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# XStream
_Java to XML Serialization, and back again_

## Binaries
All binary artifacts are bundled in the -bin archive.  It includes
the XStream jars and any other library used at build time, or
optional runtime extras.  Xpp3 is recommend for use as it will
greatly improve the performance of XStream.

## Documentation
Documentation can be found at [GitHub](  This
* [Introduction]( and [Tutorials](
* [JavaDoc](
* [Change History](
* [Frequently Asked Questions](

## Source
The complete source for XStream is bundled in the -src archive.  This includes:
* Main API [xstream/src/java]
* Unit Tests [xstream/src/test]
* Maven Build Files [pom.xml]
* Hibernate Module [xstream-hibernate]
* Website [xstream-distribution]