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--------------------------------< BumpRace >------------------------------------

BumpRace is a simple arcade game. I'd like to receive a lot of comments and
suggestions. You can get the newest version of BumpRace at:
And you can reach me via e-mail:
	<arrow keys> 			  moving
	<right control>                   special ability

	<a>     	                  left
	<d>				  right
	<w>				  thrust
	<left control>			  special ability	

To run this, you need the SDL-library, which should be available for all linux distributions and on

-----------------------------< RACER ABILITIES >--------------------------------

UFO-Racer:  slows down automatically
V-Shaped-Racer:  has 10% extra time
Rocket-Racer:  press control for extra speed
Last Racer:  press control to stick to walls

--------------------------------< PARAMETER >-----------------------------------

"--levelset 1"             selects an alternative, hard level set
"--nofullscreen" "-f"      guess
"--nosound"      "-s"      guess again
"--notfinal"     "-n"      no title screen (nice for developers)
"--noparticles"  "-t"      turns off particles. good for slow computers.
"--pageflip"     "-p"      flicker-free fullscreen, slow and extremly buggy
"--precision [value]"      sets the precision of the collisions (default=10) 
                           using this is not recommended

---------------------------------< LICENSE >------------------------------------

This game is available under the GNU General Public License version 2.
See COPYING for details.