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# blockattack-game ![Build status]( [![Codacy Badge](]( [![license](]()
Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks - the game<br/>
A Tetris Attack Clone under the GPL.

Homepage: <><br/>
Source: <>

## Screen shot
![Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks]( "Screen shot")

## Dependencies
* A version of g++ with C++11 support. Tested on g++-4.9
* libSDL2
* libSDL2_image
* libSDL2_mixer
* libSDL2_ttf
* libphysfs
* libfmt
* libboost (only needed for compiling)
* libboost-program-options

## Building
The only supported build method is using the CMake<br/>
To build do:
cmake .
# or
# cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug .
# or
# cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release .
The result should be in the "Game"-folder. To run

You can also choose to install it with
sudo make install

Windows build uses MXE ( and Docker. See "Building with Docker".

## Building using Docker
As getting a C++ project with many dependencies to compile can be a daunting task then I have provided a couple of Docker images that can perform a build. Both for Windows and Linux.

The project should at all time be able to compile on the oldest and latest supported version of Ubuntu. This is tested with Docker.

On a fresh checkout you can use:
docker build -f source/misc/docker/Dockerfile.Ubuntu18.04build . -t blockattack_test
docker build -f source/misc/docker/Dockerfile.WindoesBuild . -t blockattack_test

## Source Structure
This project is a bit unconventional because I didn't know any better at the time.

* Game - The output is placed here
* man - The manual file and the script to generate it. May be moved to source/misc at some point
* source/code/ - The source code
* source/code/Libs - External libs that are compiled into the project because they are either header only (Cereal) or not designed for use as a shared library.
* source/code/sago - Source code. Not designed to be specific to Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks
* source/assets - Source for the assets if relevant. For instance svg source for the graphics.
* source/misc - Misc stuff. Code related tool that are used for development but not part of the final product.
* source/misc/astyle - Helper script that enforces code style using the "astyle"-program
* source/misc/docker - Docker files used by Travis CI  (but can just as well be used for local testing and release builds)
* source/misc/embedded_libs - Contains dependencies not present on all supported systems
* source/misc/icons - Icons for the installer
* source/misc/screenshots - Screen shots like the one in this README file.
* source/misc/translation - Translations and related tools and scripts
* windows installer - Information needed to Windows installer. May be moved to source/misc at some point

## Reporting bugs
Please report bugs on github: <>
If possible: Check if the bug is already fixed in master. But if you don't know how to check it then just report it.

## Contributions
Contributions are welcome. See for details.