
+lb	nog	Nogai
+lb	oc	Okzitanesch
+lb	os	Ossetesch
+lb	ota	Osmanesch
+lb	pa	Pandschabesch
+lb	pl	Polnesch
+lb	pt	Portugisesch
+lb	rm	Rätoromanesch
+lb	rn	Rundi-Sprooch
+lb	ro	Rumänesch
+lb	ru	Russesch
+lb	rup	Aromunesch
+lb	sa	Sanskrit
+lb	sah	Jakutesch
+lb	sc	Sardesch
+lb	scn	Sizilianesch
+lb	sco	Schottesch
+lb	sd	Sindhi
+lb	se	Nordsamesch
+lb	sh	Serbo-Kroatesch
+lb	si	Singhalesesch
+lb	sk	Slowakesch
+lb	sl	Slowenesch
+lb	sma	Südsamesch
+lb	smj	Lule-Lappesch
+lb	smn	Inari-Lappesch
+lb	sq	Albanesch
+lb	sr	Serbesch
+lb	srn	Srananesch
+lb	ss	Swazi
+lb	sv	Schwedesch
+lb	sw	Suaheli
+lb	szl	Schlesesch
+lb	ta	Tamilesch
+lb	te	Telugu
+lb	tet	Tetum-Sprooch
+lb	tg	Tadschikesch
+lb	th	Thailännesch
+lb	tk	Turkmenesch
+lb	tl	Dagalog
+lb	tr	Tierkesch
+lb	tt	Tataresch
+lb	tyv	Tuwinesch
+lb	udm	Udmurtesch
+lb	ug	Uiguresch
+lb	uk	Ukrainesch
+lb	ur	Urdu
+lb	uz	Usbekesch
+lb	vi	Vietnamesesch
+lb	vro	Voro
+lb	wal	Walamo-Sprooch
+lb	xh	Xhosa
+lb	yi	Jiddesch
+lb	yo	Yoruba
+lb	zh	Chinesesch
+lb	zu	Zulu
+lg	ar	Luwarabu
+lg	be	Lubelarusi
+lg	bg	Lubulugariya
+lg	bn	Lubengali
+lg	cs	Luceeke
+lg	de	Ludaaki
+lg	el	Lugereeki/Luyonaani
+lg	en	Lungereza
+lg	es	Lusipanya
+lg	fa	Luperusi
+lg	fr	Lufalansa
+lg	ha	Luhawuza
+lg	hi	Luhindu
+lg	hu	Luhangare
+lg	id	Luyindonezya
+lg	ig	Luyibo
+lg	it	Luyitale
+lg	ja	Lujapani
+lg	ko	Lukoreya
+lg	lg	Luganda
+lg	ms	Lumalayi
+lg	ne	Lunepali
+lg	nl	Luholandi
+lg	pa	Lupunjabi
+lg	pl	Lupolandi
+lg	pt	Lupotugiizi
+lg	ro	Lulomaniya
+lg	ru	Lulasa
+lg	sv	Luswideni
+lg	ta	Lutamiiru
+lg	th	Luttaayi
+lg	tr	Lutake
+lg	uk	Luyukurayine
+lg	ur	Lu-urudu
+lg	vi	Luvyetinaamu
+lg	yo	Luyoruba
+lg	zh	Lucayina
+lg	zu	Luzzulu
+ln	af	afrikansi
+ln	ar	lialabo
+ln	be	libyelorisí
+ln	bg	libiligali
+ln	bn	libengali
+ln	cs	litshekɛ
+ln	de	lialemá
+ln	el	ligeleki
+ln	en	lingɛlɛ́sa
+ln	es	lisipanye
+ln	fa	lipelésanɛ
+ln	fr	lifalansɛ́
+ln	ha	hausa
+ln	he	liébeleo
+ln	hi	lihindi
+ln	hu	liongili
+ln	id	lindonezi
+ln	ig	igbo
+ln	it	litaliano
+ln	ja	lizapɔ
+ln	ko	likoreya
+ln	la	latina
+ln	ln	lingála
+ln	ms	limalezi
+ln	ne	linepalɛ
+ln	nl	lifalamá
+ln	pa	lipendzabi
+ln	pl	lipolonɛ
+ln	pt	lipulutugɛ́si
+ln	rm	liromansh
+ln	ro	liromani
+ln	ru	lirisí
+ln	sv	lisuwedɛ
+ln	sw	kiswahíli
+ln	ta	litamuli
+ln	th	litaye
+ln	tr	litiliki
+ln	uk	likrɛni
+ln	ur	liurdu
+ln	vi	liviyetinámi
+ln	yo	yoruba
+ln	zh	lisinwa
+ln	zu	zulu
+lo	af	ອາຟຣິການ
+lo	ain	ໄອນູ
+lo	alt	ອານໄຕໃຕ້
+lo	an	ອາຣາໂກເນັດ
+lo	ar	ອາຣັບ
+lo	as	ອັສຊາມີສ
+lo	ast	ອັສຕູຮຽນ
+lo	av	ອາວາຣິກ
+lo	az	ອາເຊີໄບຈານິ
+lo	az	ອາ​ເຊີ​ຣີ
+lo	ba	ບາຣກີ
+lo	bas	ບາຊາ
+lo	be	ເບລາຣັສຊຽນ
+lo	bg	ບັງກາຣຽນ
+lo	bi	ບິສລະມາ
+lo	bn	ເບັງກາລີ
+lo	br	ເບຣຕັນ
+lo	bs	ບອສນຽນ
+lo	bua	ບູຣຽດ
+lo	byv	ເມດູມບາ
+lo	ca	ຄາຕາລານ
+lo	ceb	ຊີບູໂນ
+lo	chm	ມາຣິ
+lo	ckb	ໂຊຣານິ ເຄີດິຊ
+lo	co	ຄໍຊິກາ
+lo	crh	ຄຣີເມນເຕີຄິຊ
+lo	cs	ເຊກ
+lo	csb	ກາຊູບຽນ
+lo	cu	ໂບດສລາວິກ
+lo	cv	ຊູວາຊ
+lo	cy	ເວວ
+lo	da	ແດນິຊ
+lo	dar	ດາກວາ
+lo	de	ເຢຍລະມັນ
+lo	dsb	ຊໍບຽນຕໍ່ກວ່າ
+lo	el	ກຣີກ
+lo	en	ອັງກິດ
+lo	eo	ເອສປາຍ
+lo	es	ສະແປນນິຊ
+lo	et	ເອສໂຕນຽນ
+lo	eu	ບັສກີ
+lo	fa	ເປີຊຽນ
+lo	fi	ຟິນນິຊ
+lo	fo	ຟາໂຣສ
+lo	fr	ຝຣັ່ງ
+lo	fy	ຟຣິຊຽນ ຕາເວັນຕົກ
+lo	ga	ໄອຣິສ
+lo	gag	ກາກາອຸຊ
+lo	gd	ສະກັອດເກລິກ
+lo	gl	ກາລິຊຽນ
+lo	gn	ກົວຣານີ
+lo	gu	ກູຈາຣາຕິ
+lo	gv	ແມງຊ໌
+lo	ha	ເຮົາຊາ
+lo	haw	ຮາໄວອຽນ
+lo	he	ຮີບຣິວ
+lo	hi	ຮິນດິ
+lo	hr	ໂຄຣເອທຽນ
+lo	hsb	ຊໍບຽນ ທາງຕອນເໜືອ
+lo	ht	ໄຮຕຽນ
+lo	hu	ຮັງກາຣຽນ
+lo	hy	ອາເມນຽນ
+lo	ia	ອິນເຕີລິງລົວ
+lo	id	ອິນໂດເນຊຽນ
+lo	ig	ອິກໂບ
+lo	is	ໄອສແລນດິກ
+lo	it	ອິຕາລຽນ
+lo	ja	ຍີ່ປຸ່ນ
+lo	ka	ຈໍຈຽນ
+lo	kaa	ກາຣາ-ການປາກ
+lo	kk	ຄາຊັກ
+lo	kn	ຄັນນາດາ
+lo	ko	ເກົາຫລີ
+lo	krc	ກາຣາໄຊ-ບານກາ
+lo	krl	ກາເຣລຽນ
+lo	ks	ຄາສເມຍຣິ
+lo	kum	ຄູມີກ
+lo	kv	ໂຄມິ
+lo	ky	ເກຍກີສ
+lo	la	ລາຕິນ
+lo	lb	ລັກເຊມບວກກິຊ
+lo	lg	ແກນດາ
+lo	ln	ລິງກາລາ
+lo	lo	ລາວ
+lo	lt	ລິທົວນຽນ
+lo	lv	ລັດວຽນ
+lo	mdf	ມອກຊາ
+lo	mfe	ມໍຣິສເຢນ
+lo	mk	ແມຊິໂດນຽນ
+lo	ml	ມາເລອາລຳ
+lo	mr	ມາຣາທີ
+lo	ms	ມາເລ
+lo	mt	ມອລທີສ
+lo	myv	ເອີຍາ
+lo	nap	ນາໂປລີ
+lo	nb	ນໍເວຈຽນ ບັອກມອລ
+lo	ne	ເນປາລີ
+lo	nl	ດັຊ
+lo	nn	ນໍເວຈຽນ ນີນອກ
+lo	no	ນໍເວຍ
+lo	nog	ນໍໄກ
+lo	oc	ອັອກຊີຕານ
+lo	os	ອອດເຊຕິກ
+lo	ota	ຕູກີອອດໂຕມັນ
+lo	pa	ປັນຈາບີ
+lo	pl	ໂປລິຊ
+lo	pt	ປອກຕຸຍກິສ
+lo	rm	ໂຣແມນຊ໌
+lo	rn	ຣຸນດິ
+lo	ro	ໂຣແມນຽນ
+lo	ru	ລັດເຊຍ
+lo	rup	ອາໂຣມານຽນ
+lo	sa	ສັນສະກຣິດ
+lo	sah	ຊາກາ
+lo	sc	ສາດີນຽນ
+lo	scn	ຊີຊິລີນ
+lo	sco	ສກອດ
+lo	sd	ສິນທິ
+lo	se	ຊາມິເໜືອ
+lo	sh	ເຊີໂບ-ໂກເຊຍ
+lo	si	ສິນຫາລາ
+lo	sk	ສະໂລແວັກ
+lo	sl	ສະໂລເວນຽນ
+lo	sma	ຊາມິໃຕ້
+lo	smj	ລຸນຊາມິ
+lo	smn	ອີນາຣິຊາມິ
+lo	sq	ອານບານຽນ
+lo	sr	ເຊີບຽນ
+lo	srn	ສຣານນານຕອນໂກ
+lo	ss	ຊຣາຕິ
+lo	sv	ສະວີດິຊ
+lo	sw	ຊວາຮີລິ
+lo	ta	ທາມິລ
+lo	te	ເຕລູກູ
+lo	tet	ເຕຕູມ
+lo	tg	ທາຈິກ
+lo	th	ໄທ
+lo	tk	ເທີກເມັນ
+lo	tl	ຕາກາລອກ
+lo	tr	ເທີຄິຊ
+lo	tt	ທາທາ
+lo	tyv	ຕູວີນຽນ
+lo	udm	ອຸດມັດ
+lo	ug	ອຸຍເຄີ
+lo	uk	ຢູເຄຣນຽນ
+lo	ur	ອູຣດູ
+lo	uz	ອຸສເບກ
+lo	vi	ຫວຽດນາມ
+lo	wal	ວາລາໂມ
+lo	xh	ໂຮຊາ
+lo	yi	ຢິວ
+lo	yo	ໂຢຣູບາ
+lo	zh	ຈີນ
+lo	zu	ຊູລູ
+lt	af	afrikanų
+lt	ain	ainų
+lt	alt	pietų Altajaus
+lt	an	aragonesų
+lt	ar	arabų
+lt	as	asamų
+lt	ast	asturianų
+lt	av	avarikų
+lt	az	azerbaidžaniečių
+lt	az	azeri
+lt	ba	baškirų
+lt	bas	basų
+lt	be	baltarusių
+lt	bg	bulgarų
+lt	bi	bislama
+lt	bn	bengalų
+lt	br	bretonų
+lt	bs	bosnių
+lt	bua	buriatų
+lt	byv	medumbų
+lt	ca	katalonų
+lt	ceb	sebuanų
+lt	chm	marių
+lt	ckb	soranių kurdų
+lt	co	korsikiečių
+lt	crh	Krymo turkų
+lt	cs	čekų
+lt	csb	kašubų
+lt	cu	bažnytinė slavų
+lt	cv	čiuvašų
+lt	cy	valų
+lt	da	danų
+lt	dar	dargva
+lt	de	vokiečių
+lt	dsb	žemutinių sorbų
+lt	el	graikų
+lt	en	anglų
+lt	eo	esperanto
+lt	es	ispanų
+lt	et	estų
+lt	eu	baskų
+lt	fa	persų
+lt	fi	suomių
+lt	fo	farerų
+lt	fr	prancūzų
+lt	fy	vakarų fryzų
+lt	ga	airių
+lt	gag	gagaūzų
+lt	gd	škotų (gėlų)
+lt	gl	galisų
+lt	glk	gilaki
+lt	gn	gvaranių
+lt	gu	gudžaratų
+lt	guc	vajų
+lt	gv	meniečių
+lt	ha	hausų
+lt	haw	havajiečių
+lt	he	hebrajų
+lt	hi	hindi
+lt	hr	kroatų
+lt	hsb	aukštutinių sorbų
+lt	ht	Haičio
+lt	hu	vengrų
+lt	hy	armėnų
+lt	ia	tarpinė
+lt	id	indoneziečių
+lt	ig	igbų
+lt	is	islandų
+lt	it	italų
+lt	ja	japonų
+lt	ka	gruzinų
+lt	kaa	karakalpakų
+lt	kk	kazachų
+lt	kn	kanadų
+lt	ko	korėjiečių
+lt	krc	karačiajų balkarijos
+lt	krl	karelų
+lt	ks	kašmyrų
+lt	kum	kumikų
+lt	kv	komi
+lt	ky	kirgizų
+lt	la	lotynų
+lt	lb	liuksemburgiečių
+lt	lg	ganda
+lt	liv	lyvių
+lt	ln	ngalų
+lt	lo	laosiečių
+lt	lt	lietuvių
+lt	lv	latvių
+lt	mdf	mokša
+lt	mfe	morisijų
+lt	mk	makedonų
+lt	ml	malajalių
+lt	mr	maratų
+lt	mrj	vakarų mari
+lt	ms	malajiečių
+lt	mt	maltiečių
+lt	myv	erzyjų
+lt	nap	neapoliečių
+lt	nb	norvegų bukmolas
+lt	ne	nepaliečių
+lt	nl	olandų
+lt	nn	naujoji norvegų
+lt	no	norvegų
+lt	nog	nogų
+lt	oc	očitarų
+lt	os	osetinų
+lt	ota	osmanų turkų
+lt	pa	pendžabų
+lt	pl	lenkų
+lt	pt	portugalų
+lt	rm	retoromanų
+lt	rn	rundi
+lt	ro	rumunų
+lt	ru	rusų
+lt	rup	aromanių
+lt	sa	sanskritas
+lt	sah	jakutų
+lt	sc	sardiniečių
+lt	scn	siciliečių
+lt	sco	škotų
+lt	sd	sindų
+lt	se	šiaurės samių
+lt	sh	serbų-kroatų
+lt	si	sinhalų
+lt	sk	slovakų
+lt	sl	slovėnų
+lt	sma	pietų samių
+lt	smj	Liuleo samių
+lt	smn	Inario samių
+lt	sq	albanų
+lt	sr	serbų
+lt	srn	sranan tongo
+lt	ss	svatų
+lt	sv	švedų
+lt	sw	suahilių
+lt	szl	sileziečių
+lt	ta	tamilų
+lt	te	telugų
+lt	tet	tetum
+lt	tg	tadžikų
+lt	th	tajų
+lt	tk	turkmėnų
+lt	tl	tagalogų
+lt	tr	turkų
+lt	tt	totorių
+lt	tyv	tuvių
+lt	udm	udmurtų
+lt	ug	uigūrų
+lt	uk	ukrainiečių
+lt	ur	urdų
+lt	uz	uzbekų
+lt	vi	vietnamiečių
+lt	vro	veru
+lt	wal	valamo
+lt	xh	kosų
+lt	yi	jidiš
+lt	yo	jorubų
+lt	zh	kinų
+lt	zu	zulų
+lv	af	afrikandu
+lv	ain	ainu
+lv	alt	dienvidaltajiešu
+lv	an	aragoniešu
+lv	ar	arābu
+lv	as	asamiešu
+lv	ast	astūriešu
+lv	av	avāru
+lv	az	azerbaidžāņu
+lv	az	azerbaidžāņu
+lv	ba	baškīru
+lv	bas	basu
+lv	be	baltkrievu
+lv	bg	bulgāru
+lv	bi	bišlamā
+lv	bn	bengāļu
+lv	br	bretoņu
+lv	bs	bosniešu
+lv	bua	burjatu
+lv	byv	medumbu
+lv	ca	katalāņu
+lv	ceb	sebuāņu
+lv	chm	mariešu
+lv	ckb	centrālkurdu
+lv	co	korsikāņu
+lv	crh	Krimas tatāru
+lv	cs	čehu
+lv	csb	kašubu
+lv	cu	baznīcslāvu
+lv	cv	čuvašu
+lv	cy	velsiešu
+lv	da	dāņu
+lv	dar	dargu
+lv	de	vācu
+lv	dsb	lejassorbu
+lv	el	grieķu
+lv	en	angļu
+lv	eo	esperanto
+lv	es	spāņu
+lv	et	igauņu
+lv	eu	basku
+lv	fa	persiešu
+lv	fi	somu
+lv	fo	fēru
+lv	fr	franču
+lv	fy	rietumfrīzu
+lv	ga	īru
+lv	gag	gagauzu
+lv	gd	skotu gēlu
+lv	gl	galisiešu
+lv	gn	gvaranu
+lv	gu	gudžaratu
+lv	gv	meniešu
+lv	ha	hausu
+lv	haw	havajiešu
+lv	he	ivrits
+lv	hi	hindi
+lv	hr	horvātu
+lv	hsb	augšsorbu
+lv	ht	haitiešu
+lv	hu	ungāru
+lv	hy	armēņu
+lv	ia	interlingva
+lv	id	indonēziešu
+lv	ig	igbo
+lv	is	islandiešu
+lv	it	itāļu
+lv	ja	japāņu
+lv	ka	gruzīnu
+lv	kaa	karakalpaku
+lv	kk	kazahu
+lv	kn	kannadu
+lv	ko	korejiešu
+lv	krc	karačaju un balkāru
+lv	krl	karēļu
+lv	ks	kašmiriešu
+lv	kum	kumiku
+lv	kv	komiešu
+lv	ky	kirgīzu
+lv	la	latīņu
+lv	lb	luksemburgiešu
+lv	lg	gandu
+lv	ln	lingala
+lv	lo	laosiešu
+lv	lt	lietuviešu
+lv	lv	latviešu
+lv	mdf	mokšu
+lv	mfe	Maurīcijas kreolu
+lv	mk	maķedoniešu
+lv	ml	malajalu
+lv	mr	marathu
+lv	ms	malajiešu
+lv	mt	maltiešu
+lv	myv	erzju
+lv	nap	neapoliešu
+lv	nb	norvēģu bukmols
+lv	ne	nepāliešu
+lv	nl	holandiešu
+lv	nn	jaunnorvēģu
+lv	no	norvēģu
+lv	nog	nogaju
+lv	oc	oksitāņu
+lv	os	osetīnu
+lv	ota	turku osmaņu
+lv	pa	pandžabu
+lv	pl	poļu
+lv	pt	portugāļu
+lv	rm	retoromāņu
+lv	rn	rundu
+lv	ro	rumāņu
+lv	ru	krievu
+lv	rup	aromūnu
+lv	sa	sanskrits
+lv	sah	jakutu
+lv	sc	sardīniešu
+lv	scn	sicīliešu
+lv	sco	skotu
+lv	sd	sindhu
+lv	se	ziemeļsāmu
+lv	sh	serbu–horvātu
+lv	si	singāļu
+lv	sk	slovāku
+lv	sl	slovēņu
+lv	sma	dienvidsāmu
+lv	smj	Luleo sāmu
+lv	smn	Inari sāmu
+lv	sq	albāņu
+lv	sr	serbu
+lv	srn	sranantogo
+lv	ss	svatu
+lv	sv	zviedru
+lv	sw	svahili
+lv	ta	tamilu
+lv	te	telugu
+lv	tet	tetumu
+lv	tg	tadžiku
+lv	th	taju
+lv	tk	turkmēņu
+lv	tl	tagalu
+lv	tr	turku
+lv	tt	tatāru
+lv	tyv	tuviešu
+lv	udm	udmurtu
+lv	ug	uiguru
+lv	uk	ukraiņu
+lv	ur	urdu
+lv	uz	uzbeku
+lv	vi	vjetnamiešu
+lv	wal	valamu
+lv	xh	khosu
+lv	yi	jidišs
+lv	yo	jorubu
+lv	zh	ķīniešu
+lv	zu	zulu
+mfe	ar	arab
+mfe	be	bieloris
+mfe	bg	bilgar
+mfe	bn	bengali
+mfe	cs	tchek
+mfe	de	alman
+mfe	el	grek
+mfe	en	angle
+mfe	es	espagnol
+mfe	fa	persan
+mfe	fr	franse
+mfe	ha	haoussa
+mfe	hi	hindi
+mfe	hu	hongrwa
+mfe	id	indonezien
+mfe	ig	igbo
+mfe	it	italien
+mfe	ja	zapone
+mfe	ko	koreen
+mfe	mfe	kreol morisien
+mfe	ms	male
+mfe	ne	nepale
+mfe	nl	olande
+mfe	pa	penjabi
+mfe	pl	polone
+mfe	pt	portige
+mfe	ro	roumin
+mfe	ru	ris
+mfe	sv	swedwa
+mfe	ta	tamoul
+mfe	th	thaï
+mfe	tr	tirk
+mfe	uk	ikrenien
+mfe	ur	ourdou
+mfe	vi	vietnamien
+mfe	yo	yoruba
+mfe	zh	sinwa, mandarin
+mfe	zu	zoulou
+mk	af	африканс
+mk	ain	ајну
+mk	alt	јужноалтајски
+mk	an	арагонски
+mk	ar	арапски
+mk	as	асамски
+mk	ast	астурски
+mk	av	аварски
+mk	az	азербејџански
+mk	az	азерски
+mk	ba	башкирски
+mk	bas	баса
+mk	be	белоруски
+mk	bg	бугарски
+mk	bi	бислама
+mk	bn	бенгалски
+mk	br	бретонски
+mk	bs	босански
+mk	bua	бурјатски
+mk	byv	медумба
+mk	ca	каталонски
+mk	ceb	себуански
+mk	chm	мариски
+mk	ckb	централнокурдски
+mk	co	корзикански
+mk	crh	кримскотурски
+mk	cs	чешки
+mk	csb	кашупски
+mk	cu	црковнословенски
+mk	cv	чувашки
+mk	cy	велшки
+mk	da	дански
+mk	dar	даргва
+mk	de	германски
+mk	dsb	долнолужички
+mk	el	грчки
+mk	en	англиски
+mk	eo	есперанто
+mk	es	шпански
+mk	et	естонски
+mk	eu	баскиски
+mk	fa	персиски
+mk	fi	фински
+mk	fo	фарски
+mk	fr	француски
+mk	fy	западнофризиски
+mk	ga	ирски
+mk	gag	гагауски
+mk	gd	шкотски гелски
+mk	gl	галициски
+mk	glk	гилански
+mk	gn	гварански
+mk	gu	гуџарати
+mk	guc	гвахиро
+mk	gv	манкс
+mk	ha	хауса
+mk	haw	хавајски
+mk	he	хебрејски
+mk	hi	хинди
+mk	hr	хрватски
+mk	hsb	горнолужички
+mk	ht	хаитски
+mk	hu	унгарски
+mk	hy	ерменски
+mk	ia	интерлингва
+mk	id	индонезиски
+mk	ig	игбо
+mk	is	исландски
+mk	it	италијански
+mk	ja	јапонски
+mk	ka	грузиски
+mk	kaa	каракалпачки
+mk	kk	казашки
+mk	kn	каннада
+mk	ko	корејски
+mk	krc	карачаевско-балкарски
+mk	krl	карелски
+mk	ks	кашмирски
+mk	kum	кумички
+mk	kv	коми
+mk	ky	киргиски
+mk	la	латински
+mk	lb	луксембуршки
+mk	lg	ганда
+mk	liv	ливонски
+mk	ln	лингала
+mk	lo	лаошки
+mk	lt	литвански
+mk	lv	латвиски
+mk	mdf	мокшански
+mk	mfe	морисјен
+mk	mk	македонски
+mk	ml	малајамски
+mk	mr	марати
+mk	mrj	западномариски
+mk	ms	малајски
+mk	mt	малтешки
+mk	myv	ерзјански
+mk	nap	неаполски
+mk	nb	норвешки букмол
+mk	ne	непалски
+mk	nl	холандски
+mk	nn	норвешки нинорск
+mk	no	норвешки
+mk	nog	ногајски
+mk	oc	окситански
+mk	os	осетски
+mk	ota	отомански турски
+mk	pa	пенџапски
+mk	pl	полски
+mk	pt	португалски
+mk	rm	реторомански
+mk	rn	рунди
+mk	ro	романски
+mk	ru	руски
+mk	rup	влашки
+mk	sa	санскрит
+mk	sah	јакутски
+mk	sc	сардински
+mk	scn	сицилијански
+mk	sco	шкотски германски
+mk	sd	синди
+mk	se	северен сами
+mk	sh	српскохрватски
+mk	si	синхалски
+mk	sk	словачки
+mk	sl	словенечки
+mk	sma	јужен сами
+mk	smj	луле сами
+mk	smn	инари сами
+mk	sq	албански
+mk	sr	српски
+mk	srn	срански тонго
+mk	ss	свати
+mk	sv	шведски
+mk	sw	свахили
+mk	szl	шлезиски
+mk	ta	тамилски
+mk	te	телугу
+mk	tet	тетум
+mk	tg	таџикистански
+mk	th	тајландски
+mk	tk	туркменски
+mk	tl	тагалог
+mk	tr	турски
+mk	tt	татарски
+mk	tyv	тувански
+mk	udm	удмуртски
+mk	ug	ујгурски
+mk	uk	украински
+mk	ur	урду
+mk	uz	узбечки
+mk	vi	виетнамски
+mk	vro	виру
+mk	wal	воламо
+mk	xh	коса
+mk	yi	јидиш
+mk	yo	јорупски
+mk	zh	кинески
+mk	zu	зулу
+ml	af	ആഫ്രിക്കാൻസ്
+ml	ain	ഐനു
+ml	alt	തെക്കൻ അൾത്തായി
+ml	an	അരഗോണീസ്
+ml	ar	അറബിക്
+ml	as	ആസ്സാമീസ്
+ml	ast	ഓസ്‌ട്രിയൻ
+ml	av	അവാരിക്
+ml	az	അസേരി
+ml	az	അസർബൈജാനി
+ml	ba	ബഷ്ഖിർ
+ml	bas	ബസ
+ml	be	ബെലാറുഷ്യൻ
+ml	bg	ബൾഗേറിയൻ
+ml	bi	ബിസ്‌ലാമ
+ml	bn	ബംഗാളി
+ml	br	ബ്രെട്ടൺ
+ml	bs	ബോസ്നിയൻ
+ml	bua	ബുറിയത്ത്
+ml	byv	മെഡുംബ
+ml	ca	കറ്റാലാൻ
+ml	ceb	സെബുവാനോ
+ml	chm	മാരി
+ml	ckb	സെൻട്രൽ കുർദിഷ്
+ml	co	കോർസിക്കൻ
+ml	crh	ക്രിമിയൻ ടർക്കിഷ്
+ml	cs	ചെക്ക്
+ml	csb	കാഷുബിയാൻ
+ml	cu	ചർച്ച് സ്ലാവിക്
+ml	cv	ചുവാഷ്
+ml	cy	വെൽഷ്
+ml	da	ഡാനിഷ്
+ml	dar	ഡർഗ്വാ
+ml	de	ജർമ്മൻ
+ml	dsb	ലോവർ സോർബിയൻ
+ml	el	ഗ്രീക്ക്
+ml	en	ഇംഗ്ലീഷ്
+ml	eo	എസ്‌പരാന്റോ
+ml	es	സ്‌പാനിഷ്
+ml	et	എസ്റ്റോണിയൻ
+ml	eu	ബാസ്‌ക്
+ml	fa	പേർഷ്യൻ
+ml	fi	ഫിന്നിഷ്
+ml	fo	ഫാറോസ്
+ml	fr	ഫ്രഞ്ച്
+ml	fy	പശ്ചിമ ഫ്രിഷിയൻ
+ml	ga	ഐറിഷ്
+ml	gag	ഗാഗൂസ്
+ml	gd	സ്കോട്ടിഷ് ഗൈലിക്
+ml	gl	ഗലീഷ്യൻ
+ml	gn	ഗ്വരനീ
+ml	gu	ഗുജറാത്തി
+ml	gv	മാൻസ്
+ml	ha	ഹൗസ
+ml	haw	ഹവായിയൻ
+ml	he	ഹീബ്രു
+ml	hi	ഹിന്ദി
+ml	hr	ക്രൊയേഷ്യൻ
+ml	hsb	അപ്പർ സോർബിയൻ
+ml	ht	ഹെയ്‌തിയൻ ക്രിയോൾ
+ml	hu	ഹംഗേറിയൻ
+ml	hy	അർമേനിയൻ
+ml	ia	ഇന്റർലിംഗ്വ
+ml	id	ഇന്തോനേഷ്യൻ
+ml	ig	ഇഗ്ബോ
+ml	is	ഐസ്‌ലാൻഡിക്
+ml	it	ഇറ്റാലിയൻ
+ml	ja	ജാപ്പനീസ്
+ml	ka	ജോർജിയൻ
+ml	kaa	കര-കാൽപ്പക്
+ml	kk	കസാഖ്
+ml	kn	കന്നഡ
+ml	ko	കൊറിയൻ
+ml	krc	കരചൈ-ബാൽകർ
+ml	krl	കരീലിയൻ
+ml	ks	കാശ്‌മീരി
+ml	kum	കുമൈക്
+ml	kv	കോമി
+ml	ky	കിർഗിസ്
+ml	la	ലാറ്റിൻ
+ml	lb	ലക്‌സംബർഗിഷ്
+ml	lg	ഗാണ്ട
+ml	ln	ലിംഗാല
+ml	lo	ലാവോ
+ml	lt	ലിത്വാനിയൻ
+ml	lv	ലാറ്റ്വിയൻ
+ml	mdf	മോക്ഷ
+ml	mfe	മൊറിസിൻ
+ml	mk	മാസിഡോണിയൻ
+ml	ml	മലയാളം
+ml	mr	മറാത്തി
+ml	ms	മലെയ്
+ml	mt	മാൾട്ടീസ്
+ml	myv	ഏഴ്സ്യ
+ml	nap	നെപ്പോളിറ്റാൻ
+ml	nb	നോർവീജിയൻ ബുക്‌മൽ
+ml	ne	നേപ്പാളി
+ml	nl	ഡച്ച്
+ml	nn	നോർവീജിയൻ നൈനോർക്‌സ്
+ml	no	നോർവീജിയൻ
+ml	nog	നോഗൈ
+ml	oc	ഓക്‌സിറ്റൻ
+ml	os	ഒസ്സെറ്റിക്
+ml	ota	ഓട്ടോമൻ തുർക്കിഷ്
+ml	pa	പഞ്ചാബി
+ml	pl	പോളിഷ്
+ml	pt	പോർച്ചുഗീസ്
+ml	rm	റൊമാഞ്ച്
+ml	rn	റുണ്ടി
+ml	ro	റൊമാനിയൻ
+ml	ru	റഷ്യൻ
+ml	rup	ആരോമാനിയൻ
+ml	sa	സംസ്‌കൃതം
+ml	sah	സാഖ
+ml	sc	സർഡിനിയാൻ
+ml	scn	സിസിലിയൻ
+ml	sco	സ്കോട്സ്
+ml	sd	സിന്ധി
+ml	se	വടക്കൻ സമി
+ml	sh	സെർബോ-ക്രൊയേഷ്യൻ
+ml	si	സിംഹള
+ml	sk	സ്ലോവാക്
+ml	sl	സ്ലോവേനിയൻ
+ml	sma	തെക്കൻ സമി
+ml	smj	ലൂലീ സമി
+ml	smn	ഇനാരി സമി
+ml	sq	അൽബേനിയൻ
+ml	sr	സെർബിയൻ
+ml	srn	ശ്രാനൻ ഡോങ്കോ
+ml	ss	സ്വാറ്റി
+ml	sv	സ്വീഡിഷ്
+ml	sw	സ്വാഹിലി
+ml	ta	തമിഴ്
+ml	te	തെലുങ്ക്
+ml	tet	ടെറ്റും
+ml	tg	താജിക്
+ml	th	തായ്
+ml	tk	തുർക്‌മെൻ
+ml	tl	തഗാലോഗ്
+ml	tr	ടർക്കിഷ്
+ml	tt	ടാട്ടർ
+ml	tyv	തുവിനിയൻ
+ml	udm	ഉഡ്മുർട്ട്
+ml	ug	ഉയ്ഗൂർ
+ml	ug	ഉയ്ഘുർ
+ml	uk	ഉക്രേനിയൻ
+ml	ur	ഉറുദു
+ml	uz	ഉസ്‌ബെക്ക്
+ml	vi	വിയറ്റ്നാമീസ്
+ml	wal	വൊലൈറ്റ
+ml	xh	ഖോസ
+ml	yi	യിദ്ദിഷ്
+ml	yo	യൊറൂബാ
+ml	zh	ചൈനീസ്
+ml	zu	സുലു
+mr	af	अफ्रिकान्स
+mr	ain	ऐनू
+mr	alt	दक्षिणात्य अल्ताई
+mr	an	अर्गोनीज
+mr	ar	अरबी
+mr	as	आसामी
+mr	ast	अस्तुरियन
+mr	av	अ‍ॅव्हेरिक
+mr	az	अझरबैजानी
+mr	az	अझेरी
+mr	ba	बष्किर
+mr	bas	बसा
+mr	be	बेलारुशियन
+mr	bg	बल्गेरियन
+mr	bi	बिस्लामा
+mr	bn	बंगाली
+mr	br	ब्रेतॉन
+mr	bs	बोस्नियन
+mr	bua	बुरियात
+mr	ca	कातालान
+mr	ceb	सिबुआनो
+mr	chm	मारी
+mr	ckb	मध्य कुर्दिश
+mr	co	कॉर्सिकन
+mr	crh	क्राइमीन तुर्की
+mr	cs	झेक
+mr	csb	काशुबियन
+mr	cu	चर्च स्लाव्हिक
+mr	cv	चूवाश
+mr	cy	वेल्श
+mr	da	डॅनिश
+mr	dar	दार्गवा
+mr	de	जर्मन
+mr	dsb	लोअर सोर्बियन
+mr	el	ग्रीक
+mr	en	इंग्रजी
+mr	eo	एस्परान्टो
+mr	es	स्पॅनिश
+mr	et	इस्टोनियन
+mr	eu	बास्क
+mr	fa	फारसी
+mr	fi	फिन्निश
+mr	fo	फरोइज
+mr	fr	फ्रेंच
+mr	fy	पश्चिमी फ्रिशियन
+mr	ga	आयरिश
+mr	gag	गागाउझ
+mr	gd	स्कॉट्स गेलिक
+mr	gl	गॅलिशियन
+mr	gn	गुआरनी
+mr	gu	गुजराती
+mr	gv	मांक्स
+mr	ha	हौसा
+mr	haw	हवाईयन
+mr	he	हिब्रू
+mr	hi	हिंदी
+mr	hr	क्रोएशियन
+mr	hsb	अप्पर सॉर्बियन
+mr	ht	हैतीयन
+mr	hu	हंगेरियन
+mr	hy	आर्मेनियन
+mr	ia	इंटरलिंग्वा
+mr	id	इंडोनेशियन
+mr	ig	ईग्बो
+mr	is	आईसलँडिक
+mr	it	इटालियन
+mr	ja	जपानी
+mr	ka	जॉर्जियन
+mr	kaa	कारा-कल्पक
+mr	kk	कझाक
+mr	kn	कन्नड
+mr	ko	कोरियन
+mr	krc	कराचय-बाल्कर
+mr	krl	करेलियन
+mr	ks	काश्मीरी
+mr	kum	कुमीक
+mr	kv	कोमी
+mr	ky	किरगीझ
+mr	la	लॅटिन
+mr	lb	लक्झेंबर्गिश
+mr	lg	गांडा
+mr	ln	लिंगाला
+mr	lo	लाओ
+mr	lt	लिथुआनियन
+mr	lv	लात्व्हियन
+mr	mdf	मोक्ष
+mr	mfe	मोरिस्येन
+mr	mk	मॅसेडोनियन
+mr	ml	मल्याळम
+mr	mr	मराठी
+mr	ms	मलय
+mr	mt	माल्टिज्
+mr	myv	एर्झ्या
+mr	nap	नेपोलिटान
+mr	nb	नॉर्वेजियन बोकमाल
+mr	ne	नेपाळी
+mr	nl	डच
+mr	nn	नॉर्वेजियन न्योर्स्क
+mr	no	नोर्वेजियन
+mr	nog	नोगाई
+mr	oc	ऑक्सितान
+mr	os	ओस्सेटिक
+mr	ota	ओटोमान तुर्किश
+mr	pa	पंजाबी
+mr	pl	पोलिश
+mr	pt	पोर्तुगीज
+mr	rm	रोमान्श
+mr	rn	रुन्दी
+mr	ro	रोमानियन
+mr	ru	रशियन
+mr	rup	अरोमानियन
+mr	sa	संस्कृत
+mr	sah	साखा
+mr	sc	सर्दिनियन
+mr	scn	सिसिलियन
+mr	sco	स्कॉट्स
+mr	sd	सिंधी
+mr	se	उत्तरी सामी
+mr	sh	सर्बो-क्रोएशियन
+mr	si	सिंहला
+mr	sk	स्लोव्हाक
+mr	sl	स्लोव्हेनियन
+mr	sma	दक्षिणात्य सामी
+mr	smj	ल्युल सामी
+mr	smn	इनारी सामी
+mr	sq	अल्बानियन
+mr	sr	सर्बियन
+mr	srn	स्रानान टॉन्गो
+mr	ss	स्वाती
+mr	sv	स्वीडिश
+mr	sw	स्वाहिली
+mr	ta	तामिळ
+mr	te	तेलगू
+mr	tet	तेतुम
+mr	tg	ताजिक
+mr	th	थाई
+mr	tk	तुर्कमेन
+mr	tl	टागालोग
+mr	tr	तुर्की
+mr	tt	तातर
+mr	tyv	टुवीनियन
+mr	udm	उदमुर्त
+mr	ug	उइगुर
+mr	uk	युक्रेनियन
+mr	ur	उर्दू
+mr	uz	उझ्बेक
+mr	vi	व्हिएतनामी
+mr	wal	वोलायता
+mr	xh	खोसा
+mr	yi	यिद्दिश
+mr	yo	योरुबा
+mr	zh	चीनी
+mr	zu	झुलू
+ms	af	Afrikaans
+ms	ain	Ainu
+ms	alt	Altai Selatan
+ms	an	Aragon
+ms	ar	Arab
+ms	as	Assam
+ms	ast	Asturia
+ms	av	Avaric
+ms	az	Azerbaijan
+ms	az	Azeri
+ms	ba	Bashkir
+ms	bas	Basaa
+ms	be	Belarus
+ms	bg	Bulgaria
+ms	bi	Bislama
+ms	bn	Benggala
+ms	br	Breton
+ms	bs	Bosnia
+ms	bua	Buriat
+ms	byv	Medumba
+ms	ca	Catalonia
+ms	ceb	Cebuano
+ms	chm	Mari
+ms	ckb	Kurdi Sorani
+ms	co	Corsica
+ms	crh	Turki Krimea
+ms	cs	Czech
+ms	cu	Slavik Gereja
+ms	cv	Chuvash
+ms	cy	Wales
+ms	da	Denmark
+ms	dar	Dargwa
+ms	de	Jerman
+ms	dsb	Sorbian Rendah
+ms	el	Greek
+ms	en	Inggeris
+ms	eo	Esperanto
+ms	es	Sepanyol
+ms	et	Estonia
+ms	eu	Basque
+ms	fa	Parsi
+ms	fi	Finland
+ms	fo	Faroe
+ms	fr	Perancis
+ms	fy	Frisian Barat
+ms	ga	Ireland
+ms	gag	Gagauz
+ms	gd	Scots Gaelic
+ms	gl	Galicia
+ms	glk	Gilaki
+ms	gn	Guarani
+ms	gu	Gujerat
+ms	gv	Manx
+ms	ha	Hausa
+ms	haw	Hawaii
+ms	he	Ibrani
+ms	hi	Hindi
+ms	hr	Croatia
+ms	hsb	Sorbian Atas
+ms	ht	Haiti
+ms	hu	Hungary
+ms	hy	Armenia
+ms	ia	Interlingua
+ms	id	Indonesia
+ms	ig	Igbo
+ms	is	Iceland
+ms	it	Itali
+ms	ja	Jepun
+ms	ka	Georgia
+ms	kk	Kazakhstan
+ms	kn	Kannada
+ms	ko	Korea
+ms	krc	Karachay-Balkar
+ms	krl	Karelian
+ms	ks	Kashmir
+ms	kum	Kumyk
+ms	kv	Komi
+ms	ky	Kirghiz
+ms	la	Latin
+ms	lb	Luxembourg
+ms	lg	Ganda
+ms	ln	Lingala
+ms	lo	Laos
+ms	lt	Lithuania
+ms	lv	Latvia
+ms	mdf	Moksha
+ms	mfe	Morisyen
+ms	mk	Macedonia
+ms	ml	Malayalam
+ms	mr	Marathi
+ms	ms	Melayu
+ms	mt	Malta
+ms	myv	Erzya
+ms	nap	Neapolitan
+ms	nb	Bokmål Norway
+ms	ne	Nepal
+ms	nl	Belanda
+ms	nn	Nynorsk Norway
+ms	no	Norway
+ms	nog	Nogai
+ms	oc	Occitania
+ms	os	Ossete
+ms	pa	Punjabi
+ms	pl	Poland
+ms	pt	Portugis
+ms	rm	Romansh
+ms	rn	Rundi
+ms	ro	Romania
+ms	ru	Rusia
+ms	rup	Aromanian
+ms	sa	Sanskrit
+ms	sah	Sakha
+ms	sc	Sardinia
+ms	scn	Sicili
+ms	sco	Scots
+ms	sd	Sindhi
+ms	se	Sami Utara
+ms	sh	SerboCroatia
+ms	si	Sinhala
+ms	sk	Slovak
+ms	sl	Slovenia
+ms	sma	Sami Selatan
+ms	smj	Lule Sami
+ms	smn	Inari Sami
+ms	sq	Albania
+ms	sr	Serbia
+ms	srn	Sranan Tongo
+ms	ss	Swati
+ms	sv	Sweden
+ms	sw	Swahili
+ms	ta	Tamil
+ms	te	Telugu
+ms	tet	Tetum
+ms	tg	Tajik
+ms	th	Thai
+ms	tk	Turkmen
+ms	tr	Turki
+ms	tt	Tatar
+ms	tyv	Tuvinian
+ms	udm	Udmurt
+ms	ug	Uighur
+ms	ug	Uyghur
+ms	uk	Ukraine
+ms	ur	Urdu
+ms	uz	Uzbekistan
+ms	vi	Vietnam
+ms	wal	Wolaytta
+ms	xh	Xhosa
+ms	yi	Yiddish
+ms	yo	Yoruba
+ms	zh	Cina
+ms	zu	Zulu
+mt	af	Afrikans
+mt	ain	Ajnu
+mt	alt	Altai tan-Nofsinhar
+mt	an	Aragoniż
+mt	ar	Għarbi
+mt	as	Assamiż
+mt	ast	Asturian
+mt	av	Avarik
+mt	az	Ażerbajġani
+mt	az	Ażeri
+mt	ba	Bashkir
+mt	bas	Basa
+mt	be	Belarussu
+mt	bg	Bulgaru
+mt	bi	Bislama
+mt	bn	Bengali
+mt	br	Breton
+mt	bs	Bożnijaku
+mt	bua	Burjat
+mt	ca	Katalan
+mt	ceb	Cebuano
+mt	chm	Mari
+mt	ckb	Kurd Ċentrali
+mt	co	Korsiku
+mt	crh	Tork tal-Krimea
+mt	cs	Ċek
+mt	csb	Kashubian
+mt	cu	Slaviku tal-Knisja
+mt	cv	Chuvash
+mt	cy	Welsh
+mt	da	Daniż
+mt	dar	Dargwa
+mt	de	Ġermaniż
+mt	dsb	Sorbjan Komuni
+mt	el	Grieg
+mt	en	Ingliż
+mt	eo	Esperanto
+mt	es	Spanjol
+mt	et	Estonjan
+mt	eu	Bask
+mt	fa	Persjan
+mt	fi	Finlandiż
+mt	fo	Faroese
+mt	fr	Franċiż
+mt	fy	Frisian tal-Punent
+mt	ga	Irlandiż
+mt	gd	Galliku Skoċċiż
+mt	gl	Galiċjan
+mt	gn	Guarani
+mt	gu	Gujarati
+mt	gv	Manx
+mt	ha	Hausa
+mt	haw	Ħawajjan
+mt	he	Ebrajk
+mt	hi	Hindi
+mt	hr	Kroat
+mt	hsb	Sorbjan ta’ Fuq
+mt	ht	Creole ta’ Haiti
+mt	hu	Ungeriż
+mt	hy	Armen
+mt	ia	Interlingua
+mt	id	Indoneżjan
+mt	ig	Igbo
+mt	is	Iżlandiż
+mt	it	Taljan
+mt	ja	Ġappuniż
+mt	ka	Ġorġjan
+mt	kaa	Kara-Kalpak
+mt	kk	Każak
+mt	kn	Kannada
+mt	ko	Korean
+mt	krc	Karachay-Balkar
+mt	krl	Kareljan
+mt	ks	Kashmiri
+mt	kum	Kumyk
+mt	kv	Komi
+mt	ky	Kirgiż
+mt	la	Latin
+mt	lb	Lussemburgiż
+mt	lg	Ganda
+mt	ln	Lingaljan
+mt	lo	Laosjan
+mt	lt	Litwan
+mt	lv	Latvjan
+mt	mdf	Moksha
+mt	mfe	Morisyen
+mt	mk	Maċedonjan
+mt	ml	Malayalam
+mt	mr	Marathi
+mt	ms	Malay
+mt	mt	Malti
+mt	myv	Erzya
+mt	nap	Naplitan
+mt	nb	Bokmal Norveġiż
+mt	ne	Nepaliż
+mt	nl	Olandiż
+mt	nn	Ninorsk Norveġiż
+mt	no	Norveġiż
+mt	nog	Nogai
+mt	oc	Oċċitan
+mt	os	Ossettiku
+mt	ota	Tork Ottoman
+mt	pa	Punjabi
+mt	pl	Pollakk
+mt	pt	Portugiż
+mt	rm	Romanz
+mt	rn	Rundi
+mt	ro	Rumen
+mt	ru	Russu
+mt	rup	Aromanjan
+mt	sa	Sanskrit
+mt	sah	Sakha
+mt	sc	Sardinjan
+mt	scn	Sqalli
+mt	sco	Skoċċiż
+mt	sd	Sindhi
+mt	se	Sami tat-Tramuntana
+mt	sh	Serbo-Kroat
+mt	si	Sinhala
+mt	sk	Slovakk
+mt	sl	Sloven
+mt	sma	Sami tan-Nofsinhar
+mt	smj	Lule Sami
+mt	smn	Inari Sami
+mt	sq	Albaniż
+mt	sr	Serb
+mt	srn	Sranan Tongo
+mt	ss	Swati
+mt	sv	Żvediż
+mt	sw	Swahili
+mt	ta	Tamil
+mt	te	Telugu
+mt	tet	Tetum
+mt	tg	Tajik
+mt	th	Tajlandiż
+mt	tk	Turkmeni
+mt	tl	Tagalog
+mt	tr	Tork
+mt	tt	Tatar
+mt	tyv	Tuvinjan
+mt	udm	Udmurt
+mt	ug	Uyghur
+mt	uk	Ukren
+mt	ur	Urdu
+mt	uz	Uzbek
+mt	vi	Vjetnamiż
+mt	wal	Walamo
+mt	xh	Xhosa
+mt	yi	Yiddish
+mt	yo	Yoruba
+mt	zh	Ċiniż
+mt	zu	Zulu
+nb	af	afrikaans
+nb	ain	ainu
+nb	alt	søraltaisk
+nb	an	aragonsk
+nb	ar	arabisk
+nb	as	assamesisk
+nb	ast	asturisk
+nb	av	avarisk
+nb	az	aserbajdsjansk
+nb	az	azeri
+nb	ba	basjkirsk
+nb	bas	basaa
+nb	be	hviterussisk
+nb	bg	bulgarsk
+nb	bi	bislama
+nb	bn	bengali
+nb	br	bretonsk
+nb	bs	bosnisk
+nb	bua	burjatisk
+nb	byv	medumba
+nb	ca	katalansk
+nb	ceb	cebuansk
+nb	chm	mari
+nb	ckb	kurdisk (sorani)
+nb	co	korsikansk
+nb	crh	krimtatarisk
+nb	cs	tsjekkisk
+nb	csb	kasjubisk
+nb	cu	kirkeslavisk
+nb	cv	tsjuvasjisk
+nb	cy	walisisk
+nb	da	dansk
+nb	dar	dargwa
+nb	de	tysk
+nb	dsb	lavsorbisk
+nb	el	gresk
+nb	en	engelsk
+nb	eo	esperanto
+nb	es	spansk
+nb	et	estisk
+nb	eu	baskisk
+nb	fa	persisk
+nb	fi	finsk
+nb	fo	færøysk
+nb	fr	fransk
+nb	fy	vestfrisisk
+nb	ga	irsk
+nb	gag	gagausisk
+nb	gd	skotsk-gælisk
+nb	gl	galisisk
+nb	glk	gileki
+nb	gn	guarani
+nb	gu	gujarati
+nb	guc	wayuu
+nb	gv	mansk
+nb	ha	hausa
+nb	haw	hawaiisk
+nb	he	hebraisk
+nb	hi	hindi
+nb	hr	kroatisk
+nb	hsb	høysorbisk
+nb	ht	haitisk
+nb	hu	ungarsk
+nb	hy	armensk
+nb	ia	interlingua
+nb	id	indonesisk
+nb	ig	ibo
+nb	is	islandsk
+nb	it	italiensk
+nb	ja	japansk
+nb	ka	georgisk
+nb	kaa	karakalpakisk
+nb	kk	kasakhisk
+nb	kn	kannada
+nb	ko	koreansk
+nb	krc	karatsjajbalkarsk
+nb	krl	karelsk
+nb	ks	kasjmiri
+nb	kum	kumykisk
+nb	kv	komi
+nb	ky	kirgisisk
+nb	la	latin
+nb	lb	luxemburgsk
+nb	lg	ganda
+nb	liv	livisk
+nb	ln	lingala
+nb	lo	laotisk
+nb	lt	litauisk
+nb	lv	latvisk
+nb	mdf	moksja
+nb	mfe	mauritisk-kreolsk
+nb	mk	makedonsk
+nb	ml	malayalam
+nb	mr	marathi
+nb	mrj	vestmarisk
+nb	ms	malayisk
+nb	mt	maltesisk
+nb	myv	erzia
+nb	nap	napolitansk
+nb	nb	norsk bokmål
+nb	ne	nepali
+nb	nl	nederlandsk
+nb	nn	norsk nynorsk
+nb	no	norsk
+nb	nog	nogaisk
+nb	oc	oksitansk
+nb	os	ossetisk
+nb	ota	ottomansk tyrkisk
+nb	pa	panjabi
+nb	pl	polsk
+nb	pt	portugisisk
+nb	rm	retoromansk
+nb	rn	rundi
+nb	ro	rumensk
+nb	ru	russisk
+nb	rup	aromansk
+nb	sa	sanskrit
+nb	sah	sakha
+nb	sc	sardisk
+nb	scn	siciliansk
+nb	sco	skotsk
+nb	sd	sindhi
+nb	se	nordsamisk
+nb	sh	serbokroatisk
+nb	si	singalesisk
+nb	sk	slovakisk
+nb	sl	slovensk
+nb	sma	sørsamisk
+nb	smj	lulesamisk
+nb	smn	enaresamisk
+nb	sq	albansk
+nb	sr	serbisk
+nb	srn	sranan
+nb	ss	swati
+nb	sv	svensk
+nb	sw	swahili
+nb	szl	schlesisk
+nb	ta	tamil
+nb	te	telugu
+nb	tet	tetum
+nb	tg	tadsjikisk
+nb	th	thai
+nb	tk	turkmensk
+nb	tl	tagalog
+nb	tr	tyrkisk
+nb	tt	tatarisk
+nb	tyv	tuvinsk
+nb	udm	udmurtisk
+nb	ug	uigurisk
+nb	uk	ukrainsk
+nb	ur	urdu
+nb	uz	usbekisk
+nb	vi	vietnamesisk
+nb	vro	sørestisk
+nb	wal	wolaytta
+nb	xh	xhosa
+nb	yi	jiddisk
+nb	yo	joruba
+nb	zh	kinesisk
+nb	zu	zulu
+ne	af	अफ्रिकान्स
+ne	ain	अइनु
+ne	alt	दक्षिणी आल्टाइ
+ne	an	अरागोनी
+ne	ar	अरबी
+ne	as	आसामी
+ne	ast	अस्टुरियाली
+ne	av	अवारिक
+ne	az	अजरबैजानी
+ne	az	अजेरी
+ne	ba	बास्किर
+ne	bas	बासा
+ne	be	बेलारुसी
+ne	bg	बुल्गेरियाली
+ne	bi	बिस्लाम
+ne	bn	बंगाली
+ne	br	ब्रेटन
+ne	bs	बोस्नियाली
+ne	bua	बुरिआत
+ne	byv	मेडुम्बा
+ne	ca	क्याटालन
+ne	ceb	सेबुआनो
+ne	chm	मारी
+ne	ckb	मध्यवर्ती कुर्दिस
+ne	co	कोर्सिकन
+ne	crh	क्रिमियाली तुर्क
+ne	cs	चेक
+ne	csb	कासुवियन
+ne	cu	चर्च स्लाभिक
+ne	cv	चुभास
+ne	cy	वेल्श
+ne	da	डेनिस
+ne	dar	दार्ग्वा
+ne	de	जर्मन
+ne	dsb	तल्लो सोर्बियन
+ne	el	ग्रीक
+ne	en	अङ्ग्रेजी
+ne	eo	एस्पेरान्तो
+ne	es	स्पेनी
+ne	et	इस्टोनियन
+ne	eu	बास्क
+ne	fa	फारसी
+ne	fi	फिनिस
+ne	fo	फारोज
+ne	fr	फ्रान्सेली
+ne	fy	पश्चिमी फ्रिसियन
+ne	ga	आइरिस
+ne	gag	गगाउज
+ne	gd	स्कटिस गाएलिक
+ne	gl	गलिसियाली
+ne	glk	गिलाकी
+ne	gn	गुवारानी
+ne	gu	गुजराती
+ne	gv	मान्क्स
+ne	ha	हाउसा
+ne	haw	हवाइयन
+ne	he	हिब्रु
+ne	hi	हिन्दी
+ne	hr	क्रोयसियाली
+ne	hsb	माथिल्लो सोर्बियन
+ne	ht	हैटियाली क्रियोल
+ne	hu	हङ्गेरियाली
+ne	hy	आर्मेनियाली
+ne	ia	इन्टर्लिङ्गुआ
+ne	id	इन्डोनेसियाली
+ne	ig	इग्बो
+ne	is	आइसल्यान्डियाली
+ne	it	इटालेली
+ne	ja	जापानी
+ne	ka	जर्जियाली
+ne	kaa	कारा-काल्पाक
+ne	kk	काजाख
+ne	kn	कन्नाडा
+ne	ko	कोरियाली
+ne	krc	काराचाय-बाल्कर
+ne	krl	करेलियन
+ne	ks	कास्मिरी
+ne	kum	कुमिक
+ne	kv	कोमी
+ne	ky	किर्गिज
+ne	la	ल्याटिन
+ne	lb	लक्जेम्बर्गी
+ne	lg	गान्डा
+ne	liv	लिभोनियाली
+ne	ln	लिङ्गाला
+ne	lo	लाओ
+ne	lt	लिथुआनियाली
+ne	lv	लात्भियाली
+ne	mdf	मोक्ष
+ne	mfe	मोरिसेन
+ne	mk	म्यासेडोनियन
+ne	ml	मलयालम
+ne	mr	मराठी
+ne	ms	मलाय
+ne	mt	माल्टिज
+ne	myv	इर्ज्या
+ne	nap	नेपोलिटान
+ne	nb	नर्वेली बोकमाल
+ne	ne	नेपाली
+ne	nl	डच
+ne	nn	नर्वेली नाइनोर्स्क
+ne	no	नर्वेली
+ne	nog	नोगाइ
+ne	oc	अक्सिटन
+ne	os	अोस्सेटिक
+ne	ota	अटोमन तुर्की
+ne	pa	पंजाबी
+ne	pl	पोलिस
+ne	pt	पोर्तुगी
+ne	rm	रोमानिस
+ne	rn	रुन्डी
+ne	ro	रोमानियाली
+ne	ru	रसियाली
+ne	rup	अरोमानीयाली
+ne	sa	संस्कृत
+ne	sah	साखा
+ne	sc	सार्डिनियाली
+ne	scn	सिसिलियाली
+ne	sco	स्कट्स
+ne	sd	सिन्धी
+ne	se	उत्तरी सामी
+ne	si	सिन्हाली
+ne	sk	स्लोभाकियाली
+ne	sl	स्लोभेनियाली
+ne	sma	दक्षिणी सामी
+ne	smj	लुले सामी
+ne	smn	इनारी सामी
+ne	sq	अल्बानियाली
+ne	sr	सर्बियाली
+ne	srn	स्रानान टोङ्गो
+ne	ss	स्वाती
+ne	sv	स्विडिस
+ne	sw	स्वाहिली
+ne	ta	तामिल
+ne	te	तेलुगु
+ne	tet	टेटुम
+ne	tg	ताजिक
+ne	th	थाई
+ne	tk	टर्कमेन
+ne	tr	टर्किश
+ne	tt	तातार
+ne	tyv	टुभिनियाली
+ne	udm	उड्मुर्ट
+ne	ug	उइघुर
+ne	uk	युक्रेनी
+ne	ur	उर्दु
+ne	uz	उज्बेकी
+ne	vi	भियतनामी
+ne	wal	वोलेट्टा
+ne	xh	खोसा
+ne	yi	यिद्दिस
+ne	yo	योरूवा
+ne	zh	चिनियाँ
+ne	zu	जुलु
+nl	af	Afrikaans
+nl	ain	Aino
+nl	alt	Zuid-Altaïsch
+nl	an	Aragonees
+nl	ar	Arabisch
+nl	as	Assamees
+nl	ast	Asturisch
+nl	av	Avarisch
+nl	az	Azerbeidzjaans
+nl	az	Azeri
+nl	ba	Basjkiers
+nl	bas	Basa
+nl	be	Wit-Russisch
+nl	bg	Bulgaars
+nl	bi	Bislama
+nl	bn	Bengaals
+nl	br	Bretons
+nl	bs	Bosnisch
+nl	bua	Boerjatisch
+nl	byv	Medumba
+nl	ca	Catalaans
+nl	ceb	Cebuano
+nl	chm	Mari
+nl	ckb	Soranî
+nl	co	Corsicaans
+nl	crh	Krim-Tataars
+nl	cs	Tsjechisch
+nl	csb	Kasjoebisch
+nl	cu	Kerkslavisch
+nl	cv	Tsjoevasjisch
+nl	cy	Welsh
+nl	da	Deens
+nl	dar	Dargwa
+nl	de	Duits
+nl	dsb	Nedersorbisch
+nl	el	Grieks
+nl	en	Engels
+nl	eo	Esperanto
+nl	es	Spaans
+nl	et	Estisch
+nl	eu	Baskisch
