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Coffee stains package for latex

## Usage

To use the package, simply place the `coffee.sty` file in the
directory with all of your other `.tex` files *or*
install it properly (consult your distribution's manual).  Then
include the following line in the header of your document:

Since version 5, there is a convenient command:
to place a random splash with random parameters on the current
page. There is now also a package option to put coffee on every page like

For more fine grained controll, use the original commands:

To place a coffee stain on a page, put one of the following commands
in the source code of the relevant page: 

where `alpha` is
the transparency factor $\in [0,1]$. The scale factor is `scale`,
and the standard is `scale=1`.  The angle is in degrees $\in
[0,360]$.  The position relative to the centre of the page is given by
x and y offsets `xoff and `yoff`.

## Genesis

The latex-coffee package. 

by Hanno Rein, Cambridge University

#### November, 2010

Updated to TikZ (for compatibility with pdflatex)

by Evan Sultanik, Johns Hopkins University APL

Inspired by several arXiv papers (see eg. 0812.3367v2)

#### March, 2011

Adding more options and  compatible with pdflatex

by Luis Randez, IUMA, University of Zaragoza

#### May, 2012

Added placement parameters

by Adrian Robson

#### December, 2014

Added random \cofeSplash{} (requires ifthen) and onEveryPage package option

added to github

by Sebastian Schmittner

## License

MIT License, see LICENSE.

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