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Feed2Imap 1.0 (18/04/2010)
* Removed patch from Haegar as it's no longer needed with the new
  rubyimap.rb (see discussion in
* Support writing to maildirs instead of through IMAP
* Use Message-ID instead of X-CacheIndex
* Do not use
* Update rubyimap.rb
* Provide a way to disable SSL certification verification when
  connecting to IMAPS accounts

Feed2Imap 0.9.4 (27/07/2009)
* Warn (INFO level, so only displayed with feed2imap -v) if fetching a
  feed takes more than 10s, as this might cause massive delays
  in feed2imap run times.
* Fix encoding of email headers
* Only include images once when used several times in the same item
* New version of Net::Imap
* Use Message-Id instead of X-CacheIndex
* Fix MIME formatting when including images
* Require ruby-feedparser 0.7, better email formatting
* Made it possible to re-use substrings in targets
* Fix buffering problem with filters
* Added a patch from Haegar to fix problem with dovecot 1.2.1

Feed2Imap 0.9.3 (23/07/2008)
* Check the return code from external commands, and warn if != 0. Fixes
  Gna bug #10516.
* Support for including images in the mails (see include-images config
  option). Based on a patch by Pavel Avgustinov, and with help from
  Arnt Gulbrandsen.
* Dropped rubymail_patch.rb 
* Added option to wrap text output. Thanks to Maxime Petazzoni for
  the patch.
* When updating an email, remove the Recent flag.
* You need to use ruby-feedparser 0.6 or greater with that release.

Feed2Imap 0.9.2 (28/10/2007)
* resynchronized rubyimap.rb with stdlib, and fixed send! -> send.
* upload items in reverse order, to upload the older first
  Closes Gna bug #8986. Thanks go do Rial Juan for the patch.
* Don't allow more than 16 fetchers to run at the same time.
  16 should be a reasonable default for everybody.
  Closes Gna #9032.
* Reduce the default HTTP timeout to 30s.
* Don't update the cache if uploading items failed (should avoid
  missing some items).
* Safer cache writing. Should avoid some cache corruption problems.
* Now exits when we receive an IMAP error, instead of trying to recover. We
  shouldn't receive IMAP errors anyway. Closes Debian #405070.
* Fixed content-type-encoding in HTML emails. Reported by Arnt Gulbrandse.

Feed2Imap 0.9.1 (15/05/2007)
* Fixed bug with folder creation.

Feed2Imap 0.9 (15/05/2007)
* Folder creation moved to upload. This should make feed2imap run
  slightly faster.
* Per-feed dumpdir option (helps debugging)
* Now uses Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit (thanks Arnt Gulbrandsen
* Now supports Snowscripts, using the 'execurl' and 'filter' config
  keywords. For more information, see the example configuration file.
* Slightly better option parsing. Thanks to Paul van Tilburg for the
* A debug mode was added, and the normal mode was improved, so it is
  no longer necessary to redirect feed2imap output to /dev/null:
  transient errors are only reported after they have happened a
  certain number of times (default 10).
* An ignore-hash option was added for feeds whose content change all
  the time.

Feed2Imap 0.8 (28/06/2006)
* Uses the http_proxy environment variable to determine the proxy server
  if available. (fixes gna bug #5820, all credits go to Boyd Adamson
* Fixes flocking on Solaris (fixes gna bug #5819). Again, all credits go to
  Boyd Adamson <>.
* Rewrite of the "find updated and new items" code. It should work much better
  now. Also, a debug-updated configuration variable was added to make it
  easier to debug those issues.
* New always-new flag in the config file to consider all items as new (for
  feeds where items are wrongly marked as updated, e.g mediawiki feeds).
  See example configuration file for more information (fixes Debian bug
* When disconnecting from the IMAP server, don't display an exception in
  non-verbose mode if the "connection is reset by peer" (fixes Debian bug
* Handling of exceptions in needMIME (fixes gna bug #5872).

Feed2Imap 0.7 (17/02/2006)
* Fixes the IMAPS disconnection problem (patch provided by Gael Utard
  <>) (fixes gna bug #2178).
* Fixes some issues regarding parallel fetching of feeds.
* Now displays the feed creator as sender of emails. (fixes gna bug #5043).
* Don't display the password in error messages (fixes debian bug #350370).
* Upload mail with the Item's time, not the upload's time (fixes debian
  bug #350371).

Feed2Imap 0.6 (11/01/2006)
* Moved the RSS/Atom parser to a separate library (ruby-feedparser).
* Locks the Cache file to avoid concurrent instances of feed2imap.
* Issue a warning if the config file is world readable.
* Fixed a small bug in Atom feeds parsing.
* Fix another bug related to escaped HTML.
* Minor fixes.

Feed2Imap 0.5 (19/09/2005)
* Fixed a parser problem with items with multiple children in the description.
* Mails were upload with \n only, but \r\n are needed.
* Feed2Imap can now work without libopenssl.
* Fixed a bug in the HTML2Text converter with <a> tags without href.
* Reserved characters (eg @) can now be included in the login, password or
  folder. You just need to escape them.
* Feed2Imap is now included in Debian (package name: feed2imap).
* Much better handling of feeds with escaped HTML (LinuxFR for example).

Feed2Imap 0.4 (25/07/2005)
* now available as a Debian package.
* added manpages for everything.
* added min-frequency and disable config options. Added doc in example config.
* You can now use WordPress's feed:http://something urls in feed2imaprc.
* Switched to a real SGML parser for the text version.
* Much better output for the text version of emails.
* New feed2imap-cleaner to remove old mails seen but not flagged
* Feed2Imap version number wasn't displayed in the User-Agent
* Better exception handling when parsing errors occur
* added feed2imap's RSS feed to the default feeds in the config file

Feed2Imap 0.3 (04/06/2005)
* New releases are now advertised using a RSS feed
* Cleaner way to manage duplicate IDs (#1773)
* Fixed a problem with pseudo-duplicate entries from Mediawiki
* Fixed a problem with updated items being seen as updated at each update.
* Fixed a problem when the disconnection from the IMAP server failed.
  reported by Ludovic Gomez <>

Feed2Imap 0.2 (30/04/2005)
* Fixed a problem with feeds with strange caching bugs (old items going away
  and coming back)
* The text version is now encoded in iso-8859-1 instead of utf-8.
* The subject is now MIME-encoded in utf-8. It works with mutt & evo.
* No longer overwrite mail flags (Read, Important,..) when updating an item.
* HTTP fetching is now multithreaded and is much faster (about 300%).
* Fetching over HTTPS works.
* HTTP fetching is fully unit-tested.

Feed2Imap 0.1 (02/04/2005)
* first public release.