+nl	fa	Perzisch
+nl	fi	Fins
+nl	fo	Faeröers
+nl	fr	Frans
+nl	fy	Fries
+nl	ga	Iers
+nl	gag	Gagaoezisch
+nl	gd	Schots-Gaelisch
+nl	gl	Galicisch
+nl	glk	Gilaki
+nl	gn	Guaraní
+nl	gu	Gujarati
+nl	guc	Wayuu
+nl	gv	Manx
+nl	ha	Hausa
+nl	haw	Hawaïaans
+nl	he	Hebreeuws
+nl	hi	Hindi
+nl	hr	Kroatisch
+nl	hsb	Oppersorbisch
+nl	ht	Haïtiaans Creools
+nl	hu	Hongaars
+nl	hy	Armeens
+nl	ia	Interlingua
+nl	id	Indonesisch
+nl	ig	Igbo
+nl	is	IJslands
+nl	it	Italiaans
+nl	ja	Japans
+nl	ka	Georgisch
+nl	kaa	Karakalpaks
+nl	kk	Kazachs
+nl	kn	Kannada
+nl	ko	Koreaans
+nl	krc	Karatsjaj-Balkarisch
+nl	krl	Karelisch
+nl	ks	Kasjmiri
+nl	kum	Koemuks
+nl	kv	Komi
+nl	ky	Kirgizisch
+nl	la	Latijn
+nl	lb	Luxemburgs
+nl	lg	Luganda
+nl	liv	Lijfs
+nl	ln	Lingala
+nl	lo	Laotiaans
+nl	lt	Litouws
+nl	lv	Lets
+nl	mdf	Moksja
+nl	mfe	Morisyen
+nl	mk	Macedonisch
+nl	ml	Malayalam
+nl	mr	Marathi
+nl	mrj	West-Mari
+nl	ms	Maleis
+nl	mt	Maltees
+nl	myv	Erzja
+nl	nap	Napolitaans
+nl	nb	Noors - Bokmål
+nl	ne	Nepalees
+nl	nl	Nederlands
+nl	nn	Noors - Nynorsk
+nl	no	Noors
+nl	nog	Nogai
+nl	oc	Occitaans
+nl	os	Ossetisch
+nl	ota	Ottomaans-Turks
+nl	pa	Punjabi
+nl	pl	Pools
+nl	pt	Portugees
+nl	rm	Reto-Romaans
+nl	rn	Kirundi
+nl	ro	Roemeens
+nl	ru	Russisch
+nl	rup	Aroemeens
+nl	sa	Sanskriet
+nl	sah	Jakoets
+nl	sc	Sardijns
+nl	scn	Siciliaans
+nl	sco	Schots
+nl	sd	Sindhi
+nl	se	Noord-Samisch
+nl	sh	Servo-Kroatisch
+nl	si	Singalees
+nl	sk	Slowaaks
+nl	sl	Sloveens
+nl	sma	Zuid-Samisch
+nl	smj	Lule-Samisch
+nl	smn	Inari-Samisch
+nl	sq	Albanees
+nl	sr	Servisch
+nl	srn	Sranantongo
+nl	ss	Swazi
+nl	sv	Zweeds
+nl	sw	Swahili
+nl	szl	Silezisch
+nl	ta	Tamil
+nl	te	Telugu
+nl	tet	Tetun
+nl	tg	Tadzjieks
+nl	th	Thai
+nl	tk	Turkmeens
+nl	tl	Tagalog
+nl	tr	Turks
+nl	tt	Tataars
+nl	tyv	Toevaans
+nl	udm	Oedmoerts
+nl	ug	Oeigoers
+nl	uk	Oekraïens
+nl	ur	Urdu
+nl	uz	Oezbeeks
+nl	vi	Vietnamees
+nl	vro	Võro
+nl	wal	Wolaytta
+nl	xh	Xhosa
+nl	yi	Jiddisch
+nl	yo	Yoruba
+nl	zh	Chinees
+nl	zu	Zoeloe
+nn	af	afrikaans
+nn	ain	ainu
+nn	alt	sør-altaj
+nn	an	aragonsk
+nn	ar	arabisk
+nn	as	assamesisk
+nn	ast	asturisk
+nn	av	avarisk
+nn	az	aserbajdsjansk
+nn	ba	basjkirsk
+nn	bas	basa
+nn	be	kviterussisk
+nn	bg	bulgarsk
+nn	bi	bislama
+nn	bn	bengali
+nn	br	bretonsk
+nn	bs	bosnisk
+nn	bua	burjatisk
+nn	ca	katalansk
+nn	ceb	cebuano
+nn	chm	mari
+nn	ckb	sorani
+nn	co	korsikansk
+nn	crh	krimtatarisk
+nn	cs	tsjekkisk
+nn	csb	kasjubisk
+nn	cu	kyrkjeslavisk
+nn	cv	tsjuvansk
+nn	cy	walisisk
+nn	da	dansk
+nn	dar	dargwa
+nn	de	tysk
+nn	dsb	lågsorbisk
+nn	el	gresk
+nn	en	engelsk
+nn	eo	esperanto
+nn	es	spansk
+nn	et	estisk
+nn	eu	baskisk
+nn	fa	persisk
+nn	fi	finsk
+nn	fo	færøysk
+nn	fr	fransk
+nn	fy	vestfrisisk
+nn	ga	irsk
+nn	gd	skotsk-gælisk
+nn	gl	galicisk
+nn	gn	guarani
+nn	gu	gujarati
+nn	gv	manx
+nn	ha	hausa
+nn	haw	hawaiisk
+nn	he	hebraisk
+nn	hi	hindi
+nn	hr	kroatisk
+nn	hsb	høgsorbisk
+nn	ht	haitisk
+nn	hu	ungarsk
+nn	hy	armensk
+nn	ia	interlingua
+nn	id	indonesisk
+nn	ig	ibo
+nn	is	islandsk
+nn	it	italiensk
+nn	ja	japansk
+nn	ka	georgisk
+nn	kaa	karakalpakisk
+nn	kk	kasakhisk
+nn	kn	kannada
+nn	ko	koreansk
+nn	krc	karachay-balkar
+nn	krl	karelsk
+nn	ks	kasjmiri
+nn	kum	kumyk
+nn	kv	komi
+nn	ky	kirgisisk
+nn	la	latin
+nn	lb	luxemburgsk
+nn	lg	ganda
+nn	ln	lingala
+nn	lo	laotisk
+nn	lt	litauisk
+nn	lv	latvisk
+nn	mdf	moksha
+nn	mfe	morisyen
+nn	mk	makedonsk
+nn	ml	malayalam
+nn	mr	marathi
+nn	ms	malayisk
+nn	mt	maltesisk
+nn	myv	erzia
+nn	nap	napolitansk
+nn	nb	bokmål
+nn	ne	nepalsk
+nn	nl	nederlandsk
+nn	nn	nynorsk
+nn	no	norsk
+nn	nog	nogai
+nn	oc	oksitansk
+nn	os	ossetisk
+nn	ota	ottomansk tyrkisk
+nn	pa	panjabi
+nn	pl	polsk
+nn	pt	portugisisk
+nn	rm	retoromansk
+nn	rn	rundi
+nn	ro	rumensk
+nn	ru	russisk
+nn	rup	arumensk
+nn	sa	sanskrit
+nn	sah	sakha
+nn	sc	sardinsk
+nn	scn	siciliansk
+nn	sco	skotsk
+nn	sd	sindhi
+nn	se	nordsamisk
+nn	sh	serbokroatisk
+nn	si	singalesisk
+nn	sk	slovakisk
+nn	sl	slovensk
+nn	sma	sørsamisk
+nn	smj	lulesamisk
+nn	smn	enaresamisk
+nn	sq	albansk
+nn	sr	serbisk
+nn	srn	sranan tongo
+nn	ss	swati
+nn	sv	svensk
+nn	sw	swahili
+nn	ta	tamil
+nn	te	telugu
+nn	tet	tetum
+nn	tg	tadsjikisk
+nn	th	thai
+nn	tk	turkmensk
+nn	tl	tagalog
+nn	tr	tyrkisk
+nn	tt	tatarisk
+nn	tyv	tuvinisk
+nn	udm	udmurt
+nn	ug	uigurisk
+nn	uk	ukrainsk
+nn	ur	urdu
+nn	uz	usbekisk
+nn	vi	vietnamesisk
+nn	wal	wolaytta
+nn	xh	xhosa
+nn	yi	jiddisk
+nn	yo	joruba
+nn	zh	kinesisk
+nn	zu	zulu
+os	af	африкаанс
+os	ar	араббаг
+os	av	авайраг
+os	az	тӕтӕйраг
+os	ba	башкираг
+os	bg	болгайраг
+os	bs	босниаг
+os	bua	бурятаг
+os	ca	каталайнаг
+os	cs	чехаг
+os	cv	чувашаг
+os	da	даниаг
+os	de	немыцаг
+os	el	бердзейнаг
+os	en	англисаг
+os	eo	есперанто
+os	es	испайнаг
+os	et	естойнаг
+os	eu	баскаг
+os	fa	персайнаг
+os	fi	финнаг
+os	fo	фарераг
+os	fr	францаг
+os	ga	ирландиаг
+os	he	уираг
+os	hr	хорватаг
+os	hu	венгериаг
+os	hy	сомихаг
+os	it	италиаг
+os	ja	япойнаг
+os	ka	гуырдзиаг
+os	krc	бӕлхъӕрон
+os	kum	хъуымыхъхъаг
+os	la	латинаг
+os	mk	мӕчъидон
+os	os	ирон
+os	pt	португалиаг
+os	ru	уырыссаг
+os	zh	китайаг
+pa	af	ਅਫ਼ਰੀਕੀ
+pa	ain	ਆਇਨੂ
+pa	alt	ਦੱਖਣੀ ਅਲਤਾਈ
+pa	an	ਅਰਾਗੋਨੀ
+pa	ar	ਅਰਬੀ
+pa	as	ਅਸਾਮੀ
+pa	ast	ਅਸਤੂਰੀ
+pa	av	ਅਵਾਰਿਕ
+pa	az	ਅਜ਼ਰਬਾਈਜਾਨੀ
+pa	az	ਅਜ਼ੇਰੀ
+pa	ba	ਬਸ਼ਕੀਰ
+pa	bas	ਬਾਸਾ
+pa	be	ਬੇਲਾਰੂਸੀ
+pa	bg	ਬੁਲਗਾਰੀਆਈ
+pa	bi	ਬਿਸਲਾਮਾ
+pa	bn	ਬੰਗਾਲੀ
+pa	br	ਬਰੇਟਨ
+pa	bs	ਬੋਸਨੀਆਈ
+pa	ca	ਕੈਟਾਲਾਨ
+pa	ceb	ਸੀਬੂਆਨੋ
+pa	chm	ਮਾਰੀ
+pa	ckb	ਕੇਂਦਰੀ ਕੁਰਦਿਸ਼
+pa	co	ਕੋਰਸੀਕਨ
+pa	cs	ਚੈੱਕ
+pa	cu	ਚਰਚ ਸਲਾਵੀ
+pa	cv	ਚੁਵਾਸ਼
+pa	cy	ਵੈਲਸ਼
+pa	da	ਡੈਨਿਸ਼
+pa	dar	ਦਾਰਗਵਾ
+pa	de	ਜਰਮਨ
+pa	dsb	ਲੋਅਰ ਸੋਰਬੀਅਨ
+pa	el	ਯੂਨਾਨੀ
+pa	en	ਅੰਗਰੇਜ਼ੀ
+pa	eo	ਇਸਪੇਰਾਂਟੋ
+pa	es	ਸਪੇਨੀ
+pa	et	ਇਸਟੋਨੀਆਈ
+pa	eu	ਬਾਸਕ
+pa	fa	ਫ਼ਾਰਸੀ
+pa	fi	ਫਿਨਿਸ਼
+pa	fo	ਫ਼ੇਰੋਸੇ
+pa	fr	ਫਰਾਂਸੀਸੀ
+pa	fy	ਪੱਛਮੀ ਫ੍ਰਿਸੀਅਨ
+pa	ga	ਆਇਰਸ਼
+pa	gag	ਗਾਗੌਜ਼
+pa	gd	ਸਕਾਟਿਸ਼ ਗੇਲਿਕ
+pa	gl	ਗੈਲਿਸ਼ਿਅਨ
+pa	gn	ਗੁਆਰਾਨੀ
+pa	gu	ਗੁਜਰਾਤੀ
+pa	gv	ਮੈਂਕਸ
+pa	ha	ਹੌਸਾ
+pa	haw	ਹਵਾਈ
+pa	he	ਹਿਬਰੂ
+pa	hi	ਹਿੰਦੀ
+pa	hr	ਕ੍ਰੋਏਸ਼ਿਆਈ
+pa	hsb	ਅੱਪਰ ਸੋਰਬੀਅਨ
+pa	ht	ਹੈਤੀਆਈ
+pa	hu	ਹੰਗਰੀਆਈ
+pa	hy	ਅਰਮੀਨੀਆਈ
+pa	ia	ਇੰਟਰਲਿੰਗੁਆ
+pa	id	ਇੰਡੋਨੇਸ਼ੀਆਈ
+pa	ig	ਇਗਬੋ
+pa	is	ਆਈਸਲੈਂਡਿਕ
+pa	it	ਇਤਾਲਵੀ
+pa	ja	ਜਪਾਨੀ
+pa	ka	ਜਾਰਜੀਆਈ
+pa	kk	ਕਜ਼ਾਖ਼
+pa	kn	ਕੰਨੜ
+pa	ko	ਕੋਰੀਆਈ
+pa	krc	ਕਰਾਚੇ ਬਲਕਾਰ
+pa	krl	ਕਰੀਲੀਅਨ
+pa	ks	ਕਸ਼ਮੀਰੀ
+pa	kum	ਕੁਮੀਕ
+pa	kv	ਕੋਮੀ
+pa	ky	ਕਿਰਗੀਜ਼
+pa	la	ਲਾਤੀਨੀ
+pa	lb	ਲਕਜ਼ਮਬਰਗਿਸ਼
+pa	lg	ਗਾਂਡਾ
+pa	ln	ਲਿੰਗਾਲਾ
+pa	lo	ਲਾਓ
+pa	lt	ਲਿਥੁਆਨੀਅਨ
+pa	lv	ਲਾਤੀਵੀ
+pa	mdf	ਮੋਕਸ਼ਾ
+pa	mfe	ਮੋਰੀਸਿਅਨ
+pa	mk	ਮੈਕਡੋਨੀਆਈ
+pa	ml	ਮਲਿਆਲਮ
+pa	mr	ਮਰਾਠੀ
+pa	ms	ਮਲਯ
+pa	mt	ਮਾਲਟੀਜ਼
+pa	myv	ਇਰਜ਼ੀਆ
+pa	nap	ਨਿਆਪੋਲੀਟਨ
+pa	nb	ਨਾਰਵੇਜਿਆਈ ਬੋਕਮਲ
+pa	ne	ਨੇਪਾਲੀ
+pa	nl	ਡੱਚ
+pa	nn	ਨਾਰਵੇਜਿਆਈ ਨਿਓਨੌਰਸਕ
+pa	no	ਨਾਰਵੇਜਿਆਈ
+pa	nog	ਨੋਗਾਈ
+pa	oc	ਓਕਸੀਟਾਨ
+pa	os	ਓਸੈਟਿਕ
+pa	pa	ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
+pa	pl	ਪੋਲੈਂਡੀ
+pa	pt	ਪੁਰਤਗਾਲੀ
+pa	rm	ਰੋਮਾਂਸ਼
+pa	rn	ਰੁੰਡੀ
+pa	ro	ਰੋਮਾਨੀਆਈ
+pa	ru	ਰੂਸੀ
+pa	rup	ਅਰੋਮੀਨੀਆਈ
+pa	sa	ਸੰਸਕ੍ਰਿਤ
+pa	sah	ਸਾਖਾ
+pa	sc	ਸਾਰਡੀਨੀਆਈ
+pa	scn	ਸਿਸੀਲੀਅਨ
+pa	sco	ਸਕਾਟਸ
+pa	sd	ਸਿੰਧੀ
+pa	se	ਉੱਤਰੀ ਸਾਮੀ
+pa	si	ਸਿੰਹਾਲਾ
+pa	sk	ਸਲੋਵਾਕ
+pa	sl	ਸਲੋਵੇਨੀਆਈ
+pa	sma	ਦੱਖਣੀ ਸਾਮੀ
+pa	smj	ਲਿਊਲ ਸਾਮੀ
+pa	smn	ਇਨਾਰੀ ਸਾਮੀ
+pa	sq	ਅਲਬਾਨੀਆਈ
+pa	sr	ਸਰਬੀਆਈ
+pa	srn	ਸ੍ਰਾਨਾਨ ਟੋਂਗੋ
+pa	ss	ਸਵਾਤੀ
+pa	sv	ਸਵੀਡਿਸ਼
+pa	sw	ਸਵਾਹਿਲੀ
+pa	ta	ਤਮਿਲ
+pa	te	ਤੇਲਗੂ
+pa	tet	ਟੇਟਮ
+pa	tg	ਤਾਜਿਕ
+pa	th	ਥਾਈ
+pa	tk	ਤੁਰਕਮੇਨ
+pa	tr	ਤੁਰਕੀ
+pa	tt	ਤਤਾਰ
+pa	tyv	ਤੁਵੀਨੀਅਨ
+pa	udm	ਉਦਮੁਰਤ
+pa	ug	ਉਇਗੁਰ
+pa	uk	ਯੂਕਰੇਨੀਆਈ
+pa	ur	ਉਰਦੂ
+pa	uz	ਉਜ਼ਬੇਕ
+pa	vi	ਵੀਅਤਨਾਮੀ
+pa	wal	ਵੋਲਾਏਟਾ
+pa	xh	ਖੋਸਾ
+pa	yi	ਯਿਦਿਸ਼
+pa	yo	ਯੋਰੂਬਾ
+pa	zh	ਚੀਨੀ (ਮੈਂਡਰਿਨ)
+pa	zu	ਜ਼ੁਲੂ
+pl	af	afrikaans
+pl	ain	ajnu
+pl	alt	południowoałtajski
+pl	an	aragoński
+pl	ar	arabski
+pl	as	asamski
+pl	ast	asturyjski
+pl	av	awarski
+pl	az	azerbejdżański
+pl	az	azerski
+pl	ba	baszkirski
+pl	bas	basaa
+pl	be	białoruski
+pl	bg	bułgarski
+pl	bi	bislama
+pl	bn	bengalski
+pl	br	bretoński
+pl	bs	bośniacki
+pl	bua	buriacki
+pl	byv	medumba
+pl	ca	kataloński
+pl	ceb	cebuano
+pl	chm	maryjski
+pl	ckb	sorani
+pl	co	korsykański
+pl	crh	krymskotatarski
+pl	cs	czeski
+pl	csb	kaszubski
+pl	cu	cerkiewnosłowiański
+pl	cv	czuwaski
+pl	cy	walijski
+pl	da	duński
+pl	dar	dargwijski
+pl	de	niemiecki
+pl	dsb	dolnołużycki
+pl	el	grecki
+pl	en	angielski
+pl	eo	esperanto
+pl	es	hiszpański
+pl	et	estoński
+pl	eu	baskijski
+pl	fa	perski
+pl	fi	fiński
+pl	fo	farerski
+pl	fr	francuski
+pl	fy	zachodniofryzyjski
+pl	ga	irlandzki
+pl	gag	gagauski
+pl	gd	szkocki gaelicki
+pl	gl	galicyjski
+pl	glk	giliański
+pl	gn	guarani
+pl	gu	gudżarati
+pl	guc	wayúu
+pl	gv	manx
+pl	ha	hausa
+pl	haw	hawajski
+pl	he	hebrajski
+pl	hi	hindi
+pl	hr	chorwacki
+pl	hsb	górnołużycki
+pl	ht	kreolski haitański
+pl	hu	węgierski
+pl	hy	ormiański
+pl	ia	interlingua
+pl	id	indonezyjski
+pl	ig	igbo
+pl	is	islandzki
+pl	it	włoski
+pl	ja	japoński
+pl	ka	gruziński
+pl	kaa	karakałpacki
+pl	kk	kazachski
+pl	kn	kannada
+pl	ko	koreański
+pl	krc	karaczajsko-bałkarski
+pl	krl	karelski
+pl	ks	kaszmirski
+pl	kum	kumycki
+pl	kv	komi
+pl	ky	kirgiski
+pl	la	łaciński
+pl	lb	luksemburski
+pl	lg	ganda
+pl	liv	liwski
+pl	ln	lingala
+pl	lo	laotański
+pl	lt	litewski
+pl	lv	łotewski
+pl	mdf	moksza
+pl	mfe	kreolski Mauritiusa
+pl	mk	macedoński
+pl	ml	malajalam
+pl	mr	marathi
+pl	mrj	zachodniomaryjski
+pl	ms	malajski
+pl	mt	maltański
+pl	myv	erzja
+pl	nap	neapolitański
+pl	nb	norweski (bokmål)
+pl	ne	nepalski
+pl	nl	niderlandzki
+pl	nn	norweski (nynorsk)
+pl	no	norweski
+pl	nog	nogajski
+pl	oc	oksytański
+pl	os	osetyjski
+pl	ota	osmańsko-turecki
+pl	pa	pendżabski
+pl	pl	polski
+pl	pt	portugalski
+pl	rm	retoromański
+pl	rn	rundi
+pl	ro	rumuński
+pl	ru	rosyjski
+pl	rup	arumuński
+pl	sa	sanskryt
+pl	sah	jakucki
+pl	sc	sardyński
+pl	scn	sycylijski
+pl	sco	scots
+pl	sd	sindhi
+pl	se	północnolapoński
+pl	sh	serbsko-chorwacki
+pl	si	syngaleski
+pl	sk	słowacki
+pl	sl	słoweński
+pl	sma	południowolapoński
+pl	smj	lule
+pl	smn	inari
+pl	sq	albański
+pl	sr	serbski
+pl	srn	sranan tongo
+pl	ss	suazi
+pl	sv	szwedzki
+pl	sw	suahili
+pl	szl	śląski
+pl	ta	tamilski
+pl	te	telugu
+pl	tet	tetum
+pl	tg	tadżycki
+pl	th	tajski
+pl	tk	turkmeński
+pl	tl	tagalski
+pl	tr	turecki
+pl	tt	tatarski
+pl	tyv	tuwiński
+pl	udm	udmurcki
+pl	ug	ujgurski
+pl	uk	ukraiński
+pl	ur	urdu
+pl	uz	uzbecki
+pl	vi	wietnamski
+pl	vro	võro
+pl	wal	wolayta
+pl	xh	khosa
+pl	yi	jidysz
+pl	yo	joruba
+pl	zh	chiński
+pl	zu	zulu
+pt	af	africâner
+pt	ain	ainu
+pt	alt	altai meridional
+pt	an	aragonês
+pt	ar	árabe
+pt	as	assamês
+pt	ast	asturiano
+pt	av	avárico
+pt	az	azerbaijano
+pt	az	azeri
+pt	ba	bashkir
+pt	bas	basa
+pt	be	bielorrusso
+pt	bg	búlgaro
+pt	bi	bislamá
+pt	bn	bengali
+pt	br	bretão
+pt	bs	bósnio
+pt	bua	buriato
+pt	byv	medumba
+pt	ca	catalão
+pt	ceb	cebuano
+pt	chm	mari
+pt	ckb	curdo central
+pt	co	corso
+pt	crh	turco da Crimeia
+pt	cs	tcheco
+pt	csb	kashubian
+pt	cu	eslavo eclesiástico
+pt	cv	tchuvache
+pt	cy	galês
+pt	da	dinamarquês
+pt	dar	dargwa
+pt	de	alemão
+pt	dsb	baixo sorábio
+pt	el	grego
+pt	en	inglês
+pt	eo	esperanto
+pt	es	espanhol
+pt	et	estoniano
+pt	eu	basco
+pt	fa	persa
+pt	fi	finlandês
+pt	fo	feroês
+pt	fr	francês
+pt	fy	frísio ocidental
+pt	ga	irlandês
+pt	gag	gagauz
+pt	gd	gaélico escocês
+pt	gl	galego
+pt	gn	guarani
+pt	gu	guzerate
+pt	gv	manx
+pt	ha	hauçá
+pt	haw	havaiano
+pt	he	hebraico
+pt	hi	híndi
+pt	hr	croata
+pt	hsb	alto sorábio
+pt	ht	haitiano
+pt	hu	húngaro
+pt	hy	armênio
+pt	ia	interlíngua
+pt	id	indonésio
+pt	ig	igbo
+pt	is	islandês
+pt	it	italiano
+pt	ja	japonês
+pt	ka	georgiano
+pt	kaa	kara-kalpak
+pt	kk	cazaque
+pt	kn	canarim
+pt	ko	coreano
+pt	krc	karachay-balkar
+pt	krl	carélio
+pt	ks	caxemira
+pt	kum	kumyk
+pt	kv	komi
+pt	ky	quirguiz
+pt	la	latim
+pt	lb	luxemburguês
+pt	lg	luganda
+pt	ln	lingala
+pt	lo	laosiano
+pt	lt	lituano
+pt	lv	letão
+pt	mdf	mocsa
+pt	mfe	morisyen
+pt	mk	macedônio
+pt	ml	malaiala
+pt	mr	marati
+pt	ms	malaio
+pt	mt	maltês
+pt	myv	erzya
+pt	nap	napolitano
+pt	nb	bokmål norueguês
+pt	ne	nepalês
+pt	nl	holandês
+pt	nn	nynorsk norueguês
+pt	no	norueguês
+pt	nog	nogai
+pt	oc	occitânico
+pt	os	osseto
+pt	ota	turco otomano
+pt	pa	panjabi
+pt	pl	polonês
+pt	pt	português
+pt	rm	romanche
+pt	rn	rundi
+pt	ro	romeno
+pt	ru	russo
+pt	rup	aromeno
+pt	sa	sânscrito
+pt	sah	sakha
+pt	sc	sardo
+pt	scn	siciliano
+pt	sco	scots
+pt	sd	sindi
+pt	se	sami setentrional
+pt	sh	servo-croata
+pt	si	cingalês
+pt	sk	eslovaco
+pt	sl	esloveno
+pt	sma	sami meridional
+pt	smj	sami de Lule
+pt	smn	sami de Inari
+pt	sq	albanês
+pt	sr	sérvio
+pt	srn	surinamês
+pt	ss	suázi
+pt	sv	sueco
+pt	sw	suaíli
+pt	ta	tâmil
+pt	te	télugo
+pt	tet	tétum
+pt	tg	tadjique
+pt	th	tailandês
+pt	tk	turcomeno
+pt	tl	tagalo
+pt	tr	turco
+pt	tt	tártaro
+pt	tyv	tuviniano
+pt	udm	udmurte
+pt	ug	uigur
+pt	uk	ucraniano
+pt	ur	urdu
+pt	uz	uzbeque
+pt	vi	vietnamita
+pt	wal	wolaytta
+pt	xh	xhosa
+pt	yi	iídiche
+pt	yo	iorubá
+pt	zh	chinês
+pt	zu	zulu
+rm	af	afrikaans
+rm	ain	ainu
+rm	alt	altaic dal sid
+rm	an	aragonais
+rm	ar	arab
+rm	as	assami
+rm	ast	asturian
+rm	av	avaric
+rm	az	aserbeidschanic
+rm	ba	baschkir
+rm	bas	basaa
+rm	be	bieloruss
+rm	bg	bulgar
+rm	bi	bislama
+rm	bn	bengal
+rm	br	breton
+rm	bs	bosniac
+rm	bua	buriat
+rm	ca	catalan
+rm	ceb	cebuano
+rm	chm	mari
+rm	co	cors
+rm	crh	tirc crimean
+rm	cs	tschec
+rm	csb	kaschubic
+rm	cu	slav da baselgia
+rm	cv	tschuvasch
+rm	cy	kimric
+rm	da	danais
+rm	dar	dargwa
+rm	de	tudestg
+rm	dsb	bass sorb
+rm	el	grec
+rm	en	englais
+rm	eo	esperanto
+rm	es	spagnol
+rm	et	eston
+rm	eu	basc
+rm	fa	persian
+rm	fi	finlandais
+rm	fo	ferrais
+rm	fr	franzos
+rm	fy	fris
+rm	ga	irlandais
+rm	gd	gaelic scot
+rm	gl	galician
+rm	gn	guarani
+rm	gu	gujarati
+rm	gv	manx
+rm	ha	haussa
+rm	haw	hawaian
+rm	he	ebraic
+rm	hi	hindi
+rm	hr	croat
+rm	hsb	aut sorb
+rm	ht	haitian
+rm	hu	ungarais
+rm	hy	armen
+rm	ia	interlingua
+rm	id	indonais
+rm	ig	igbo
+rm	is	islandais
+rm	it	talian
+rm	ja	giapunais
+rm	ka	georgian
+rm	kaa	karakalpak
+rm	kk	casac
+rm	kn	kannada
+rm	ko	corean
+rm	krc	karachay-balkar
+rm	krl	carelian
+rm	ks	kashmiri
+rm	kum	kumuk
+rm	kv	komi
+rm	ky	kirghis
+rm	la	latin
+rm	lb	luxemburgais
+rm	lg	ganda
+rm	ln	lingala
+rm	lo	laot
+rm	lt	lituan
+rm	lv	letton
+rm	mdf	moksha
+rm	mk	macedon
+rm	ml	malayalam
+rm	mr	marathi
+rm	ms	malaic
+rm	mt	maltais
+rm	myv	erzya
+rm	nap	neapolitan
+rm	nb	norvegais bokmål
+rm	ne	nepalais
+rm	nl	ollandais
+rm	nn	norvegiais nynorsk
+rm	no	norvegiais
+rm	nog	nogai
+rm	oc	occitan
+rm	os	ossetic
+rm	ota	tirc ottoman
+rm	pa	punjabi
+rm	pl	polac
+rm	pt	portugais
+rm	rm	rumantsch
+rm	rn	rundi
+rm	ro	rumen
+rm	ru	russ
+rm	rup	aromunic
+rm	sa	sanscrit
+rm	sah	jakut
+rm	sc	sard
+rm	scn	sicilian
+rm	sco	scot
+rm	sd	sindhi
+rm	se	sami dal nord
+rm	sh	serbo-croat
+rm	si	singalais
+rm	sk	slovac
+rm	sl	sloven
+rm	sma	sami dal sid
+rm	smj	sami lule
+rm	smn	sami inari
+rm	sq	albanais
+rm	sr	serb
+rm	srn	sranan tongo
+rm	ss	swazi
+rm	sv	svedais
+rm	sw	suahili
+rm	ta	tamil
+rm	te	telugu
+rm	tet	tetum
+rm	tg	tadjik
+rm	th	tailandais
+rm	tk	turkmen
+rm	tl	tagalog
+rm	tr	tirc
+rm	tt	tatar
+rm	tyv	tuvinian
+rm	udm	udmurt
+rm	ug	uiguric
+rm	uk	ucranais
+rm	ur	urdu
+rm	uz	usbec
+rm	vi	vietnamais
+rm	wal	walamo
+rm	xh	xhosa
+rm	yi	jiddic
+rm	yo	yoruba
+rm	zh	chinais
+rm	zu	zulu
+rn	ar	Icarabu
+rn	be	Ikibelarusiya
+rn	bg	Ikinyabuligariya
+rn	bn	Ikibengali
+rn	cs	Igiceke
+rn	de	Ikidage
+rn	el	Ikigereki
+rn	en	Icongereza
+rn	es	Icesipanyolo
+rn	fa	Igiperisi
+rn	fr	Igifaransa
+rn	ha	Igihawusa
+rn	hi	Igihindi
+rn	hu	Ikinyahongiriya
+rn	id	Ikinyendoziya
+rn	ig	Ikigubo
+rn	it	Igitaliyani
+rn	ja	Ikiyapani
+rn	ko	Ikinyakoreya
+rn	ms	Ikinyamaleziya
+rn	ne	Ikinepali
+rn	nl	Igiholandi
+rn	pa	Igipunjabi
+rn	pl	Ikinyapolonye
+rn	pt	Igiporutugari
+rn	rn	Ikirundi
+rn	ro	Ikinyarumaniya
+rn	ru	Ikirusiya
+rn	sv	Igisuweduwa
+rn	ta	Igitamili
+rn	th	Ikinyatayilandi
+rn	tr	Igiturukiya
+rn	uk	Ikinyayukereni
+rn	ur	Inyeyurudu
+rn	vi	Ikinyaviyetinamu
+rn	yo	Ikiyoruba
+rn	zh	Igishinwa
+rn	zu	Ikizulu
+ro	af	afrikaans
+ro	ain	ainu
+ro	alt	altaică meridională
+ro	an	aragoneză
+ro	ar	arabă
+ro	as	asameză
+ro	ast	asturiană
+ro	av	avară
+ro	az	azeră
+ro	az	azeră
+ro	ba	bașkiră
+ro	bas	basaa
+ro	be	belarusă
+ro	bg	bulgară
+ro	bi	bislama
+ro	bn	bengaleză
+ro	br	bretonă
+ro	bs	bosniacă
+ro	bua	buriat
+ro	byv	medumba
+ro	ca	catalană
+ro	ceb	cebuană
+ro	chm	mari
+ro	ckb	kurdă centrală
+ro	co	corsicană
+ro	crh	turcă crimeeană
+ro	cs	cehă
+ro	csb	cașubiană
+ro	cu	slavonă
+ro	cv	ciuvașă
+ro	cy	galeză
+ro	da	daneză
+ro	dar	dargwa
+ro	de	germană
+ro	dsb	sorabă de jos
+ro	el	greacă
+ro	en	engleză
+ro	eo	esperanto
+ro	es	spaniolă
+ro	et	estonă
+ro	eu	bască
+ro	fa	persană
+ro	fi	finlandeză
+ro	fo	faroeză
+ro	fr	franceză
+ro	fy	frizonă occidentală
+ro	ga	irlandeză
+ro	gag	găgăuză
+ro	gd	gaelică scoțiană
+ro	gl	galiciană
+ro	gn	guarani
+ro	gu	gujarati
+ro	gv	manx
+ro	ha	hausa
+ro	haw	hawaiiană
+ro	he	ebraică
+ro	hi	hindi
+ro	hr	croată
+ro	hsb	sorabă de sus
+ro	ht	haitiană
+ro	hu	maghiară
+ro	hy	armeană
+ro	ia	interlingua
+ro	id	indoneziană
+ro	ig	igbo
+ro	is	islandeză
+ro	it	italiană
+ro	ja	japoneză
+ro	ka	georgiană
+ro	kaa	karakalpak
+ro	kk	kazahă
+ro	kn	kannada
+ro	ko	coreeană
+ro	krc	karaceai-balkar
+ro	krl	kareliană
+ro	ks	cașmiră
+ro	kum	kumyk
+ro	kv	komi
+ro	ky	kârgâză
+ro	la	latină
+ro	lb	luxemburgheză
+ro	lg	ganda
+ro	ln	lingala
+ro	lo	laoțiană
+ro	lt	lituaniană
+ro	lv	letonă
+ro	mdf	moksha
+ro	mfe	morisyen
+ro	mk	macedoneană
+ro	ml	malayalam
+ro	mr	marathi
+ro	ms	malaeză
+ro	mt	malteză
+ro	myv	erzya
+ro	nap	napolitană
+ro	nb	norvegiană bokmål
+ro	ne	nepaleză
+ro	nl	neerlandeză
+ro	nn	norvegiană nynorsk
+ro	no	norvegiană
+ro	nog	nogai
+ro	oc	occitană
+ro	os	osetă
+ro	ota	turcă otomană
+ro	pa	punjabi
+ro	pl	poloneză
+ro	pt	portugheză
+ro	rm	romanșă
+ro	rn	kirundi
+ro	ro	română
+ro	ru	rusă
+ro	rup	aromână
+ro	sa	sanscrită
+ro	sah	sakha
+ro	sc	sardiniană
+ro	scn	siciliană
+ro	sco	scots
+ro	sd	sindhi
+ro	se	sami de nord
+ro	sh	sârbo-croată
+ro	si	singhaleză
+ro	sk	slovacă
+ro	sl	slovenă
+ro	sma	sami de sud
+ro	smj	sami lule
+ro	smn	sami inari
+ro	sq	albaneză
+ro	sr	sârbă
+ro	srn	sranan tongo
+ro	ss	swati
+ro	sv	suedeză
+ro	sw	swahili
+ro	ta	tamilă
+ro	te	telugu
+ro	tet	tetum
+ro	tg	tadjică
+ro	th	thailandeză
+ro	tk	turkmenă
+ro	tl	tagalog
+ro	tr	turcă
+ro	tt	tătară
+ro	tyv	tuvană
+ro	udm	udmurt
+ro	ug	uigură
+ro	uk	ucraineană
+ro	ur	urdu
+ro	uz	uzbecă
+ro	vi	vietnameză
+ro	wal	wolaita
+ro	xh	xhosa
+ro	yi	idiș
+ro	yo	yoruba
+ro	zh	chineză
+ro	zu	zulu
+ru	af	африкаанс
+ru	ain	айнский
+ru	alt	южноалтайский
+ru	an	арагонский
+ru	ar	арабский
+ru	as	ассамский
+ru	ast	астурийский
+ru	av	аварский
+ru	az	азербайджанский
+ru	az	азербайджанский
+ru	ba	башкирский
+ru	bas	баса
+ru	be	белорусский
+ru	bg	болгарский
+ru	bi	бислама
+ru	bn	бенгальский
+ru	br	бретонский
+ru	bs	боснийский
+ru	bua	бурятский
+ru	byv	медумба
+ru	ca	каталанский
+ru	ceb	себуано
+ru	chm	марийский
+ru	ckb	сорани
+ru	co	корсиканский
+ru	crh	крымско-татарский
+ru	cs	чешский
+ru	csb	кашубский
+ru	cu	церковнославянский
+ru	cv	чувашский
+ru	cy	валлийский
+ru	da	датский
+ru	dar	даргинский
+ru	de	немецкий
+ru	dsb	нижнелужицкий
+ru	el	греческий
+ru	en	английский
+ru	eo	эсперанто
+ru	es	испанский
+ru	et	эстонский
+ru	eu	баскский
+ru	fa	персидский
+ru	fi	финский
+ru	fo	фарерский
+ru	fr	французский
+ru	fy	западнофризский
+ru	ga	ирландский
+ru	gag	гагаузский
+ru	gd	гэльский
+ru	gl	галисийский
+ru	gn	гуарани
+ru	gu	гуджарати
+ru	gv	мэнский
+ru	ha	хауса
+ru	haw	гавайский
+ru	he	иврит
+ru	hi	хинди
+ru	hr	хорватский
+ru	hsb	верхнелужицкий
+ru	ht	гаитянский
+ru	hu	венгерский
+ru	hy	армянский
+ru	ia	интерлингва
+ru	id	индонезийский
+ru	ig	игбо
+ru	is	исландский
+ru	it	итальянский
+ru	ja	японский
+ru	ka	грузинский
+ru	kaa	каракалпакский
+ru	kk	казахский
+ru	kn	каннада
+ru	ko	корейский
+ru	krc	карачаево-балкарский
+ru	krl	карельский
+ru	ks	кашмири
+ru	kum	кумыкский
+ru	kv	коми
+ru	ky	киргизский
+ru	la	латинский
+ru	lb	люксембургский
+ru	lg	ганда
+ru	ln	лингала
+ru	lo	лаосский
+ru	lt	литовский
+ru	lv	латышский
+ru	mdf	мокшанский
+ru	mfe	маврикийский креольский
+ru	mk	македонский
+ru	ml	малаялам
+ru	mr	маратхи
+ru	ms	малайский
+ru	mt	мальтийский
+ru	myv	эрзянский
+ru	nap	неаполитанский
+ru	nb	норвежский букмол
+ru	ne	непальский
+ru	nl	нидерландский
+ru	nn	нюнорск
+ru	no	норвежский
+ru	nog	ногайский
+ru	oc	окситанский
+ru	os	осетинский
+ru	ota	старотурецкий
+ru	pa	панджаби
+ru	pl	польский
+ru	pt	португальский
+ru	rm	романшский
+ru	rn	рунди
+ru	ro	румынский
+ru	ru	русский
+ru	rup	арумынский
+ru	sa	санскрит
+ru	sah	саха
+ru	sc	сардинский
+ru	scn	сицилийский
+ru	sco	шотландский
+ru	sd	синдхи
+ru	se	северносаамский
+ru	sh	сербскохорватский
+ru	si	сингальский
+ru	sk	словацкий
+ru	sl	словенский
+ru	sma	южносаамский
+ru	smj	луле-саамский
+ru	smn	инари-саамский
+ru	sq	албанский
+ru	sr	сербский
+ru	srn	сранан-тонго
+ru	ss	свази
+ru	sv	шведский
+ru	sw	суахили
+ru	ta	тамильский
+ru	te	телугу
+ru	tet	тетум
+ru	tg	таджикский
+ru	th	тайский
+ru	tk	туркменский
+ru	tl	тагалог
+ru	tr	турецкий
+ru	tt	татарский
+ru	tyv	тувинский
+ru	udm	удмуртский
+ru	ug	уйгурский
+ru	uk	украинский
+ru	ur	урду
+ru	uz	узбекский
+ru	vi	вьетнамский
+ru	wal	воламо
+ru	xh	коса
+ru	yi	идиш
+ru	yo	йоруба
+ru	zh	китайский
+ru	zu	зулу
+sah	af	Аппырыкааныстыы
+sah	ar	Араабтыы
+sah	ast	Астуурдуу
+sah	av	Аваардыы
+sah	az	Адьырбайдьаанныы
+sah	be	Бөлөрүүстүү
+sah	bg	Булҕаардыы
+sah	bn	Бенгаллыы
+sah	bs	Босныйалыы
+sah	ca	Каталаанныы
+sah	ckb	Киин куурдуу
+sah	cs	Чиэхтии
+sah	da	Даатскайдыы
+sah	de	Ниэмэстии
+sah	el	Гириэктии
+sah	en	Ааҥыллыы
+sah	es	Ыспаанныы
+sah	et	Эстиэнийэлии
+sah	fa	Пиэристии
+sah	fi	Пииннии
+sah	fr	Боронсуустуу
+sah	hu	Бэҥгиэрдии
+sah	hy	Эрмээннии
+sah	it	Ытаалыйалыы
+sah	ja	Дьоппуоннуу
+sah	ka	Курусууннуу
+sah	kk	Хаһаахтыы
+sah	ko	Кэриэйдии
+sah	ky	Кыргыстыы
+sah	la	Латыынныы
+sah	ms	Малаайдыы
+sah	ne	Ньыпааллыы
+sah	nog	Нагаайдыы
+sah	pa	Пандьаабтыы
+sah	pt	Португааллыы
+sah	ro	Румыынныы
+sah	ru	Нууччалыы
+sah	sah	саха тыла
+sah	sk	Словаактыы
+sah	sq	Албаанныы
+sah	ta	Тамыллыы
+sah	te	Төлүгүлүү
+sah	tg	Тадьыыктыы
+sah	tt	Татаардыы
+sah	ug	Уйгуурдуу
+sah	uk	Украйыыньыстыы
+sah	uz	Үзбиэктии
+sah	zh	Кытайдыы
+sah	zu	Зуулулуу
+sd	af	آفريڪي
+sd	ain	آئينو
+sd	alt	ڏکڻ التائي
+sd	an	ارگني
+sd	ar	عربي
+sd	as	آسامي
+sd	ast	اسٽورين
+sd	av	اويرس
+sd	az	آزربائيجاني
+sd	az	ازري
+sd	ba	بشڪر
+sd	bas	باسا
+sd	be	بيلاروسي
+sd	bg	بلغاريائي
+sd	bi	بسلاما
+sd	bn	بنگلا
+sd	br	بريٽن
+sd	bs	بوسنيائي
+sd	ca	ڪيٽالان
+sd	ceb	سبوانو
+sd	chm	ماري
+sd	ckb	مرڪزي ڪردش
+sd	co	ڪارسيڪائي
+sd	cs	چيڪ
+sd	cu	چرچ سلاوی
+sd	cv	چو واش
+sd	cy	ويلش
+sd	da	ڊينش
+sd	dar	ڊارگوا
+sd	de	جرمن
+sd	dsb	لوئر سوربين
+sd	el	يوناني
+sd	en	انگريزي
+sd	eo	ايسپرانٽو
+sd	es	اسپيني
+sd	et	ايستونائي
+sd	eu	باسڪي
+sd	fa	فارسي
+sd	fi	فنش
+sd	fo	فيروايس
+sd	fr	فرانسي
+sd	fy	مغربي فريشن
+sd	ga	آئرش
+sd	gd	اسڪاٽش گيلڪ
+sd	gl	گليشئين
+sd	gn	گواراني
+sd	gu	گجراتي
+sd	gv	مينڪس
+sd	ha	هوسا
+sd	haw	هوائي
+sd	he	عبراني
+sd	hi	هندي
+sd	hr	ڪروشيائي
+sd	hsb	اپر سربيائي
+sd	ht	هيٽي ڪرولي
+sd	hu	هنگري
+sd	hy	ارماني
+sd	ia	انٽرلنگئا
+sd	id	انڊونيشي
+sd	ig	اگبو
+sd	is	آئيس لينڊڪ
+sd	it	اطالوي
+sd	ja	جاپاني
+sd	ka	جارجين
+sd	kk	قازق
+sd	kn	ڪناڊا
+sd	ko	ڪوريائي
+sd	krc	ڪراچي بالڪر
+sd	krl	ڪريلئين
+sd	ks	ڪشميري
+sd	kum	ڪومڪ
+sd	kv	ڪومي
+sd	ky	ڪرغيز
+sd	la	لاطيني
+sd	lb	لگزمبرگ
+sd	lg	گاندا
+sd	ln	لنگالا
+sd	lo	لائو
+sd	lt	ليٿونيائي
+sd	lv	لاتوين
+sd	mdf	موڪشا
+sd	mfe	موریسیین
+sd	mk	ميسي ڊونيائي
+sd	ml	مليالم
+sd	mr	مراٺي
+sd	ms	ملي
+sd	mt	مالٽي
+sd	myv	ايريزيا
+sd	nap	نيپولٽن
+sd	nb	نارويائي بوڪمال
+sd	ne	نيپالي
+sd	nl	ڊچ
+sd	nn	نارويائي نيوناسڪ
+sd	nog	نوگائي
+sd	oc	آڪسيٽن
+sd	os	اوسيٽڪ
+sd	pa	پنجابي
+sd	pl	پولش
+sd	pt	پرتگالي
+sd	rm	رومانش
+sd	rn	رونڊي
+sd	ro	روماني
+sd	ru	روسي
+sd	rup	ارومينين
+sd	sa	سنسڪرت
+sd	sah	ساخا
+sd	sc	سارڊيني
+sd	scn	سسلي
+sd	sco	اسڪاٽس
+sd	sd	سنڌي
+sd	se	اتر سامي
+sd	si	سنهالا
+sd	sk	سلواڪي
+sd	sl	سلوويني
+sd	sma	ڏکڻ سامي
+sd	smj	لولي سامي
+sd	smn	اناري سامي
+sd	sq	الباني
+sd	sr	سربيائي
+sd	srn	سرانن تانگو
+sd	ss	سواتي
+sd	sv	سويڊني
+sd	sw	سواحيلي
+sd	ta	تامل
+sd	te	تلگو
+sd	tet	تيتم
+sd	tg	تاجڪي
+sd	th	ٿائي
+sd	tk	ترڪماني
+sd	tr	ترڪ
+sd	tt	تاتري
+sd	tyv	تووينيائي
+sd	udm	ادمورتيا
+sd	ug	يوغور
+sd	uk	يوڪراني
+sd	ur	اردو
+sd	uz	ازبڪ
+sd	vi	ويتنامي
+sd	wal	وولايٽا
+sd	xh	زھوسا
+sd	yi	يدش
+sd	yo	يوروبا
+sd	zh	چيني
+sd	zu	زولو
+se	af	afrikánsagiella
+se	an	aragoniagiella
+se	ar	arábagiella
+se	ast	asturiagiella
+se	be	vilges-ruoššagiella
+se	bg	bulgáriagiella
+se	bn	bengalgiella
+se	br	bretonagiella
+se	bs	bosniagiella
+se	ca	katalánagiella
+se	chm	marigiella
+se	co	corsicagiella
+se	cs	čeahkagiella
+se	cy	kymragiella
+se	da	dánskkagiella
+se	de	duiskkagiella
+se	el	greikkagiella
+se	en	eaŋgalsgiella
+se	es	spánskkagiella
+se	et	esttegiella
+se	fa	persijagiella
+se	fi	suomagiella
+se	fo	fearagiella
+se	fr	fránskkagiella
+se	fy	oarjifriisagiella
+se	ga	iirragiella
+se	gu	gujaratagiella
+se	gv	manksgiella
+se	ha	haussagiella
+se	haw	hawaiigiella
+se	hi	hindigiella
+se	hr	kroátiagiella
+se	ht	haitigiella
+se	hu	ungárgiella
+se	hy	armeenagiella
+se	id	indonesiagiella
+se	is	islánddagiella
+se	it	itáliagiella
+se	ja	japánagiella
+se	ka	georgiagiella
+se	kk	kazakgiella
+se	ko	koreagiella
+se	krl	gárjilgiella
+se	kv	komigiella
+se	la	láhtengiella
+se	lb	luxemburggagiella
+se	lo	laogiella
+se	lt	liettuvagiella
+se	lv	látviagiella
+se	mdf	mokšagiella
+se	mk	makedoniagiella
+se	mt	maltagiella
+se	myv	ersagiella
+se	nb	girjedárogiella
+se	ne	nepaligiella
+se	nl	hollánddagiella
+se	nn	ođđadárogiella
+se	no	dárogiella
+se	oc	oksitánagiella
+se	pa	panjabigiella
+se	pl	polskkagiella
+se	pt	portugálagiella
+se	rm	romanšgiella
+se	ro	romániagiella
+se	ru	ruoššagiella
+se	sc	sardigiella
+se	scn	sisiliagiella
+se	se	davvisámegiella
+se	sh	serbokroatiagiella
+se	sk	slovákiagiella
+se	sl	slovenagiella
+se	sma	lullisámegiella
+se	smj	julevsámegiella
+se	smn	anárašgiella
+se	sq	albánagiella
+se	sr	serbiagiella
+se	sv	ruoŧagiella
+se	th	ŧaigiella
+se	tr	durkagiella
+se	udm	udmurtagiella
+se	uk	ukrainagiella
+se	ur	urdugiella
+se	vi	vietnamgiella
+se	zh	kiinnágiella
+si	af	අෆ්රිකාන්ස්
+si	ain	අයිනු
+si	alt	සතර්න් අල්ටය්
+si	an	ඇරගොනීස්
+si	ar	අරාබි
+si	as	ඇසෑම්
+si	ast	ඇස්ටියුරියන්
+si	av	ඇවරික්
+si	az	අසර්බයිජාන්
+si	az	අසීරී
+si	ba	බාෂ්කිර්
+si	bas	බසා
+si	be	බෙලරුසියානු
+si	bg	බල්ගේරියානු
+si	bi	බිස්ලමා
+si	bn	බෙංගාලි
+si	br	බ්‍රේටොන්
+si	bs	බොස්නියානු
+si	ca	කැටලන්
+si	ceb	සෙබුඅනො
+si	chm	මරි
+si	ckb	සොරානි කුර්දිෂ්
+si	co	කෝසිකානු
+si	cs	චෙක්
+si	cu	චර්ච් ස්ලැවික්
+si	cv	චවේෂ්
+si	cy	වෙල්ෂ්
+si	da	ඩැනිශ්
+si	dar	ඩාර්ග්වා
+si	de	ජර්මන්
+si	dsb	පහළ සෝබියානු
+si	el	ග්‍රීක
+si	en	ඉංග්‍රීසි
+si	eo	එස්පැරන්ටෝ
+si	es	ස්පාඤ්ඤ
+si	et	එස්තෝනියානු
+si	eu	බාස්ක්
+si	fa	පර්සියානු
+si	fi	ෆින්ලන්ත
+si	fo	ෆාරෝස්
+si	fr	ප්‍රංශ
+si	fy	බටහිර ෆ්‍රිසියානු
+si	ga	අයර්ලන්ත
+si	gag	ගගාස්
+si	gd	ස්කොට්ටිශ් ගෙලික්
+si	gl	ගැලීසියානු
+si	gn	ගුවාරනි
+si	gu	ගුජරාටි
+si	gv	මැන්ක්ස්
+si	ha	හෝසා
+si	haw	හවායි
+si	he	හීබෲ
+si	hi	හින්දි
+si	hr	කෝඒෂියානු
+si	hsb	ඉහළ සෝබියානු
+si	ht	හයිටි
+si	hu	හන්ගේරියානු
+si	hy	ආර්මේනියානු
+si	ia	ඉන්ටලින්ගුආ
+si	id	ඉන්දුනීසියානු
+si	ig	ඉග්බෝ
+si	is	අයිස්ලන්ත
+si	it	ඉතාලි
+si	ja	ජපන්
+si	ka	ජෝර්ජියානු
+si	kk	කසාඛ්
+si	kn	කණ්ණඩ
+si	ko	කොරියානු
+si	krc	කරන්චි-බාකර්
+si	krl	කැරෙලියන්
+si	ks	කාෂ්මීර්
+si	kum	කුමික්
+si	kv	කොමි
+si	ky	කිර්ගිස්
+si	la	ලතින්
+si	lb	ලක්සැම්බර්ග්
+si	lg	ගන්ඩා
+si	ln	ලින්ගලා
+si	lo	ලාඕ
+si	lt	ලිතුවේනියානු
+si	lv	ලැට්වියානු
+si	mdf	මොක්ශා
+si	mfe	මොරිස්යෙම්
+si	mk	මැසිඩෝනියානු
+si	ml	මලයාලම්
+si	mr	මරාති
+si	ms	මැලේ
+si	mt	මොල්ටිස්
+si	myv	එර්ස්යා
+si	nap	නියාපොලිටන්
+si	nb	නෝර්වීජියානු බොක්මල්
+si	ne	නේපාල
+si	nl	ලන්දේසි
+si	nn	නෝර්වීජියානු නයිනෝර්ස්ක්
+si	nog	නොගායි
+si	oc	ඔසිටාන්
+si	os	ඔසිටෙක්
+si	pa	පන්ජාබි
+si	pl	පෝලන්ත
+si	pt	පෘතුගීසි
+si	rm	රොමෑන්ශ්
+si	rn	රුන්ඩි
+si	ro	රොමේනියානු
+si	ru	රුසියානු
+si	rup	ඇරොමානියානු
+si	sa	සංස්කෘත
+si	sah	සඛා
+si	sc	සාර්ඩිනිඅන්
+si	scn	සිසිලියන්
+si	sco	ස්කොට්ස්
+si	sd	සින්ධි
+si	se	උතුරු සාමි
+si	si	සිංහල
+si	sk	ස්ලෝවැක්
+si	sl	ස්ලෝවේනියානු
+si	sma	දකුණු සාමි
+si	smj	ලුලේ සාමි
+si	smn	ඉනාරි සාමි
+si	sq	ඇල්බේනියානු
+si	sr	සර්බියානු
+si	srn	ස්‍රන් ටොන්ගො
+si	ss	ස්වති
+si	sv	ස්වීඩන්
+si	sw	ස්වාහිලි
+si	ta	දෙමළ
+si	te	තෙළිඟු
+si	tet	ටේටම්
+si	tg	ටජික්
+si	th	තායි
+si	tk	ටර්ක්මෙන්
+si	tr	තුර්කි
+si	tt	ටාටර්
+si	tyv	ටුවිනියන්
+si	udm	අඩ්මර්ට්
+si	ug	උයිගර්
+si	uk	යුක්රේනියානු
+si	ur	උර්දු
+si	uz	උස්බෙක්
+si	vi	වියට්නාම්
+si	wal	වොලෙට්ට
+si	xh	ශෝසා
+si	yi	යිඩිශ්
+si	yo	යොරූබා
+si	zh	චීන
+si	zu	සුලු
+sk	af	afrikánčina
+sk	ain	ainčina
+sk	alt	južná altajčina
+sk	an	aragónčina
+sk	ar	arabčina
+sk	as	ásamčina
+sk	ast	astúrčina
+sk	av	avarčina
+sk	az	azerbajdžančina
+sk	az	azerbajdžančina
+sk	ba	baškirčina
+sk	bas	basa
+sk	be	bieloruština
+sk	bg	bulharčina
+sk	bi	bislama
+sk	bn	bengálčina
+sk	br	bretónčina
+sk	bs	bosniačtina
+sk	bua	buriatčina
+sk	byv	medumba
+sk	ca	katalánčina
+sk	ceb	cebuánčina
+sk	chm	marijčina
+sk	ckb	kurdčina (sorání)
+sk	co	korzičtina
+sk	crh	krymská tatárčina
+sk	cs	čeština
+sk	csb	kašubčina
+sk	cu	cirkevná slovančina
+sk	cv	čuvaština
+sk	cy	waleština
+sk	da	dánčina
+sk	dar	darginčina
