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External-Memory Sorting in Java: useful to sort very large files using multiple cores and an external-memory algorithm.

The versions 0.1 of the library are compatible with Java 6 and above. Versions 0.2 and above
require at least Java 8. 

This code is used in [Apache Jackrabbit Oak](

Code sample


//... inputfile: input file name
//... outputfile: output file name
// next command sorts the lines from inputfile to outputfile
ExternalSort.mergeSortedFiles(ExternalSort.sortInBatch(new File(inputfile)), new File(outputfile));
// you can also provide a custom string comparator, see API

API Documentation

Maven dependency

You can download the jar files from the Maven central repository:

You can also specify the dependency in the Maven "pom.xml" file:


How to build

- get the java jdk
- Install Maven 2
- mvn install - builds jar (requires signing)
- mvn test - runs tests

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