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Document that hard deps of tools are listed in Recommends Axel Beckert 3 years ago
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88 + Update versioned debhelper build-dependency accordingly.
99 * checkrestart: Fix logic error resulting in trying to call lsof even if
1010 it wasn't found. (Closes: #888276)
11 * State in long package description that hard dependencies of single
12 tools are listed in Recommends.
1214 [ Paul Wise ]
1315 * find-dbgsym-packages:
8080 Package name in brackets denote (non-essential) dependencies of the
8181 scripts. Packages names with an asterisk ("*") denote optional
8282 dependencies, all other are hard dependencies.
83 .
84 Hard dependencies of single tools are listed in the Recommends field
85 of the package and optional dependencies of single tools in the
86 Suggests field -- as common with many "collection" style Debian
87 packages.