+sk	de	nemčina
+sk	dsb	dolnolužická srbčina
+sk	el	gréčtina
+sk	en	angličtina
+sk	eo	esperanto
+sk	es	španielčina
+sk	et	estónčina
+sk	eu	baskičtina
+sk	fa	perzština
+sk	fi	fínčina
+sk	fo	faerčina
+sk	fr	francúzština
+sk	fy	západná frízština
+sk	ga	írčina
+sk	gag	gagauzština
+sk	gd	škótska gaelčina
+sk	gl	galícijčina
+sk	gn	guaraníjčina
+sk	gu	gudžarátčina
+sk	gv	mančina
+sk	ha	hauština
+sk	haw	havajčina
+sk	he	hebrejčina
+sk	hi	hindčina
+sk	hr	chorvátčina
+sk	hsb	hornolužická srbčina
+sk	ht	haitská kreolčina
+sk	hu	maďarčina
+sk	hy	arménčina
+sk	ia	interlingua
+sk	id	indonézština
+sk	ig	igboština
+sk	is	islandčina
+sk	it	taliančina
+sk	ja	japončina
+sk	ka	gruzínčina
+sk	kaa	karakalpačtina
+sk	kk	kazaština
+sk	kn	kannadčina
+sk	ko	kórejčina
+sk	krc	karačajevsko-balkarčina
+sk	krl	karelčina
+sk	ks	kašmírčina
+sk	kum	kumyčtina
+sk	kv	komijčina
+sk	ky	kirgizština
+sk	la	latinčina
+sk	lb	luxemburčina
+sk	lg	gandčina
+sk	ln	lingalčina
+sk	lo	laoština
+sk	lt	litovčina
+sk	lv	lotyština
+sk	mdf	mokšiančina
+sk	mfe	maurícijská kreolčina
+sk	mk	macedónčina
+sk	ml	malajálamčina
+sk	mr	maráthčina
+sk	ms	malajčina
+sk	mt	maltčina
+sk	myv	erzjančina
+sk	nap	neapolčina
+sk	nb	nórčina (bokmal)
+sk	ne	nepálčina
+sk	nl	holandčina
+sk	nn	nórčina (nynorsk)
+sk	no	nórčina
+sk	nog	nogajčina
+sk	oc	okcitánčina
+sk	os	osetčina
+sk	ota	osmanská turečtina
+sk	pa	pandžábčina
+sk	pl	poľština
+sk	pt	portugalčina
+sk	rm	rétorománčina
+sk	rn	rundčina
+sk	ro	rumunčina
+sk	ru	ruština
+sk	rup	arumunčina
+sk	sa	sanskrit
+sk	sah	jakutčina
+sk	sc	sardínčina
+sk	scn	sicílčina
+sk	sco	škótčina
+sk	sd	sindhčina
+sk	se	saamčina (severná)
+sk	sh	srbochorvátčina
+sk	si	sinhalčina
+sk	sk	slovenčina
+sk	sl	slovinčina
+sk	sma	saamčina (južná)
+sk	smj	saamčina (lulská)
+sk	smn	saamčina (inarijská)
+sk	sq	albánčina
+sk	sr	srbčina
+sk	srn	surinamčina
+sk	ss	svazijčina
+sk	sv	švédčina
+sk	sw	swahilčina
+sk	ta	tamilčina
+sk	te	telugčina
+sk	tet	tetumčina
+sk	tg	tadžičtina
+sk	th	thajčina
+sk	tk	turkménčina
+sk	tl	tagalčina
+sk	tr	turečtina
+sk	tt	tatárčina
+sk	tyv	tuviančina
+sk	udm	udmurtčina
+sk	ug	ujgurčina
+sk	uk	ukrajinčina
+sk	ur	urdčina
+sk	uz	uzbečtina
+sk	vi	vietnamčina
+sk	wal	walamčina
+sk	xh	xhoština
+sk	yi	jidiš
+sk	yo	jorubčina
+sk	zh	čínština
+sk	zu	zuluština
+sl	af	afrikanščina
+sl	ain	ainujščina
+sl	alt	južna altajščina
+sl	an	aragonščina
+sl	ar	arabščina
+sl	as	asamščina
+sl	ast	asturijščina
+sl	av	avarščina
+sl	az	azerbajdžanščina
+sl	az	azerščina
+sl	ba	baškirščina
+sl	bas	basa
+sl	be	beloruščina
+sl	bg	bolgarščina
+sl	bi	bislamščina
+sl	bn	bengalščina
+sl	br	bretonščina
+sl	bs	bosanščina
+sl	bua	burjatščina
+sl	ca	katalonščina
+sl	ceb	sebuanščina
+sl	chm	marijščina
+sl	ckb	soranska kurdščina
+sl	co	korziščina
+sl	crh	krimska tatarščina
+sl	cs	češčina
+sl	csb	kašubščina
+sl	cu	stara cerkvena slovanščina
+sl	cv	čuvaščina
+sl	cy	valižanščina
+sl	da	danščina
+sl	dar	darginščina
+sl	de	nemščina
+sl	dsb	dolnja lužiška srbščina
+sl	el	grščina
+sl	en	angleščina
+sl	eo	esperanto
+sl	es	španščina
+sl	et	estonščina
+sl	eu	baskovščina
+sl	fa	perzijščina
+sl	fi	finščina
+sl	fo	ferščina
+sl	fr	francoščina
+sl	fy	zahodna frizijščina
+sl	ga	irščina
+sl	gag	gagavščina
+sl	gd	škotska gelščina
+sl	gl	galicijščina
+sl	gn	gvaranijščina
+sl	gu	gudžaratščina
+sl	gv	manščina
+sl	ha	havščina
+sl	haw	havajščina
+sl	he	hebrejščina
+sl	hi	hindujščina
+sl	hr	hrvaščina
+sl	hsb	gornja lužiška srbščina
+sl	ht	haitijska kreolščina
+sl	hu	madžarščina
+sl	hy	armenščina
+sl	ia	interlingva
+sl	id	indonezijščina
+sl	ig	igboščina
+sl	is	islandščina
+sl	it	italijanščina
+sl	ja	japonščina
+sl	ka	gruzijščina
+sl	kaa	karakalpaščina
+sl	kk	kazaščina
+sl	kn	kanareščina
+sl	ko	korejščina
+sl	krc	karačaj-balkarščina
+sl	krl	karelščina
+sl	ks	kašmirščina
+sl	kum	kumiščina
+sl	kv	komijščina
+sl	ky	kirgiščina
+sl	la	latinščina
+sl	lb	luksemburščina
+sl	lg	ganda
+sl	ln	lingala
+sl	lo	laoščina
+sl	lt	litovščina
+sl	lv	latvijščina
+sl	mdf	mokšavščina
+sl	mfe	morisjenščina
+sl	mk	makedonščina
+sl	ml	malajalamščina
+sl	mr	maratščina
+sl	ms	malajščina
+sl	mt	malteščina
+sl	myv	erzjanščina
+sl	nap	napolitanščina
+sl	nb	knjižna norveščina
+sl	ne	nepalščina
+sl	nl	nizozemščina
+sl	nn	novonorveščina
+sl	no	norveščina
+sl	nog	nogajščina
+sl	oc	okcitanščina
+sl	os	osetinščina
+sl	ota	otomanska turščina
+sl	pa	pandžabščina
+sl	pl	poljščina
+sl	pt	portugalščina
+sl	rm	retoromanščina
+sl	rn	rundščina
+sl	ro	romunščina
+sl	ru	ruščina
+sl	rup	aromunščina
+sl	sa	sanskrt
+sl	sah	jakutščina
+sl	sc	sardinščina
+sl	scn	sicilijanščina
+sl	sco	škotščina
+sl	sd	sindščina
+sl	se	severna samijščina
+sl	sh	srbohrvaščina
+sl	si	sinhalščina
+sl	sk	slovaščina
+sl	sl	slovenščina
+sl	sma	južna samijščina
+sl	smj	luleška samijščina
+sl	smn	inarska samijščina
+sl	sq	albanščina
+sl	sr	srbščina
+sl	srn	surinamska kreolščina
+sl	ss	svazijščina
+sl	sv	švedščina
+sl	sw	svahili
+sl	ta	tamilščina
+sl	te	telugijščina
+sl	tet	tetumščina
+sl	tg	tadžiščina
+sl	th	tajščina
+sl	tk	turkmenščina
+sl	tl	tagalogščina
+sl	tr	turščina
+sl	tt	tatarščina
+sl	tyv	tuvinščina
+sl	udm	udmurtščina
+sl	ug	ujgurščina
+sl	uk	ukrajinščina
+sl	ur	urdujščina
+sl	uz	uzbeščina
+sl	vi	vietnamščina
+sl	wal	valamščina
+sl	xh	koščina
+sl	yi	jidiš
+sl	yo	jorubščina
+sl	zh	kitajščina
+sl	zu	zulujščina
+smn	af	afrikaans
+smn	ain	ainukielâ
+smn	alt	maadâaltaikielâ
+smn	an	aragoniakielâ
+smn	ar	arabiakielâ
+smn	as	assamkielâ
+smn	ast	asturiakielâ
+smn	av	avarkielâ
+smn	az	azerbaidžankielâ
+smn	ba	baškirkielâ
+smn	bas	basaakielâ
+smn	be	vielgisruošâkielâ
+smn	bg	bulgariakielâ
+smn	bi	bislama
+smn	bn	banglakielâ
+smn	br	bretonkielâ
+smn	bs	bosniakielâ
+smn	ca	katalankielâ
+smn	ceb	cebuanokielâ
+smn	chm	marikielâ
+smn	ckb	sorani kurdikielâ
+smn	co	korsikakielâ
+smn	cs	tšeekikielâ
+smn	cu	kirkkoslaavi
+smn	cv	tšuvaskielâ
+smn	cy	kymrikielâ
+smn	da	tanskakielâ
+smn	dar	dargikielâ
+smn	de	saksakielâ
+smn	dsb	vyelisorbi
+smn	el	kreikakielâ
+smn	en	eŋgâlâskielâ
+smn	eo	esperantokielâ
+smn	es	espanjakielâ
+smn	et	eestikielâ
+smn	eu	baskikielâ
+smn	fa	persiakielâ
+smn	fi	suomâkielâ
+smn	fo	fäärikielâ
+smn	fr	ranskakielâ
+smn	fy	viestârfriisi
+smn	ga	iirikielâ
+smn	gd	skottilâš gaelikielâ
+smn	gl	galiciakielâ
+smn	gn	guaranikielâ
+smn	gu	gudžaratikielâ
+smn	gv	manks
+smn	ha	hausakielâ
+smn	haw	hawaijikielâ
+smn	he	hepreakielâ
+smn	hi	hindikielâ
+smn	hr	kroatiakielâ
+smn	hsb	pajesorbi
+smn	ht	Haiti kreoli
+smn	hu	uŋgarkielâ
+smn	hy	armeniakielâ
+smn	ia	interlingua
+smn	id	indonesiakielâ
+smn	ig	igbokielâ
+smn	is	islandkielâ
+smn	it	italiakielâ
+smn	ja	jaapaankielâ
+smn	ka	georgiakielâ
+smn	kk	kazakkielâ
+smn	kn	kannada
+smn	ko	koreakielâ
+smn	krc	karachai-balkarkielâ
+smn	krl	kärjilkielâ
+smn	ks	kashmirkielâ
+smn	kum	kumykkielâ
+smn	kv	komikielâ
+smn	ky	kirgiskielâ
+smn	la	läättinkielâ
+smn	lb	luxemburgkielâ
+smn	lg	luganda
+smn	ln	lingala
+smn	lo	laokielâ
+smn	lt	liettuakielâ
+smn	lv	latviakielâ
+smn	mdf	mokšakielâ
+smn	mfe	morisyen
+smn	mk	makedoniakielâ
+smn	ml	malajam
+smn	mr	marathikielâ
+smn	mrj	viestârmari
+smn	ms	malaiji
+smn	mt	maltakielâ
+smn	myv	ersäkielâ
+smn	nap	napolikielâ
+smn	nb	tárukielâ bokmål
+smn	ne	nepalkielâ
+smn	nl	hollandkielâ
+smn	nn	tárukielâ nynorsk
+smn	no	tárukielâ
+smn	nog	nogaikielâ
+smn	oc	oksitan
+smn	os	ossetkielâ
+smn	pa	pandžabi
+smn	pl	puolakielâ
+smn	pt	portugalkielâ
+smn	rm	retoroomaankielâ
+smn	rn	rundi
+smn	ro	romaniakielâ
+smn	ru	ruošâkielâ
+smn	rup	aromaniakielâ
+smn	sa	sanskrit
+smn	sah	jakutkielâ
+smn	sc	sardiniakielâ
+smn	scn	sisiliakielâ
+smn	sco	skootikielâ
+smn	sd	sindhi
+smn	se	tavekielâ
+smn	si	sinhala
+smn	sk	slovakiakielâ
+smn	sl	sloveniakielâ
+smn	sma	maadâsämikielâ
+smn	smj	juulevsämikielâ
+smn	smn	anarâškielâ
+smn	sq	albaniakielâ
+smn	sr	serbiakielâ
+smn	srn	sranantongo
+smn	ss	swazikielâ
+smn	sv	ruotâkielâ
+smn	sw	swahilikielâ
+smn	ta	tamilkielâ
+smn	te	telugu
+smn	tet	tetum
+smn	tg	tadžikkielâ
+smn	th	thaikielâ
+smn	tk	turkmenkielâ
+smn	tr	tuurkikielâ
+smn	tt	tatarkielâ
+smn	tyv	tuvakielâ
+smn	udm	udmurtkielâ
+smn	ug	uigurkielâ
+smn	uk	ukrainakielâ
+smn	ur	urdu
+smn	uz	uzbekkielâ
+smn	vi	vietnamkielâ
+smn	wal	wolaitakielâ
+smn	xh	xhosakielâ
+smn	yi	jiddish
+smn	yo	yorubakielâ
+smn	zh	mandarinkiinakielâ
+smn	zu	zulukielâ
+sq	af	afrikanisht
+sq	ain	ajnuisht
+sq	alt	altaishte jugore
+sq	an	aragonezisht
+sq	ar	arabisht
+sq	as	asamezisht
+sq	ast	asturisht
+sq	av	avarikisht
+sq	az	azerbajxhanisht
+sq	az	azerisht
+sq	ba	bashkirisht
+sq	bas	basaisht
+sq	be	bjellorusisht
+sq	bg	bullgarisht
+sq	bi	bislamisht
+sq	bn	bengalisht
+sq	br	bretonisht
+sq	bs	boshnjakisht
+sq	ca	katalonisht
+sq	ceb	sebuanisht
+sq	chm	marisht
+sq	ckb	kurdishte qendrore
+sq	co	korsikisht
+sq	cs	çekisht
+sq	cu	sllavishte kishtare
+sq	cv	çuvashisht
+sq	cy	uellsisht
+sq	da	danisht
+sq	dar	darguaisht
+sq	de	gjermanisht
+sq	dsb	sorbishte e poshtme
+sq	el	greqisht
+sq	en	anglisht
+sq	eo	esperanto
+sq	es	spanjisht
+sq	et	estonisht
+sq	eu	baskisht
+sq	fa	persisht
+sq	fi	finlandisht
+sq	fo	faroisht
+sq	fr	frëngjisht
+sq	fy	frizianishte perëndimore
+sq	ga	irlandisht
+sq	gag	gagauzisht
+sq	gd	galishte skoceze
+sq	gl	galicisht
+sq	gn	guaranisht
+sq	gu	guxharatisht
+sq	gv	manksisht
+sq	ha	hausisht
+sq	haw	havaisht
+sq	he	hebraisht
+sq	hi	indisht
+sq	hr	kroatisht
+sq	hsb	sorbishte e sipërme
+sq	ht	haitisht
+sq	hu	hungarisht
+sq	hy	armenisht
+sq	ia	interlingua
+sq	id	indonezisht
+sq	ig	igboisht
+sq	is	islandisht
+sq	it	italisht
+sq	ja	japonisht
+sq	ka	gjeorgjisht
+sq	kk	kazakisht
+sq	kn	kanadisht
+sq	ko	koreanisht
+sq	krc	karaçaj-balkarisht
+sq	krl	karelianisht
+sq	ks	kashmirisht
+sq	kum	kumikisht
+sq	kv	komisht
+sq	ky	kirgizisht
+sq	la	latinisht
+sq	lb	luksemburgisht
+sq	lg	gandaisht
+sq	ln	lingalisht
+sq	lo	laosisht
+sq	lt	lituanisht
+sq	lv	letonisht
+sq	mdf	mokshaisht
+sq	mfe	morisjenisht
+sq	mk	maqedonisht
+sq	ml	malajalamisht
+sq	mr	maratisht
+sq	ms	malajisht
+sq	mt	maltisht
+sq	myv	erzjaisht
+sq	nap	napoletanisht
+sq	nb	norvegjishte letrare
+sq	ne	nepalisht
+sq	nl	holandisht
+sq	nn	norvegjishte nynorsk
+sq	no	norvegjisht
+sq	nog	nogajisht
+sq	oc	oksitanisht
+sq	os	osetisht
+sq	pa	punxhabisht
+sq	pl	polonisht
+sq	pt	portugalisht
+sq	rm	retoromanisht
+sq	rn	rundisht
+sq	ro	rumanisht
+sq	ru	rusisht
+sq	rup	vllahisht
+sq	sa	sanskritisht
+sq	sah	sakaisht
+sq	sc	sardenjisht
+sq	scn	siçilianisht
+sq	sco	skotisht
+sq	sd	sindisht
+sq	se	samishte veriore
+sq	sh	serbo-kroatisht
+sq	si	sinhalisht
+sq	sk	sllovakisht
+sq	sl	sllovenisht
+sq	sma	samishte jugore
+sq	smj	samishte lule
+sq	smn	samishte inari
+sq	sq	shqip
+sq	sr	serbisht
+sq	srn	srananisht (sranantongoisht)
+sq	ss	suatisht
+sq	sv	suedisht
+sq	sw	suahilisht
+sq	ta	tamilisht
+sq	te	teluguisht
+sq	tet	tetumisht
+sq	tg	taxhikisht
+sq	th	tajlandisht
+sq	tk	turkmenisht
+sq	tr	turqisht
+sq	tt	tatarisht
+sq	tyv	tuvinianisht
+sq	udm	udmurtisht
+sq	ug	ujgurisht
+sq	uk	ukrainisht
+sq	ur	urduisht
+sq	uz	uzbekisht
+sq	vi	vietnamisht
+sq	wal	ulajtaisht
+sq	xh	xhosaisht
+sq	yi	jidisht
+sq	yo	jorubaisht
+sq	zh	kinezisht
+sq	zu	zuluisht
+sr	af	африканс
+sr	ain	аину
+sr	alt	јужноалтајски
+sr	an	арагонски
+sr	ar	арапски
+sr	as	асамски
+sr	ast	астуријски
+sr	av	аварски
+sr	az	азербејџански
+sr	az	азерски
+sr	ba	башкирски
+sr	bas	баса
+sr	be	белоруски
+sr	bg	бугарски
+sr	bi	бислама
+sr	bn	бенгалски
+sr	br	бретонски
+sr	bs	босански
+sr	bua	бурјатски
+sr	ca	каталонски
+sr	ceb	себуански
+sr	chm	мари
+sr	ckb	централни курдски
+sr	co	корзикански
+sr	crh	кримскотатарски
+sr	cs	чешки
+sr	csb	кашупски
+sr	cu	црквенословенски
+sr	cv	чувашки
+sr	cy	велшки
+sr	da	дански
+sr	dar	даргински
+sr	de	немачки
+sr	dsb	доњи лужичкосрпски
+sr	el	грчки
+sr	en	енглески
+sr	eo	есперанто
+sr	es	шпански
+sr	et	естонски
+sr	eu	баскијски
+sr	fa	персијски
+sr	fi	фински
+sr	fo	фарски
+sr	fr	француски
+sr	fy	западни фризијски
+sr	ga	ирски
+sr	gag	гагауз
+sr	gd	шкотски гелски
+sr	gl	галицијски
+sr	gn	гварани
+sr	gu	гуџарати
+sr	gv	манкс
+sr	ha	хауса
+sr	haw	хавајски
+sr	he	хебрејски
+sr	hi	хинди
+sr	hr	хрватски
+sr	hsb	горњи лужичкосрпски
+sr	ht	хаићански
+sr	hu	мађарски
+sr	hy	јерменски
+sr	ia	интерлингва
+sr	id	индонежански
+sr	ig	игбо
+sr	is	исландски
+sr	it	италијански
+sr	ja	јапански
+sr	ka	грузијски
+sr	kaa	кара-калпашки
+sr	kk	казашки
+sr	kn	канада
+sr	ko	корејски
+sr	krc	карачајско-балкарски
+sr	krl	карелски
+sr	ks	кашмирски
+sr	kum	кумички
+sr	kv	коми
+sr	ky	киргиски
+sr	la	латински
+sr	lb	луксембуршки
+sr	lg	ганда
+sr	ln	лингала
+sr	lo	лаоски
+sr	lt	литвански
+sr	lv	летонски
+sr	mdf	мокша
+sr	mfe	морисјен
+sr	mk	македонски
+sr	ml	малајалам
+sr	mr	марати
+sr	ms	малајски
+sr	mt	малтешки
+sr	myv	ерзја
+sr	nap	напуљски
+sr	nb	норвешки букмол
+sr	ne	непалски
+sr	nl	холандски
+sr	nn	норвешки нинорск
+sr	no	норвешки
+sr	nog	ногајски
+sr	oc	окситански
+sr	os	осетински
+sr	ota	османски турски
+sr	pa	пенџапски
+sr	pl	пољски
+sr	pt	португалски
+sr	rm	романш
+sr	rn	кирунди
+sr	ro	румунски
+sr	ru	руски
+sr	rup	цинцарски
+sr	sa	санскрит
+sr	sah	саха
+sr	sc	сардински
+sr	scn	сицилијански
+sr	sco	шкотски
+sr	sd	синди
+sr	se	северни сами
+sr	sh	српскохрватски
+sr	si	синхалешки
+sr	sk	словачки
+sr	sl	словеначки
+sr	sma	јужни сами
+sr	smj	луле сами
+sr	smn	инари сами
+sr	sq	албански
+sr	sr	српски
+sr	srn	сранан тонго
+sr	ss	свази
+sr	sv	шведски
+sr	sw	свахили
+sr	ta	тамилски
+sr	te	телугу
+sr	tet	тетум
+sr	tg	таџички
+sr	th	тајски
+sr	tk	туркменски
+sr	tl	тагалог
+sr	tr	турски
+sr	tt	татарски
+sr	tyv	тувински
+sr	udm	удмуртски
+sr	ug	ујгурски
+sr	uk	украјински
+sr	ur	урду
+sr	uz	узбечки
+sr	vi	вијетнамски
+sr	wal	волајта
+sr	xh	коса
+sr	yi	јидиш
+sr	yo	јоруба
+sr	zh	кинески
+sr	zu	зулу
+sv	af	afrikaans
+sv	ain	ainu
+sv	alt	sydaltaiska
+sv	an	aragonesiska
+sv	ar	arabiska
+sv	as	assamesiska
+sv	ast	asturiska
+sv	av	avariska
+sv	az	azerbajdzjanska
+sv	az	azeriska
+sv	ba	basjkiriska
+sv	bas	basa
+sv	be	vitryska
+sv	bg	bulgariska
+sv	bi	bislama
+sv	bn	bengali
+sv	br	bretonska
+sv	bs	bosniska
+sv	bua	burjätiska
+sv	byv	bagangte
+sv	ca	katalanska
+sv	ceb	cebuano
+sv	chm	mariska
+sv	ckb	soranisk kurdiska
+sv	co	korsikanska
+sv	crh	krimtatariska
+sv	cs	tjeckiska
+sv	csb	kasjubiska
+sv	cu	kyrkslaviska
+sv	cv	tjuvasjiska
+sv	cy	walesiska
+sv	da	danska
+sv	dar	darginska
+sv	de	tyska
+sv	dsb	lågsorbiska
+sv	el	grekiska
+sv	en	engelska
+sv	eo	esperanto
+sv	es	spanska
+sv	et	estniska
+sv	eu	baskiska
+sv	fa	persiska
+sv	fi	finska
+sv	fo	färöiska
+sv	fr	franska
+sv	fy	västfrisiska
+sv	ga	iriska
+sv	gag	gagauziska
+sv	gd	skotsk gäliska
+sv	gl	galiciska
+sv	glk	gilaki
+sv	gn	guaraní
+sv	gu	gujarati
+sv	guc	wayuu
+sv	gv	manx
+sv	ha	hausa
+sv	haw	hawaiiska
+sv	he	hebreiska
+sv	hi	hindi
+sv	hr	kroatiska
+sv	hsb	högsorbiska
+sv	ht	haitiska
+sv	hu	ungerska
+sv	hy	armeniska
+sv	ia	interlingua
+sv	id	indonesiska
+sv	ig	igbo
+sv	is	isländska
+sv	it	italienska
+sv	ja	japanska
+sv	ka	georgiska
+sv	kaa	karakalpakiska
+sv	kk	kazakiska
+sv	kn	kannada
+sv	ko	koreanska
+sv	krc	karachay-balkar
+sv	krl	karelska
+sv	ks	kashmiriska
+sv	kum	kumykiska
+sv	kv	kome
+sv	ky	kirgisiska
+sv	la	latin
+sv	lb	luxemburgiska
+sv	lg	luganda
+sv	liv	livoniska
+sv	ln	lingala
+sv	lo	laotiska
+sv	lt	litauiska
+sv	lv	lettiska
+sv	mdf	moksja
+sv	mfe	mauritansk kreol
+sv	mk	makedonska
+sv	ml	malayalam
+sv	mr	marathi
+sv	mrj	västmariska
+sv	ms	malajiska
+sv	mt	maltesiska
+sv	myv	erjya
+sv	nap	napolitanska
+sv	nb	norskt bokmål
+sv	ne	nepalesiska
+sv	nl	nederländska
+sv	nn	nynorska
+sv	no	norska
+sv	nog	nogai
+sv	oc	occitanska
+sv	os	ossetiska
+sv	ota	ottomanska
+sv	pa	punjabi
+sv	pl	polska
+sv	pt	portugisiska
+sv	rm	rätoromanska
+sv	rn	rundi
+sv	ro	rumänska
+sv	ru	ryska
+sv	rup	arumänska
+sv	sa	sanskrit
+sv	sah	jakutiska
+sv	sc	sardinska
+sv	scn	sicilianska
+sv	sco	skotska
+sv	sd	sindhi
+sv	se	nordsamiska
+sv	sh	serbokroatiska
+sv	si	singalesiska
+sv	sk	slovakiska
+sv	sl	slovenska
+sv	sma	sydsamiska
+sv	smj	lulesamiska
+sv	smn	enaresamiska
+sv	sq	albanska
+sv	sr	serbiska
+sv	srn	sranan tongo
+sv	ss	swati
+sv	sv	svenska
+sv	sw	swahili
+sv	szl	silesiska
+sv	ta	tamil
+sv	te	telugu
+sv	tet	tetum
+sv	tg	tadzjikiska
+sv	th	thailändska
+sv	tk	turkmeniska
+sv	tl	tagalog
+sv	tr	turkiska
+sv	tt	tatariska
+sv	tyv	tuviniska
+sv	udm	udmurtiska
+sv	ug	uiguriska
+sv	ug	östturkiska
+sv	uk	ukrainska
+sv	ur	urdu
+sv	uz	uzbekiska
+sv	vi	vietnamesiska
+sv	vro	võru
+sv	wal	walamo
+sv	xh	xhosa
+sv	yi	jiddisch
+sv	yo	yoruba
+sv	zh	kinesiska
+sv	zu	zulu
+sw	af	Kiafrikana
+sw	ain	Kiainu
+sw	alt	Kialtai
+sw	an	Kiaragoni
+sw	ar	Kiarabu
+sw	as	Kiassam
+sw	ast	Kiasturia
+sw	av	Kiavari
+sw	az	Kiazerbaijani
+sw	az	Kiazeri
+sw	ba	Kibashkiri
+sw	bas	Kibasaa
+sw	be	Kibelarusi
+sw	bg	Kibulgaria
+sw	bi	Kibislama
+sw	bn	Kibengali
+sw	br	Kibretoni
+sw	bs	Kibosnia
+sw	byv	Kimedumba
+sw	ca	Kikatalani
+sw	ceb	Kichebuano
+sw	chm	Kimari
+sw	ckb	Kikurdi cha Sorani
+sw	co	Kikosikani
+sw	cs	Kicheki
+sw	cu	Kislovakia cha Kanisa
+sw	cv	Kichuvash
+sw	cy	Kiwelisi
+sw	da	Kidenmaki
+sw	dar	Kidaragwa
+sw	de	Kijerumani
+sw	dsb	Kisobia cha Chini
+sw	el	Kigiriki
+sw	en	Kiingereza
+sw	eo	Kiesperanto
+sw	es	Kihispania
+sw	et	Kiestonia
+sw	eu	Kibaski
+sw	fa	Kiajemi
+sw	fi	Kifini
+sw	fo	Kifaroe
+sw	fr	Kifaransa
+sw	fy	Kifrisia cha Magharibi
+sw	ga	Kiayalandi
+sw	gag	Kigagauz
+sw	gd	Kigaeli cha Uskoti
+sw	gl	Kigalisi
+sw	gn	Kiguarani
+sw	gu	Kigujarati
+sw	gv	Kimanx
+sw	ha	Kihausa
+sw	haw	Kihawai
+sw	he	Kiebrania
+sw	hi	Kihindi
+sw	hr	Kikroeshia
+sw	hsb	Kisobia cha Ukanda wa Juu
+sw	ht	Kihaiti
+sw	hu	Kihungaria
+sw	hy	Kiarmenia
+sw	ia	Kiintalingua
+sw	id	Kiindonesia
+sw	ig	Kiigbo
+sw	is	Kiisilandi
+sw	it	Kiitaliano
+sw	ja	Kijapani
+sw	ka	Kijojia
+sw	kk	Kikazakh
+sw	kn	Kikannada
+sw	ko	Kikorea
+sw	krc	Kikarachay-Balkar
+sw	krl	Karjala
+sw	ks	Kikashmiri
+sw	kum	Kumyk
+sw	kv	Kikomi
+sw	ky	Kikyrgyz
+sw	la	Kilatini
+sw	lb	Kilasembagi
+sw	lg	Kiganda
+sw	ln	Kilingala
+sw	lo	Kilaosi
+sw	lt	Kilithuania
+sw	lv	Kilatvia
+sw	mdf	Lugha ya Moksha
+sw	mfe	Kimoriseni
+sw	mk	Kimacedonia
+sw	ml	Kimalayalamu
+sw	mr	Kimarathi
+sw	ms	Kimalei
+sw	mt	Kimalta
+sw	myv	Kierzya
+sw	nap	Kinapoli
+sw	nb	Kinorwe cha Bokmal
+sw	ne	Kinepali
+sw	nl	Kiholanzi
+sw	nn	Kinorwe cha Nynorsk
+sw	no	Kinorwe
+sw	nog	Kinogai
+sw	oc	Kiokitani
+sw	os	Kiosetia
+sw	pa	Kipunjabi
+sw	pl	Kipolandi
+sw	pt	Kireno
+sw	rm	Kiromanshi
+sw	rn	Kirundi
+sw	ro	Kiromania
+sw	ru	Kirusi
+sw	rup	Kiaromania
+sw	sa	Kisanskriti
+sw	sah	Kisakha
+sw	sc	Kisardinia
+sw	scn	Kisicilia
+sw	sco	Kiskoti
+sw	sd	Kisindhi
+sw	se	Kisami cha Kaskazini
+sw	sh	Kiserbia-kroeshia
+sw	si	Kisinhala
+sw	sk	Kislovakia
+sw	sl	Kislovenia
+sw	sma	Kisami cha Kusini
+sw	smj	Kisami cha Lule
+sw	smn	Kisami cha Inari
+sw	sq	Kialbania
+sw	sr	Kiserbia
+sw	srn	Lugha ya Sranan Tongo
+sw	ss	Kiswati
+sw	sv	Kiswidi
+sw	sw	Kiswahili
+sw	ta	Kitamili
+sw	te	Kitelugu
+sw	tet	Kitetum
+sw	tg	Kitajiki
+sw	th	Kithai
+sw	tk	Kiturukimeni
+sw	tr	Kituruki
+sw	tt	Kitatari
+sw	tyv	Kituva
+sw	udm	Kiudmurt
+sw	ug	Kiuyghur
+sw	uk	Kiukraini
+sw	ur	Kiurdu
+sw	uz	Kiuzbeki
+sw	vi	Kivietinamu
+sw	wal	Kiwolaytta
+sw	xh	Kixhosa
+sw	yi	Kiyiddi
+sw	yo	Kiyoruba
+sw	zh	Kichina
+sw	zu	Kizulu
+ta	af	ஆஃப்ரிகான்ஸ்
+ta	ain	ஐனு
+ta	alt	தெற்கு அல்தை
+ta	an	ஆர்கோனீஸ்
+ta	ar	அரபிக்
+ta	as	அஸ்ஸாமீஸ்
+ta	ast	அஸ்துரியன்
+ta	av	அவேரிக்
+ta	az	அஸர்பைஜானி
+ta	az	அஸேரி
+ta	ba	பஷ்கிர்
+ta	bas	பாஸா
+ta	be	பெலாருஷியன்
+ta	bg	பல்கேரியன்
+ta	bi	பிஸ்லாமா
+ta	bn	வங்காளம்
+ta	br	பிரெட்டன்
+ta	bs	போஸ்னியன்
+ta	bua	புரியாத்
+ta	ca	கேட்டலான்
+ta	ceb	செபுவானோ
+ta	chm	மாரி
+ta	ckb	மத்திய குர்திஷ்
+ta	co	கார்சிகன்
+ta	crh	கிரிமியன் துர்க்கி
+ta	cs	செக்
+ta	csb	கஷுபியன்
+ta	cu	சர்ச் ஸ்லாவிக்
+ta	cv	சுவாஷ்
+ta	cy	வேல்ஷ்
+ta	da	டேனிஷ்
+ta	dar	தார்குவா
+ta	de	ஜெர்மன்
+ta	dsb	லோயர் சோர்பியன்
+ta	el	கிரேக்கம்
+ta	en	ஆங்கிலம்
+ta	eo	எஸ்பரேன்டோ
+ta	es	ஸ்பானிஷ்
+ta	et	எஸ்டோனியன்
+ta	eu	பாஸ்க்
+ta	fa	பெர்ஷியன்
+ta	fi	ஃபின்னிஷ்
+ta	fo	ஃபரோயிஸ்
+ta	fr	பிரெஞ்சு
+ta	fy	மேற்கு ஃப்ரிஷியன்
+ta	ga	ஐரிஷ்
+ta	gag	காகௌஸ்
+ta	gd	ஸ்காட்ஸ் கேலிக்
+ta	gl	காலிஸியன்
+ta	gn	க்வாரனி
+ta	gu	குஜராத்தி
+ta	gv	மேங்க்ஸ்
+ta	ha	ஹௌஸா
+ta	haw	ஹவாயியன்
+ta	he	ஹீப்ரூ
+ta	hi	இந்தி
+ta	hr	குரோஷியன்
+ta	hsb	அப்பர் சோர்பியான்
+ta	ht	ஹைத்தியன் க்ரியோலி
+ta	hu	ஹங்கேரியன்
+ta	hy	ஆர்மேனியன்
+ta	ia	இன்டர்லிங்வா
+ta	id	இந்தோனேஷியன்
+ta	ig	இக்போ
+ta	is	ஐஸ்லேண்டிக்
+ta	it	இத்தாலியன்
+ta	ja	ஜப்பானியம்
+ta	ka	ஜார்ஜியன்
+ta	kaa	காரா-கல்பாக்
+ta	kk	கசாக்
+ta	kn	கன்னடம்
+ta	ko	கொரியன்
+ta	krc	கராசே-பல்கார்
+ta	krl	கரேலியன்
+ta	ks	காஷ்மிரி
+ta	kum	கும்இக்
+ta	kv	கொமி
+ta	ky	கிர்கிஸ்
+ta	la	லத்தின்
+ta	lb	லக்ஸம்போர்கிஷ்
+ta	lg	கான்டா
+ta	ln	லிங்காலா
+ta	lo	லாவோ
+ta	lt	லிதுவேனியன்
+ta	lv	லாட்வியன்
+ta	mdf	மோக்க்ஷா
+ta	mfe	மொரிசியன்
+ta	mk	மாஸிடோனியன்
+ta	ml	மலையாளம்
+ta	mr	மராத்தி
+ta	ms	மலாய்
+ta	mt	மால்டிஸ்
+ta	myv	ஏர்ஜியா
+ta	nap	நியோபோலிடன்
+ta	nb	நார்வேஜியன் பொக்மால்
+ta	ne	நேபாளி
+ta	nl	டச்சு
+ta	nn	நார்வேஜியன் நியூநார்ஸ்க்
+ta	no	நார்வேஜியன்
+ta	nog	நோகை
+ta	oc	ஒக்கிடன்
+ta	os	ஒசெட்டிக்
+ta	ota	ஓட்டோமான் துருக்கிஷ்
+ta	pa	பஞ்சாபி
+ta	pl	போலிஷ்
+ta	pt	போர்ச்சுக்கீஸ்
+ta	rm	ரோமான்ஷ்
+ta	rn	ருண்டி
+ta	ro	ரோமேனியன்
+ta	ru	ரஷியன்
+ta	rup	அரோமானியன்
+ta	sa	சமஸ்கிருதம்
+ta	sah	சக்கா
+ta	sc	சார்தீனியன்
+ta	scn	சிசிலியன்
+ta	sco	ஸ்காட்ஸ்
+ta	sd	சிந்தி
+ta	se	வடக்கு சமி
+ta	sh	செர்போ-குரோஷியன்
+ta	si	சிங்களம்
+ta	sk	ஸ்லோவாக்
+ta	sl	ஸ்லோவேனியன்
+ta	sma	தெற்கு சமி
+ta	smj	லுலே சமி
+ta	smn	இனாரி சமி
+ta	sq	அல்பேனியன்
+ta	sr	செர்பியன்
+ta	srn	ஸ்ரானன் டோங்கோ
+ta	ss	ஸ்வாடீ
+ta	sv	ஸ்வீடிஷ்
+ta	sw	ஸ்வாஹிலி
+ta	ta	தமிழ்
+ta	te	தெலுங்கு
+ta	tet	டெடும்
+ta	tg	தஜிக்
+ta	th	தாய்
+ta	tk	துருக்மென்
+ta	tl	டாகாலோக்
+ta	tr	துருக்கிஷ்
+ta	tt	டாடர்
+ta	tyv	டுவினியன்
+ta	udm	உட்முர்ட்
+ta	ug	உய்குர்
+ta	uk	உக்ரைனியன்
+ta	ur	உருது
+ta	uz	உஸ்பெக்
+ta	vi	வியட்நாமீஸ்
+ta	wal	வோலாய்ட்டா
+ta	xh	ஹோசா
+ta	yi	யெட்டிஷ்
+ta	yo	யோருபா
+ta	zh	சீனம்
+ta	zu	ஜுலு
+te	af	ఆఫ్రికాన్స్
+te	ain	ఐను
+te	alt	దక్షిణ ఆల్టై
+te	an	అరగోనిస్
+te	ar	అరబిక్
+te	as	అస్సామీస్
+te	ast	ఆస్టూరియన్
+te	av	అవారిక్
+te	az	అజర్బైజాని
+te	az	అజెరి
+te	ba	బాష్కిర్
+te	bas	బసా
+te	be	బెలారుషియన్
+te	bg	బల్గేరియన్
+te	bi	బిస్లామా
+te	bn	బంగ్లా
+te	br	బ్రెటన్
+te	bs	బోస్నియన్
+te	bua	బురియట్
+te	ca	కాటలాన్
+te	ceb	సెబువానో
+te	chm	మారి
+te	ckb	సెంట్రల్ కర్డిష్
+te	co	కోర్సికన్
+te	crh	క్రిమియన్ టర్కిష్
+te	cs	చెక్
+te	csb	కషుబియన్
+te	cu	చర్చ్ స్లావిక్
+te	cv	చువాష్
+te	cy	వెల్ష్
+te	da	డానిష్
+te	dar	డార్గ్వా
+te	de	జర్మన్
+te	dsb	లోయర్ సోర్బియన్
+te	el	గ్రీక్
+te	en	ఆంగ్లం
+te	eo	ఎస్పెరాంటో
+te	es	స్పానిష్
+te	et	ఎస్టోనియన్
+te	eu	బాస్క్యూ
+te	fa	పర్షియన్
+te	fi	ఫిన్నిష్
+te	fo	ఫారోస్
+te	fr	ఫ్రెంచ్
+te	fy	పశ్చిమ ఫ్రిసియన్
+te	ga	ఐరిష్
+te	gag	గాగౌజ్
+te	gd	స్కాటిష్ గేలిక్
+te	gl	గాలిషియన్
+te	gn	గ్వారనీ
+te	gu	గుజరాతి
+te	gv	మాంక్స్
+te	ha	హౌసా
+te	haw	హవాయియన్
+te	he	హిబ్రూ
+te	hi	హిందీ
+te	hr	క్రొయేషియన్
+te	hsb	అప్పర్ సోర్బియన్
+te	ht	హైటియన్ క్రియోల్
+te	hu	హంగేరియన్
+te	hy	ఆర్మేనియన్
+te	ia	ఇంటర్లింగ్వా
+te	id	ఇండోనేషియన్
+te	ig	ఇగ్బో
+te	is	ఐస్లాండిక్
+te	it	ఇటాలియన్
+te	ja	జపనీస్
+te	ka	జార్జియన్
+te	kaa	కారా-కల్పాక్
+te	kk	కజఖ్
+te	kn	కన్నడ
+te	ko	కొరియన్
+te	krc	కరచే-బల్కార్
+te	krl	కరేలియన్
+te	ks	కాశ్మీరి
+te	kum	కుమ్యిక్
+te	kv	కోమి
+te	ky	కిర్గిజ్
+te	la	లాటిన్
+te	lb	లక్సెంబర్గిష్
+te	lg	గాండా
+te	ln	లింగాల
+te	lo	లావో
+te	lt	లిథువేనియన్
+te	lv	లాట్వియన్
+te	mdf	మోక్ష
+te	mfe	మొరిస్యేన్
+te	mk	మాసిడోనియన్
+te	ml	మలయాళం
+te	mr	మరాఠీ
+te	ms	మలయ్
+te	mt	మాల్టీస్
+te	myv	ఎర్జియా
+te	nap	నియాపోలిటన్
+te	nb	నార్వేజియన్ బొక్మాల్
+te	ne	నేపాలి
+te	nl	డచ్
+te	nn	నార్వేజియాన్ న్యోర్స్క్
+te	no	నార్వేజియన్
+te	nog	నోగై
+te	oc	ఆక్సిటన్
+te	os	ఒసేటిక్
+te	ota	ఒట్టోమన్ టర్కిష్
+te	pa	పంజాబీ
+te	pl	పోలిష్
+te	pt	పోర్చుగీస్
+te	rm	రోమన్ష్
+te	rn	రుండి
+te	ro	రోమేనియన్
+te	ru	రష్యన్
+te	rup	ఆరోమేనియన్
+te	sa	సంస్కృతం
+te	sah	సాఖా
+te	sc	సార్డీనియన్
+te	scn	సిసిలియన్
+te	sco	స్కాట్స్
+te	sd	సింధీ
+te	se	ఉత్తర సామి
+te	sh	సేర్బో-క్రొయేషియన్
+te	si	సింహళం
+te	sk	స్లోవక్
+te	sl	స్లోవేనియన్
+te	sma	దక్షిణ సామి
+te	smj	లులే సామి
+te	smn	ఇనారి సామి
+te	sq	అల్బేనియన్
+te	sr	సెర్బియన్
+te	srn	స్రానన్ టోంగో
+te	ss	స్వాతి
+te	sv	స్వీడిష్
+te	sw	స్వాహిలి
+te	ta	తమిళము
+te	te	తెలుగు
+te	tet	టేటం
+te	tg	తజిక్
+te	th	థాయ్
+te	tk	తుర్క్‌మెన్
+te	tl	టగలాగ్
+te	tr	టర్కిష్
+te	tt	టాటర్
+te	tyv	టువినియన్
+te	udm	ఉడ్ముర్ట్
+te	ug	ఉయ్‌ఘర్
+te	uk	ఉక్రెయినియన్
+te	ur	ఉర్దూ
+te	uz	ఉజ్బెక్
+te	vi	వియత్నామీస్
+te	wal	వాలేట్టా
+te	xh	షోసా
+te	yi	ఇడ్డిష్
+te	yo	యోరుబా
+te	zh	చైనీస్
+te	zu	జూలూ
+tg	af	африкаанс
+tg	ar	арабӣ
+tg	as	ассомӣ
+tg	az	озарбойҷонӣ
+tg	ba	бошқирдӣ
+tg	be	белорусӣ
+tg	bg	булғорӣ
+tg	bn	бинғолӣ
+tg	br	бретонӣ
+tg	bs	босниягӣ
+tg	ca	каталонӣ
+tg	ceb	себуано
+tg	chm	марӣ
+tg	ckb	курдии марказӣ
+tg	co	корсиканӣ
+tg	cs	чехӣ
+tg	cy	валлӣ
+tg	da	даниягӣ
+tg	de	немисӣ
+tg	dsb	сербии поёнӣ
+tg	el	юнонӣ
+tg	en	англисӣ
+tg	eo	эсперанто
+tg	es	испанӣ
+tg	et	эстонӣ
+tg	eu	баскӣ
+tg	fa	форсӣ
+tg	fi	финӣ
+tg	fo	фарерӣ
+tg	fr	франсузӣ
+tg	fy	фризии ғарбӣ
+tg	ga	ирландӣ
+tg	gd	шотландии гэлӣ
+tg	gl	галисиягӣ
+tg	gn	гуаранӣ
+tg	gu	гуҷаротӣ
+tg	ha	ҳауса
+tg	haw	ҳавайӣ
+tg	he	ибронӣ
+tg	hi	ҳиндӣ
+tg	hr	хорватӣ
+tg	hsb	сербии болоӣ
+tg	ht	гаитии креолӣ
+tg	hu	маҷорӣ
+tg	hy	арманӣ
+tg	ia	Байни забонӣ
+tg	id	индонезӣ
+tg	ig	игбо
+tg	is	исландӣ
+tg	it	италиявӣ
+tg	ja	японӣ
+tg	ka	гурҷӣ
+tg	kk	қазоқӣ
+tg	kn	каннада
+tg	ko	кореягӣ
+tg	ks	кашмирӣ
+tg	ky	қирғизӣ
+tg	la	лотинӣ
+tg	lb	люксембургӣ
+tg	lo	лаосӣ
+tg	lt	литвонӣ
+tg	lv	латишӣ
+tg	mk	мақдунӣ
+tg	ml	малаяламӣ
+tg	mr	маратҳӣ
+tg	ms	малайӣ
+tg	mt	малтӣ
+tg	ne	непалӣ
+tg	nl	голландӣ
+tg	no	норвегӣ
+tg	oc	окситанӣ
+tg	pa	панҷобӣ
+tg	pl	лаҳистонӣ
+tg	pt	португалӣ
+tg	rm	ретороманӣ
+tg	ro	руминӣ
+tg	ru	русӣ
+tg	sa	санскрит
+tg	sah	саха
+tg	sd	синдӣ
+tg	se	самии шимолӣ
+tg	si	сингалӣ
+tg	sk	словакӣ
+tg	sl	словенӣ
+tg	sma	самии ҷанубӣ
+tg	smj	луле самӣ
+tg	smn	инари самӣ
+tg	sq	албанӣ
+tg	sr	сербӣ
+tg	sv	шведӣ
+tg	ta	тамилӣ
+tg	te	телугу
+tg	tg	тоҷикӣ
+tg	th	тайӣ
+tg	tk	туркманӣ
+tg	tr	туркӣ
+tg	tt	тоторӣ
+tg	ug	ӯйғурӣ
+tg	uk	украинӣ
+tg	ur	урду
+tg	uz	ӯзбекӣ
+tg	vi	ветнамӣ
+tg	yi	идиш
+tg	yo	йоруба
+tg	zh	хитоӣ
+tg	zu	Зулу
+th	af	แอฟริกานส์
+th	ain	ไอนุ
+th	alt	อัลไตใต้
+th	an	อารากอน
+th	ar	อาหรับ
+th	as	อัสสัม
+th	ast	อัสตูเรียส
+th	av	อาวาร์
+th	az	อะเซอรี
+th	az	อาเซอร์ไบจาน
+th	ba	บัชคีร์
+th	bas	บาสา
+th	be	เบลารุส
+th	bg	บัลแกเรีย
+th	bi	บิสลามา
+th	bn	บังกลา
+th	br	เบรตัน
+th	bs	บอสเนีย
+th	bua	บูเรียต
+th	byv	เมดุมบา
+th	ca	คาตาลัน
+th	ceb	เซบู
+th	chm	มารี
+th	ckb	เคิร์ดตอนกลาง
+th	co	คอร์ซิกา
+th	crh	ตุรกีไครเมีย
+th	cs	เช็ก
+th	csb	คาซูเบียน
+th	cu	เชอร์ชสลาวิก
+th	cv	ชูวัช
+th	cy	เวลส์
+th	da	เดนมาร์ก
+th	dar	ดาร์กิน
+th	de	เยอรมัน
+th	dsb	ซอร์เบียตอนล่าง
+th	el	กรีก
+th	en	อังกฤษ
+th	eo	เอสเปรันโต
+th	es	สเปน
+th	et	เอสโตเนีย
+th	eu	บาสก์
+th	fa	เปอร์เซีย
+th	fi	ฟินแลนด์
+th	fo	แฟโร
+th	fr	ฝรั่งเศส
+th	fy	ฟริเซียนตะวันตก
+th	ga	ไอริช
+th	gag	กากาอุซ
+th	gd	เกลิกสกอต
+th	gl	กาลิเซีย
+th	glk	กิลากี
+th	gn	กัวรานี
+th	gu	คุชราต
+th	guc	วายู
+th	gv	มานซ์
+th	ha	เฮาซา
+th	haw	ฮาวาย
+th	he	ฮิบรู
+th	hi	ฮินดี
+th	hr	โครเอเชีย
+th	hsb	ซอร์เบียตอนบน
+th	ht	เฮติครีโอล
+th	hu	ฮังการี
+th	hy	อาร์เมเนีย
+th	ia	อินเตอร์ลิงกัว
+th	id	อินโดนีเซีย
+th	ig	อิกโบ
+th	is	ไอซ์แลนด์
+th	it	อิตาลี
+th	ja	ญี่ปุ่น
+th	ka	จอร์เจีย
+th	kaa	การา-กาลพาก
+th	kk	คาซัค
+th	kn	กันนาดา
+th	ko	เกาหลี
+th	krc	คาราไช-บัลคาร์
+th	krl	แกรเลียน
+th	ks	แคชเมียร์
+th	kum	คูมืยค์
+th	kv	โกมิ
+th	ky	คีร์กีซ
+th	la	ละติน
+th	lb	ลักเซมเบิร์ก
+th	lg	ยูกันดา
+th	liv	ลิโวเนีย
+th	ln	ลิงกาลา
+th	lo	ลาว
+th	lt	ลิทัวเนีย
+th	lv	ลัตเวีย
+th	mdf	มอคชา
+th	mfe	มอริสเยน
+th	mk	มาซิโดเนีย
+th	ml	มาลายาลัม
+th	mr	มราฐี
+th	mrj	มารีตะวันตก
+th	ms	มาเลย์
+th	mt	มอลตา
+th	myv	เอียร์ซยา
+th	nap	นาโปลี
+th	nb	นอร์เวย์บุคมอล
+th	ne	เนปาล
+th	nl	ดัตช์
+th	nn	นอร์เวย์นีนอสก์
+th	no	นอร์เวย์
+th	nog	โนไก
+th	oc	อ็อกซิตัน
+th	os	ออสเซเตีย
+th	ota	ตุรกีออตโตมัน
+th	pa	ปัญจาบ
+th	pl	โปแลนด์
+th	pt	โปรตุเกส
+th	rm	โรแมนซ์
+th	rn	บุรุนดี
+th	ro	โรมาเนีย
+th	ru	รัสเซีย
+th	rup	อาโรมาเนียน
+th	sa	สันสกฤต
+th	sah	ซาคา
+th	sc	ซาร์เดญา
+th	scn	ซิซิลี
+th	sco	สกอตส์
+th	sd	สินธิ
+th	se	ซามิเหนือ
+th	sh	เซอร์โบ-โครเอเชีย
+th	si	สิงหล
+th	sk	สโลวัก
+th	sl	สโลวีเนีย
+th	sma	ซามิใต้
+th	smj	ซามิลูเล
+th	smn	ซามิอีนารี
+th	sq	แอลเบเนีย
+th	sr	เซอร์เบีย
+th	srn	ซูรินาเม
+th	ss	สวาติ
+th	sv	สวีเดน
+th	sw	สวาฮีลี
+th	szl	ไซลีเซีย
+th	ta	ทมิฬ
+th	te	เตลูกู
+th	tet	เตตุม
+th	tg	ทาจิก
+th	th	ไทย
+th	tk	เติร์กเมน
+th	tl	ตากาล็อก
+th	tr	ตุรกี
+th	tt	ตาตาร์
+th	tyv	ตูวา
+th	udm	อุดมูร์ต
+th	ug	อุยกูร์
+th	uk	ยูเครน
+th	ur	อูรดู
+th	uz	อุซเบก
+th	vi	เวียดนาม
+th	vro	โวโร
+th	wal	วาลาโม
+th	xh	คะห์โอซา
+th	yi	ยิดดิช
+th	yo	โยรูบา
+th	zh	จีน
+th	zu	ซูลู
+tk	af	afrikaans dili
+tk	ain	aýn dili
+tk	alt	günorta Altaý dili
+tk	an	aragon dili
+tk	ar	arap dili
+tk	as	assam dili
+tk	ast	asturiý dili
+tk	av	awar dili
+tk	az	azerbaýjan dili
+tk	az	azeri dili
+tk	ba	başgyrt dili
+tk	bas	basaa dili
+tk	be	belarus dili
+tk	bg	bolgar dili
+tk	bi	bislama dili
+tk	bn	bengal dili
+tk	br	breton dili
