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Template: metche/email
Type: string
Default: root@localhost
_Description: E-mail address receiving metche reports:
 metche monitors "system state" changes.  An hour after the last change has
 been recorded an e-mail report is sent describing changes made to:
  - files inside the watched directory (/etc by default),
  - user maintained changelog file(s) (if configured to do so),
  - the list of installed Debian packages (if configured to do so).
 Please enter the e-mail that should receive these reports.  It typically
 corresponds to the alias or mailing-list used by system administrators for
 this computer.
 Note: by default, metche does not send detailed diffs describing file
 changes as this can leak confidential information.  If you want to use
 this feature, you are strongly encouraged to turn on GPG encryption at the
 same time. See the metche(8) man page and the configuration file for more

Template: metche/changelog/type
Type: select
Default: No changelog monitoring
__Choices: Single changelog file, Multiple changelog files, No changelog monitoring
_Description: Changelog monitoring type:
 metche can monitor one or more changelogs written by the system
 These changelogs should contain comments describing the changes made to
 the system.  The easiest way to organize these comments is to put them all
 together in one file.
 Another possibility is to have a subdirectory for each administrative task
 with a file named "Changelog".  This way, you can store source code or
 configuration examples along with the documentation on how they have been

Template: metche/changelog/file
Type: string
Default: /root/Changelog
_Description: Changelog file to be monitored:
 This option sets the path of the changelog file to be monitored.

Template: metche/changelog/directory
Type: string
Default: /root/changelogs
_Description: Changelog directory to be monitored:
 This option sets the path to the root directory containing the Changelogs.
 Each "Changelog" file should be in a sub-directory of this directory.