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package leadership

import (

	libkvmock ""

func TestCandidate(t *testing.T) {
	kv, err := libkvmock.New([]string{}, nil)
	assert.NoError(t, err)
	assert.NotNil(t, kv)

	mockStore := kv.(*libkvmock.Mock)
	mockLock := &libkvmock.Lock{}
	mockStore.On("NewLock", "test_key", mock.Anything).Return(mockLock, nil)

	// Lock and unlock always succeeds.
	lostCh := make(chan struct{})
	var mockLostCh <-chan struct{} = lostCh
	mockLock.On("Lock", mock.Anything).Return(mockLostCh, nil)

	candidate := NewCandidate(kv, "test_key", "test_node", 0)
	electedCh, _ := candidate.RunForElection()

	// Should issue a false upon start, no matter what.
	assert.False(t, <-electedCh)

	// Since the lock always succeeeds, we should get elected.
	assert.True(t, <-electedCh)
	assert.True(t, candidate.IsLeader())

	// Signaling a lost lock should get us de-elected...
	assert.False(t, <-electedCh)

	// And we should attempt to get re-elected again.
	assert.True(t, <-electedCh)

	// When we resign, unlock will get called, we'll be notified of the
	// de-election and we'll try to get the lock again.
	go candidate.Resign()
	assert.False(t, <-electedCh)
	assert.True(t, <-electedCh)


	// Ensure that the chan closes after some time
	for {
		select {
		case _, open := <-electedCh:
			if !open {
		case <-time.After(1 * time.Second):
			t.Fatalf("electedCh not closed correctly")