+tk	bs	boşnak dili
+tk	ca	katalan dili
+tk	ceb	sebuan dili
+tk	chm	mariý dili
+tk	ckb	merkezi kürt dili
+tk	co	korsikan dili
+tk	cs	çeh dili
+tk	cu	buthana slaw dili
+tk	cv	çuwaş dili
+tk	cy	walliý dili
+tk	da	daniýa dili
+tk	dar	dargi dili
+tk	de	nemes dili
+tk	dsb	aşaky lužits dili
+tk	el	grek dili
+tk	en	iňlis dili
+tk	eo	esperanto dili
+tk	es	ispan dili
+tk	et	eston dili
+tk	eu	bask dili
+tk	fa	pars dili
+tk	fi	fin dili
+tk	fo	farer dili
+tk	fr	fransuz dili
+tk	fy	günbatar friz dili
+tk	ga	irland dili
+tk	gd	şotland kelt dili
+tk	gl	galisiý dili
+tk	gn	guarani dili
+tk	gu	gujarati dili
+tk	gv	men dili
+tk	ha	hausa dili
+tk	haw	gawaý dili
+tk	he	ýewreý dili
+tk	hi	hindi dili
+tk	hr	horwat dili
+tk	hsb	ýokarky lužits dili
+tk	ht	gaiti kreol dili
+tk	hu	wenger dili
+tk	hy	ermeni dili
+tk	ia	interlingwa dili
+tk	id	indonez dili
+tk	ig	igbo dili
+tk	is	island dili
+tk	it	italýan dili
+tk	ja	ýapon dili
+tk	ka	gruzin dili
+tk	kk	gazak dili
+tk	kn	kannada dili
+tk	ko	koreý dili
+tk	krc	karaçaý-balkar dili
+tk	krl	karel dili
+tk	ks	kaşmiri dili
+tk	kum	kumyk dili
+tk	kv	komi dili
+tk	ky	gyrgyz dili
+tk	la	latyn dili
+tk	lb	lýuksemburg dili
+tk	lg	ganda dili
+tk	ln	lingala dili
+tk	lo	laos dili
+tk	lt	litwa dili
+tk	lv	latyş dili
+tk	mdf	mokşa dili
+tk	mfe	morisýen dili
+tk	mk	makedon dili
+tk	ml	malaýalam dili
+tk	mr	marathi dili
+tk	ms	malaý dili
+tk	mt	malta dili
+tk	myv	erzýan dili
+tk	nap	neapolitan dili
+tk	nb	norwegiýa bukmol dili
+tk	ne	nepal dili
+tk	nl	niderland dili
+tk	nn	norwegiýa nýunorsk dili
+tk	nog	nogaý dili
+tk	oc	oksitan dili
+tk	os	osetin dili
+tk	pa	penjab dili
+tk	pl	polýak dili
+tk	pt	portugal dili
+tk	rm	retoroman dili
+tk	rn	rundi dili
+tk	ro	rumyn dili
+tk	ru	rus dili
+tk	rup	arumyn dili
+tk	sa	sanskrit dili
+tk	sah	ýakut dili
+tk	sc	sardin dili
+tk	scn	sisiliýa dili
+tk	sco	şotland dili
+tk	sd	sindhi dili
+tk	se	demirgazyk saam dili
+tk	si	singal dili
+tk	sk	slowak dili
+tk	sl	slowen dili
+tk	sma	günorta saam dili
+tk	smj	lule-saam dili
+tk	smn	inari-saam dili
+tk	sq	alban dili
+tk	sr	serb dili
+tk	srn	sranan-tongo dili
+tk	ss	swati dili
+tk	sv	şwed dili
+tk	sw	suahili dili
+tk	ta	tamil dili
+tk	te	telugu dili
+tk	tet	tetum dili
+tk	tg	täjik dili
+tk	th	taý dili
+tk	tk	türkmen dili
+tk	tr	türk dili
+tk	tt	tatar dili
+tk	tyv	tuwa dili
+tk	udm	udmurt dili
+tk	ug	uýgur dili
+tk	uk	ukrain dili
+tk	ur	urdu
+tk	uz	özbek dili
+tk	vi	wýetnam dili
+tk	wal	wolaýta dili
+tk	xh	kosa dili
+tk	yi	idiş dili
+tk	yo	ýoruba dili
+tk	zh	hytaý dili
+tk	zu	zulu dili
+tr	af	Afrikaanca
+tr	ain	Ayni Dili
+tr	alt	Güney Altayca
+tr	an	Aragonca
+tr	ar	Arapça
+tr	as	Assamca
+tr	ast	Asturyasça
+tr	av	Avar Dili
+tr	az	Azerice
+tr	az	Azerice
+tr	ba	Başkırtça
+tr	bas	Basa Dili
+tr	be	Belarusça
+tr	bg	Bulgarca
+tr	bi	Bislama
+tr	bn	Bengalce
+tr	br	Bretonca
+tr	bs	Boşnakça
+tr	bua	Buryatça
+tr	byv	Medumba
+tr	ca	Katalanca
+tr	ceb	Sebuano dili
+tr	chm	Mari dili
+tr	ckb	Orta Kürtçe
+tr	co	Korsikaca
+tr	crh	Kırım Türkçesi
+tr	cs	Çekçe
+tr	csb	Kashubian
+tr	cu	Kilise Slavcası
+tr	cv	Çuvaşça
+tr	cy	Galce
+tr	da	Danca
+tr	dar	Dargince
+tr	de	Almanca
+tr	dsb	Aşağı Sorbça
+tr	el	Yunanca
+tr	en	İngilizce
+tr	eo	Esperanto
+tr	es	İspanyolca
+tr	et	Estonca
+tr	eu	Baskça
+tr	fa	Farsça
+tr	fi	Fince
+tr	fo	Faroe dili
+tr	fr	Fransızca
+tr	fy	Batı Frizcesi
+tr	ga	İrlandaca
+tr	gag	Gagavuzca
+tr	gd	İskoç Gaelcesi
+tr	gl	Galiçyaca
+tr	glk	Gilanice
+tr	gn	Guarani dili
+tr	gu	Güceratça
+tr	guc	Wayuu dili
+tr	gv	Man dili
+tr	ha	Hausa dili
+tr	haw	Hawaii dili
+tr	he	İbranice
+tr	hi	Hintçe
+tr	hr	Hırvatça
+tr	hsb	Yukarı Sorbça
+tr	ht	Haiti Kreyolu
+tr	hu	Macarca
+tr	hy	Ermenice
+tr	ia	Interlingua
+tr	id	Endonezce
+tr	ig	İbo dili
+tr	is	İzlandaca
+tr	it	İtalyanca
+tr	ja	Japonca
+tr	ka	Gürcüce
+tr	kaa	Karakalpakça
+tr	kk	Kazakça
+tr	kn	Kannada dili
+tr	ko	Korece
+tr	krc	Karaçay-Balkarca
+tr	krl	Karelyaca
+tr	ks	Keşmir dili
+tr	kum	Kumukça
+tr	kv	Komi
+tr	ky	Kırgızca
+tr	la	Latince
+tr	lb	Lüksemburgca
+tr	lg	Ganda
+tr	liv	Livonca
+tr	ln	Lingala
+tr	lo	Lao dili
+tr	lt	Litvanca
+tr	lv	Letonca
+tr	mdf	Mokşa dili
+tr	mfe	Morisyen
+tr	mk	Makedonca
+tr	ml	Malayalam dili
+tr	mr	Marathi dili
+tr	mrj	Ova Çirmişçesi
+tr	ms	Malayca
+tr	mt	Maltaca
+tr	myv	Erzya
+tr	nap	Napolice
+tr	nb	Norveççe Bokmål
+tr	ne	Nepalce
+tr	nl	Felemenkçe
+tr	nn	Norveççe Nynorsk
+tr	no	Norveççe
+tr	nog	Nogayca
+tr	oc	Oksitan dili
+tr	os	Osetçe
+tr	ota	Osmanlı Türkçesi
+tr	pa	Pencapça
+tr	pl	Lehçe
+tr	pt	Portekizce
+tr	rm	Romanşça
+tr	rn	Kirundi
+tr	ro	Rumence
+tr	ru	Rusça
+tr	rup	Ulahça
+tr	sa	Sanskrit
+tr	sah	Yakutça
+tr	sc	Sardunya dili
+tr	scn	Sicilyaca
+tr	sco	İskoçça
+tr	sd	Sindhi dili
+tr	se	Kuzey Laponcası
+tr	sh	Sırp-Hırvat Dili
+tr	si	Sinhali dili
+tr	sk	Slovakça
+tr	sl	Slovence
+tr	sma	Güney Laponcası
+tr	smj	Lule Laponcası
+tr	smn	İnari Laponcası
+tr	sq	Arnavutça
+tr	sr	Sırpça
+tr	srn	Sranan Tongo
+tr	ss	Sisvati
+tr	sv	İsveççe
+tr	sw	Svahili dili
+tr	szl	Silezyaca
+tr	ta	Tamilce
+tr	te	Telugu dili
+tr	tet	Tetum
+tr	tg	Tacikçe
+tr	th	Tayca
+tr	tk	Türkmence
+tr	tl	Tagalogca
+tr	tr	Türkçe
+tr	tt	Tatarca
+tr	tyv	Tuvaca
+tr	udm	Udmurtça
+tr	ug	Uygurca
+tr	uk	Ukraynaca
+tr	ur	Urduca
+tr	uz	Özbekçe
+tr	vi	Vietnamca
+tr	vro	Võro
+tr	wal	Valamo
+tr	xh	Zosa dili
+tr	yi	Yidiş
+tr	yo	Yorubaca
+tr	zh	Çince
+tr	zu	Zuluca
+tt	af	африкаанс
+tt	ar	гарәп
+tt	as	ассам
+tt	az	әзәрбайҗан
+tt	ba	башкорт
+tt	be	белорус
+tt	bg	болгар
+tt	bn	бенгали
+tt	br	бретон
+tt	bs	босния
+tt	ca	каталан
+tt	ceb	себуано
+tt	chm	мари
+tt	ckb	үзәк көрд
+tt	co	корсика
+tt	cs	чех
+tt	cy	уэльс
+tt	da	дания
+tt	de	алман
+tt	dsb	түбән сорб
+tt	el	грек
+tt	en	инглиз
+tt	eo	эсперанто
+tt	es	испан
+tt	et	эстон
+tt	eu	баск
+tt	fa	фарсы
+tt	fi	фин
+tt	fo	фарер
+tt	fr	француз
+tt	ga	ирланд
+tt	gd	шотланд гэль
+tt	gl	галисия
+tt	gn	гуарани
+tt	gu	гуҗарати
+tt	ha	хауса
+tt	haw	гавайи
+tt	he	яһүд
+tt	hi	һинд
+tt	hr	хорват
+tt	hsb	югары сорб
+tt	ht	гаити креол
+tt	hu	венгр
+tt	hy	әрмән
+tt	id	индонезия
+tt	ig	игбо
+tt	is	исланд
+tt	it	итальян
+tt	ja	япон
+tt	ka	грузин
+tt	kk	казакъ
+tt	kn	каннада
+tt	ko	корея
+tt	ks	кашмири
+tt	ky	кыргыз
+tt	la	латин
+tt	lb	люксембург
+tt	lo	лаос
+tt	lt	литва
+tt	lv	латыш
+tt	mk	македон
+tt	ml	малаялам
+tt	mr	маратхи
+tt	ms	малай
+tt	mt	мальта
+tt	ne	непали
+tt	nl	голланд
+tt	oc	окситан
+tt	pa	пәнҗаби
+tt	pl	поляк
+tt	pt	португал
+tt	rm	ретороман
+tt	ro	румын
+tt	ru	рус
+tt	sa	санскрит
+tt	sah	саха
+tt	sd	синдһи
+tt	se	төньяк саам
+tt	si	сингал
+tt	sk	словак
+tt	sl	словен
+tt	sma	көньяк саам
+tt	smj	луле-саам
+tt	smn	инари-саам
+tt	sq	албан
+tt	sr	серб
+tt	sv	швед
+tt	ta	тамил
+tt	te	телугу
+tt	tg	таҗик
+tt	th	тай
+tt	tk	төрекмән
+tt	tr	төрек
+tt	tt	татар
+tt	ug	уйгыр
+tt	uk	украин
+tt	ur	урду
+tt	uz	үзбәк
+tt	vi	вьетнам
+tt	yi	идиш
+tt	yo	йоруба
+tt	zh	кытай (тәрҗемә киңәше: аерым алганда, мандарин кытайчасы)
+ug	af	ئافرىكانچە
+ug	ain	ئاينۇچە
+ug	alt	جەنۇبى ئالتاي تىللىرى
+ug	an	ئاراگونچە
+ug	ar	ئەرەبچە
+ug	as	ئاسامچە
+ug	ast	ئاستۇرىيەچە
+ug	av	ئاۋارچە
+ug	az	ئەزەربەيجانچە
+ug	ba	باشقىرتچە
+ug	bas	باساچە
+ug	be	بېلارۇسچە
+ug	bg	بۇلغارچە
+ug	bi	بىسلاماچە
+ug	bn	بېنگالچە
+ug	br	بىرېتونچە
+ug	bs	بوسىنچە
+ug	bua	بۇرىياتچە
+ug	byv	مېدۇمباچە
+ug	ca	كاتالانچە
+ug	ceb	سېبۇچە
+ug	chm	مارىچە
+ug	ckb	مەركىزىي كۇردچە
+ug	co	كورسۇچە
+ug	crh	قىرىم تۈركچە
+ug	cs	چېخچە
+ug	csb	كاسزۇبىچە
+ug	cu	قەدىمكى سلاۋيانچە
+ug	cv	چۇۋاشچە
+ug	cy	ۋېلشچە
+ug	da	دانىشچە
+ug	dar	دارگىۋاچە
+ug	de	گېرمانچە
+ug	dsb	تۆۋەن سوربچە
+ug	el	گىرېكچە
+ug	en	ئىنگلىزچە
+ug	eo	ئېسپرانتوچە
+ug	es	ئىسپانچە
+ug	et	ئېستونچە
+ug	eu	باسكىچە
+ug	fa	پارسچە
+ug	fi	فىنچە
+ug	fo	فائېروچە
+ug	fr	فىرانسۇزچە
+ug	fy	غەربىي فىرسچە
+ug	ga	ئىرېلاندچە
+ug	gd	شوتلاندىيە گايلچىسى
+ug	gl	گالىچە
+ug	gn	گۇئارانىچە
+ug	gu	گۇجاراتچە
+ug	gv	مانچە
+ug	ha	خائۇساچە
+ug	haw	ھاۋايچە
+ug	he	ئىبرانىيچە
+ug	hi	ھىندىچە
+ug	hr	كىرودىچە
+ug	hsb	ئۈستۈن سوربچە
+ug	ht	ھايتىچە
+ug	hu	ۋېنگىرچە
+ug	hy	ئەرمېنچە
+ug	ia	ئارىلىق تىل
+ug	id	ھىندونېزچە
+ug	ig	ئىگبوچە
+ug	is	ئىسلاندچە
+ug	it	ئىتالىيانچە
+ug	ja	ياپونچە
+ug	ka	گىرۇزچە
+ug	kaa	قارا-قالپاقچە
+ug	kk	قازاقچە
+ug	kn	كانناداچە
+ug	ko	كورېيەچە
+ug	krc	قاراچاي-بالقارچە
+ug	krl	كارەلچە
+ug	ks	كەشمىرچە
+ug	kum	قۇمۇقچە
+ug	kv	كومىچە
+ug	ky	قىرغىزچە
+ug	la	لاتىنچە
+ug	lb	لىيۇكسېمبۇرگچە
+ug	lg	گانداچە
+ug	ln	لىنگالاچە
+ug	lo	لائوسچە
+ug	lt	لىتۋانىچە
+ug	lv	لاتچە
+ug	mdf	موكشاچە
+ug	mfe	مورىسيېنچە
+ug	mk	ماكېدونچە
+ug	ml	مالايالامچە
+ug	mr	ماراتىچە
+ug	ms	مالايچە
+ug	mt	مالتاچە
+ug	myv	ئېرزاچە
+ug	nap	ناپولىچە
+ug	nb	نورۋىگىيە بوكمالچە
+ug	ne	نېپالچە
+ug	nl	گوللاندچە
+ug	nn	يېڭى نورۋېگچە
+ug	no	نورۋېگچە
+ug	nog	نوغايچە
+ug	oc	ئوكسىتچە
+ug	os	ئوسسېتچەچە
+ug	ota	ئوسمان تۈركچە
+ug	pa	پەنجابچە
+ug	pl	پولەكچە
+ug	pt	پورتۇگالچە
+ug	rm	رومانسچە
+ug	rn	رۇندىچە
+ug	ro	رومىنچە
+ug	ru	رۇسچە
+ug	rup	ئارومانچە
+ug	sa	سانسكرىتچە
+ug	sah	ساخاچە
+ug	sc	ساردىنىيەچە
+ug	scn	سىتسىلىيەچە
+ug	sco	شوتلاندىيەچە
+ug	sd	سىندىچە
+ug	se	شىمالىي سامىچە
+ug	sh	سېرب-كرودىيەچە
+ug	si	سىنگالچە
+ug	sk	سىلوۋاكچە
+ug	sl	سىلوۋېنچە
+ug	sma	جەنۇبىي سامىچە
+ug	smj	لۇلې سامىچە
+ug	smn	ئىنارى سامىچە
+ug	sq	ئالبانچە
+ug	sr	سېربچە
+ug	srn	سىرانان-توڭوچە
+ug	ss	سىۋاتىچە
+ug	sv	شىۋېدچە
+ug	sw	سىۋاھىلچە
+ug	ta	تامىلچە
+ug	te	تېلۇگۇچە
+ug	tet	تېتۇمچە
+ug	tg	تاجىكچە
+ug	th	تايلاندچە
+ug	tk	تۈركمەنچە
+ug	tl	تاگالوگچە
+ug	tr	تۈركچە
+ug	tt	تاتارچە
+ug	tyv	توۋاچە
+ug	udm	ئۇدمۇرتچە
+ug	ug	ئۇيغۇرچە
+ug	uk	ئۇكرائىنچە
+ug	ur	ئوردۇچە
+ug	uz	ئۆزبېكچە
+ug	vi	ۋىيېتنامچە
+ug	wal	ۋولايتاچە
+ug	xh	خوساچە
+ug	yi	يىددىشچە
+ug	yo	يورۇباچە
+ug	zh	خەنزۇچە
+ug	zu	زۇلۇچە
+uk	af	африкаанс
+uk	ain	айнська
+uk	alt	південноалтайська
+uk	an	арагонська
+uk	ar	арабська
+uk	as	асамська
+uk	ast	астурська
+uk	av	аварська
+uk	az	азербайджанська
+uk	az	азері
+uk	ba	башкирська
+uk	bas	баса
+uk	be	білоруська
+uk	bg	болгарська
+uk	bi	біслама
+uk	bn	банґла
+uk	br	бретонська
+uk	bs	боснійська
+uk	bua	бурятська
+uk	byv	медумба
+uk	ca	каталонська
+uk	ceb	себуанська
+uk	chm	марійська
+uk	ckb	центральнокурдська
+uk	co	корсиканська
+uk	crh	кримськотатарська
+uk	cs	чеська
+uk	csb	кашубська
+uk	cu	церковнословʼянська
+uk	cv	чуваська
+uk	cy	валлійська
+uk	da	данська
+uk	dar	даргінська
+uk	de	німецька
+uk	dsb	нижньолужицька
+uk	el	грецька
+uk	en	англійська
+uk	eo	есперанто
+uk	es	іспанська
+uk	et	естонська
+uk	eu	баскська
+uk	fa	перська
+uk	fi	фінська
+uk	fo	фарерська
+uk	fr	французька
+uk	fy	західнофризька
+uk	ga	ірландська
+uk	gag	гагаузька
+uk	gd	гаельська
+uk	gl	галісійська
+uk	gn	гуарані
+uk	gu	гуджараті
+uk	gv	менкська
+uk	ha	хауса
+uk	haw	гавайська
+uk	he	іврит
+uk	hi	гінді
+uk	hr	хорватська
+uk	hsb	верхньолужицька
+uk	ht	гаїтянська
+uk	hu	угорська
+uk	hy	вірменська
+uk	ia	інтерлінгва
+uk	id	індонезійська
+uk	ig	ігбо
+uk	is	ісландська
+uk	it	італійська
+uk	ja	японська
+uk	ka	грузинська
+uk	kaa	каракалпацька
+uk	kk	казахська
+uk	kn	каннада
+uk	ko	корейська
+uk	krc	карачаєво-балкарська
+uk	krl	карельська
+uk	ks	кашмірська
+uk	kum	кумицька
+uk	kv	комі
+uk	ky	киргизька
+uk	la	латинська
+uk	lb	люксембурзька
+uk	lg	ганда
+uk	ln	лінгала
+uk	lo	лаоська
+uk	lt	литовська
+uk	lv	латвійська
+uk	mdf	мокша
+uk	mfe	маврикійська креольська
+uk	mk	македонська
+uk	ml	малаялам
+uk	mr	маратхі
+uk	ms	малайська
+uk	mt	мальтійська
+uk	myv	ерзя
+uk	nap	неаполітанська
+uk	nb	норвезька (букмол)
+uk	ne	непальська
+uk	nl	нідерландська
+uk	nn	норвезька (нюношк)
+uk	no	норвезька
+uk	nog	ногайська
+uk	oc	окситанська
+uk	os	осетинська
+uk	ota	османська
+uk	pa	панджабі
+uk	pl	польська
+uk	pt	портуґальська
+uk	rm	ретороманська
+uk	rn	рунді
+uk	ro	румунська
+uk	ru	російська
+uk	rup	арумунська
+uk	sa	санскрит
+uk	sah	якутська
+uk	sc	сардинська
+uk	scn	сицилійська
+uk	sco	шотландська
+uk	sd	сіндхі
+uk	se	північносаамська
+uk	sh	сербсько-хорватська
+uk	si	сингальська
+uk	sk	словацька
+uk	sl	словенська
+uk	sma	південносаамська
+uk	smj	саамська луле
+uk	smn	саамська інарі
+uk	sq	албанська
+uk	sr	сербська
+uk	srn	сранан тонго
+uk	ss	сісваті
+uk	sv	шведська
+uk	sw	суахілі
+uk	ta	тамільська
+uk	te	телугу
+uk	tet	тетум
+uk	tg	таджицька
+uk	th	тайська
+uk	tk	туркменська
+uk	tl	тагальська
+uk	tr	турецька
+uk	tt	татарська
+uk	tyv	тувинська
+uk	udm	удмуртська
+uk	ug	уйгурська
+uk	uk	українська
+uk	ur	урду
+uk	uz	узбецька
+uk	vi	вʼєтнамська
+uk	wal	волайтта
+uk	xh	кхоса
+uk	yi	їдиш
+uk	yo	йоруба
+uk	zh	китайська
+uk	zu	зулуська
+ur	af	افریقی
+ur	ain	اینو
+ur	alt	جنوبی الٹائی
+ur	an	اراگونیز
+ur	ar	عربی
+ur	as	آسامی
+ur	ast	اسٹوریائی
+ur	av	اواری
+ur	az	آذربائیجانی
+ur	az	ازیری
+ur	ba	باشکیر
+ur	bas	باسا
+ur	be	بیلاروسی
+ur	bg	بلغاری
+ur	bi	بسلاما
+ur	bn	بنگالی
+ur	br	بریٹن
+ur	bs	بوسنیائی
+ur	ca	کیٹالان
+ur	ceb	سیبوآنو
+ur	chm	ماری
+ur	ckb	سینٹرل کردش
+ur	co	کوراسیکن
+ur	cs	چیک
+ur	cu	چرچ سلاوک
+ur	cv	چوواش
+ur	cy	ویلش
+ur	da	ڈینش
+ur	dar	درگوا
+ur	de	جرمن
+ur	dsb	ذیلی سربیائی
+ur	el	یونانی
+ur	en	انگریزی
+ur	eo	ایسپرانٹو
+ur	es	ہسپانوی
+ur	et	اسٹونین
+ur	eu	باسکی
+ur	fa	فارسی
+ur	fi	فینیش
+ur	fo	فیروئیز
+ur	fr	فرانسیسی
+ur	fy	مغربی فریسیئن
+ur	ga	آئیرِش
+ur	gag	غاغاوز
+ur	gd	سکاٹش گیلک
+ur	gl	گالیشیائی
+ur	gn	گُارانی
+ur	gu	گجراتی
+ur	gv	مینکس
+ur	ha	ہؤسا
+ur	haw	ہوائی
+ur	he	عبرانی
+ur	hi	ہندی
+ur	hr	کراتی
+ur	hsb	اپر سربیائی
+ur	ht	ہیتی
+ur	hu	ہنگیرین
+ur	hy	آرمینیائی
+ur	ia	بین لسانیات
+ur	id	انڈونیثیائی
+ur	ig	اِگبو
+ur	is	آئس لینڈک
+ur	it	اطالوی
+ur	ja	جاپانی
+ur	ka	جارجیائی
+ur	kk	قزاخ
+ur	kn	کنّاڈا
+ur	ko	کوریائی
+ur	krc	کراچے بالکر
+ur	krl	کیرلین
+ur	ks	کشمیری
+ur	kum	کومیک
+ur	kv	کومی
+ur	ky	کرغیزی
+ur	la	لاطینی
+ur	lb	لکسمبرگیش
+ur	lg	گینڈا
+ur	ln	لِنگَلا
+ur	lo	لاؤ
+ur	lt	لیتھوینین
+ur	lv	لیٹوین
+ur	mdf	موکشا
+ur	mfe	موریسیین
+ur	mk	مقدونیائی
+ur	ml	مالایالم
+ur	mr	مراٹهی
+ur	ms	مالے
+ur	mt	مالٹی
+ur	myv	ارزیا
+ur	nap	نیاپولیٹن
+ur	nb	نارویجین بوکمل
+ur	ne	نیپالی
+ur	nl	ڈچ
+ur	nn	نارویجین نینورسک
+ur	no	نارویجین
+ur	nog	نوگائی
+ur	oc	آکسیٹان
+ur	os	اوسیٹک
+ur	pa	پنجابی
+ur	pl	پولش
+ur	pt	پُرتگالی
+ur	rm	رومانش
+ur	rn	رونڈی
+ur	ro	رومینین
+ur	ru	روسی
+ur	rup	ارومانی
+ur	sa	سنسکرت
+ur	sah	ساکھا
+ur	sc	سردینین
+ur	scn	سیسیلین
+ur	sco	سکاٹ
+ur	sd	سندھی
+ur	se	شمالی سامی
+ur	sh	سربو-کروئیشین
+ur	si	سنہالا
+ur	sk	سلوواک
+ur	sl	سلووینیائی
+ur	sma	جنوبی سامی
+ur	smj	لول سامی
+ur	smn	اناری سامی
+ur	sq	البانی
+ur	sr	سربین
+ur	srn	سرانن ٹونگو
+ur	ss	سواتی
+ur	sv	سویڈش
+ur	sw	سواحلی
+ur	ta	تمل
+ur	te	تیلگو
+ur	tet	ٹیٹم
+ur	tg	تاجک
+ur	th	تھائی
+ur	tk	ترکمان
+ur	tl	ٹیگا لوگ
+ur	tr	ترکی
+ur	tt	تاتار
+ur	tyv	تووینین
+ur	udm	ادمورت
+ur	ug	یوئگہر
+ur	uk	یوکرینیائی
+ur	ur	اردو
+ur	uz	ازبیک
+ur	vi	ویتنامی
+ur	wal	وولایتا
+ur	xh	ژوسا
+ur	yi	یدش
+ur	yo	یوروبا
+ur	zh	چینی
+ur	zu	زولو
+uz	af	afrikaans
+uz	ain	aynu
+uz	alt	janubiy oltoy
+uz	an	aragon
+uz	ar	arab
+uz	as	assam
+uz	ast	asturiy
+uz	av	avar
+uz	az	ozar
+uz	az	ozarbayjon
+uz	ba	boshqird
+uz	bas	basa
+uz	be	belarus
+uz	bg	bolgar
+uz	bi	bislama
+uz	bn	bengal
+uz	br	breton
+uz	bs	bosniy
+uz	ca	katalan
+uz	ceb	sebuan
+uz	chm	mari
+uz	ckb	sorani-kurd
+uz	co	korsikan
+uz	cs	chex
+uz	cu	slavyan (cherkov)
+uz	cv	chuvash
+uz	cy	valliy
+uz	da	dan
+uz	dar	dargva
+uz	de	nemischa
+uz	dsb	quyi sorb
+uz	el	grek
+uz	en	inglizcha
+uz	eo	esperanto
+uz	es	ispancha
+uz	et	estoncha
+uz	eu	bask
+uz	fa	fors
+uz	fi	fincha
+uz	fo	farercha
+uz	fr	fransuzcha
+uz	fy	g‘arbiy friz
+uz	ga	irland
+uz	gag	gagauz
+uz	gd	shotland-gel
+uz	gl	galisiy
+uz	gn	guarani
+uz	gu	gujarot
+uz	gv	men
+uz	ha	xausa
+uz	haw	gavaycha
+uz	he	ivrit
+uz	hi	hind
+uz	hr	xorvat
+uz	hsb	yuqori sorb
+uz	ht	gaityan
+uz	hu	venger
+uz	hy	arman
+uz	ia	interlingva
+uz	id	indonez
+uz	ig	igbo
+uz	is	island
+uz	it	italyan
+uz	ja	yapon
+uz	ka	gruzincha
+uz	kk	qozoqcha
+uz	kn	kannada
+uz	ko	koreyscha
+uz	krc	qorachoy-bolqor
+uz	krl	karel
+uz	ks	kashmircha
+uz	kum	qo‘miq
+uz	kv	komi
+uz	ky	qirgʻizcha
+uz	la	lotincha
+uz	lb	lyuksemburgcha
+uz	lg	ganda
+uz	ln	lingala
+uz	lo	laos
+uz	lt	litva
+uz	lv	latishcha
+uz	mdf	moksha
+uz	mfe	morisyen
+uz	mk	makedon
+uz	ml	malayalam
+uz	mr	maratxi
+uz	ms	malay
+uz	mt	maltiy
+uz	myv	erzya
+uz	nap	neapolitan
+uz	nb	norveg-bokmal
+uz	ne	nepal
+uz	nl	niderland
+uz	nn	norveg-nyunorsk
+uz	nog	no‘g‘ay
+uz	oc	oksitan
+uz	os	osetin
+uz	pa	panjobcha
+uz	pl	polyakcha
+uz	pt	portugalcha
+uz	rm	romansh
+uz	rn	rundi
+uz	ro	rumincha
+uz	ru	ruscha
+uz	rup	arumin
+uz	sa	sanskrit
+uz	sah	saxa
+uz	sc	sardin
+uz	scn	sitsiliya
+uz	sco	shotland
+uz	sd	sindhi
+uz	se	shimoliy saam
+uz	si	singal
+uz	sk	slovakcha
+uz	sl	slovencha
+uz	sma	janubiy saam
+uz	smj	lule-saam
+uz	smn	inari-saam
+uz	sq	alban
+uz	sr	serbcha
+uz	srn	sranan-tongo
+uz	ss	svati
+uz	sv	shved
+uz	sw	suaxili
+uz	ta	tamil
+uz	te	telugu
+uz	tet	tetum
+uz	tg	tojik
+uz	th	tay
+uz	tk	turkman
+uz	tr	turk
+uz	tt	tatar
+uz	tyv	tuva
+uz	udm	udmurt
+uz	ug	uyg‘ur
+uz	uk	ukrain
+uz	ur	urdu
+uz	uz	o‘zbek
+uz	vi	vyetnam
+uz	wal	volamo
+uz	xh	kxosa
+uz	yi	idish
+uz	yo	yoruba
+uz	zh	xitoy
+uz	zu	zulu
+vi	af	Tiếng Afrikaans
+vi	ain	Tiếng Ainu
+vi	alt	Tiếng Altai Miền Nam
+vi	an	Tiếng Aragon
+vi	ar	Tiếng Ả Rập
+vi	as	Tiếng Assam
+vi	ast	Tiếng Asturias
+vi	av	Tiếng Avaric
+vi	az	Tiếng Azerbaijan
+vi	az	Tiếng Azeri
+vi	ba	Tiếng Bashkir
+vi	bas	Tiếng Basaa
+vi	be	Tiếng Belarus
+vi	bg	Tiếng Bulgaria
+vi	bi	Tiếng Bislama
+vi	bn	Tiếng Bangla
+vi	br	Tiếng Breton
+vi	bs	Tiếng Bosnia
+vi	bua	Tiếng Buriat
+vi	byv	Tiếng Medumba
+vi	ca	Tiếng Catalan
+vi	ceb	Tiếng Cebuano
+vi	chm	Tiếng Mari
+vi	ckb	Tiếng Kurd Miền Trung
+vi	co	Tiếng Corsica
+vi	crh	Tiếng Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ Crimean
+vi	cs	Tiếng Séc
+vi	csb	Tiếng Kashubia
+vi	cu	Tiếng Slavơ Nhà thờ
+vi	cv	Tiếng Chuvash
+vi	cy	Tiếng Wales
+vi	da	Tiếng Đan Mạch
+vi	dar	Tiếng Dargwa
+vi	de	Tiếng Đức
+vi	dsb	Tiếng Hạ Sorbia
+vi	el	Tiếng Hy Lạp
+vi	en	Tiếng Anh
+vi	eo	Tiếng Quốc Tế Ngữ
+vi	es	Tiếng Tây Ban Nha
+vi	et	Tiếng Estonia
+vi	eu	Tiếng Basque
+vi	fa	Tiếng Ba Tư
+vi	fi	Tiếng Phần Lan
+vi	fo	Tiếng Faroe
+vi	fr	Tiếng Pháp
+vi	fy	Tiếng Frisia
+vi	ga	Tiếng Ireland
+vi	gag	Tiếng Gagauz
+vi	gd	Tiếng Gael Scotland
+vi	gl	Tiếng Galician
+vi	glk	Tiếng Gilaki
+vi	gn	Tiếng Guarani
+vi	gu	Tiếng Gujarati
+vi	gv	Tiếng Manx
+vi	ha	Tiếng Hausa
+vi	haw	Tiếng Hawaii
+vi	he	Tiếng Do Thái
+vi	hi	Tiếng Hindi
+vi	hr	Tiếng Croatia
+vi	hsb	Tiếng Thượng Sorbia
+vi	ht	Tiếng Haiti
+vi	hu	Tiếng Hungary
+vi	hy	Tiếng Armenia
+vi	ia	Tiếng Khoa Học Quốc Tế
+vi	id	Tiếng Indonesia
+vi	ig	Tiếng Igbo
+vi	is	Tiếng Iceland
+vi	it	Tiếng Italy
+vi	ja	Tiếng Nhật
+vi	ka	Tiếng Georgia
+vi	kaa	Tiếng Kara-Kalpak
+vi	kk	Tiếng Kazakh
+vi	kn	Tiếng Kannada
+vi	ko	Tiếng Hàn
+vi	krc	Tiếng Karachay-Balkar
+vi	krl	Tiếng Karelian
+vi	ks	Tiếng Kashmir
+vi	kum	Tiếng Kumyk
+vi	kv	Tiếng Komi
+vi	ky	Tiếng Kyrgyz
+vi	la	Tiếng La-tinh
+vi	lb	Tiếng Luxembourg
+vi	lg	Tiếng Ganda
+vi	ln	Tiếng Lingala
+vi	lo	Tiếng Lào
+vi	lt	Tiếng Litva
+vi	lv	Tiếng Latvia
+vi	mdf	Tiếng Moksha
+vi	mfe	Tiếng Morisyen
+vi	mk	Tiếng Macedonia
+vi	ml	Tiếng Malayalam
+vi	mr	Tiếng Marathi
+vi	ms	Tiếng Mã Lai
+vi	mt	Tiếng Malta
+vi	myv	Tiếng Erzya
+vi	nap	Tiếng Napoli
+vi	nb	Tiếng Na Uy (Bokmål)
+vi	ne	Tiếng Nepal
+vi	nl	Tiếng Hà Lan
+vi	nn	Tiếng Na Uy (Nynorsk)
+vi	no	Tiếng Na Uy
+vi	nog	Tiếng Nogai
+vi	oc	Tiếng Occitan
+vi	os	Tiếng Ossetic
+vi	ota	Tiếng Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ Ottoman
+vi	pa	Tiếng Punjab
+vi	pl	Tiếng Ba Lan
+vi	pt	Tiếng Bồ Đào Nha
+vi	rm	Tiếng Romansh
+vi	rn	Tiếng Rundi
+vi	ro	Tiếng Romania
+vi	ru	Tiếng Nga
+vi	rup	Tiếng Aromania
+vi	sa	Tiếng Phạn
+vi	sah	Tiếng Sakha
+vi	sc	Tiếng Sardinia
+vi	scn	Tiếng Sicilia
+vi	sco	Tiếng Scots
+vi	sd	Tiếng Sindhi
+vi	se	Tiếng Sami Miền Bắc
+vi	sh	Tiếng Serbo-Croatia
+vi	si	Tiếng Sinhala
+vi	sk	Tiếng Slovak
+vi	sl	Tiếng Slovenia
+vi	sma	Tiếng Sami Miền Nam
+vi	smj	Tiếng Lule Sami
+vi	smn	Tiếng Inari Sami
+vi	sq	Tiếng Albania
+vi	sr	Tiếng Serbia
+vi	srn	Tiếng Sranan Tongo
+vi	ss	Tiếng Swati
+vi	sv	Tiếng Thụy Điển
+vi	sw	Tiếng Swahili
+vi	ta	Tiếng Tamil
+vi	te	Tiếng Telugu
+vi	tet	Tiếng Tetum
+vi	tg	Tiếng Tajik
+vi	th	Tiếng Thái
+vi	tk	Tiếng Turkmen
+vi	tl	Tiếng Tagalog
+vi	tr	Tiếng Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ
+vi	tt	Tiếng Tatar
+vi	tyv	Tiếng Tuvinian
+vi	udm	Tiếng Udmurt
+vi	ug	Tiếng Uyghur
+vi	uk	Tiếng Ucraina
+vi	ur	Tiếng Urdu
+vi	uz	Tiếng Uzbek
+vi	vi	Tiếng Việt
+vi	wal	Tiếng Walamo
+vi	xh	Tiếng Xhosa
+vi	yi	Tiếng Yiddish
+vi	yo	Tiếng Yoruba
+vi	zh	Tiếng Trung
+vi	zu	Tiếng Zulu
+xh	af	isiBhulu
+xh	ar	Isi-Arabic
+xh	as	isiAssamese
+xh	az	Isi-Azerbaijani
+xh	be	Isi-Belarusian
+xh	bg	Isi-Bulgaria
+xh	bn	Isi-Bengali
+xh	br	Breton
+xh	bs	Isi-Bosnia
+xh	ca	Isi-Calatan
+xh	cs	Isi-Czech
+xh	cy	Isi-Welsh
+xh	da	Isi-Danish
+xh	de	Isi-German
+xh	el	Isi-Greek
+xh	en	isiNgesi
+xh	eo	Isi-Esperanto
+xh	es	Isi-Spanish
+xh	et	Isi-Estonian
+xh	eu	Isi-Basque
+xh	fa	Isi-Persia
+xh	fi	Isi-Finnish
+xh	fo	Isi-Faroese
+xh	fr	Isi-French
+xh	fy	Isi-Frisian
+xh	ga	Isi-Irish
+xh	gd	Scots Gaelic
+xh	gl	Isi-Galician
+xh	gn	Guarani
+xh	gu	Isi-Gujarati
+xh	he	Isi-Hebrew
+xh	hi	Isi-Hindi
+xh	hr	Isi-Croatia
+xh	hu	Isi-Hungarian
+xh	hy	isiArmenian
+xh	ia	Interlingua
+xh	id	Isi-Indonesian
+xh	is	Isi-Icelandic
+xh	it	Isi-Italian
+xh	ja	Isi-Japanese
+xh	ka	Isi-Georgia
+xh	kn	Isi-Kannada
+xh	ko	Isi-Korean
+xh	ky	Kyrgyz
+xh	la	Isi-Latin
+xh	ln	Iilwimi
+xh	lo	IsiLoathian
+xh	lt	Isi-Lithuanian
+xh	lv	Isi-Latvian
+xh	mk	Isi-Macedonian
+xh	ml	Isi-Malayalam
+xh	mr	Isi-Marathi
+xh	ms	Isi-Malay
+xh	mt	Isi-Maltese
+xh	ne	Isi-Nepali
+xh	nl	Isi-Dutch
+xh	nn	Isi-Norwegia (Nynorsk)
+xh	no	Isi-Norwegian
+xh	oc	Iso-Occitan
+xh	pa	Isi-Punjabi
+xh	pl	Isi-Polish
+xh	pt	Isi-Portuguese
+xh	ro	Isi-Romanian
+xh	ru	Isi-Russian
+xh	sa	iSanskrit
+xh	sd	isiSindhi
+xh	sh	Serbo-Croatian
+xh	si	Isi-Sinhalese
+xh	sk	Isi-Slovak
+xh	sl	Isi-Slovenian
+xh	sq	Isi-Albania
+xh	sr	Isi-Serbia
+xh	sv	Isi-Swedish
+xh	sw	Isi-Swahili
+xh	ta	Isi-Tamil
+xh	te	Isi-Telegu
+xh	th	Isi-Thai
+xh	tk	Turkmen
+xh	tr	Isi-Turkish
+xh	ug	Isi Uighur
+xh	uk	Isi-Ukranian
+xh	ur	Urdu
+xh	uz	Isi-Uzbek
+xh	vi	Isi-Vietnamese
+xh	xh	isiXhosa
+xh	yi	Yiddish
+xh	zu	isiZulu
+yi	af	אַפֿריקאַנס
+yi	an	אַראַגאניש
+yi	ar	אַראַביש
+yi	as	אַסאַמיש
+yi	az	אַזערביידזשאַניש
+yi	be	בעלאַרוסיש
+yi	bg	בולגאַריש
+yi	bn	בענגאַליש
+yi	br	ברעטאניש
+yi	bs	באסניש
+yi	ca	קאַטאַלאניש
+yi	ceb	סעבואַניש
+yi	crh	קרים־טערקיש
+yi	cs	טשעכיש
+yi	csb	קאַשוביש
+yi	cu	קלויסטער־סלאַוויש
+yi	cy	וועלשיש
+yi	da	דעניש
+yi	de	דײַטש
+yi	dsb	אונטער־סארביש
+yi	el	גריכיש
+yi	en	ענגליש
+yi	eo	עספּעראַנטא
+yi	es	שפּאַניש
+yi	et	עסטיש
+yi	eu	באַסקיש
+yi	fa	פּערסיש
+yi	fi	פֿיניש
+yi	fo	פֿאַראיש
+yi	fr	פֿראַנצויזיש
+yi	fy	מערב־פֿריזיש
+yi	ga	איריש
+yi	gd	סקאטיש געליש
+yi	gl	גאַלישיש
+yi	gv	מאַנקס
+yi	ha	האַוסאַ
+yi	he	העברעאיש
+yi	hi	הינדי
+yi	hr	קראאַטיש
+yi	hsb	אייבער־סארביש
+yi	hu	אונגעריש
+yi	hy	אַרמעניש
+yi	id	אינדאנעזיש
+yi	is	איסלאַנדיש
+yi	it	איטאַליעניש
+yi	ja	יאַפּאַניש
+yi	ka	גרוזיניש
+yi	kk	קאַזאַכיש
+yi	kn	קאַנאַדאַ
+yi	ko	קארעאיש
+yi	ky	קירגיזיש
+yi	la	לאטייניש
+yi	lb	לוקסעמבורגיש
+yi	liv	ליוויש
+yi	lo	לאַא
+yi	lt	ליטוויש
+yi	lv	לעטיש
+yi	mk	מאַקעדאניש
+yi	ml	מאַלאַיאַלאַם
+yi	mt	מאַלטעזיש
+yi	nap	נאַפּאליטַניש
+yi	ne	נעפּאַליש
+yi	nl	האלענדיש
+yi	nn	נײַ־נארוועגיש
+yi	no	נארוועגיש
+yi	oc	אקסיטאַניש
+yi	os	אסעטיש
+yi	pl	פּויליש
+yi	pt	פּארטוגעזיש
+yi	ro	רומעניש
+yi	ru	רוסיש
+yi	sa	סאַנסקריט
+yi	sc	סאַרדיש
+yi	scn	סיציליאַניש
+yi	sco	סקאטס
+yi	sd	סינדהי
+yi	se	נארדסאַמיש
+yi	sh	סערבא־קראאַטיש
+yi	si	סינהאַליש
+yi	sk	סלאוואַקיש
+yi	sl	סלאוועניש
+yi	sq	אַלבאַניש
+yi	sr	סערביש
+yi	sv	שוועדיש
+yi	sw	סוואַהיליש
+yi	szl	שלעזיש
+yi	ta	טאַמיל
+yi	tk	טורקמעניש
+yi	tl	טאַגאַלאג
+yi	tt	טאָטעריש
+yi	uk	אוקראַאיניש
+yi	ur	אורדו
+yi	uz	אוזבעקיש
+yi	vi	וויעטנאַמעזיש
+yi	yi	ייִדיש
+yi	zh	כינעזיש
+yi	zu	זולו
+yo	af	Èdè Afrikani
+yo	ar	Èdè Arabiki
+yo	as	Ti Assam
+yo	az	Èdè Azerbaijani
+yo	be	Èdè Belarusi
+yo	bg	Èdè Bugaria
+yo	bn	Èdè Bengali
+yo	br	Èdè Bretoni
+yo	bs	Èdè Bosnia
+yo	ca	Èdè Catala
+yo	cs	Èdè seeki
+yo	cy	Èdè Welshi
+yo	da	Èdè Ilẹ̀ Denmark
+yo	de	Èdè Ilẹ̀ Jámánì
+yo	el	Èdè Giriki
+yo	en	Èdè Gẹ̀ẹ́sì
+yo	eo	Èdè Esperanto
+yo	es	Èdè Sípáníìṣì
+yo	et	Èdè Estonia
+yo	eu	Èdè Baski
+yo	fa	Èdè Pasia
+yo	fi	Èdè Finisi
+yo	fo	Èdè Faroesi
+yo	fr	Èdè Faransé
+yo	fy	Èdè Frisia
+yo	ga	Èdè Ireland
+yo	gd	Èdè Gaelik ti Ilu Scotland
+yo	gl	Èdè Galicia
+yo	gn	Èdè Guarani
+yo	gu	Èdè Gujarati
+yo	ha	Èdè Hausa
+yo	he	Èdè Heberu
+yo	hi	Èdè Hindi
+yo	hr	Èdè Kroatia
+yo	hu	Èdè Hungaria
+yo	hy	Èdè Ile Armenia
+yo	ia	Èdè pipo
+yo	id	Èdè Indonasia
+yo	ig	Èdè Ibo
+yo	is	Èdè Icelandic
+yo	it	Èdè ilẹ̀ Ítálì
+yo	ja	Èdè ilẹ̀ Japan
+yo	ka	Èdè Georgia
+yo	kn	Èdè Kannada
+yo	ko	Èdè Koria
+yo	la	Èdè Latini
+yo	lt	Èdè Lithuania
+yo	lv	Èdè Latvianu
+yo	mk	Èdè Macedonia
+yo	mr	Èdè marathi
+yo	ms	Èdè Malaya
+yo	mt	Èdè Malta
+yo	ne	Èdè Nepali
+yo	nl	Èdè Duki
+yo	no	Èdè Norway
+yo	oc	Èdè Occitani
+yo	pa	Èdè Punjabi
+yo	pl	Èdè Ilẹ̀ Polandi
+yo	pt	Èdè Pọtogí
+yo	ro	Èdè Romania
+yo	ru	Èdè Rọsià
+yo	sa	Èdè awon ara Indo
+yo	sd	Èdè Sindhi
+yo	sh	Èdè Serbo-Croatiani
+yo	si	Èdè Sinhalese
+yo	sk	Èdè Slovaki
+yo	sl	Èdè Slovenia
+yo	sq	Èdè Albania
+yo	sr	Èdè Serbia
+yo	sv	Èdè Suwidiisi
+yo	sw	Èdè Swahili
+yo	ta	Èdè Tamili
+yo	te	Èdè Telugu
+yo	th	Èdè Tai
+yo	tk	Èdè Turkmen
+yo	tr	Èdè Tọọkisi
+yo	uk	Èdè Ukania
+yo	ur	Èdè Udu
+yo	uz	Èdè Uzbek
+yo	vi	Èdè Jetinamu
+yo	xh	Èdè Xhosa
+yo	yi	Èdè Yiddishi
+yo	yo	Èdè Yorùbá
+yo	zh	Èdè Mandarin tí wọ́n ń sọ lórílẹ̀-èdè Ṣáínà
+yo	zu	Èdè Ṣulu
+zh	af	南非荷兰语
+zh	ain	阿伊努语
+zh	alt	南阿尔泰语
+zh	an	阿拉贡语
+zh	ar	阿拉伯语
+zh	as	阿萨姆语
+zh	ast	阿斯图里亚斯语
+zh	av	阿瓦尔语
+zh	az	阿塞拜疆语
+zh	az	阿塞语
+zh	ba	巴什基尔语
+zh	bas	巴萨语
+zh	be	白俄罗斯语
+zh	bg	保加利亚语
+zh	bi	比斯拉马语
+zh	bn	孟加拉语
+zh	br	布列塔尼语
+zh	bs	波斯尼亚语
+zh	bua	布里亚特语
+zh	byv	梅敦巴语
+zh	ca	加泰罗尼亚语
+zh	ceb	宿务语
+zh	chm	马里语
+zh	ckb	中库尔德语
+zh	co	科西嘉语
+zh	crh	克里米亚土耳其语
+zh	cs	捷克语
+zh	csb	卡舒比语
+zh	cu	教会斯拉夫语
+zh	cv	楚瓦什语
+zh	cy	威尔士语
+zh	da	丹麦语
+zh	dar	达尔格瓦语
+zh	de	德语
+zh	dsb	下索布语
+zh	el	希腊语
+zh	en	英语
+zh	eo	世界语
+zh	es	西班牙语
+zh	et	爱沙尼亚语
+zh	eu	巴斯克语
+zh	fa	波斯语
+zh	fi	芬兰语
+zh	fo	法罗语
+zh	fr	法语
+zh	fy	西弗里西亚语
+zh	ga	爱尔兰语
+zh	gag	加告兹语
+zh	gd	苏格兰盖尔语
+zh	gl	加利西亚语
+zh	gn	瓜拉尼语
+zh	gu	古吉拉特语
+zh	gv	马恩语
+zh	ha	豪萨语
+zh	haw	夏威夷语
+zh	he	希伯来语
+zh	hi	印地语
+zh	hr	克罗地亚语
+zh	hsb	上索布语
+zh	ht	海地克里奥尔语
+zh	hu	匈牙利语
+zh	hy	亚美尼亚语
+zh	ia	国际语
+zh	id	印度尼西亚语
+zh	ig	伊博语
+zh	is	冰岛语
+zh	it	意大利语
+zh	ja	日语
+zh	ka	格鲁吉亚语
+zh	kaa	卡拉卡尔帕克语
+zh	kk	哈萨克语
+zh	kn	卡纳达语
+zh	ko	韩语
+zh	krc	卡拉恰伊巴尔卡尔语
+zh	krl	卡累利阿语
+zh	ks	克什米尔语
+zh	kum	库梅克语
+zh	kv	科米语
+zh	ky	柯尔克孜语
+zh	la	拉丁语
+zh	lb	卢森堡语
+zh	lg	卢干达语
+zh	ln	林加拉语
+zh	lo	老挝语
+zh	lt	立陶宛语
+zh	lv	拉脱维亚语
+zh	mdf	莫克沙语
+zh	mfe	毛里求斯克里奥尔语
+zh	mk	马其顿语
+zh	ml	马拉雅拉姆语
+zh	mr	马拉地语
+zh	ms	马来语
+zh	mt	马耳他语
+zh	myv	厄尔兹亚语
+zh	nap	那不勒斯语
+zh	nb	书面挪威语
+zh	ne	尼泊尔语
+zh	nl	荷兰语
+zh	nn	挪威尼诺斯克语
+zh	no	挪威语
+zh	nog	诺盖语
+zh	oc	奥克语
+zh	os	奥塞梯语
+zh	ota	奥斯曼土耳其语
+zh	pa	旁遮普语
+zh	pl	波兰语
+zh	pt	葡萄牙语
+zh	rm	罗曼什语
+zh	rn	隆迪语
+zh	ro	罗马尼亚语
+zh	ru	俄语
+zh	rup	阿罗马尼亚语
+zh	sa	梵语
+zh	sah	萨哈语
+zh	sc	萨丁语
+zh	scn	西西里语
+zh	sco	苏格兰语
+zh	sd	信德语
+zh	se	北方萨米语
+zh	sh	塞尔维亚-克罗地亚语
+zh	si	僧伽罗语
+zh	sk	斯洛伐克语
+zh	sl	斯洛文尼亚语
+zh	sma	南萨米语
+zh	smj	吕勒萨米语
+zh	smn	伊纳里萨米语
+zh	sq	阿尔巴尼亚语
+zh	sr	塞尔维亚语
+zh	srn	苏里南汤加语
+zh	ss	斯瓦蒂语
+zh	sv	瑞典语
+zh	sw	斯瓦希里语
+zh	ta	泰米尔语
+zh	te	泰卢固语
+zh	tet	德顿语
+zh	tg	塔吉克语
+zh	th	泰语
+zh	tk	土库曼语
+zh	tl	他加禄语
+zh	tr	土耳其语
+zh	tt	鞑靼语
+zh	tyv	图瓦语
+zh	udm	乌德穆尔特语
+zh	ug	维吾尔语
+zh	uk	乌克兰语
+zh	ur	乌尔都语
+zh	uz	乌兹别克语
+zh	vi	越南语
+zh	wal	瓦拉莫语
+zh	xh	科萨语
+zh	yi	意第绪语
+zh	yo	约鲁巴语
+zh	zh	中文
+zh	zu	祖鲁语
+zu	af	i-Afrikaans
+zu	ain	isi-Ainu
+zu	alt	isi-Southern Altai
+zu	an	isi-Aragonese
+zu	ar	isi-Arabic
+zu	as	isi-Assamese
+zu	ast	isi-Asturian
+zu	av	isi-Avaric
+zu	az	isi-Azerbaijani
+zu	az	isi-Azeria
+zu	ba	isi-Bashkir
+zu	bas	isi-Basaa
+zu	be	isi-Belarusian
+zu	bg	isi-Bulgari
+zu	bi	isi-Bislama
+zu	bn	isi-Bengali
+zu	br	isi-Breton
+zu	bs	isi-Bosnian
+zu	ca	isi-Catalan
+zu	ceb	isi-Cebuano
+zu	chm	isi-Mari
+zu	ckb	isi-Central Kurdish
+zu	co	isi-Corsican
+zu	cs	isi-Czech
+zu	cu	isi-Church Slavic
+zu	cv	isi-Chuvash
+zu	cy	isi-Welsh
+zu	da	isi-Danish
+zu	dar	isi-Dargwa
+zu	de	isi-German
+zu	dsb	isi-Lower Sorbian
+zu	el	isi-Greek
+zu	en	i-English
+zu	eo	isi-Esperanto
+zu	es	isi-Spanish
+zu	et	isi-Estonia
+zu	eu	isi-Basque
+zu	fa	isi-Persian
+zu	fi	isi-Finnish
+zu	fo	isi-Faroese
+zu	fr	isi-French
+zu	fy	isi-Western Frisian
+zu	ga	isi-Irish
+zu	gag	isi-Gagauz
+zu	gd	isi-Scottish Gaelic
+zu	gl	isi-Galicia
+zu	gn	isi-Guarani
+zu	gu	isi-Gujarati
+zu	gv	isi-Manx
+zu	ha	isi-Hausa
+zu	haw	isi-Hawaiian
+zu	he	isi-Hebrew
+zu	hi	isi-Hindi
+zu	hr	isi-Croatian
+zu	hsb	isi-Upper Sorbian
+zu	ht	isi-Haitian
+zu	hu	isi-Hungarian
+zu	hy	isi-Armenia
+zu	ia	izilimi ezihlangene
+zu	id	isi-Indonesian
+zu	ig	isi-Igbo
+zu	is	isi-Icelandic
+zu	it	isi-Italian
+zu	ja	isi-Japanese
+zu	ka	isi-Georgian
+zu	kk	isi-Kazakh
+zu	kn	isi-Kannada
+zu	ko	isi-Korean
+zu	krc	isi-Karachay-Balkar
+zu	krl	isi-Karelian
+zu	ks	isi-Kashmiri
+zu	kum	isi-Kumyk
+zu	kv	isi-Komi
+zu	ky	isi-Kyrgyz
+zu	la	isi-Latin
+zu	lb	isi-Luxembourgish
+zu	lg	isi-Ganda
+zu	ln	isi-Lingala
+zu	lo	isi-Lao
+zu	lt	isi-Lithuanian
+zu	lv	isi-Latvian
+zu	mdf	isi-Moksha
+zu	mfe	isi-Morisyen
