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KacstOne font is part of KACST fonts, which are free fonts donated by
King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology (KACST) under GPL.
It homepage:

Arabeyes version of KacstOne is modified for better visibility and
readability on the screen, the font is optimized for 10pt size under
100dpi. Special attention was given to diacritical marks (tashkil or
harakat) and dots to make sure they are visible and easily distinguishable.

The font also contain variants of punctuation marks and digits that fit
nicely with the Arabic style, these variants are mapped to OpenType 'locl'
(localized forms) feature, but only Pango (i.e. GTK+2) based applications
are currently known to support it.

Khaled Hosny

29 August 2009