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  If  you're  using  libc5,  don't worry, I used to use libc5! If
you're  brave,  edit  'dns.c'  and  uncomment  line  46, pray and
compile.  If  it  doesn't  work, email me (most probably a header
include problem); if you succeed, report it to me anyway!

  Dillo needs the following packages:
       GTK+-1.2.x (2.0 will not compile).
       jpeg, png (for displaying images).
       wget (for getting files via ftp; wget is not compiled into
             the dillo binaries)
  If  you  get an error that dillo can't load the shared library,
try "setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/local/lib", or wherever you have
your gtk+ libs.

  Dillo  can  be  invoked  with  command  line options. Just type
'dillo --help' to know about them.

  You  may  experience  some  font handling problems derived from
locale  handling (for instance if you use LC_ALL=sv_SE). Just try
LC_ALL=POSIX and it will be fine.

  Once  you  have dillo running for the first time, the next step
is to read the help! (there's a link from the splash screen).

  This is release should be regarded as "very stable beta".

  Here's a list of some well known problems:

      * no FRAMES rendering
      * no http authentication
      * no https     -- Read the online FAQ to enable a protoype.

Dpi programs

  These  are  installed by "make install". If you don't have root
access,  copy  "dillo"  and "dpid" to some directory in your path
and  install  the  dpis by running "./install-dpi-local" from the
top directory (they will be installed under ~/.dillo).


  There's  a  small  chance  of experiencing dillo "freezes" with
certain  linux  kernels. This is a _kernel bug_, inside the 2.2.x
series  up to 2.4.8. From 2.4.9 it has been corrected. The bug is
inside poll() and the best that you can do is to upgrade.
  If  you  can't upgrade the kernel though, this workaround patch
for dillo may help you:


  Dillo  compiles  on *BSD systems; Starting from dillo-0.6.5, we
included special detection code (at ./configure time) that should
arrange  everything  for  a  clean  compile, but please note that
you'll need GNU make.

  From  OpenBSD  >=  3.3,  gethost* calls are not thread safe. If
your dillo crashes or locks at times, just use:

    ./configure --disable-threaded-dns

  so dillo uses a single thread for name resolving.


  Dillo compiles and runs OK on Solaris but:

    * use gmake (a symbolic link make -> gmake works OK)
    * If you have trouble with GTK and GLIB from the Freeware
      Companion CD, get the ones at instead.

  These environment vars may help setting yours:


  Solaris is very inconsistent so you may need to add/remove:

  -lrt -lposix4

  at link time.


  gcc 2.95.2 has problems with -O2:
     "-O2 -mcpu=pentium"                works fine.
     "-O0 -mcpu=k6 -march=pentium -g3"  works fine also.
     "-O -mcpu=k6 -march=pentium -g3"   works fine as well, but
     "-O2 -mcpu=k6 -march=pentium -g3"  doesn't work. Then again
     "-O6 -mcpu=pentium -march=pentium -g3" DOES work.

Mar 24, 2006