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Open Visualization Data Explorer

Thank you for all your support. Remember, open source is only as good
its users and contributors. We're always looking for help--so please
report bugs and support OpenDX in whatever way you can. Donations are
accepted through

There have been a lot of changes since the last release. Not only has
a lot of OpenDX code changed, but even some of the building 
mechanisms have been updated. OpenDX now uses libtool to build
its libraries which allows it to build either static or dynamic
libraries. This can speed up some run-time specifics, but will
slow down the build-time. The default for compilation is to still
build static libraries just like the previous version. If you want
to build shared libraries, add the --enable-shared option when
configuring. You may also wish to disable the static libraries using

Build Instructions:
    OpenDX uses the AutoTools (AutoConf, AutoMake, Libtool) setup to 
    assist in building. A quick set of steps to build are:

	make install (as root)

    By default, the installation will be in /usr/local/dx; this can be
changed using the --prefix= argument to configure:

	configure --prefix=/usr/lpp
	make install (as root)

will install place the installation in /usr/lpp/dx

    More arguments to configure can be set. For a list of the setable
    arguments, type configure --help. For more help building with 
    AutoTools, see the AutoConf manual at 
    There is also more help with compiling available at


    Motif  	- The Motif widget set is required to build OpenDX. We 
              recommend that users use OpenMotif <> or
              a commercial Motif release. Lesstif <>, an 
              LGPL Motif compatible set of widgets, works but exhibits
              some odd behaviors--we recommend against using it.

    OpenGL 	- OpenDX has a mode where hardware rendering can be used.
              As such, some type of OpenGL libraries and headers must be
              present at build time. If you cannot locate your OpenGL
              libraries, Mesa3D <>, an open source OpenGL
              compatible software library, will work.

    For Windows builds:
	Cygwin  - If you're interested in building your own Window's version,
	          it is possible. The easiest way would be to use the UNIX
	          style environment known as Cygwin <>.

    Not required, but nice:

    CDF		-
    HDF 4.1 -
    NetCDF	-


    If you are using Lesstif instead of Motif, you may need to create
symbolic links in /usr/include to /usr/X11R6/include/Xm and /usr/X11R/X11.

    If you are using Mesa3D instead of OpenGL, you will need symbolic links
/usr/local/lib/libGL.a pointing to /usr/local/lib/libMesaGL.a and
/usr/local/lib/libGLu.a pointing to /usr/local/lib/libMesaGLu.a

    If you are using Lesstif, check include/dxconfig.h after you configure	
to make sure USING_LESSTIF is set to 1

Known Problems/Bugs:

    Please check out the bug database for known bugs and problems at
<>. Before submitting a new bug, please review
the current bugs and see if the one you are submitting already exists. 
If you have a fix for a bug, please submit it to