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How to compile source code and create packages
Get the project from
Must be installed on your Linux system: gcc-c++, make, cmake, httrack-dev
If You have any problems during compiling with any header files (*.h) from httrack-dev package, 
please deinstall this development package and install from
and install this under /usr/local/...

For creating makefile and compiling of HTTraQt:
cmake .

If You want to create th package (DEB of RPM), must be installed rpm-build or dpkg
for DEB based distributions:
make package-binary-deb

or for RPM
make package-binary-rpm

Version history

1.4.10, russian translation fixed
        cmakelists bugfix 
        fixed generation of package dependencies list 
        fixed cmakelists settings for Qt5 version
1.4.8,  Main GUI fixed for displays with small resolution
1.4.7,  Ticket 34, rulez seperated by newline insteed of space
1.4.6,  Hotfix for Qt5 compiling
1.4.5,  Icons as files, #32 overworked code, #33 multiple urls are fixed
1.4.4,  Icons for Dialogs are fixed, size column is fixed in progress
1.4.3,  patched for HTTrack 3.48-13
1.4.2,  patched for HTTrack 3.48-10, thanks to Xavier Roche
1.4.1,  overworked icons handling
1.4.0,  support of new translation file format, short form.
1.3.4,  translation correctures
1.3.3,  translation class extended for new file format; htsnet.h fixed for new libhttrack > 3.48.9
1.3.2,  additional bellarussian language
1.3.1,  options are in separate class, options map as static; option for shutdown delay time
1.3.0,  Shutdown/Hibernate have been implemented, Autoclose MessageBoxes for it;
        Qt5 ready; for compiling with Qt5 change the row "SET(USE_QT_VERSION 4)" at beginning of CMakeLists.txt;
        Additional switch definition in file version.h: USE_QT_VERSION, autogeneration depended from cmake option
1.2.4,  first call of ProgressTab: no rows if initialisation
1.2.3,  OptionsDialog: activation of first page after any button click fixed;
        replaced "H" icon, #28; hide password on proxyoptions;
1.2.2,  OptionsDialog: wrapping of text in widgets implemented.
1.2.1,  Options are moved from QVector to QMap; too often creating of OptionsDialog fixed
1.2.0,  SystemTray mode was implemented, ProcessPage: rows will be hidden if no info
1.1.11, limit options: comboboxes are editable
1.1.10, closed tickets: #19, #22, #26, #21, #27
        version compatibile to WinHTTrack, webhttrack projects
1.1.9,  sync for QSettings write
1.1.8,  additional parameter "BuildTopIndex"
1.1.7,  handling of parameters like webhttrack: separated with "space"
1.1.6,  fixed: dependencies bug: libhttrack -> libhttrack2
1.1.5,  fixed: if checkbox is "false", not toggles
1.1.4,  fixed mistake with URL dialog if rejected; remastered checkInstanceRuns()
1.1.3,  fixed bug in "Rules options" widget, fixed: new project after downloaded project
1.1.2,  "Cancel" button will be hidden if no file name, ticket #14
1.1.1,  executable bit during creating of package, ticket #15
1.1.0,  cancel download of separate file implemented, ticket #10
1.0.17, remastered translation of dictionaries, remastered dialog boxes: translations for buttons,
        fixed InsertUrlDialog crash, ticket #11
1.0.16, fixed cinese and japanese dictionaries
1.0.15, additional submenu for selection of font size: option for cecutient people;
        downlaod abort of selected file is possible
        crash during switch of languiages fixed
1.0.14, fixed dependencies bug, ticket #9; fixed selecting working path, ticket #7; removed make httraqt_rpm, httraqt_deb;
        remastered cmake cpack rulez: make package-binary-deb; package-binary-rpm; package-binary-stgz; package-binary-tbz2;
        package-binary-tgz; package_source are possible
1.0.13, fixed close app mistake, ticket #4; fixed BuildStringDialog bug, ticket #3; 
        fixed QFileDialog bug for Qt4.7, ticket #5. many thanks to katiem
1.0.12, fixed "OptionsLimits" widget
1.0.11, fixed CPack rulez for debian (detection of act. dpkg architecture)
1.0.10, fixed russian language file
1.0.9,  font size for all widgets depended from system font size
1.0.8,  one styleSheet/same font size for all widgets
1.0.7,  fixed problems with font size
1.0.6,  countdown timer changed to stop of downloading
1.0.5,  removed popup after breaked downloading, like WinHTTrack; fixed update bug
1.0.4,  fixed autodetection of architecture during DEB creating.
1.0.3,  remastered vectors init, removed std=c++0x option for compatibility with compilers older GCC 4.4. Checked on Debian 6 and OS/2
1.0.2,  removed Qt3Support dependencies from UI files
1.0.1,  possible to generate RPM filez
1.0.0,  fixed progress tab init, fixed sheduler
0.99.10, fixed bug in OptionsTab url edit widget. cmake settings are in separate files for Linux, OSX (dummy file), Windows (dummy file).
0.99.9, fixed "make package" only for debian (and based) distributions. fixed mistake with language files location after installation.
0.99.8, changes in cmake configuration files. "make package" will be solved in next update of project
0.99.7, additional checking of to loaded icon file size. allowed size < 1kB
0.99.6, additional icons for language actions, remastered about popup window
0.99.5, additional autoselecting of QCheckButtons for extensions in OptionsRulez
0.99.4, implemented GUI actions: new project, browse, changed app dir detection
0.99.3, first official release