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package platform backends for x11 and wayland and recommend qtwayland5 talked with mgraesslin about this... at install time we cannot know whether an application will need the wayland or x11 plugin (let alone third party applications outside of a packaging context), so the way to ensure things work correctly is to have both x11 and wayland installed at the same time. this has to stay this way for the foreseeable future (possibly until upstream decides to drop the x11 plugin) as this is sort of required to keep kwindowsystem working for x11 apps and wayland apps. this does not have anything to do with which display technology is actually used but rather what the application was built around. packaging both forcefully has the disadvantage of pulling in xcb/libwayland on systems where one of the two would technically not be needed, which is a bit meh but better than having broken functionality. upstream *explicitly* requested both to be present all the time to ensure that all applications will work correctly. Harald Sitter 6 years ago
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4141 Depends: libkf5windowsystem-data (= ${source:Version}),
4242 ${misc:Depends},
4343 ${shlibs:Depends}
44 Recommends: qtwayland5
4445 Description: Convenience access to certain properties and features of the window manager.
4546 The class KWindowSystem provides information about the state of the
4647 window manager and allows asking the window manager to change them
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2 usr/lib/*/qt5/plugins/kf5/org.kde.kwindowsystem.platforms/
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