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This directory holds some tcl code of simulator tests, and
example topology files.

RunSimTest TESTS:
RunSimTest requires two files:
* a "simulator flow": *.sim.tcl file that is run in the simulator
* a "checker": *.check.tcl file that extends the RunSimTest with
  a particular flow of execution and checkers for pass/fail

osmLidAssignment - comprehensive test of lid assignment algorithm
osmMulticastRoutingTest - performs Multicast Join in random order
osmStability - check if we can get Subnet Up under many bad links
OsmTest - simply run osmtest after subnet is up

The following are ibdiagnet tests (all of them currently do not have an internal PASS/FAIL)
ibdiagnet.check.tcl - is a common checker flow that starts the SM and calls post SM
   errors injection and then ibdiagnet
ibdiag-drops.sim.tcl - set some bad links
ibdiag-dup-node-guid.sim.tcl - duplicate node guid
ibdiag-dup-port-guid.sim.tcl - duplicate port guid
ibdiag-lid.sim.tcl - post the SM run duplicate or zero some lids
ibdiag-mcast.sim.tcl - post SM create 3 MGRPs join some ports, then disconenct some MFT routing
ibdiag-ucast.sim.tcl - post SM delete some LFT entries

init.test.tcl - is a very simple code that only initialize
  the simulator and serve as example for the TCL API.

Gnu16NodeOsmTest.topo - a 6 x 8p switch, two level tree with 16 nodes
ReindeerBased128Nodes.topo - 128 nodes on 2 level tree made out of 24p switches
RhinoBased10K.topo - a 10,000 nodes tree made of 24p (first) and 144p (second)
RhinoBased512Nodes.topo - 512 ndoes tree using 144p switches (have credit loops)
RhinoBasedCreditLoop.topo - 3 24p switch and 1 144p switch for credit loop demo
RhinoReindeer1100.topo - a 10K nodes cluster made of 24p and 144p switches