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# puppetlabs/kitchensink

A library of utility functions that are common to several Puppet Labs
clojure projects.

## Installation

Add the following dependency to your `project.clj` file:

[![Clojars Project](](

## Using Our Test Utils

Kitchensink provides [utility code](./test/puppetlabs/kitchensink/) for use in tests.
The code is available in a separate "test" jar that you may depend on by using a classifier in your project dependencies.

  (defproject yourproject "1.0.0"
    :profiles {:test {:dependencies [[puppetlabs/kitchensink "x.y.z" :classifier "test"]]}})

## License

Copyright © 2013 Puppet Labs

Distributed under the [Apache License, version 2](

## Support

Please log tickets and issues at our [Trapperkeeper JIRA tracker](