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This directory hosts a set of minimalistic example applications and
example scripts to try them on. Each example shall demonstrate a single
feature, the reader is expected to be able to combine these features when
building a large application.

Directories are prefixed with a number to keep examples in order of
complexity. Starting at lower numbers helps understanding the basics
before examples start to deal with the more complex features. Examples
prefixed with the same number are on the same level of complexity and
may depend on familiarity with lower numbered examples only.

Each directory is a single host application (with main() implemented in
app.c, being the starting point) usually accompanied by an awk script
(test.awk). There's always a comment explaining the purpose and invocation
of the example on top of app.c. Furthermore "make run" will run the example
with the standard invocation; the expected output is in out.ref; "make test"
runs the app and compares the output to the reference.