+zu	mk	isi-Macedonian
+zu	ml	isi-Malayalam
+zu	mr	isi-Marathi
+zu	ms	isi-Malay
+zu	mt	isi-Maltese
+zu	myv	isi-Erzya
+zu	nap	isi-Neapolitan
+zu	nb	isi-Norwegian Bokmål
+zu	ne	isi-Nepali
+zu	nl	isi-Dutch
+zu	nn	isi-Norwegian Nynorsk
+zu	no	isi-Norwegian
+zu	nog	isi-Nogai
+zu	oc	isi-Occitan
+zu	os	isi-Ossetic
+zu	pa	isi-Punjabi
+zu	pl	isi-Polish
+zu	pt	isi-Portuguese
+zu	rm	isi-Romansh
+zu	rn	isi-Rundi
+zu	ro	isi-Romanian
+zu	ru	isi-Russian
+zu	rup	isi-Aromanian
+zu	sa	isi-Sanskrit
+zu	sah	i-Sakha
+zu	sc	isi-Sardinian
+zu	scn	isi-Sicilian
+zu	sco	isi-Scots
+zu	sd	isi-Sindhi
+zu	se	isi-Northern Sami
+zu	sh	isi-Serbo-Croatian
+zu	si	isi-Sinhala
+zu	sk	isi-Slovak
+zu	sl	isi-Slovenian
+zu	sma	isi-Southern Sami
+zu	smj	isi-Lule Sami
+zu	smn	isi-Inari Sami
+zu	sq	isi-Albania
+zu	sr	isi-Serbian
+zu	srn	isi-Sranan Tongo
+zu	ss	isiSwati
+zu	sv	isi-Swedish
+zu	sw	isiSwahili
+zu	ta	isi-Tamil
+zu	te	isi-Telugu
+zu	tet	isi-Tetum
+zu	tg	isi-Tajik
+zu	th	isi-Thai
+zu	tk	isi-Turkmen
+zu	tr	isi-Turkish
+zu	tt	isi-Tatar
+zu	tyv	isi-Tuvinian
+zu	udm	isi-Udmurt
+zu	ug	isi-Uighur
+zu	uk	isi-Ukrainian
+zu	ur	isi-Urdu
+zu	uz	isi-Uzbek
+zu	vi	isi-Vietnamese
+zu	wal	isi-Wolaytta
+zu	xh	isiXhosa
+zu	yi	isi-Yiddish
+zu	yo	isi-Yoruba
+zu	zh	isi-Chinese
+zu	zu	isiZulu
diff --git a/language_names/scraped-sil.sql b/language_names/scraped-sil.sql
deleted file mode 100644
index dd20116..0000000
--- a/language_names/scraped-sil.sql
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,7851 +0,0 @@
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aaa","Ghotuo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aab","Alumu-Tesu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aac","Ari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aad","Amal");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aae","Arbëreshë Albanian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aaf","Aranadan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aag","Ambrak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aah","Abu' Arapesh");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aai","Arifama-Miniafia");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aak","Ankave");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aal","Afade");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aan","Anambé");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aao","Algerian Saharan Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aap","Pará Arára");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aaq","Eastern Abnaki");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aa","Afar");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aas","Aasáx");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aat","Arvanitika Albanian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aau","Abau");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aaw","Solong");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aax","Mandobo Atas");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aaz","Amarasi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aba","Abé");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abb","Bankon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abc","Ambala Ayta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abd","Manide");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abe","Western Abnaki");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abf","Abai Sungai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abg","Abaga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abh","Tajiki Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abi","Abidji");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abj","Aka-Bea");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ab","Abkhazian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abl","Lampung Nyo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abm","Abanyom");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abn","Abua");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abo","Abon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abp","Abellen Ayta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abq","Abaza");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abr","Abron");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abs","Ambonese Malay");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abt","Ambulas");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abu","Abure");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abv","Baharna Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abw","Pal");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abx","Inabaknon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aby","Aneme Wake");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","abz","Abui");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aca","Achagua");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acb","Áncá");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acd","Gikyode");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ace","Achinese");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acf","Saint Lucian Creole French");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ach","Acoli");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aci","Aka-Cari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ack","Aka-Kora");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acl","Akar-Bale");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acm","Mesopotamian Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acn","Achang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acp","Eastern Acipa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acq","Ta'izzi-Adeni Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acr","Achi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acs","Acroá");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","act","Achterhoeks");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acu","Achuar-Shiwiar");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acv","Achumawi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acw","Hijazi Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acx","Omani Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acy","Cypriot Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","acz","Acheron");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ada","Adangme");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","adb","Adabe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","add","Dzodinka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ade","Adele");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","adf","Dhofari Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","adg","Andegerebinha");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","adh","Adhola");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","adi","Adi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","adj","Adioukrou");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","adl","Galo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","adn","Adang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ado","Abu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","adq","Adangbe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","adr","Adonara");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ads","Adamorobe Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","adt","Adnyamathanha");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","adu","Aduge");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","adw","Amundava");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","adx","Amdo Tibetan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ady","Adyghe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","adz","Adzera");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aea","Areba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aeb","Tunisian Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aec","Saidi Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aed","Argentine Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aee","Northeast Pashai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aek","Haeke");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ael","Ambele");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aem","Arem");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aen","Armenian Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aeq","Aer");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aer","Eastern Arrernte");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aes","Alsea");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aeu","Akeu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aew","Ambakich");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aey","Amele");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aez","Aeka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","afb","Gulf Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","afd","Andai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","afe","Putukwam");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","afg","Afghan Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","afh","Afrihili");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","afi","Akrukay");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","afk","Nanubae");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","afn","Defaka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","afo","Eloyi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","afp","Tapei");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","af","Afrikaans");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","afs","Afro-Seminole Creole");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aft","Afitti");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","afu","Awutu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","afz","Obokuitai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aga","Aguano");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agb","Legbo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agc","Agatu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agd","Agarabi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","age","Angal");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agf","Arguni");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agg","Angor");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agh","Ngelima");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agi","Agariya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agj","Argobba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agk","Isarog Agta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agl","Fembe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agm","Angaataha");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agn","Agutaynen");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ago","Tainae");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agq","Aghem");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agr","Aguaruna");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ags","Esimbi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agt","Central Cagayan Agta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agu","Aguacateco");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agv","Remontado Dumagat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agw","Kahua");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agx","Aghul");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agy","Southern Alta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","agz","Mt. Iriga Agta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aha","Ahanta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ahb","Axamb");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ahg","Qimant");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ahh","Aghu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ahi","Tiagbamrin Aizi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ahk","Akha");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ahl","Igo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ahm","Mobumrin Aizi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ahn","Àhàn");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aho","Ahom");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ahp","Aproumu Aizi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ahr","Ahirani");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ahs","Ashe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aht","Ahtena");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aia","Arosi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aib","Ainu (China)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aic","Ainbai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aid","Alngith");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aie","Amara");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aif","Agi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aig","Antigua and Barbuda Creole English");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aih","Ai-Cham");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aii","Assyrian Neo-Aramaic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aij","Lishanid Noshan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aik","Ake");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ail","Aimele");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aim","Aimol");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ain","Ainu (Japan)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aio","Aiton");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aip","Burumakok");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aiq","Aimaq");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","air","Airoran");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ais","Nataoran Amis");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ait","Arikem");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aiw","Aari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aix","Aighon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aiy","Ali");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aja","Aja (Sudan)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ajg","Aja (Benin)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aji","Ajië");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ajn","Andajin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ajp","South Levantine Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ajt","Judeo-Tunisian Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aju","Judeo-Moroccan Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ajw","Ajawa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ajz","Amri Karbi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ak","Akan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akb","Batak Angkola");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akc","Mpur");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akd","Ukpet-Ehom");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ake","Akawaio");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akf","Akpa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akg","Anakalangu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akh","Angal Heneng");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aki","Aiome");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akj","Aka-Jeru");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akk","Akkadian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akl","Aklanon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akm","Aka-Bo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ako","Akurio");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akp","Siwu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akq","Ak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akr","Araki");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aks","Akaselem");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akt","Akolet");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aku","Akum");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akv","Akhvakh");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akw","Akwa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akx","Aka-Kede");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aky","Aka-Kol");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","akz","Alabama");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ala","Alago");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","alc","Qawasqar");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ald","Alladian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ale","Aleut");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","alf","Alege");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","alh","Alawa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ali","Amaimon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","alj","Alangan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","alk","Alak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","all","Allar");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","alm","Amblong");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aln","Gheg Albanian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","alo","Larike-Wakasihu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","alp","Alune");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","alq","Algonquin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","alr","Alutor");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","als","Tosk Albanian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","alt","Southern Altai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","alu","'Are'are");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","alw","Alaba-K’abeena");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","alx","Amol");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aly","Alyawarr");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","alz","Alur");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ama","Amanayé");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amb","Ambo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amc","Amahuaca");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ame","Yanesha'");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amf","Hamer-Banna");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amg","Amurdak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","am","Amharic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ami","Amis");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amj","Amdang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amk","Ambai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aml","War-Jaintia");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amm","Ama (Papua New Guinea)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amn","Amanab");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amo","Amo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amp","Alamblak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amq","Amahai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amr","Amarakaeri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ams","Southern Amami-Oshima");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amt","Amto");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amu","Guerrero Amuzgo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amv","Ambelau");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amw","Western Neo-Aramaic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amx","Anmatyerre");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amy","Ami");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","amz","Atampaya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ana","Andaqui");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","anb","Andoa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","anc","Ngas");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","and","Ansus");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ane","Xârâcùù");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","anf","Animere");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ang","Old English (ca. 450-1100)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","anh","Nend");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ani","Andi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","anj","Anor");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ank","Goemai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","anl","Anu-Hkongso Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","anm","Anal");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ann","Obolo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ano","Andoque");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","anp","Angika");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","anq","Jarawa (India)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","anr","Andh");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ans","Anserma");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ant","Antakarinya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","anu","Anuak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","anv","Denya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","anw","Anaang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","anx","Andra-Hus");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","any","Anyin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","anz","Anem");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aoa","Angolar");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aob","Abom");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aoc","Pemon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aod","Andarum");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aoe","Angal Enen");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aof","Bragat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aog","Angoram");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aoh","Arma");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aoi","Anindilyakwa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aoj","Mufian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aok","Arhö");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aol","Alor");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aom","Ömie");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aon","Bumbita Arapesh");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aor","Aore");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aos","Taikat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aot","Atong (India)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aou","A'ou");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aox","Atorada");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aoz","Uab Meto");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apb","Sa'a");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apc","North Levantine Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apd","Sudanese Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ape","Bukiyip");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apf","Pahanan Agta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apg","Ampanang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aph","Athpariya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","api","Apiaká");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apj","Jicarilla Apache");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apk","Kiowa Apache");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apl","Lipan Apache");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apm","Mescalero-Chiricahua Apache");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apn","Apinayé");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apo","Ambul");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","app","Apma");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apq","A-Pucikwar");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apr","Arop-Lokep");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aps","Arop-Sissano");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apt","Apatani");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apu","Apurinã");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apv","Alapmunte");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apw","Western Apache");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apx","Aputai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apy","Apalaí");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","apz","Safeyoka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aqc","Archi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aqd","Ampari Dogon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aqg","Arigidi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aqm","Atohwaim");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aqn","Northern Alta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aqp","Atakapa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aqr","Arhâ");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aqt","Angaité");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aqz","Akuntsu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ar","Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","arb","Standard Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","arc","Official Aramaic (700-300 BCE)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ard","Arabana");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","are","Western Arrarnta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","an","Aragonese");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","arh","Arhuaco");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ari","Arikara");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","arj","Arapaso");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ark","Arikapú");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","arl","Arabela");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","arn","Mapudungun");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aro","Araona");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","arp","Arapaho");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","arq","Algerian Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","arr","Karo (Brazil)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ars","Najdi Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aru","Aruá (Amazonas State)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","arv","Arbore");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","arw","Arawak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","arx","Aruá (Rodonia State)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ary","Moroccan Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","arz","Egyptian Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asa","Asu (Tanzania)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asb","Assiniboine");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asc","Casuarina Coast Asmat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asd","Asas");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ase","American Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asf","Australian Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asg","Cishingini");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ash","Abishira");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asi","Buruwai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asj","Sari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ask","Ashkun");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asl","Asilulu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","as","Assamese");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asn","Xingú Asuriní");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aso","Dano");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asp","Algerian Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asq","Austrian Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asr","Asuri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ass","Ipulo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ast","Asturian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asu","Tocantins