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Revision history for Perl extension POE::Component::SSLify.

* 0.10

	More tweaks of POD - finally close RT #31238
	Added SSL version support - thanks RT #31492
	Added SSL CTX option support as a side effect
	Added example with ReadLine support

* 0.09

	Minor tweak of POD to enable better distro building - thanks RT #31238

* 0.08

	Added support for BINMODE - thanks RT #27117

* 0.07

	Fixed undefined $info - thanks RT #22372

* 0.06

	Kwalitee-related fixes

* 0.05

	Finally use a Changes file - thanks RT #18981
	Documentation tweaks
	Upgraded Net::SSLeay requirement to 1.30 to help Win32 problems

* 0.04

	Added new functions to extract data from the SSL socket -> GetCipher and GetSocket
	In the case somebody knows Net::SSLeay more than me, added GetCTX to return the server-side CTX object
	Removed the dependency on Net::SSLeay::Handle

* 0.03

	First stab at the server-side code, help me test it out!
	Refactored SSLify() into client/server side, so update your program accordingly!

* 0.02

	Made sure the IO::Handle way was used only on MSWin32

	* SSLify::ServerHandle
	Removed _CIPHER and moved it to the main code
	Oops, forgot to override _get_self and _get_ssl
	Fixed a nasty leak issue

* 0.01

	Initial release