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2019-07-18  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-completing-read+.el (ido-completing-read+): Disable
	workaround for Emacs bug #27807 in Emacs 27.1 and higher

2018-06-27  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-completing-read+.el (ido-cr+-function-blacklist): Disable
	ido completion in org-set-tags.

2018-04-24  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-completing-read+.el (ido-cr+-update-dynamic-collection):
	Prevent unintended re-sorting of the completion list after dynamic

2018-04-21  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-completing-read+.el (ido-cr+-update-dynamic-collection): Fix
	accidental creation of circular lists, which could lead to errors
	or indefinite hangs (#151)

2018-02-16  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-completing-read+.el: Add a temporary fix for a conflict with
	flx-ido in Emacs 26.

2017-08-19  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-completing-read+.el (ido-cr+-maybe-update-blacklist): Fix a
	bug in blacklist update functionality

2017-08-13  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-completing-read+.el (ido-cr+-apply-restrictions): Make
	"ido-restrict-to-matches" work with dynamic completion tables.

	(ido-cr+-update-dynamic-collection): Make behavior on dynamic
	completion tables more deterministic. The set of offered
	completions now only depends on the current input, not the precise
	sequence of insertions and deletions the user used to end up
	there. ido-completing-read+ now depends on the memoize package.

2017-08-07  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-completing-read+.el: Declare missing dependency on "s"

	(ido-completing-read+): Allow DEF to be a string (or list of

	(ido-cr+-nil-def-alternate-behavior-list): Support commands that
	behave badly when "require-match" is non-nil and "def" is nil.

	(ido-select-text@ido-cr+-fix-require-match): If the collection is
	dynamic, use "try-completion" as an alternative way to check for a

2017-07-24  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-completing-read+.el: Further improvements to handling of
	dynamic completion tables. Among other things, flex matching is
	now supported for dynamic tables, and idle timers are used to
	avoid recalculating the list of completions between every

2017-07-08  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-completing-read+.el: Internal change: switch to the new
	"nadvice" system for all function advice.

2017-07-05  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-completing-read+.el (ido-completing-read+): Massive
	refactor. The "overrides" system has been completely reworked.
	There is no longer a distinction between "old" and "new" default
	styles; commands and functions are no longer treated differently;
	and ido-cr+ is now enabled for dynamic completion tables. Users
	should read the FAQ, which explains the minor user-visible

	* ido-ubiquitous.el: Refactor entire package into ido-cr+. The
	current ido-ubiquitous.el is just a stub that loads ido-cr+ and
	displays a deprecation warning.

2017-06-01  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-completing-read+.el (ido-completing-read+): Don't use ido if
	the collection is empty, since doing so would be pointless.

	* ido-ubiquitous.el (ido-ubiquitous-default-command-overrides):
	Update some overrides

	* ido-describe-fns.el (ido-descfns-maybe-load-prefixes): Add
	support for the auto-loading feature of describe-variable and
	similar commands.

2017-03-13  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous.el (ido-cr+--explain-fallback): Fix
	ido-ubiquitous-debug-mode messages.

2016-06-23  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous.el (ido-ubiquitous-default-command-overrides):
	Remove the recently-added overrides for "describe-function" and
	"describe-variable". Ido completion interferes with a new feature
	of the completion for these functions, so it should be disabled
	unless ido can be made compatible with this feature.

2016-06-18  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous.el (completing-read-ido-ubiquitous): Fix an edge
	case where COLLECTION is a function and PREDICATE is non-nil. This
	edge case caused errors in "describe-function" and
	"describe-variable" in Emacs 25.1.
	(completing-read-ido-ubiquitous): Make error handling more robust.
	In addition to falling back to normal completion on a specific set
	of expected errors, ido-ubiquitous now falls back on *any* error
	encountered in the body of "completing-read-ido-ubiquitous".
	(ido-ubiquitous-default-command-overrides): Add override for
	"describe-function" and "describe-variable", which now require
	them in Emacs 25.1.

2016-02-20  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-completing-read+.el (ido-select-text): Eliminate another
	compiler warning

2016-02-17  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* test/ido-ubiquitous-test.el: Significant refactoring of awkward
	testing code. Tests should now be more robust.

	* ido-completing-read+.el (ido-select-text): Fix an edge case in
	ido-select-text: when require-match and default are both non-nil,
	it should be impossible to return an empty string.
	(ido-cr+-fallback-function): Don't allow ido-ubiquitous to be a
	fallback for ido-cr+.

