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1 Template: metche/email
2 Type: string
3 Default: root@localhost
4 Description: Email address to which the reports will be sent.
5 .
6 By default, metche is run periodically by a cron job which returns
7 reports containing changes made to:
8 - the changelog files,
9 - the watched files,
10 - the list of installed debian packages.
11 This option indicates to which email address those reports will be
12 sent and typically corresponds to your collective mailing-list
13 address.
14 .
15 See for an example.
16 .
17 Note: metche is also able to use GnuPG to encrypt the email it sends,
18 but does not by default. See the man page and the configuration file
19 for more details.
21 Template: metche/changelog
22 Type: string
23 Default:
24 Description: Changelog file to be monitored.
25 .
26 Metche can monitor changelog files written by *you* and which should
27 comment the changes you made to the system. This option can be used to
28 activate the monitoring of a single changelog file.
29 .
30 Note that you can also change metche's configuration file for it to
31 monitor a set of changelog files stored in a changelog directory
32 instead of a single file.
34 Template: metche/backup
35 Type: string
36 Default: /var/lib/metche
37 Description: Directory containing the backups.
38 .
39 This option corresponds to the directory in which metche will store
40 the backups of the watched directories. Make sure that this backup
41 place is at least as secured as the source.