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Source: metche
Section: admin
Priority: optional
Maintainer: collective <>
Uploaders: Micah Anderson <>, Jérémy Bobbio <>
Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 4.1.16), po-debconf
Standards-Version: 3.7.2

Package: metche
Architecture: all
Depends: debconf (>= 0.5.00) | debconf-2.0, mutt, bzip2, ucf (>= 0.28)
Recommends: apt-show-versions, gnupg
Suggests: util-vserver
Description: configuration monitor to ease collective administration
 metche monitors changes made to a "system state" composed of:
    - a "watched" directory (typically: /etc)
    - one or more user maintained changelog files
      (e.g. /root/Changelog)
    - the state of Debian packages and versions (using apt-show-versions)
 by periodically:
    - saving backups of the corresponding files
    - emailing the changes in the system state to your administrators'
      mailing list