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<h2 align="center">A Git Porcelain inside Emacs</h2>
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  Magit is an interface to the version control system
  <a href="">Git</a>, implemented as an
  <a href="">Emacs</a> package.
  Magit aspires to be a complete Git porcelain.  While we cannot
  (yet) claim that Magit wraps and improves upon each and every Git
  command, it is complete enough to allow even experienced Git users
  to perform almost all of their daily version control tasks directly
  from within Emacs.  While many fine Git clients exist, only Magit
  and Git itself deserve to be called porcelains.

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  Keeping its users <a href= "">this excited</a> is
  <a href="">
    a lot of work
  If Magit makes you <br> more productive too,
  then <b>please consider making a donation</b>.
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  <em>Thank you! &mdash; Jonas Bernoulli</em>
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Getting Started

If you are new to Magit, then either one of the following two
articles should help understanding how it differs from other Git

- [Visual Magit walk-through](

  If you are completely new to Magit, then this article is a good
  visual introduction.

  Almost everything that you see in Magit can be acted on by pressing
  some key, but that's not obvious from just seeing how Magit looks.
  The screenshots and accompanying text of this article explain how to
  perform a variety of actions on Magit's output.

- [Magit, the magical Git interface](

  Magit differs significantly from other Git interfaces, and its
  advantages are not immediately obvious simply from looking at a few
  screenshots as presented in the preceding article.

  This article discusses Magit's properties in somewhat more abstract


When something doesn't work as expected then please first see the
[FAQ][faq].  Then also try the list of [open issues][issues] and use
the search box at the top of that page to find older related issues.
You should also consult the [manual][manual] and ask a general-purpose
search engine.

If that doesn't answer your question, then ask for help on the
**[Emacs Stackexchange site][forum]** or the [mailing list][list].
We only use the GitHub issue tracker for feature requests and bug
reports, so please don't ask for help there.


To report bugs and suggest new feature use the
[issue tracker][issues].  If you have some code which you would like
to be merged, then open a [pull request][pulls]. Please also see


Magit was started by [Marius Vollmer][marius], and is now maintained
by [Jonas Bernoulli][jonas], [Kyle Meyer][kyle], and
[Noam Postavsky][noam].  Other former maintainers are
[Nicolas Dudebout][nicolas], [Peter J. Weisberg][peter],
[Phil Jackson][phil], [Rémi Vanicat][remi], and [Yann Hodique][yann].
Many more people have [contributed code][authors] and suggested

Over the years a lot of people supported development financially,
including the [1987 backers][backers] of the 2017 crowdfunding

Thanks to all of you, may (the history of) the source be with you!

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