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CiftiLib is a library for the CIFTI file format, as documented here:

It builds with either QT, or libxml++ and libboost-filesystem.

To use it, include CiftiFile.h, and use the CiftiFile class to read and write cifti files.

Reading example:

CiftiFile myFile(filename);//defaults to reading data on demand
const CiftiXML& myXML = myFile.getCiftiXML();//mapping and dimension information
vector<float> rowData(myXML.getDimensionLength(CiftiXML::ALONG_ROW));//allocate array for row data
myFile.getRow(, 0);//read the first row

Writing example:

CiftiXML myXML;//first, need to set up the dimension mappings
CiftiScalarsMap exampleMap;
exampleMap.setLength(40);//just as an example
myXML.setNumberOfDimensions(2);//2D matrix
myXML.setMap(CiftiXML::ALONG_ROW, exampleMap);//set the mappings
myXML.setMap(CiftiXML::ALONG_COLUMN, exampleMap);
CiftiFile myFile;
myFile.setWritingFile(filename);//optional: write rows as they are set
myFile.setCiftiXML(myXML);//set the file's mappings
myFile.setRow(somedata, 0);//write a row
myFile.writeFile(filename);//if filename matches what was given to setWritingFile, this does nothing

See rewrite.cxx for a program that does a row-by-row copy that works on cifti of any dimensionality.

See xmlinfo.cxx for a program that prints XML summary information of all dimensions of a cifti file.