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 Dillo web browser

Dillo-3.0  is  the  first  release of the newest branch, which is
based  on the already released fltk-1.3 toolkit. This is big news
because   it  clears  the  way  for  Dillo  to  return  to  those
distributions  which  had  excluded  Dillo2  due  to  FLTK2 never
being  officially  released.

The  development effort shifted to the dillo-3.x branch long ago,
and  it  became  the active one; dillo-2.x received less and less
attention, and dillo-2.2.1 became the last of its series.

The  core  team  will  focus  on  implementing the CSS feature of
floating  elements.  This  will  greatly improve dillo's web page
rendering since many sites have adopted floats instead of tables.

The  new  dillo3 has shown excellent stability.

The core team welcomes developers willing to join our workforce. 

  Here's a list of some old well-known problems of dillo:

         * no FRAMES rendering
         * no https (there's a barebones prototype).


  You can get FLTK-1.3 here:

Building dillo from sources

  1.- Install fltk:

     tar jxvf fltk-1.3.0-source.tar.gz
     cd fltk-1.3.0
     less README.unix
     sudo make install
     cd ..
  (don't configure fltk with --enable-cairo)

  2.- Then dillo3:

     tar jxvf dillo-3.0.tar.bz2
     cd dillo-3.0
     ./; ./configure; make
     sudo make install-strip

Dpi programs

  These  are  installed by "make install". If you don't have root
access,  copy  "dillo"  and "dpid" to some directory in your path
and  install  the  dpis by running "./install-dpi-local" from the
top directory (they will be installed under ~/.dillo).


  Dillo   compiles on *BSD systems; please report on this anyway,
and note that you'll need GNU make.

  If your dillo crashes or locks at times, just use:

    ./configure --disable-threaded-dns

  so dillo uses a single thread for name resolving.


  Dillo may compile and run OK on Solaris but (please report):

    * use gmake (a symbolic link make -> gmake works OK)

  Solaris is very inconsistent so you may need to add/remove:

  -lrt -lposix4

  at link time.

August, 2011