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Mention the reason for the recommended perl packages in the long description Axel Beckert 10 years ago
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22 * Add patch by Pino Toscano <> to fix FTBFS on Hurd.
33 * Add Recommends on ${perl:Depends} and perl-modules for new
44 dillo-install-hyphenation script (Thanks to Pino Toscano for the hint!)
5 Mention the reason for the recommendation in the long description.
56 * Replace category Application by WebBrowser in dillo.desktop (Thanks to
67 Pino Toscano for the hint!)
1919 .
2020 It aims to be small in resources, stable, developer-friendly, usable,
2121 very fast, and extensible.
22 .
23 To run the included dillo-install-hyphenation script the recommended
24 perl packages need to be installed.