Asurini");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asv","Asoa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asw","Australian Aborigines Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asx","Muratayak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asy","Yaosakor Asmat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","asz","As");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ata","Pele-Ata");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atb","Zaiwa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atc","Atsahuaca");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atd","Ata Manobo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ate","Atemble");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atg","Ivbie North-Okpela-Arhe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ati","Attié");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atj","Atikamekw");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atk","Ati");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atl","Mt. Iraya Agta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atm","Ata");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atn","Ashtiani");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ato","Atong (Cameroon)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atp","Pudtol Atta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atq","Aralle-Tabulahan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atr","Waimiri-Atroari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ats","Gros Ventre");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","att","Pamplona Atta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atu","Reel");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atv","Northern Altai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atw","Atsugewi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atx","Arutani");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aty","Aneityum");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","atz","Arta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aua","Asumboa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aub","Alugu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","auc","Waorani");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aud","Anuta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aug","Aguna");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","auh","Aushi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aui","Anuki");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","auj","Awjilah");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","auk","Heyo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aul","Aulua");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aum","Asu (Nigeria)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aun","Molmo One");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","auo","Auyokawa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aup","Makayam");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","auq","Anus");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aur","Aruek");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aut","Austral");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","auu","Auye");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","auw","Awyi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aux","Aurá");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","auy","Awiyaana");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","auz","Uzbeki Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","av","Avaric");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","avb","Avau");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","avd","Alviri-Vidari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ae","Avestan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","avi","Avikam");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","avk","Kotava");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","avl","Eastern Egyptian Bedawi Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","avm","Angkamuthi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","avn","Avatime");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","avo","Agavotaguerra");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","avs","Aushiri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","avt","Au");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","avu","Avokaya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","avv","Avá-Canoeiro");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awa","Awadhi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awb","Awa (Papua New Guinea)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awc","Cicipu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awe","Awetí");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awg","Anguthimri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awh","Awbono");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awi","Aekyom");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awk","Awabakal");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awm","Arawum");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awn","Awngi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awo","Awak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awr","Awera");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aws","South Awyu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awt","Araweté");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awu","Central Awyu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awv","Jair Awyu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aww","Awun");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awx","Awara");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","awy","Edera Awyu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","axb","Abipon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","axe","Ayerrerenge");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","axg","Mato Grosso Arára");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","axk","Yaka (Central African Republic)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","axl","Lower Southern Aranda");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","axm","Middle Armenian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","axx","Xârâgurè");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aya","Awar");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayb","Ayizo Gbe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayc","Southern Aymara");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayd","Ayabadhu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aye","Ayere");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayg","Ginyanga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayh","Hadrami Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayi","Leyigha");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayk","Akuku");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayl","Libyan Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ay","Aymara");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayn","Sanaani Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayo","Ayoreo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayp","North Mesopotamian Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayq","Ayi (Papua New Guinea)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayr","Central Aymara");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ays","Sorsogon Ayta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayt","Magbukun Ayta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayu","Ayu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayy","Tayabas Ayta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ayz","Mai Brat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","aza","Azha");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","azb","South Azerbaijani");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","azd","Eastern Durango Nahuatl");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","az","Azerbaijani");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","azg","San Pedro Amuzgos Amuzgo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","azj","North Azerbaijani");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","azm","Ipalapa Amuzgo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","azn","Western Durango Nahuatl");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","azo","Awing");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","azt","Faire Atta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","azz","Highland Puebla Nahuatl");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","baa","Babatana");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bab","Bainouk-Gunyuño");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bac","Badui");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bae","Baré");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","baf","Nubaca");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bag","Tuki");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bah","Bahamas Creole English");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","baj","Barakai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ba","Bashkir");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bal","Baluchi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bm","Bambara");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ban","Balinese");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bao","Waimaha");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bap","Bantawa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bar","Bavarian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bas","Basa (Cameroon)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bau","Bada (Nigeria)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bav","Vengo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","baw","Bambili-Bambui");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bax","Bamun");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bay","Batuley");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bba","Baatonum");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbb","Barai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbc","Batak Toba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbd","Bau");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbe","Bangba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbf","Baibai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbg","Barama");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbh","Bugan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbi","Barombi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbj","Ghomálá'");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbk","Babanki");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbl","Bats");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbm","Babango");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbn","Uneapa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbo","Northern Bobo Madaré");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbp","West Central Banda");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbq","Bamali");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbr","Girawa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbs","Bakpinka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbt","Mburku");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbu","Kulung (Nigeria)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbv","Karnai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbw","Baba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbx","Bubia");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bby","Befang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bbz","Babalia Creole Arabic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bca","Central Bai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcb","Bainouk-Samik");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcc","Southern Balochi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcd","North Babar");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bce","Bamenyam");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcf","Bamu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcg","Baga Pokur");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bch","Bariai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bci","Baoulé");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcj","Bardi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bck","Bunaba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcl","Central Bikol");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcm","Bannoni");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcn","Bali (Nigeria)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bco","Kaluli");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcp","Bali (Democratic Republic of Congo)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcq","Bench");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcr","Babine");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcs","Kohumono");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bct","Bendi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcu","Awad Bing");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcv","Shoo-Minda-Nye");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcw","Bana");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcy","Bacama");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bcz","Bainouk-Gunyaamolo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bda","Bayot");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdb","Basap");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdc","Emberá-Baudó");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdd","Bunama");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bde","Bade");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdf","Biage");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdg","Bonggi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdh","Baka (Sudan)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdi","Burun");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdj","Bai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdk","Budukh");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdl","Indonesian Bajau");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdm","Buduma");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdn","Baldemu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdo","Morom");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdp","Bende");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdq","Bahnar");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdr","West Coast Bajau");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bds","Burunge");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdt","Bokoto");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdu","Oroko");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdv","Bodo Parja");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdw","Baham");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdx","Budong-Budong");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdy","Bandjalang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bdz","Badeshi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bea","Beaver");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","beb","Bebele");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bec","Iceve-Maci");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bed","Bedoanas");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bee","Byangsi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bef","Benabena");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","beg","Belait");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","beh","Biali");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bei","Bekati'");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bej","Beja");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bek","Bebeli");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","be","Belarusian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bem","Bemba (Zambia)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bn","Bengali");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","beo","Beami");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bep","Besoa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","beq","Beembe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bes","Besme");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bet","Guiberoua Béte");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","beu","Blagar");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bev","Daloa Bété");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bew","Betawi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bex","Jur Modo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bey","Beli (Papua New Guinea)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bez","Bena (Tanzania)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfa","Bari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfb","Pauri Bareli");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfc","Panyi Bai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfd","Bafut");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfe","Betaf");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bff","Bofi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfg","Busang Kayan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfh","Blafe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfi","British Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfj","Bafanji");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfk","Ban Khor Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfl","Banda-Ndélé");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfm","Mmen");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfn","Bunak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfo","Malba Birifor");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfp","Beba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfq","Badaga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfr","Bazigar");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfs","Southern Bai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bft","Balti");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfu","Gahri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfw","Bondo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfx","Bantayanon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfy","Bagheli");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bfz","Mahasu Pahari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bga","Gwamhi-Wuri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgb","Bobongko");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgc","Haryanvi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgd","Rathwi Bareli");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bge","Bauria");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgf","Bangandu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgg","Bugun");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgi","Giangan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgj","Bangolan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgk","Bit");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgl","Bo (Laos)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgn","Western Balochi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgo","Baga Koga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgp","Eastern Balochi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgq","Bagri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgr","Bawm Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgs","Tagabawa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgt","Bughotu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgu","Mbongno");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgv","Warkay-Bipim");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgw","Bhatri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgx","Balkan Gagauz Turkish");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgy","Benggoi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bgz","Banggai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bha","Bharia");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhb","Bhili");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhc","Biga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhd","Bhadrawahi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhe","Bhaya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhf","Odiai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhg","Binandere");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhh","Bukharic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhi","Bhilali");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhj","Bahing");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhl","Bimin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhm","Bathari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhn","Bohtan Neo-Aramaic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bho","Bhojpuri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhp","Bima");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhq","Tukang Besi South");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhr","Bara Malagasy");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhs","Buwal");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bht","Bhattiyali");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhu","Bhunjia");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhv","Bahau");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhw","Biak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhx","Bhalay");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhy","Bhele");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bhz","Bada (Indonesia)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bia","Badimaya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bib","Bissa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bic","Bikaru");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bid","Bidiyo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bie","Bepour");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bif","Biafada");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","big","Biangai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bij","Vaghat-Ya-Bijim-Legeri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bik","Bikol");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bil","Bile");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bim","Bimoba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bin","Bini");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bio","Nai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bip","Bila");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","biq","Bipi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bir","Bisorio");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bi","Bislama");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bit","Berinomo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","biu","Biete");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","biv","Southern Birifor");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","biw","Kol (Cameroon)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bix","Bijori");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","biy","Birhor");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","biz","Baloi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bja","Budza");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjb","Banggarla");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjc","Bariji");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bje","Biao-Jiao Mien");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjf","Barzani Jewish Neo-Aramaic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjg","Bidyogo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjh","Bahinemo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bji","Burji");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjj","Kanauji");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjk","Barok");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjl","Bulu (Papua New Guinea)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjm","Bajelani");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjn","Banjar");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjo","Mid-Southern Banda");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjp","Fanamaket");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjr","Binumarien");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjs","Bajan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjt","Balanta-Ganja");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bju","Busuu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjv","Bedjond");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjw","Bakwé");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjx","Banao Itneg");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjy","Bayali");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bjz","Baruga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bka","Kyak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkc","Baka (Cameroon)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkd","Binukid");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkf","Beeke");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkg","Buraka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkh","Bakoko");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bki","Baki");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkj","Pande");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkk","Brokskat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkl","Berik");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkm","Kom (Cameroon)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkn","Bukitan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bko","Kwa'");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkp","Boko (Democratic Republic of Congo)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkq","Bakairí");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkr","Bakumpai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bks","Northern Sorsoganon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkt","Boloki");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bku","Buhid");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkv","Bekwarra");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkw","Bekwel");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkx","Baikeno");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bky","Bokyi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bkz","Bungku");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bla","Siksika");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blb","Bilua");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blc","Bella Coola");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bld","Bolango");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ble","Balanta-Kentohe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blf","Buol");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blg","Balau");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blh","Kuwaa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bli","Bolia");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blj","Bolongan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blk","Pa'o Karen");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bll","Biloxi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blm","Beli (Sudan)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bln","Southern Catanduanes