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.TH BARRNAP "1" "November 2014" "barrnap 0.4.2" "User Commands"
barrnap \- rapid ribosomal RNA prediction
barrnap [options] <chromosomes.fasta>
Barrnap predicts the location of ribosomal RNA genes in genomes. It supports
bacteria (5S,23S,16S), archaea (5S,5.8S,23S,16S), mitochondria (12S,16S) and
eukaryotes (5S,5.8S,28S,18S).
This help
Print version and exit
Print citation for referencing barrnap
\fB\-\-kingdom\fR [X]
Kingdom: mito bac arc euk (default 'bac')
No screen output (default OFF)
\fB\-\-threads\fR [N]
Number of threads/cores/CPUs to use (default '8')
\fB\-\-lencutoff\fR [n.n] Proportional length threshold to label as partial (default '0.8')
\fB\-\-reject\fR [n.n]
Proportional length threshold to reject prediction (default '0.5')
\fB\-\-evalue\fR [n.n]
Similarity e\-value cut\-off (default '1e\-09')
Include FASTA input sequences in GFF3 output (default OFF)