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139139 This package provides Cangjie-Big table used by the Fcitx table engine.
141 Package: fcitx-table-wubi-large
142 Architecture: any
143 Depends: ${misc:Depends}, fcitx-table
144 Description: Flexible Input Method Framework - Wubi-Large table
145 Fcitx is a input method framework with extension support, which provides
146 an interface for entering characters of different scripts in applications
147 using a variety of mapping systems.
148 .
149 It offers a pleasant and modern experience, with intuitive graphical
150 configuration tools and customizable skins and mapping tables. It is
151 highly modularized and extensible, with GTK+ 2/3 and Qt4 IM Modules, support
152 for UIs based on Fbterm, pure Xlib, GTK+, or KDE, and a developer-friendly
153 API.
154 .
155 This package provides Wubi-Large table used by the Fcitx table engine.
141157 Package: fcitx-table-easy-big
142158 Architecture: any
143159 Depends: ${misc:Depends}, fcitx-table
0 usr/share/fcitx/table/wubi-large.mb
1 usr/share/fcitx/table/wubi-large.conf