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# List of POM files for the package
# Format of this file is:
# <path to pom file> [option]*
# where option can be:
#   --ignore: ignore this POM and its artifact if any
#   --ignore-pom: don't install the POM. To use on POM files that are created
#     temporarily for certain artifacts such as Javadoc jars. [mh_install, mh_installpoms]
#   --no-parent: remove the <parent> tag from the POM
#   --package=<package>: an alternative package to use when installing this POM
#      and its artifact
#   --has-package-version: to indicate that the original version of the POM is the same as the upstream part
#      of the version for the package.
#   --keep-elements=<elem1,elem2>: a list of XML elements to keep in the POM
#      during a clean operation with mh_cleanpom or mh_installpom
#   --artifact=<path>: path to the build artifact associated with this POM,
#      it will be installed when using the command mh_install. [mh_install]
#   --java-lib: install the jar into /usr/share/java to comply with Debian
#      packaging guidelines
#   --usj-name=<name>: name to use when installing the library in /usr/share/java
#   --usj-version=<version>: version to use when installing the library in /usr/share/java
#   --no-usj-versionless: don't install the versionless link in /usr/share/java
#   --dest-jar=<path>: the destination for the real jar.
#     It will be installed with mh_install. [mh_install]
#   --classifier=<classifier>: Optional, the classifier for the jar. Empty by default.
#   --site-xml=<location>: Optional, the location for site.xml if it needs to be installed.
#     Empty by default. [mh_install]
pom.xml --no-parent --has-package-version
integration/pom.xml --ignore
jcl-over-slf4j/pom.xml --has-package-version
jul-to-slf4j/pom.xml --has-package-version
log4j-over-slf4j/pom.xml --has-package-version
osgi-over-slf4j/pom.xml --ignore
slf4j-android/pom.xml --ignore
slf4j-api/pom.xml --has-package-version
slf4j-ext/pom.xml --ignore
slf4j-jcl/pom.xml --has-package-version
slf4j-jdk14/pom.xml --has-package-version
slf4j-log4j12/pom.xml --has-package-version
slf4j-migrator/pom.xml --has-package-version
slf4j-nop/pom.xml --has-package-version
slf4j-simple/pom.xml --has-package-version
slf4j-site/pom.xml --ignore