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66 PLEASE yell at me if you need the old functionality - the docs suggest this is the "better" way to do it...
88 Add the ability to pass a subref to call on connection/negotiation success, thanks Zephaniah E. Loss-Cutler-Hull <>
9 NOTE: This will not work if you do a renegotiation or any other zany SSL stuff!
9 NOTE: This will not work if you do renegotiation or any other zany SSL stuff!
1010 Add the SSLify_GetStatus function to get the status of the connection
1212 1.003
520520 L<> which explains it in detail. The test will skip this function
521521 if it detects that you're on a broken system. However, if you have the updated OpenSSL library that fixes this you can use it.
523 NOTE: Calling this means the connection function you passed in L</Client_SSLify> or L</Server_SSLify> will not fire! If you need this
524 please let me know and we can come up with a way to make it work.
523526 =head2 In-Situ sslification
525528 You can have a normal plaintext socket, and convert it to SSL anytime. Just keep in mind that the client and the server must agree to sslify