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Libhdate, hcal, hdate: version 1.6.02 released
This release brings the package into complicance with the Debian policy
for packaging.

2013-02-11 Boruch Baum <>

Libhdate, hcal, hdate: version 1.6.01 released
This is a bugfix release, correcting a problem in hcal, which would
improoperly truncate the final week line in February.

2013-01-02 Boruch Baum <>

Libhdate, hcal, hdate: version 1.6 released

LibHdate is a small library for the Hebrew calendar, dates, holidays,
and reading sequence. It is written in C and includes bindings for
pascal, perl, python, php, ruby.

hcal and hdate are small example command line programs, written in C.

This release brings many new options, features, and bug fixes to the two example
programs hcal and hdate. The changes to the underlying function library include
a few minor bug fixes, deprecation of a series of string functions in favor
of a single new one with better memory allocation, and hard-coding of core
elements of the Hebrew localization so that Hebrew can be displayed in all

Some selected highlights:

* config files for storing defaults
* user-defined menus (defined in config file)
* sunset awareness, based on coordinates given or system timezone and guesswork
* optional easier entry of coordinates (N, S, E, W, dd:mm:ss)
* minhag customization for Shabbat times
* Hebrew information in Hebrew characters (for all locales)
* hcal can display in 3-month mode, in color, with footnotes and Shabbat information
* hdate can output data in csv format, suitable for spreadsheets, awk, etc.
* hdate has many format enhancements

2012-01-09 Boruch Baum <>