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1313 - a "watched" directory (typically: /etc)
1414 - changelogs written by you in one or several files
1515 (e.g. /root/Changelog)
16 - Debian packages states and versions (using apt-show-versions)
16 - States and versions of Debian packages (using apt-show-versions)
1717 by periodically:
1818 - saving backups of the corresponding files
19 - emailing you, for example on your administrators' mailing list,
20 the changes in the system state; see
21 for an example.
19 - emailing the changes in the system state to your administrator's
20 mailing list
00 Template: metche/email
11 Type: string
22 Default: root
3 Description: Email address to which the reports will be sent.
3 Description: Send the reports to this email address.
44 By default, metche is run periodically by a cron job which returns
55 reports containing changes made to:
66 - the changelog file(s),
77 - the watched directory,
88 - the list of installed Debian packages.
99 This option indicates to which email address those reports will be
10 sent and typically corresponds to your collective mailing-list
11 address.
12 .
13 See for an example.
10 sent and typically corresponds to your collective administration
11 mailing-list address.
1412 .
1513 Note: metche is also able to use GnuPG to encrypt the email it sends,
1614 but does not by default. See the man page and the configuration file
2018 Type: select
2119 Choices: Single changelog file, Multiple changelog files, No changelog monitoring
2220 Description: Changelog monitoring type.
23 Metche monitors changelogs written by *you* and which should comment
24 the changes you made to the system. You can choose between two
25 different types of monitoring:
21 Metche monitors changelogs written by the administrators of the
22 system, these changelogs contain comments describing the changes made
23 to the system. You can choose between two different types of
24 monitoring:
2625 - Single changelog file monitoring or
2726 - Multiple changelog files monitoring, in which each "Changelog"
2827 file in sub-directories of a given directory will be monitored.