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	* Added: CalendarPane.observeMonth(int, int);
	* Added: Slovak and Czech translation (thanks to Lubomir Grajciar) 
	* Added: Hebrew translation (thanks to Moshe Elisha)
	* Added: Turkish translation (thanks to Emre Yazici)
	* Added: Hungarian translation (thanks to Zoltan Kuroli)

	* changed misspelled package name 'jgrpah' to 'jgraph'
	* fixed build script to correctly package resources (thanks to Velimir Gasparovic)
	* Change: changed project directory structure according to Maven guidelines.
	* Fixed: DatePicker popup did not close when clicked on already selecteed date.
	* CalendarPane.fireCommitEvent(boolean) made public
	* CalendarPane.fireActionEvent() made public
	* Added: DatePicker.dropdownFocusable property
	* Added: MicrobaComponent.colorOverrideMap property  
	* Added: Microba.setColorOverrideMap method         
		These two improvements allow to override colors on per-instance	and per-L&F basis.
		Currenty CalendarPane and DatePicker support some color overriding.
	* Fixed: CalendarPane ignores enabled property

v. (21 nov 2006)
	* Fixed: Microba works with NetBeans Matisse GUI editor.
		Thanks to Witold Szczerba for testing the fix.
	* Fixed: manifest now specifies javabeans
	* Refactored: common superclass extracted: MicrobaComponent
	* Fixed: DatePicker ignores locale passed in constructor
	* Fixed: DatePicker ignores showWeekNumber
	* Fixed: DatePicker may return wrong date via getDate() in some cases
	* Fixed: Portuguese translation corrected by Roger Ara├║jo
	* Fixed: DatePicker displays no tooltip string
	* Fixed: DatePicker goes to infinite loop if keepTime is true, and date format has no time fields.
		Thanks to Wolfgang Fietzke for his excellent bug report!

	* Added: Birdview component for JGraph library
	* Added: Swedish translation for DatePicker
	* Added: CalendarPane.stripDate ( and DatePicker.stripDate ) property (optional time stripping)
	* Added: DatePicker.keepTime property (improved time field handling)
	* Added: DatePicker.pickerStyle property (controls visual style of the picker itself)
	* Added: DatePicker.showButtonOnly() shortcut method
	* Added: static CalendarPane.stripDate(...) utility method
	* Fixed: DatePicker.setDateFormat(...) never fired a PropertyChangeEvent
	* Changed: picker-16.png ico for DatePicker changed

v.0.4.2 (31 jul 2006)
	* Refactored: dateStyle property of DatePicker was dropped in favour of dateFormat property. However,
		old constructors preserved.
	* Fixed: OutOfMemory exception bug fixed. The bug prevented components to be garbage collected because
		references were held by Timer tasks. Regression: CalendarPane will update 'today' date only 
		on creation. 

v.0.4.1 (18 jun 2006)
	* Added: ability to show number of weeks for DatePicker and CalendarPane.
	* Fixed: Applet refresh problem: see readme.txt, see Microba.init()
	* Fixed: Polish translation (thanks to Gregory Kaczmarczyk)
v.0.4 (29 mar 2006)
	* Refactored: com.michaelbaranov.microba.common package introduced
	* Refactored: class HollidayPolicy renamed to HolidayPolicy
	* Refactored: properties named 'hollidayPolicy' renamed to 'holidayPolicy' in all classes  
	* Refactored: renamed recources in com.michaelbaranov.microba.calendar.resource:
		16.png -> picker-16.png
		l.png  -> back-16.png
		ll.png -> back-fast-16.png
		r.png  -> forward-16.png
		rr.png -> forward-fast-16.png
	* Added: MarkerBar, GradientBar, GradientEditor controls
	* Added: multiple translations for CalendarPane UI
	* Added: enabled/disabled state for DatePicker and CalendarPane
	* Fixed: DatePickerCellEditor not respected focus lost behavior of the DatePicker.
		Now it is possible to commit cell edit when cell edit stops (e.g. tab out).
v.0.3 (15 dec 2005)
	* First public release