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The set of files provided in this directory can be used to demo the
ibdiags capabilities to report various error conditions on the IB fabric.
The files should be used by the ibmgtsim to simulate the error and
then interactively invoke ibdiagnet/ibdiagpath to see the report.

Files in this directory:
network.topo - the full topology used for this demo
credit-loops.topo - OpenSM default router cause credit loops on this fabric

partition.*.tcl       - set 3 partitions and remove some sw pkeys to fail
ipoib.*.tcl 	      -	set three subnets, show OK and two warnings regarding
                     	IPoIB join
faulty-links.*.tcl    - set some packet drops on the fabric
ipoib.*.tcl 	      - make some nodes fail to join IPoIB or make MCG
			slower then needed
no-faults.*.tcl       - the good case flow
qos.*.tcl 	      - show some errors caused by faulty QoS setup
sm-credits.*.tcl      - show credit loop report if run with credit-loops.topo
sm-lids.*.tcl         - show bad LID assignment errors
sm-link-setup.*.tcl   - show bad LINK parameter assignments
sm-routing.*.tcl      - demo routing faults by the SM
sm-single-master.tcl  - show bad SM handover sequence report