Bikol");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blo","Anii");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blp","Blablanga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blq","Baluan-Pam");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blr","Blang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bls","Balaesang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blt","Tai Dam");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blv","Kibala");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blw","Balangao");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blx","Mag-Indi Ayta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bly","Notre");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","blz","Balantak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bma","Lame");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmb","Bembe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmc","Biem");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmd","Baga Manduri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bme","Limassa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmf","Bom-Kim");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmg","Bamwe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmh","Kein");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmi","Bagirmi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmj","Bote-Majhi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmk","Ghayavi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bml","Bomboli");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmm","Northern Betsimisaraka Malagasy");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmn","Bina (Papua New Guinea)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmo","Bambalang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmp","Bulgebi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmq","Bomu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmr","Muinane");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bms","Bilma Kanuri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmt","Biao Mon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmu","Somba-Siawari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmv","Bum");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmw","Bomwali");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmx","Baimak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bmz","Baramu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bna","Bonerate");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnb","Bookan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnc","Bontok");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnd","Banda (Indonesia)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bne","Bintauna");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnf","Masiwang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bng","Benga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bni","Bangi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnj","Eastern Tawbuid");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnk","Bierebo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnl","Boon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnm","Batanga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnn","Bunun");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bno","Bantoanon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnp","Bola");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnq","Bantik");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnr","Butmas-Tur");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bns","Bundeli");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnu","Bentong");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnv","Bonerif");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnw","Bisis");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnx","Bangubangu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bny","Bintulu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bnz","Beezen");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","boa","Bora");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bob","Aweer");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bo","Tibetan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","boe","Mundabli");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bof","Bolon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bog","Bamako Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","boh","Boma");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","boi","Barbareño");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","boj","Anjam");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bok","Bonjo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bol","Bole");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bom","Berom");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bon","Bine");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","boo","Tiemacèwè Bozo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bop","Bonkiman");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","boq","Bogaya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bor","Borôro");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bs","Bosnian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bot","Bongo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bou","Bondei");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bov","Tuwuli");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bow","Rema");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","box","Buamu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","boy","Bodo (Central African Republic)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","boz","Tiéyaxo Bozo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpa","Daakaka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpb","Barbacoas");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpd","Banda-Banda");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpg","Bonggo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bph","Botlikh");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpi","Bagupi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpj","Binji");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpk","Orowe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpl","Broome Pearling Lugger Pidgin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpm","Biyom");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpn","Dzao Min");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpo","Anasi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpp","Kaure");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpq","Banda Malay");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpr","Koronadal Blaan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bps","Sarangani Blaan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpt","Barrow Point");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpu","Bongu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpv","Bian Marind");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpw","Bo (Papua New Guinea)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpx","Palya Bareli");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpy","Bishnupriya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bpz","Bilba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqa","Tchumbuli");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqb","Bagusa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqc","Boko (Benin)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqd","Bung");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqf","Baga Kaloum");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqg","Bago-Kusuntu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqh","Baima");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqi","Bakhtiari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqj","Bandial");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqk","Banda-Mbrès");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bql","Bilakura");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqm","Wumboko");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqn","Bulgarian Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqo","Balo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqp","Busa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqq","Biritai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqr","Burusu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqs","Bosngun");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqt","Bamukumbit");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqu","Boguru");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqv","Koro Wachi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqw","Buru (Nigeria)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqx","Baangi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqy","Bengkala Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bqz","Bakaka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bra","Braj");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brb","Lave");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brc","Berbice Creole Dutch");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brd","Baraamu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","br","Breton");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brf","Bera");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brg","Baure");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brh","Brahui");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bri","Mokpwe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brj","Bieria");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brk","Birked");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brl","Birwa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brm","Barambu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brn","Boruca");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bro","Brokkat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brp","Barapasi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brq","Breri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brr","Birao");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brs","Baras");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brt","Bitare");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bru","Eastern Bru");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brv","Western Bru");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brw","Bellari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brx","Bodo (India)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bry","Burui");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","brz","Bilbil");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsa","Abinomn");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsb","Brunei Bisaya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsc","Bassari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bse","Wushi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsf","Bauchi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsg","Bashkardi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsh","Kati");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsi","Bassossi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsj","Bangwinji");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsk","Burushaski");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsl","Basa-Gumna");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsm","Busami");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsn","Barasana-Eduria");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bso","Buso");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsp","Baga Sitemu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsq","Bassa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsr","Bassa-Kontagora");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bss","Akoose");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bst","Basketo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsu","Bahonsuai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsv","Baga Sobané");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsw","Baiso");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsx","Yangkam");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bsy","Sabah Bisaya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bta","Bata");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btc","Bati (Cameroon)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btd","Batak Dairi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bte","Gamo-Ningi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btf","Birgit");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btg","Gagnoa Bété");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bth","Biatah Bidayuh");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bti","Burate");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btj","Bacanese Malay");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btm","Batak Mandailing");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btn","Ratagnon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bto","Rinconada Bikol");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btp","Budibud");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btq","Batek");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btr","Baetora");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bts","Batak Simalungun");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btt","Bete-Bendi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btu","Batu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btv","Bateri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btw","Butuanon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btx","Batak Karo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bty","Bobot");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","btz","Batak Alas-Kluet");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bua","Buriat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bub","Bua");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","buc","Bushi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bud","Ntcham");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bue","Beothuk");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","buf","Bushoong");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bug","Buginese");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","buh","Younuo Bunu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bui","Bongili");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","buj","Basa-Gurmana");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","buk","Bugawac");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bg","Bulgarian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bum","Bulu (Cameroon)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bun","Sherbro");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","buo","Terei");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bup","Busoa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","buq","Brem");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bus","Bokobaru");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","but","Bungain");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","buu","Budu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","buv","Bun");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","buw","Bubi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bux","Boghom");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","buy","Bullom So");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","buz","Bukwen");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bva","Barein");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvb","Bube");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvc","Baelelea");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvd","Baeggu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bve","Berau Malay");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvf","Boor");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvg","Bonkeng");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvh","Bure");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvi","Belanda Viri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvj","Baan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvk","Bukat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvl","Bolivian Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvm","Bamunka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvn","Buna");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvo","Bolgo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvp","Bumang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvq","Birri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvr","Burarra");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvt","Bati (Indonesia)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvu","Bukit Malay");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvv","Baniva");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvw","Boga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvx","Dibole");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvy","Baybayanon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bvz","Bauzi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwa","Bwatoo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwb","Namosi-Naitasiri-Serua");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwc","Bwile");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwd","Bwaidoka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwe","Bwe Karen");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwf","Boselewa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwg","Barwe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwh","Bishuo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwi","Baniwa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwj","Láá Láá Bwamu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwk","Bauwaki");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwl","Bwela");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwm","Biwat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwn","Wunai Bunu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwo","Boro (Ethiopia)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwp","Mandobo Bawah");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwq","Southern Bobo Madaré");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwr","Bura-Pabir");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bws","Bomboma");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwt","Bafaw-Balong");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwu","Buli (Ghana)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bww","Bwa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwx","Bu-Nao Bunu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwy","Cwi Bwamu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bwz","Bwisi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxa","Tairaha");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxb","Belanda Bor");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxc","Molengue");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxd","Pela");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxe","Birale");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxf","Bilur");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxg","Bangala");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxh","Buhutu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxi","Pirlatapa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxj","Bayungu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxk","Bukusu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxl","Jalkunan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxm","Mongolia Buriat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxn","Burduna");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxo","Barikanchi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxp","Bebil");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxq","Beele");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxr","Russia Buriat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxs","Busam");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxu","China Buriat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxv","Berakou");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxw","Bankagooma");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bxz","Binahari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bya","Batak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byb","Bikya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byc","Ubaghara");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byd","Benyadu'");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bye","Pouye");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byf","Bete");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byg","Baygo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byh","Bhujel");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byi","Buyu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byj","Bina (Nigeria)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byk","Biao");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byl","Bayono");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bym","Bidyara");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byn","Bilin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byo","Biyo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byp","Bumaji");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byq","Basay");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byr","Baruya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bys","Burak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byt","Berti");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byv","Medumba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byw","Belhariya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byx","Qaqet");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","byz","Banaro");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bza","Bandi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzb","Andio");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzc","Southern Betsimisaraka Malagasy");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzd","Bribri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bze","Jenaama Bozo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzf","Boikin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzg","Babuza");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzh","Mapos Buang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzi","Bisu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzj","Belize Kriol English");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzk","Nicaragua Creole English");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzl","Boano (Sulawesi)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzm","Bolondo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzn","Boano (Maluku)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzo","Bozaba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzp","Kemberano");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzq","Buli (Indonesia)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzr","Biri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzs","Brazilian Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzt","Brithenig");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzu","Burmeso");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzv","Naami");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzw","Basa (Nigeria)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzx","Kɛlɛngaxo Bozo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzy","Obanliku");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","bzz","Evant");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","caa","Chortí");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cab","Garifuna");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cac","Chuj");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cad","Caddo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cae","Lehar");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","caf","Southern Carrier");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cag","Nivaclé");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cah","Cahuarano");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","caj","Chané");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cak","Kaqchikel");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cal","Carolinian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cam","Cemuhî");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","can","Chambri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cao","Chácobo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cap","Chipaya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","caq","Car Nicobarese");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","car","Galibi Carib");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cas","Tsimané");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ca","Catalan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cav","Cavineña");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","caw","Callawalla");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cax","Chiquitano");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cay","Cayuga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","caz","Canichana");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbb","Cabiyarí");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbc","Carapana");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbd","Carijona");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbg","Chimila");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbi","Chachi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbj","Ede Cabe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbk","Chavacano");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbl","Bualkhaw Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbn","Nyahkur");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbo","Izora");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbq","Tsucuba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbr","Cashibo-Cacataibo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbs","Cashinahua");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbt","Chayahuita");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbu","Candoshi-Shapra");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbv","Cacua");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cbw","Kinabalian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cby","Carabayo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cca","Cauca");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ccc","Chamicuro");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ccd","Cafundo Creole");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cce","Chopi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ccg","Samba Daka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cch","Atsam");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ccj","Kasanga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ccl","Cutchi-Swahili");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ccm","Malaccan Creole Malay");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cco","Comaltepec Chinantec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ccp","Chakma");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ccr","Cacaopera");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cda","Choni");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cde","Chenchu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cdf","Chiru");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cdg","Chamari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cdh","Chambeali");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cdi","Chodri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cdj","Churahi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cdm","Chepang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cdn","Chaudangsi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cdo","Min