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# CTDConverter

Given one or more CTD files, `CTD2Converter` generates the needed wrappers to include them in workflow engines, such as Galaxy and CWL.

## Dependencies

`CTDConverter` relies on [CTDopts]. The dependencies of each of the converters are as follows:

### Galaxy Converter

- Generation of Galaxy ToolConfig files relies on `lxml` to generate nice-looking XML files.

## Installing Dependencies
You can install the [CTDopts] and `lxml` modules via `conda`, like so:

$ conda install lxml
$ conda install -c workflowconversion ctdopts

Note that the [CTDopts] module is available on the `workflowconversion` channel.

Of course, you can just download [CTDopts] and make it available through your `PYTHONPATH` environment variable. To get more information about how to install python modules, visit:

## How to install CTDConverter

1. Download the source code from

## Usage

Check the detailed documentation for each of the converters:

- [Generation of Galaxy ToolConfig files](galaxy/