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// Package voyage provides the Voyage aggregate.
package voyage

import (


// Number uniquely identifies a particular Voyage.
type Number string

// Voyage is a uniquely identifiable series of carrier movements.
type Voyage struct {
	Number   Number
	Schedule Schedule

// New creates a voyage with a voyage number and a provided schedule.
func New(n Number, s Schedule) *Voyage {
	return &Voyage{Number: n, Schedule: s}

// Schedule describes a voyage schedule.
type Schedule struct {
	CarrierMovements []CarrierMovement

// CarrierMovement is a vessel voyage from one location to another.
type CarrierMovement struct {
	DepartureLocation location.UNLocode
	ArrivalLocation   location.UNLocode
	DepartureTime     time.Time
	ArrivalTime       time.Time

// ErrUnknown is used when a voyage could not be found.
var ErrUnknown = errors.New("unknown voyage")

// Repository provides access a voyage store.
type Repository interface {
	Find(Number) (*Voyage, error)