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CloudKitty dashboard

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:Wiki: `CloudKitty Wiki`_
:IRC: #cloudkitty @ freenode

Horizon dashboard for CloudKitty.

.. _CloudKitty Wiki:


cloudkitty-dashboard is an extension for OpenStack Dashboard providing UI for

With CloudKitty dashboard, operators can easily define a rating policy for
their cloud without the use of a CLI.
Users can get information about their usage, and predict costs of an instance.


We are welcoming new contributors, if you've got new ideas, suggestions or want
to contribute, contact us.

You can reach us through IRC (#cloudkitty, or on the official
OpenStack mailing list

A storyboard_ project is available if you need to report bugs.

Trying it

CloudKitty can be deployed with devstack, more information can be found in the
`devstack section`_ of the documentation.

.. _storyboard:!/project/891

.. _devstack section: