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.\" Automatically generated by Pod::Man v1.37, Pod::Parser v1.32
.\" Standard preamble:
.\" ========================================================================
.de Sh \" Subsection heading
.if t .Sp
.ne 5
.de Sp \" Vertical space (when we can't use .PP)
.if t .sp .5v
.if n .sp
.de Vb \" Begin verbatim text
.ft CW
.ne \\$1
.de Ve \" End verbatim text
.ft R
.\" Set up some character translations and predefined strings.  \*(-- will
.\" give an unbreakable dash, \*(PI will give pi, \*(L" will give a left
.\" double quote, and \*(R" will give a right double quote.  | will give a
.\" real vertical bar.  \*(C+ will give a nicer C++.  Capital omega is used to
.\" do unbreakable dashes and therefore won't be available.  \*(C` and \*(C'
.\" expand to `' in nroff, nothing in troff, for use with C<>.
.tr \(*W-|\(bv\*(Tr
.ds C+ C\v'-.1v'\h'-1p'\s-2+\h'-1p'+\s0\v'.1v'\h'-1p'
.ie n \{\
.    ds -- \(*W-
.    ds PI pi
.    if (\n(.H=4u)&(1m=24u) .ds -- \(*W\h'-12u'\(*W\h'-12u'-\" diablo 10 pitch
.    if (\n(.H=4u)&(1m=20u) .ds -- \(*W\h'-12u'\(*W\h'-8u'-\"  diablo 12 pitch
.    ds L" ""
.    ds R" ""
.    ds C` ""
.    ds C' ""
.    ds -- \|\(em\|
.    ds PI \(*p
.    ds L" ``
.    ds R" ''
.\" If the F register is turned on, we'll generate index entries on stderr for
.\" titles (.TH), headers (.SH), subsections (.Sh), items (.Ip), and index
.\" entries marked with X<> in POD.  Of course, you'll have to process the
.\" output yourself in some meaningful fashion.
.if \nF \{\
.    de IX
.    tm Index:\\$1\t\\n%\t"\\$2"
.    nr % 0
.    rr F
.\" For nroff, turn off justification.  Always turn off hyphenation; it makes
.\" way too many mistakes in technical documents.
.hy 0
.if n .na
.\" Accent mark definitions (@(#)ms.acc 1.5 88/02/08 SMI; from UCB 4.2).
.\" Fear.  Run.  Save yourself.  No user-serviceable parts.
.    \" fudge factors for nroff and troff
.if n \{\
.    ds #H 0
.    ds #V .8m
.    ds #F .3m
.    ds #[ \f1
.    ds #] \fP
.if t \{\
.    ds #H ((1u-(\\\\n(.fu%2u))*.13m)
.    ds #V .6m
.    ds #F 0
.    ds #[ \&
.    ds #] \&
.    \" simple accents for nroff and troff
.if n \{\
.    ds ' \&
.    ds ` \&
.    ds ^ \&
.    ds , \&
.    ds ~ ~
.    ds /
.if t \{\
.    ds ' \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H)'\'\h"|\\n:u"
.    ds ` \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H)'\`\h'|\\n:u'
.    ds ^ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*10/11-\*(#H)'^\h'|\\n:u'
.    ds , \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10)',\h'|\\n:u'
.    ds ~ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu-\*(#H-.1m)'~\h'|\\n:u'
.    ds / \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H)'\z\(sl\h'|\\n:u'
.    \" troff and (daisy-wheel) nroff accents
.ds : \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*8/10-\*(#H+.1m+\*(#F)'\v'-\*(#V'\z.\h'.2m+\*(#F'.\h'|\\n:u'\v'\*(#V'
.ds 8 \h'\*(#H'\(*b\h'-\*(#H'
.ds o \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu+\w'\(de'u-\*(#H)/2u'\v'-.3n'\*(#[\z\(de\v'.3n'\h'|\\n:u'\*(#]
.ds d- \h'\*(#H'\(pd\h'-\w'~'u'\v'-.25m'\f2\(hy\fP\v'.25m'\h'-\*(#H'
.ds D- D\\k:\h'-\w'D'u'\v'-.11m'\z\(hy\v'.11m'\h'|\\n:u'
.ds th \*(#[\v'.3m'\s+1I\s-1\v'-.3m'\h'-(\w'I'u*2/3)'\s-1o\s+1\*(#]
.ds Th \*(#[\s+2I\s-2\h'-\w'I'u*3/5'\v'-.3m'o\v'.3m'\*(#]
.ds ae a\h'-(\w'a'u*4/10)'e
.ds Ae A\h'-(\w'A'u*4/10)'E
.    \" corrections for vroff
.if v .ds ~ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*9/10-\*(#H)'\s-2\u~\d\s+2\h'|\\n:u'
.if v .ds ^ \\k:\h'-(\\n(.wu*10/11-\*(#H)'\v'-.4m'^\v'.4m'\h'|\\n:u'
.    \" for low resolution devices (crt and lpr)
.if \n(.H>23 .if \n(.V>19 \
.    ds : e
.    ds 8 ss
.    ds o a
.    ds d- d\h'-1'\(ga
.    ds D- D\h'-1'\(hy
.    ds th \o'bp'
.    ds Th \o'LP'
.    ds ae ae
.    ds Ae AE
.rm #[ #] #H #V #F C
.\" ========================================================================
\&\fBRunSimTest\fR \- Run a test over the IB management simulator
RunSimTest [\-h] [\-o osm\-path][\-f flow\-file][\-c checker\-file]
   \-t topology [\-n osm\-node\-name][\-p osm\-port\-num][\-s seed][\-V verbosity\-list]
This command starts the simulator and runs the the given test flow
on top of it. Then it runs the checker flow. The default test flow starts
OpenSM and wait for Subnet-Up event. User given flow can make use of the
provided facilities for starting OpenSM and tracking it events.
.IP "\-t topology" 4
.IX Item "-t topology"
A topology file describing the fabric (see \fBibdm-topo-file\fR)
.IX Header "OPTIONS"
.IP "\-f flow-file" 4
.IX Item "-f flow-file"
A tcl file sourced by the sim after the fabric is setup. See following discussion about the provided \s-1API\s0 and global variables that are available for the flow.
.IP "\-c checker-file" 4
.IX Item "-c checker-file"
A tcl file defining when osm completed and what checks are requierd to validate it's outputs. The procedure named 'checker' is invoked by the test flow to start the checking flow. The default flow waits for OpenSM to complete setup the fabric and run ibdmchk.
.IP "\-o osm-path" 4
.IX Item "-o osm-path"
Full path to OpenSM (/usr/local/ofed/osm\-sim/bin/opensm). \s-1NOTE\s0 OpenSM should be compiled with \-\-with\-osmv=sim to be able to connect to the simulator.
.IP "\-n osm-node" 4
.IX Item "-n osm-node"
Topology file node name the \s-1SM\s0 runs on (default H\-1/U1)
.IP "\-p port-num" 4
.IX Item "-p port-num"
Port number the \s-1SM\s0 attaches to (default 1).
.IP "\-s seed" 4
.IX Item "-s seed"
Random seed to be used.
.IP "\-V verbosity-list" 4
.IX Item "-V verbosity-list"
Module verbosity list. The first should be the global verbosity. See IBMgtSim for full list of modules.
.Vb 4
\& -V 0xffff = Full verbosity on all modules
\& -V '"0x3 server 0x6f2 sma 0xffff"' = Only fatal and error
\&    for all modules full verbosity for the SMA module and default
\&    verbosity for the Server module.
.IP "\-h" 4
.IX Item "-h"
This help message
.IX Header "AUTHOR"
Eitan Zahavi, Mellanox Technologies \s-1LTD\s0,