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Package ini provides INI file read and write functionality in Go.

## Features

- Load from multiple data sources(file, `[]byte`, `io.Reader` and `io.ReadCloser`) with overwrites.
- Read with recursion values.
- Read with parent-child sections.
- Read with auto-increment key names.
- Read with multiple-line values.
- Read with tons of helper methods.
- Read and convert values to Go types.
- Read and **WRITE** comments of sections and keys.
- Manipulate sections, keys and comments with ease.
- Keep sections and keys in order as you parse and save.

## Installation

The minimum requirement of Go is **1.6**.

$ go get

Please add `-u` flag to update in the future.

## Getting Help

- [Getting Started](
- [API Documentation](
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## License

This project is under Apache v2 License. See the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file for the full license text.