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  native_midi:  Hardware Midi support for the SDL_mixer library
  Copyright (C) 2000,2001  Florian 'Proff' Schulze <>

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#include "SDL.h"

/* Midi Status Bytes */
#define MIDI_STATUS_NOTE_OFF    0x8
#define MIDI_STATUS_NOTE_ON     0x9
#define MIDI_STATUS_SYSEX       0xF

/* We store the midi events in a linked list; this way it is
   easy to shuffle the tracks together later on; and we are
   flexible in the size of each elemnt.
typedef struct MIDIEvent
    Uint32  time;       /* Time at which this midi events occurs */
    Uint8   status;     /* Status byte */
    Uint8   data[2];    /* 1 or 2 bytes additional data for most events */

    Uint32  extraLen;   /* For some SysEx events, we need additional storage */
    Uint8   *extraData;

    struct MIDIEvent *next;
} MIDIEvent;

/* Load a midifile to memory, converting it to a list of MIDIEvents.
   This function returns a linked lists of MIDIEvents, 0 if an error occured.
MIDIEvent *CreateMIDIEventList(SDL_RWops *rw, Uint16 *division);

/* Release a MIDIEvent list after usage. */
void FreeMIDIEventList(MIDIEvent *head);

#endif /* _NATIVE_MIDI_COMMON_H_ */