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This is the source distribution of DDD, the Data Display Debugger.

To find out what's new in DDD, see the file `NEWS'.
To find out how to build DDD, consult the file `INSTALL'.

For further information, consult the following files:

    ANNOUNCE     All about this DDD distribution, including FTP sites.
    BUGS         Known bugs in this DDD distribution.
    COPYING      The DDD license.
    COPYING.LIB  The license applying to some included libraries.
    INSTALL      How to build and install DDD.
    NEWS         Release information and recent changes.
    OPENBUGS     Reported bugs for this and earlier DDD distributions.
    PROBLEMS     Hints for building DDD on specific systems.
    README       This file.
    TIPS         DDD hints (`tip of the day')
    TODO         Possible future DDD features.

Andreas Zeller       Universitaet Passau, Germany