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Template: metche/email
Type: string
Default: root@localhost
Description: Email address to which the reports will be sent.
 By default, metche is run periodically by a cron job which returns
 reports containing changes made to:
  - the changelog files,
  - the watched files,
  - the list of installed debian packages.
 This option indicates to which email address those reports will be
 sent and typically corresponds to your collective mailing-list
 See for an example.
 Note: metche is also able to use GnuPG to encrypt the email it sends,
 but does not by default. See the man page and the configuration file
 for more details.

Template: metche/changelog/type
Type: select
Choices: Single changelog file, Multiple changelog files
Description: Changelog monitoring type.
 Metche monitors changelog files written by *you* and which should
 comment the changes you made to the system. You can choose between
 two different types of monitoring:
  - Single changelog file monitoring or
  - Multiple changelogs file monitoring, in which each "Changelog"
    file in a sub-directory of a given directory will be monitored.

Template: metche/changelog/file
Type: string
Description: Changelog file to be monitored.
 This option sets the path of the changelog file to be monitored.

Template: metche/changelog/directory
Type: string
Description: Changelog directory to be monitored.
 This option sets the path of the changelog directory. Each
 "Changelog" file should be in a sub-directory of this directory.