2016-01-29  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous.el (ido-ubiquitous--maybe-update-overrides):
	Change default auto-update setting to notify. If the user has
	customized overrides and new ones are added upstream, it will nag
	them until they choose to explicitly enable or disable

2016-01-16  Rasmus <>

	* ido-ubiquitous.el (ido-ubiquitous-update-overrides): Remove
	dependency on s.el.

2015-11-22  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous.el (ido-ubiquitous--maybe-update-overrides):
	Allow ido-ubiquitous to automatically add new overrides.

2015-11-21  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous.el: Fix up dependency declarations and require
	statements (including a pull request by Steve Purcell)

	* ido-completing-read+.el (ido-select-text): Fix C-j behavior when
	require-match is enabled

2015-10-04  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous.el: Add override for etags-select

2015-06-19  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous.el: Fix some byte-compile warnings in autoloads
	by also autoloading the associated variable declarations

2015-06-18  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous.el: Ignore and warn about invalid overrides
	instead of crashing

	* ido-completing-read+.el: Fix some variable declaration warnings

	* ido-ubiquitous.el (ido-ubiquitous-default-command-overrides):
	Add override for "where-is" command

2015-05-28  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous.el (ido-ubiquitous-version): Fix a typo in the previous version

2015-04-23  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-completing-read+.el: Fix obsolete reference to "choices"
	instead of "collection"

2015-04-08  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous.el: Major refactor. Split into two packages:
	ido-completing-read+.el and ido-ubiquitous.el that depends on it.
	Additionally, some of the customization variables for
	ido-ubiquitous have been changed for increased flexibility in
	configuration, and the internals have been rearchitected

2015-01-25  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Fix indentation issues

2014-09-04  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Enable fallbacks to non-ido-completion using C-f
	and C-b

2014-05-26  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Disable in tmm when called as a function as well
	as a command

2014-03-27  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Add override for "*-theme" functions

2014-03-24  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Fix a bug related to

2014-02-25  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Disable in tmm-menubar

2013-11-19  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Add new custom variable

2013-10-02  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Enable in "read-char-by-name"

2013-09-27  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Disable in org and magit since they already
	support ido

2013-09-26  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Make ido-ubiquitous work with Emacs trunk

	* ido-ubiquitous: Fix a few minor and unlikely-to-ever-occur bugs

	* ido-ubiquitous: Replace collection function whitelist with
	overrides (overrides can now force ido completion when collection
	is a function)

2013-09-23  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Implement collection function whitelist

	* ido-ubiquitous: Implement collection size limit for ido

2013-09-17  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Eliminate use of "macroexp--backtrace", which
	doesn't exist in Emacs 24.2.

2013-09-11  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Fix handling of collection being a function
	(issues #23 and #25).

2013-09-10  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Fix the issue where `called-interactively-p'
	always returns false

2013-09-05  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Ido-ubiquitous now works better with interactive
	commands. Specifically, it now works when the completion happens
	inside the "interactive" form of the command instead of the
	function body.

	* ido-ubiquitous: Functions and commands that need non-standard
	behavior are now controlled through the variables
	"ido-ubiquitous-command-overrides" and

	* ido-ubiquitous: Major rewrite of a significant portions of

2013-05-31  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Officially drop support for Emacs 23 and lower.
	ido-ubiquitous now uses the `completing-read-function' variable
	instead of advising `completing-read'.

	* ido-ubiquitous: Make ido-ubiquitous work more reliably in
	interactive commands.

	* ido-ubiquitous: Avoid spurious warning when loaded before ido.

	* ido-ubiquitous: Disable ido when completion-extra-properties is

	* ido-ubiquitous: The interface for setting old-style completion
	compatibility has changed. If you have customized these settings,
	you should review them after upgrading.

2012-09-07  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: Restore compatibility with Emacs 23 and earlier

	* ido-ubiquitous: Work around an ido bug where providing both an
	initial input and a default would break things

	* ido-ubiquitous: Most modifications to ido behavior are now
	activated only when ido is acting as a completing-read
	replacement, and not when it is used directly. This shoud prevent
	ido-ubiquitous from interfering with normal usage of ido.

	* ido-ubiquitous: Add Custom interface for compatibility

2012-09-03  Ryan C. Thompson  <>

	* ido-ubiquitous: New implementation: Switch from defining advice
	on "completing-read" to setting "completing-read-function"