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Nov 2000:

  Introduced a new design layer between the IO and the Dw.

March 2001:

  Finally the new dillo widget is ready! (dillo >= 0.4.0).
  0.4.0 is able to cope with low resolution depths.

Apr 2002:

  We moved to:

Dec 2002

  We moved to:

Jun 2003     (hosted at the wearlab!)

Sep 2007

  The new FLTK2-based dillo code is released! (under GPL3)

Jul 2011

  Dillo switches to fltk-1.3.0.
  dillo-2.2.1, the last of the 2.x series is released.

Sep 2011

  dillo-3.0, the first of the 3.x series is released.

  Project maintainer, core developer, patcher, you name it! :-)