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Guitarix is a simple mono amplifier to be used in a 'JACKified'
environment, i.e. a system using the JACK Audio Connection Kit, a
professionally-capable audio/MIDI server and master transport control,
available here:

Guitarix provides one JACK input port and two JACK output ports. It is 
designed to produce nice trash/metal/rock/blues guitar sounds. Controls 
for bass, treble, gain, compressor, tube selector, distortion, flanger,
freeverb, crybaby (wah) and . . . . are available.

======================= Building guitarix from source code

---- Build environment

Guitarix uses 'waf' for the build environment. The simplest and
fastest way to build guitarix is given below:

  cd guitarix_source_directory
  ./waf configure
  ./waf build
  sudo ./waf install

By default, this will install guitarix and related files in
the /usr/local filesystem, e.g. /usr/local/bin.

The installation prefix can be provided at configure time, e.g.:

  ./waf configure --prefix=/usr
  ./waf build
  sudo ./waf install

Thus, guitarix will be installed in /usr/bin.
Check for all options :

 ./waf --help

---- Dependencies 

To compile and run properly guitarix needs the following extra
packages (runtime binaries/libraries and development packages):

  GTK+-2.0 >= 2.20
  libsndfile  >= 1.0.17
  JACK (jackd, libjack, and their development packages) >= 0.116.2
  gtkmm-2.4 >= 2.24
  fftw3f >= 3.1.2

By the way, most package managers usually list development packages as 
'packagename-dev', e.g. libsndfile-dev.

---- Debian

To build a Debian package, run "dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b"

==================== Startup options

Guitarix provides a few user options at startup.
Check from the command line the usual -h, 
--help or --help-all options:

==================== JACK startup when JACK isn't running

Guitarix will pop up a JACK start dialog window if it finds that jackd
is not running.

The user can choose to activate JACK or exit guitarix.  Note that the
supported methods for starting JACK are (by preference order):

1- qjackctl --start
2- Use of $HOME/.jackdrc

=========== Extra information


Guitarix also comes as a suite of LADSPA plugins. If the user wishes
to use guitarix or some of its effects in a LADSPA host (e.g. Ardour),
the guitarix plugins are available. They are installed by default in


where PREFIX is either /usr or /usr/local.



We use FAUST to build the prototype and will say thanks
to the following contributors:

        : Julius Smith <>
		: Albert Graef <>
		: Yann Orlary <>

Enjoy! :)

If you encounter problems building or running guitarix, please inform us.