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1.2.2 (2012 06 02)

	* Ignore changes to $WATCHED_DIR itself.
	  This fixes the dreaded "sometimes sends empty reports" bug metche
	  has had since forever.
	* Fix GnuPG groups support: check for encryption key existence using
	  gpg --encrypt instead of --list-public-keys.
	* Spelling and grammar fixes in manpage.

1.2.1 (2011 06 05)

	* Support more mailers than just mutt.
	  Thanks to Kan-Ru Chen <> for the preliminary patch.
	* EXCLUDES: add a bunch of VCS directories.
	* documentation: add a few Q&A to the FAQ, update website and VCS

1.2 (2009 12 16)

	* stabilize: manual "metche stabilize" invocation and metche first run
	  now send an e-mail (Closes:
	* documentation: tell about GnuPG's "group" option, that allows to
	  encrypt email for multiple recipients.
	* EXCLUDES: added .cache, everchanging on LVM setup, and ssh private
	host keys.
	* configuration: added SEND_STABLE_REPORTS configuration setting that
	controls whether a report email is sent after saving a stable state;
	defaults to "yes" for backward compatibility.

1.1 (2006 09 16)

	* ververs: added Linux VServers support.
	* EXCLUDES: added a few everchanging Postfix files, and AlternC's
	* documentation: clear up the way backups are made (Closes: #365694)

1.0 (2006 02 17)

	* Initial release.