Dong Chinese");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cdr","Cinda-Regi-Tiyal");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cds","Chadian Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cdy","Chadong");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cdz","Koda");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cea","Lower Chehalis");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ceb","Cebuano");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ceg","Chamacoco");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cek","Eastern Khumi Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cen","Cen");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cs","Czech");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cet","Centúúm");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cfa","Dijim-Bwilim");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cfd","Cara");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cfg","Como Karim");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cfm","Falam Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cga","Changriwa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cgc","Kagayanen");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cgg","Chiga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cgk","Chocangacakha");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ch","Chamorro");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chb","Chibcha");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chc","Catawba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chd","Highland Oaxaca Chontal");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ce","Chechen");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chf","Tabasco Chontal");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chg","Chagatai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chh","Chinook");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chj","Ojitlán Chinantec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chk","Chuukese");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chl","Cahuilla");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chm","Mari (Russia)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chn","Chinook jargon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cho","Choctaw");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chp","Chipewyan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chq","Quiotepec Chinantec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chr","Cherokee");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cht","Cholón");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cu","Church Slavic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cv","Chuvash");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chw","Chuwabu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chx","Chantyal");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chy","Cheyenne");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","chz","Ozumacín Chinantec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cia","Cia-Cia");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cib","Ci Gbe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cic","Chickasaw");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cid","Chimariko");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cie","Cineni");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cih","Chinali");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cik","Chitkuli Kinnauri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cim","Cimbrian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cin","Cinta Larga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cip","Chiapanec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cir","Tiri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ciw","Chippewa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ciy","Chaima");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cja","Western Cham");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cje","Chru");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cjh","Upper Chehalis");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cji","Chamalal");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cjk","Chokwe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cjm","Eastern Cham");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cjn","Chenapian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cjo","Ashéninka Pajonal");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cjp","Cabécar");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cjs","Shor");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cjv","Chuave");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cjy","Jinyu Chinese");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ckb","Central Kurdish");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ckh","Chak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ckl","Cibak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ckn","Kaang Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cko","Anufo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ckq","Kajakse");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ckr","Kairak");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cks","Tayo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ckt","Chukot");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cku","Koasati");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ckv","Kavalan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ckx","Caka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cky","Cakfem-Mushere");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ckz","Cakchiquel-Quiché Mixed Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cla","Ron");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","clc","Chilcotin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cld","Chaldean Neo-Aramaic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cle","Lealao Chinantec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","clh","Chilisso");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cli","Chakali");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","clj","Laitu Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","clk","Idu-Mishmi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cll","Chala");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","clm","Clallam");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","clo","Lowland Oaxaca Chontal");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","clt","Lautu Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","clu","Caluyanun");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","clw","Chulym");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cly","Eastern Highland Chatino");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cma","Maa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cme","Cerma");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cmg","Classical Mongolian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cmi","Emberá-Chamí");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cml","Campalagian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cmm","Michigamea");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cmn","Mandarin Chinese");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cmo","Central Mnong");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cmr","Mro-Khimi Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cms","Messapic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cmt","Camtho");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cna","Changthang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cnb","Chinbon Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cnc","Côông");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cng","Northern Qiang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cnh","Hakha Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cni","Asháninka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cnk","Khumi Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cnl","Lalana Chinantec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cno","Con");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cns","Central Asmat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cnt","Tepetotutla Chinantec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cnu","Chenoua");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cnw","Ngawn Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cnx","Middle Cornish");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","coa","Cocos Islands Malay");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cob","Chicomuceltec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","coc","Cocopa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cod","Cocama-Cocamilla");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","coe","Koreguaje");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cof","Colorado");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cog","Chong");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","coh","Chonyi-Dzihana-Kauma");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","coj","Cochimi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cok","Santa Teresa Cora");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","col","Columbia-Wenatchi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","com","Comanche");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","con","Cofán");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","coo","Comox");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cop","Coptic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","coq","Coquille");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","kw","Cornish");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","co","Corsican");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cot","Caquinte");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cou","Wamey");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cov","Cao Miao");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cow","Cowlitz");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cox","Nanti");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","coz","Chochotec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cpa","Palantla Chinantec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cpb","Ucayali-Yurúa Ashéninka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cpc","Ajyíninka Apurucayali");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cpg","Cappadocian Greek");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cpi","Chinese Pidgin English");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cpn","Cherepon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cpo","Kpeego");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cps","Capiznon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cpu","Pichis Ashéninka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cpx","Pu-Xian Chinese");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cpy","South Ucayali Ashéninka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cqd","Chuanqiandian Cluster Miao");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cra","Chara");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crb","Island Carib");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crc","Lonwolwol");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crd","Coeur d'Alene");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cr","Cree");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crf","Caramanta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crg","Michif");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crh","Crimean Tatar");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cri","Sãotomense");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crj","Southern East Cree");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crk","Plains Cree");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crl","Northern East Cree");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crm","Moose Cree");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crn","El Nayar Cora");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cro","Crow");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crq","Iyo'wujwa Chorote");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crr","Carolina Algonquian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crs","Seselwa Creole French");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crt","Iyojwa'ja Chorote");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crv","Chaura");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crw","Chrau");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crx","Carrier");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cry","Cori");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","crz","Cruzeño");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csa","Chiltepec Chinantec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csb","Kashubian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csc","Catalan Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csd","Chiangmai Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cse","Czech Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csf","Cuba Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csg","Chilean Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csh","Asho Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csi","Coast Miwok");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csj","Songlai Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csk","Jola-Kasa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csl","Chinese Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csm","Central Sierra Miwok");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csn","Colombian Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cso","Sochiapam Chinantec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csq","Croatia Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csr","Costa Rican Sign Language");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","css","Southern Ohlone");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cst","Northern Ohlone");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csv","Sumtu Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csw","Swampy Cree");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csy","Siyin Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","csz","Coos");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cta","Tataltepec Chatino");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ctc","Chetco");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ctd","Tedim Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cte","Tepinapa Chinantec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ctg","Chittagonian");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cth","Thaiphum Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ctl","Tlacoatzintepec Chinantec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ctm","Chitimacha");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ctn","Chhintange");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cto","Emberá-Catío");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ctp","Western Highland Chatino");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cts","Northern Catanduanes Bikol");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ctt","Wayanad Chetti");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ctu","Chol");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ctz","Zacatepec Chatino");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cua","Cua");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cub","Cubeo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cuc","Usila Chinantec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cug","Chungmboko");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cuh","Chuka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cui","Cuiba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cuj","Mashco Piro");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cuk","San Blas Kuna");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cul","Culina");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cuo","Cumanagoto");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cup","Cupeño");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cuq","Cun");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cur","Chhulung");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cut","Teutila Cuicatec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cuu","Tai Ya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cuv","Cuvok");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cuw","Chukwa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cux","Tepeuxila Cuicatec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cvg","Chug");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cvn","Valle Nacional Chinantec");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cwa","Kabwa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cwb","Maindo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cwd","Woods Cree");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cwe","Kwere");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cwg","Chewong");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cwt","Kuwaataay");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cya","Nopala Chatino");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cyb","Cayubaba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cy","Welsh");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","cyo","Cuyonon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","czh","Huizhou Chinese");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","czk","Knaanic");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","czn","Zenzontepec Chatino");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","czo","Min Zhong Chinese");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","czt","Zotung Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","daa","Dangaléat");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dac","Dambi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dad","Marik");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dae","Duupa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dag","Dagbani");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dah","Gwahatike");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dai","Day");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","daj","Dar Fur Daju");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dak","Dakota");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dal","Dahalo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dam","Damakawa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","da","Danish");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dao","Daai Chin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","daq","Dandami Maria");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dar","Dargwa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","das","Daho-Doo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dau","Dar Sila Daju");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dav","Taita");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","daw","Davawenyo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dax","Dayi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","daz","Dao");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dba","Bangime");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbb","Deno");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbd","Dadiya");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbe","Dabe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbf","Edopi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbg","Dogul Dom Dogon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbi","Doka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbj","Ida'an");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbl","Dyirbal");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbm","Duguri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbn","Duriankere");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbo","Dulbu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbp","Duwai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbq","Daba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbr","Dabarre");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbt","Ben Tey Dogon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbu","Bondum Dom Dogon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbv","Dungu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dbw","Bankan Tey Dogon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dby","Dibiyaso");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dcc","Deccan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dcr","Negerhollands");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dda","Dadi Dadi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ddd","Dongotono");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dde","Doondo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ddg","Fataluku");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ddi","West Goodenough");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ddj","Jaru");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ddn","Dendi (Benin)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ddo","Dido");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ddr","Dhudhuroa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dds","Donno So Dogon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ddw","Dawera-Daweloor");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dec","Dagik");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","ded","Dedua");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dee","Dewoin");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","def","Dezfuli");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","deg","Degema");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","deh","Dehwari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dei","Demisa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dek","Dek");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","del","Delaware");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dem","Dem");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","den","Slave (Athapascan)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dep","Pidgin Delaware");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","deq","Dendi (Central African Republic)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","der","Deori");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","des","Desano");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","de","German");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dev","Domung");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dez","Dengese");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dga","Southern Dagaare");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgb","Bunoge Dogon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgc","Casiguran Dumagat Agta");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgd","Dagaari Dioula");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dge","Degenan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgg","Doga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgh","Dghwede");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgi","Northern Dagara");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgk","Dagba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgl","Andaandi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgn","Dagoman");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgo","Dogri (individual language)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgr","Dogrib");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgs","Dogoso");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgt","Ndra'ngith");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgu","Degaru");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgw","Daungwurrung");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgx","Doghoro");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dgz","Daga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dhd","Dhundari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dhg","Dhangu-Djangu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dhi","Dhimal");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dhl","Dhalandji");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dhm","Zemba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dhn","Dhanki");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dho","Dhodia");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dhr","Dhargari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dhs","Dhaiso");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dhu","Dhurga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dhv","Dehu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dhw","Dhanwar (Nepal)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dhx","Dhungaloo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dia","Dia");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dib","South Central Dinka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dic","Lakota Dida");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","did","Didinga");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dif","Dieri");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dig","Digo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dih","Kumiai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dii","Dimbong");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dij","Dai");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dik","Southwestern Dinka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dil","Dilling");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dim","Dime");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","din","Dinka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dio","Dibo");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dip","Northeastern Dinka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","diq","Dimli (individual language)");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dir","Dirim");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dis","Dimasa");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dit","Dirari");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","diu","Diriku");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dv","Dhivehi");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","diw","Northwestern Dinka");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dix","Dixon Reef");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","diy","Diuwe");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","diz","Ding");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dja","Djadjawurrung");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","djb","Djinba");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","djc","Dar Daju Daju");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","djd","Djamindjung");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dje","Zarma");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","djf","Djangun");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dji","Djinang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","djj","Djeebbana");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","djk","Eastern Maroon Creole");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","djm","Jamsay Dogon");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","djn","Djauan");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","djo","Jangkang");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","djr","Djambarrpuyngu");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","dju","Kapriman");
-INSERT OR IGNORE INTO "languageNames" VALUES(NULL,"en","djw","Djawi");