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extern const mawk_vio_imp_t mawk_vio_hash_imp;

mawk_vio_t *mawk_vio_hash_open(mawk_state_t *MAWK, const char *name, mawk_vio_open_mode_t mode);

/* reopen an existing vf: reset eof states */
void mawk_vio_hash_reopen(mawk_state_t *MAWK, mawk_vio_t *vf, mawk_vio_open_mode_t mode);

/* free a hash struct */
void mawk_vio_hash_free(mawk_state_t *MAWK, mawk_vio_t *vf);

/* retrieve current value of the hash */
unsigned long int mawk_vio_hash_val(mawk_state_t *MAWK, mawk_vio_t *vf);

/* the application wants to signal eof to the script */
int mawk_vio_hash_eof_from_app(mawk_state_t *MAWK, mawk_vio_t *vf);