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22 {{$NEXT}}
4 Add $IGNORE_SSL_ERRORS to ignore certain SSL errors, thanks MNUNBERG - RT#66130
5 Remove prereq on as it's obsolete
47 1.002
58 Released: 2011-02-20 04:23:48 UTC
7 Add SSLify_GetSSL to get the Net::SSLeay object, thanks mordy@irc!
10 Add SSLify_GetSSL to get the Net::SSLeay object, thanks MNUNBERG!
912 1.001
1013 Released: 2011-02-13 18:11:07 UTC
1518 Released: 2011-02-13 00:06:14 UTC
1720 Converted to Dist::Zilla for the release process!
18 Add a test for in-situ sslification, thanks mordy@irc!
21 Add a test for in-situ sslification, thanks MNUNBERG!
1922 Add prereq for IO::Handle 1.28 to get sane $socket->blocking( 0 ) behavior on MSWin32
2023 Remove crufty old code for nonblocking and use $socket->blocking() instead
457457 You can have a normal plaintext socket, and convert it to SSL anytime. Just keep in mind that the client and the server must agree to sslify
458458 at the same time, or they will be waiting on each other forever! See C<t/3_insitu.t> for an example of how this works.
460 =head2 MSWin32 is not supported
462 This module doesn't work on MSWin32 platforms at all ( XP, Vista, 7, etc ) because of some weird underlying fd issues. Since I'm not a windows
463 developer, I'm unable to fix this. However, it seems like Cygwin on MSWin32 works just fine! Please help me fix this if you can, thanks!
460465 =head1 EXPORT
462467 Stuffs all of the above functions in @EXPORT_OK so you have to request them directly