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Revision history for Perl extension POE::Component::SSLify.

	Released: 2011-03-10 07:55:30 UTC

	Fix the connfail tests due to an incorrect assumption regards socket close value, thanks CPANTesters!

	Released: 2011-03-08 23:39:03 UTC

	We now load certificate files via CTX_use_certificate_chain_file(), thanks Zephaniah E. Loss-Cutler-Hull <>
		OpenSSL docs suggest it -
		PLEASE yell at me if you need the old functionality - the docs suggest this is the "better" way to do it...
	Add the ability to pass a subref to call on connection/negotiation success, thanks Zephaniah E. Loss-Cutler-Hull <>
		NOTE: This will not work if you do renegotiation or any other zany SSL stuff!
	Add the SSLify_GetStatus function to get the status of the connection
	After staring at the Net::SSLeay/OpenSSL docs for a while I realized we were missing support for sslv23 version, added!
	After some investigation, we now load all default ENGINEs for OpenSSL on startup, as it might provide a performance boost

	Released: 2011-02-28 15:52:24 UTC

	Add $IGNORE_SSL_ERRORS to ignore certain SSL errors, thanks MNUNBERG - RT#66130
	Remove prereq on as it's obsolete

	Released: 2011-02-20 04:23:48 UTC

	Add SSLify_GetSSL to get the Net::SSLeay object, thanks MNUNBERG!

	Released: 2011-02-13 18:11:07 UTC

	Fixed the Net::SSLeay import code, thanks CPANTesters!

	Released: 2011-02-13 00:06:14 UTC

	Converted to Dist::Zilla for the release process!
	Add a test for in-situ sslification, thanks MNUNBERG!
	Add prereq for IO::Handle 1.28 to get sane $socket->blocking( 0 ) behavior on MSWin32
	Remove crufty old code for nonblocking and use $socket->blocking() instead


	Split up the simple.t test into 2 tests for clarity, and added more diag messages for renegotiate, thanks HMBRAND!


	Fixed a warning generated by POE::Component::Client::TCP in t/simple.t, thanks HMBRAND!


	Bumped POE dep to at least 1.267 for t/simple.t - thanks CPANTesters!
	Minor typo fixes in POD/Build.PL


	Fixed the t/simple.t test to PASS on FreeBSD because Net::SSLeay::renegotiate was buggy on it, thanks CPANTesters!
	Added note about OpenSSL functions in the POD.


	Updated the nonblocking code to be production-ready, thanks ASCENT!
	Removed the NONBLOCKING() sub, this module is now always nonblocking.
	Added more tests, thanks ASCENT!
	Added "mylib/example.crt" and "mylib/example.key" for testing, thanks ASCENT!
	Misc kwalitee and POD fixes.
	Bumped Net::SSLeay prereq to 1.36 so we have the latest SSL stuff to ensure sanity :)


	Added "examples/" to track down same-process sslification problems, thanks LotR!

	Applied patch from BinGOs to support passing custom $ctx for Server_SSLify, thanks! RT#43018

	Switched over to Test::Apocalypse for easy author tests

	Added experimental NONBLOCKING code, thanks ASCENT for the motivation!


	removed Test::* modules from dependency list, thanks BINGOS - RT #36725

	dos2unix fixes - thanks RT #36704

	added Build.PL


	POD typo errors in SSLify_ContextCreate - thanks ASCENT!


	Kwalitee-related fixes


	allowed setting of client-side context ( $ctx ) object - thanks RT #34442

	squashed typo in pod - thanks ASCENT!

	changed version check code to regexp for compatibility with SSLeay v1.33_01 - thanks Mark!

	added SSLify_ContextCreate helper function

	backported Net::SSLeay's removal of %Filenum_Objects hash


	More tweaks of POD - finally close RT #31238
	Added SSL version support - thanks RT #31492
	Added SSL CTX option support as a side effect
	Added example with ReadLine support


	Minor tweak of POD to enable better distro building - thanks RT #31238


	Added support for BINMODE - thanks RT #27117


	Fixed undefined $info - thanks RT #22372


	Kwalitee-related fixes


	Finally use a Changes file - thanks RT #18981
	Documentation tweaks
	Upgraded Net::SSLeay requirement to 1.30 to help Win32 problems


	Added new functions to extract data from the SSL socket -> GetCipher and GetSocket
	In the case somebody knows Net::SSLeay more than me, added GetCTX to return the server-side CTX object
	Removed the dependency on Net::SSLeay::Handle


	First stab at the server-side code, help me test it out!
	Refactored SSLify() into client/server side, so update your program accordingly!


	Made sure the IO::Handle way was used only on MSWin32

	* SSLify::ServerHandle
	Removed _CIPHER and moved it to the main code
	Oops, forgot to override _get_self and _get_ssl
	Fixed a nasty leak issue


	Initial release